Neighbor Pete,the last of my 3


Neighbor Pete,the last of my 3Sitting back on my feet I was surprised when my realtor took his cell.Hitting speed dial he just smiled at me.He was quite a sight.Sitting there legs spread.That long cock of his hanging down,totally spent,still shiny with my saliva.Bob?,Aaron,I’m at his house now,just got one hell of a BJ.Says he loves a good throat fuck and would love to take you on.I went down to all 4’s licking the big head teasing him.Listening to one side of the conversation,I wanted another cock.Can he take 2 in one day? I think he can take 20 in one day,come on over,I gotta run.You canlı bahis owe me, he laughed and hung up.Taking the georgous cock by the shaft he rubbed it all over my face.”Seen him fuck his wife,he likes it rough”.I smiled giving one last lick”well maybe I’ll owe you too” i smiled.Watching him dress,he said he’de call later and left.I remained nude and Bob arrived 20 mins later.A short,stocky older man he got straight to the matter at hand.”I’ll take one of those” he said nodding to my drink.With his drink I walked into my living room to find him on my couch,his 3 piece suit opened bahis siteleri to the crotch.I liked his breviety and more,seeing his thick 6 inches almost rigid.”Jesus,you got a big dick” he said to my 8inches standing straight out.I handed him his drink which he downed in one swallow.Ordering me on my couch,face up he got into position.Turning to face him,he rammed his thick meat balls deep groaning loudly.Cupping the back of my neck he whispered”I haven’t cum in 3 days,just relaxe and let me fuck”.I only looked up at him as he began.His balls slapped my cheek as he fucked deep and hard,”Damn, güvenilir bahis I love a good cocksucker” he muttered.I did what I could,using my tongue and differing suction,I was his for the taking.He surprised me when about 10 mins in he took my erection in his hand.”DAMN big dick” he groaned “my wife will love you 2 together”.5 more mins and I was really liking this guy when he arrived.A loud grunt and he forcefully shoved deep and released.Torrents of cum flooded my mouth and throat as I gulped to catch up.He fucked my throat thru his climax finally pausing deep.Slipping from my lips he grinned down,”great fucking BJ,Stan wasn’t lieing”.I was about to clean him with my tongue when he stood,redressed and promised to call.He left me on my couch, really wanting more,There would be.

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