I wanted my tongue on her clit so badly my mouth was watering, my own clit was hard, my pussy was wet, and my nipples were aching. Of course, she loved to tease. She pushed me backwards towards the bed until my knees hit it and I was forced to sit down. Then she began the striptease, her body moving slowly to the beat of the music. Her hands moving down, caressing the sides of her breasts, the curve of her hips, then sliding up the insides of her thighs, over her mound, and up over her breasts. As she began cupping herself over her shirt and bra I reached out, needing to touch her, even if only to hold those mesmerizing hips as they swayed back and forth. She stepped back out of my reach and smiled at me, that little half-smile that tells me she knows how badly I want her. Finally, she grabbed the bottom hem of her shirt with both hands and lifted it up at an agonizingly slow pace. Just as the shirt rose above the top of her full breasts, she let it drop back down again. I groaned audibly and she laughed. Again, that little half-smile appeared on her face.

Now she turned around and I got to see that perfect ass, not too big, not too small. Two perfect handfuls of gorgeous muscle. She had moved closer to me and I took the opportunity to place my palms against the back of her thighs right where her shorts ended. I rubbed my palms down to the sensitive back of her knees and then moved them to the front where I glided them up the front of her thighs. I could feel the muscles tense, but she made no sound. As I continued my exploration, she began lifting her shirt again. Finally, she took it off and let it fall to the ground, revealing the casino siteleri pink lacy bra and beautiful curve of her back. By this time, I had moved my hands to her hips and I leaned forward to kiss and lightly lick the two small dimples right above her gorgeous ass. She shuddered and spun around, giving me an even more beautiful view of the soft swell of her breasts and smooth flat belly, with the slight vee of muscle leading into her shorts.

Before she could stop me, I grabbed her belt loop in one hand and quickly unsnapped her shorts and tugged them down her legs. As I leaned down, I could smell the rich, earthy scent of her arousal. Her matching pink underwear had a visible wet spot forming. I couldn’t help myself and, as I lifted my head, I kissed her mound. She let out a low growl and climbed into my lap. Grasping the short hair at the nape of my neck, she forced me to look up as she claimed my mouth with hers. As her tongue entered between my lips, I moaned and sucked on it. This made her press her hips against my stomach as she started a slow grind. We separated for a moment while she tugged off my t-shirt, leaving my chest bare. She bit my bottom lip and sucked on it while she lightly ran her tongue across the trapped skin. This made my clit so hard I could feel the blood pounding in time to my rapid heartbeat. I reached around and unhooked her bra, pulling it off as I lifted her up and placed her on her back on the bed. Her panties and my shorts and boxers quickly followed the bra.

Finally, I settled my weight above her, pressed my body into her soaked center, the moisture coating my stomach as she arched up against me. canlı casino I used my lips and teeth down her neck and chest. Reaching her breasts, I licked, bit, and kissed around her nipples until they were hard tips. She begged me to touch them, grabbing the back of my head and forcing me hard against her. I bit down on her right nipple while I pinched and pulled the left. This made her cry out and grind even harder against me. As I switched sides, her breathing began to quicken, her legs tensed, and I could tell she was getting close to coming. When I lifted my lower body away she cried “No!” loudly and I gave a low chuckle.

She grabbed my hair again and pulled me up so she could kiss me. As our lips, teeth, and tongues clashed, I moved my hand down her stomach and stroked her soaked outer lips. She shuddered and tried to move her hips so I would touch where she needed me most, but I resisted. Instead, I used two fingers to spread her open and rubbed my thumb very lightly across the hood of her clit. She moaned into my mouth and bit my tongue hard while thrusting her pelvis up, desperately seeking more pressure against her aching clit. I moved my index finger down and circled her entrance, swiping my finger in her ample come and moving it slowly back up and around her point of need.

As her moaning became constant and her legs began to tremble, I started kissing my way back down her body. Stopping only briefly to worship her breasts some more and lick into her belly button, I made my way to her beautiful, moist center. I kissed, licked, and bit the insides of her thighs and sucked on her outer lips. I could feel her squirming under kaçak casino my mouth so I wrapped my right arm around her left leg and grabbed her hip to pin her to the bed. At the same time, I used my left hand to spread open her lips as I traced my tongue around her inner lips. As always, she tasted divine. The combination of the sweet honey and salty musk of her arousal made me groan. I had to have more. My tongue made its way down to the source and I played lightly around her opening.

The legs she had wrapped around my shoulders were shaking. Her heels digging almost painfully into my back. Deciding she could use some relief, I moved back up and lightly sucked her. Then, using my lip to push back her clitoral hood, I took my first swipe of her rigid, throbbing clit. She gasped and moaned loudly, thrashing her head from side to side and digging her nails into the back of my neck. The sharp pain making the liquid between my own thighs rush out.

I circled, flicked, and drew random designs on her clit while I teased her entrance with my left index finger. As I slid it in, another gush of liquid dripped into my palm making me thrust my own pelvis hard against the bed. Her thighs began to jerk irregularly and I could tell she was getting close. I increased the pressure on her clit, using firm up and down strokes. When I curled my finger up and found that spot inside of her, she stiffened, arched against me hard and cried out. Before she could relax, I thrust another finger inside her and drove her to two more climaxes. The rush of come dripping down my wrist and the sight of her breasts heaving triggered my own climax as I ground down hard against the bed.

I gently pulled my fingers out of her and laid one last soft kiss on her mound. I shifted onto my back and she laid her head on my shoulder as the warm lassitude of good sex overcame us.

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