My Wife shows her Appreciation for Memorial Day


My Wife shows her Appreciation for Memorial DayMy wife has always had an intense attraction for men in uniform. Military, Police, EMS, and Fire Service members have still maintained a real passion of her’s after all these years. To add to her lust, she has always been a hardcore cougar. Last Memorial Day weekend, I planned a surprise getaway for my wife. We spent five days in Oahu, Hawaii. The small motel we stayed in was peaceful and quiet. Not anything fancy but very relaxing and comfortable. We enjoyed the beaches, the shops and being on the island. One evening we were out for drinks when my wife spotted a few US Marines who were in their uniforms. At the sight of the guys, she lit up and became radiant. She asked if I minded if we went over to thank the young men for their service, and I accepted. Most of the guys smiled and shook our hands, but one guy, in particular, seemed to instantly grasp what my wife was craving. As the other men all roamed off from us, he paused and was casually flirting with my wife. I speculated the guy was in his early twenties, fit and relatively new to the attention he was entertaining. As we stood with my attempting to provide the guy and my wife a little space, another young soldier walked up and interrupted. He said the guys were all headed back to base and asked if, Taylor wanted to stick around or head back. Without answering, Taylor introduced my wife to Andrew, the other soldier who had approached. Andrew was a ladies man who had a broad smile, muscular physique, and natural charm. Neither of the guys made any eye contact with me, as my wife continued the center of their undivided concentration. I stood approximately fifteen feet away, observing as my wife and her two men flirted, giggled, and chatted. It was my wife who broke the discussion when she addressed me and said she was ready to go back to our room so she could get into something more relaxed. With the two young men illegal bahis standing with her, I asked if she wanted for Taylor and Andrew to join along with us. With a devilish smirk, my wife answered, that was solely up to me. I looked to the two men and asked: “Do you guys want to come back to our place so my wife can get out of her heels and dress to be more comfortable?” There was no hesitation on the part of either guy as they both accepted. We all walked toward the street. Our lodging was only four city blocks away, so we walked and chatted along the way. Once back at our room, my wife excused herself to the restroom while I offered the guys a drink of wine since it was all we had. A few minutes later, my wife walked out of the bathroom, clad only in a thin camo thong. I knew she wanted sex, but her being so daring surprised me. As she walked over to me, seated beside the bed, I offered her a glass of wine, which she grasped and essentially downed in one sip as both Andrew and Taylor remarked on my wife’s body. I stood seeing that it appeared both guys were anxious about proceeding with my being present. I told them I was going to run to grab some late-night food and would return. I had no idea where I was heading but figured I needed to give them all some time to move things along. The front desk clerk told me about a late-night place for snacks, and I hurried to grab a few items. I rushed back to the motel, hoping my wife was enjoying herself and appreciated my giving her space. I had only been away for less than fifteen minutes, but as I walked down the hall toward our room, the noises coming from the room let me know things had advanced. I got the key into the lock and saw my wife laying on her back. Her head was at the foot end of the bed. From my viewpoint, I could see the guys BDU’s strewn across the floor, my wife’s face was covered with one of the guy’s asses. My wife’s hands were raised and resting on illegal bahis siteleri the guy’s hips. From his stature, I could tell it was Andrew who was getting his cock sucked. My wife had a pillow under her hips with her leg’s spread out to her sides. Taylor was between her legs and fucking her hard as deep as he could. As I pushed the door closed, the odor of hot bodies and sex overwhelmed me. Taylor’s dick appeared to be slightly larger than average but thick as I watched it come out of my wife and then push back inside her. Taylor had little to no body fat, and his muscles rippled as he pounded my wife. I could hear my wife moaning and grunt from around Andrew’s cock, which was buried in her hungry mouth. Andrew’s dick had the same shape as his body, it was stocky and stubby. It did not appear that anyone noticed me coming inside the room as they all continued. As I stood and watched, I knew my wife was climaxing. I could hear her muffled sounds escaping from around Andrew’s fat shaft while her legs and stomach twitched. Taylor could feel her pussy contracting around his cock, and he began to grunt. Andrew pulled his cock from my wife’s mouth as she was practically screaming, yes, yes, yes. I heard Taylor cry he was cumming as he was buried balls deep inside my wife. His glistening ass cheeks were clenched as his large balls hung down covering my wife’s ass. Just as I thought we had to have woken everyone on the floor, Andrew pushed his cock back inside my wife’s mouth as he twisted her hard nipples. With Taylor draining his load deep inside my wife’s pussy, I watched as Andrew began to flood my wife’s mouth with his load. My wife struggled to swallow Andrew’s entire load without gagging, but she did have cum running down her face when he pulled out. When the guys moved off the top of her, my wife lay on the bed, breathing hard and deep. She said her legs felt like noodles. I grabbed a bottle of water that canlı bahis siteleri she downed quickly. Andrew and Taylor both remained naked with their dicks still half erect and slick with cum that dripped onto the floor where they stood. They both complimented me on having an amazing hot wife. Andrew was the one who moved back to bed first. He took my wife by the legs and pulled her to the edge of the mattress. Leaving her hips resting right at the edge. Andrew lifted my wife’s legs upward displaying her swollen messy pussy. As he pushed her legs back toward her chest, her hips raised, showing her tight little ass hole. Andrew gave her a few licks from the anus to the clitoris, making my wife moan and move her hips. After his fourth lick, he stood and pushed his stubby fat cock fully inside my wife, making her gasp. Andrew gave my wife a full, deep pounding showing no mercy for her already cum filled pussy. All I could do was to watch as my wife convulsed in a stream of orgasms. She later told me his stubby fat cock had continuous pressure on her clit against her pubic bone, she thought she would lose consciousness from the intensity of her climaxes. Andrew came in loud exclamative bursts that presumably were heard outside the entire motel. As he pulled out, I could overhear my wife’s belly gurgle with the movement of all the cum filling her. As Andrew’s cock pulled out, Taylor was immediately filling my wife with his now rock hard dick. Taylor and Andrew could not seem to get enough of my wife, and she was on fire wanting all they had. They would take short breaks between fucking but were always hard and ready to go again. I drifted off to sleep shortly after two that morning. I awoke several times to the bed rocking and seeing one of the guys in my wife. It was after ten that next morning, when I woke up to find Andrew and Taylor both passed out in our room still naked. My wife was naked also and still sleeping. I showered and ran out for coffee but all there were still sleeping soundly when I arrived back to our room. For the remainder of the day and most of that evening, Andrew and Taylor both stayed with us. Occasionally taking turns with my wife.

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