Neighbor’s Photoshoot


Neighbor’s PhotoshootMy Chicago two-flat: I own it and live downstairs, you live upstairs. Unfortunately, you lost your job and can’t pay the rent (“You must pay the rent!” “I can’t pay the rent!” “You must pay the rent!” “I can’t pay the rent!” etc.). When you’ve had to see me for unit repairs, rent, etc., I make sure you see me looking at porn mags, you react in disgust, you want nothing to do with me. I propose a deal: if you pose for me, “artistic pinup” pictures, that will work off your rent for the month. You really have little choice…I instruct you: prim, schoolteacher skirt below the knees, conservative blouse. Underneath, a garter belt and stockings, lace panties, lace bra. Black. No, make it white. I give you $50 to buy it.In the basement of my building I’ve hung a bright blue sheet against the wall…I am setting up bright lights, there’s a small wooden desk in the middle of the set, it’s at least 10 degrees hotter than you’d expected, you are very unsure of this…we begin with some standing fashion shots: hands on hips , bending over at the waist , you’re quite the coquette, you tease well . Perhaps you’re hoping a good show will let you off without having to go too far.”Robin, I need you to unbutton your blouse. That’s it…” You untuck your blouse and look away from me . I snap a shot. You unbutton it and it falls open, the lace of your bra exposed, I can just see the rise of your breasts…”Oh, that’s nice, Robin…” Your face is red. You realize just how exposed you are: bright lights on the sides, a blue sheet behind you, you cannot hide, there are no shadows. “Sit down on the desk, Robin…now spread your legs.” You look unsure, “I thought these were ‘artistic,'” you protest…”They are, Robin. Now spread your legs for me.” You hike your skirt up around bahis siteleri your waist, your legs slightly open, one garter snap comes undone… “wider…oh, yes, oh yes, he he he he” I leer at you. You look disgusted.I step in closer, i am between your thighs, about 18 inches from your pussy..the little white triangle of cloth barely conceals your mound. “OK, Robin, I need you to pull your panties aside, show me your pussy…””No! That was not part of the deal!” you protest. “Robin, you’re gonna be on the Internet!” I say. You pull your panties aside. “No, not like that, dammit, pretend that you like it!” Still between your legs I slap your hand away and grasp the panties from the waist band and pull them straight UP, over your pubic bone, more roughly than necessary…the fabric pulls tight, tight, and your pussy lips emerge on either side, one then the other as your vulva engulfs the white lacy panties…I let go and the panty slides back into place, your beautiful pussy lips retreat (I’d like to see that in slow motion!). There is a distinct wet spot at the bottom of your panties! You are in the basement, reclined on a small old wooden desk, like from some 1950s era school. You are CLOTHED for god’s sakes, you have on a skirt, blouse, underwear, but you feel so exposed: you’re leaning back on the desk, blouse open and hanging down your arms, white lace bra straining to cover your tits…a skirt is hiked up over your hips and YOU are tuggng a little pair of panties out from your crotch, you’ve begun grinding against them with your pussy…while this horrible man, your landlord, is kneeling in front of you before the desk, taking digital pictures of the show you’re putting on.The last half hour has indeed been strange.”Now pull them aside…” the camera lens is 12 inches from your pussy, canlı bahis and you slowly slide the taut fabric to one side, first one side then the other of your pussy come into view……there is a glistening strand of moisture, from the base of your beautiful pussy lips to the fabric of the panty. Your breasts point up crazily and you are rubbing your tits through the bra, your nipples threaten to tear through the fabric…”Smile, Robin, yeah, you’re gonna be a big star on the internet.” You grimace at the camera, staring straight ahead…”OK, take off the skirt and blouse,” I say, matter of factly.You get up from the desk, the blouse slips off easily, you unbutton the skirt behind you then turn to unzip it. White garter belt, stockings, panties, bra, your tits are covered, only barely, nipples sticking out in hard spikes. The panties are stretched out of proportion, tight in your asscrack but providing no cover for your exposed pussy and one garter snap that popped.I produced a dildo from behind the blue carpet, a pink vibrator, medium sized…you glare at me as you accept it…”Robin, I want you to lean back on the desk again, spread your legs, rub your pussy just a little bit, and put the vibrator in your mouth, just suck it, but get into it, enjoy yourself…” And this you do…First licking and kissing, then finally sucking, you totally worked this poor pink, rubber thing into a frenzy…you still have the bra on, I like that. Soon the dildo is working its way down your body, toward your over-heated cunt…You begin rubbing the dildo along your inner thighs, up to your pussy, around it, back down the other thigh. You shift, so I can get a better close up shot, right in between your legs…i should dive in to that pussy myself, but the camera gets all the fun…YOU are rubbing güvenilir bahis your pussy lips with the vibrator, just along the sides and on top…you reach down with your other hand and twist the cap at the bottom of the now-vibrating machine. “Go ahead, Robin, put it in. Do that for me baby…” No sweat.You are hot. You are wet. You are ready for itAnd IN you plunge the buzzing toy, nearly to the hilt…one boob has slid out from the flimsy bra, the strap droops sadly over your shoulder, no longer doing its job. In and out you slide the vibrator, faster then slower, churning, you take it out and run the soaking, buzzing vibrator atop your clit, just laying there vibrating…”Robin,” I say, “if you hold the dildo from behind, with your hand coming up from below, I can see the exquisite shape of your pussy lips…” You shift position, switching hands and can now free your other breast…ok, you can take the bra off!!! :-)First in and out, then out and atop, in and out, out and atop you dildo’d yourself…Occasionally twisting this way and that, the camera caught it all…”Now on all fours, Robin, on the desk.” I just love watching you roll over, on your knees, you rotate so I can stand right where I am, I want your ass in the air, quivering, a target for my camera. I stand up over you, looking straight down at your well-fucked pussy, dripping wet, your clit exposed…you look up from the ground, remember: ass ABOVE the level of your head, always sticking up, you look so forlorn. You really like this and you didn’t want to give me the pleasure.”Back in…” the vibrator churns…”let go of it, Robin…yeah, just you, head down ass up, and a dildo, pink, sticking out of your pussy, just posed that way…” “Leave it there, leave it there,” I tell you, approaching for some closeups… And then I begin to twist the vibrator, leaning it in one direction or the other, forward to try to stimulate your clit, and to the sides…you’re shifting from knee to knee, your tits swinging below you, rubbing the dirty carpet…

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