New Dress

Female Ejaculation

So you like my new dress?

I like your new dress.

This conversation had been going on for a while now. Ever since you came out wearing the little black curve hugging piece. Short sleeves, a generous cleavage proudly displaying the orbs of your breasts, tight at the waist and finishing right above your knees. And as you now climbed the stairs in front of me I could not help but stare at your very shapely behind. You stopped and looked over your shoulder at me.

You really like my dress?

I moved until we were face to face, almost touching.

I really like your dress.

You lift your neck to kiss me but I overtake you and climb the stairs to open the door. With an offended air you go by, getting smacked in the bum for the attitude. I close the door and see you putting down your things, back turned. I purposefuly stride towards you, grip your shoulders and pivot you, forcing your back to the wall. You shriek and drop your things, but I’m locking you in place with my hands, intensely staring into your eyes. My leg moves bakırköy escort between yours and you squirm.

I really like your dress.

With that I agressively move down to your lips and no sooner do I reach them than your hands go to my neck and hair to pull me in. Our tongues are immediately in eachothers mouth, a battle that no one loses. My hands grasp your ass firmly and you moan. One moves to your front and fondles your breast through the fabric before lowering one of the sleeves to reveal the black bra underneath. I reach inside to find a very hard nipple that soon sees itself manipulated. You moan and growl into my mouth. My right hand travels down your body, making you shiver, until it reaches your bare legs and then starts climbing your thighs. My measured pace is lost when I reach your panties and I roughly bunch up the dress before diving into your underwear, my hand slidding by your smooth skin to find your engorged lips. With one continuous motion I enter you with two fingers and you tighten beşiktaş escort and throw your arms around my back. You are very wet. I pump in and out of you and can feel the pace of your breath quicken and your kissing become more erratic. Moans. I pull out of you and you loudly complain, something I ignore as I remove your underwear. I stop for a moment to stare at you, dress bundled at your waist, one breast exposed (nipple as hard as it ever was) and the other still encased inside a bra, your entrance glistening with wetness. I swallow and a nasty smile spreads across your face.

Like what you see? What are you going to do? Are you going to take me?

Your hand slips down your body resting between your legs, massaging your lips up and down and drawing small circles on your clit. I grap your wrist and pull your hand away before leaning to whisper in your ear.

No. Im going to f*ck you. Hard. And you are going to beg for more. Im going to push my member all the way inside you with one thrust and penetrate beylikdüzü escort you hard.

You loudly whimpered as I spoke and I finished by attacking your ear. I push myself to your entry and you freeze.

Ask for it.



Please do it…


Take me. Hard. Please.

I thrust suddenly and all the way inside, making you scream. My rythm is insane, pinning you to the wall as I move in and out of you at a tremendous rate. Our mouths are linked and fighting and kissing and breathing and whatever they are still able to do. Faster. Harder. You grab my shoulderblades and hide your face in my neck as a deep rumble starts in your belly. Your body is tightening under my assault and your volume is growing. Your hands dig into my skin and you start with guttural moans that soon announce the arrival of your massive orgasm. You throw your head back and grab your breasts and scream as I feel your cannal tighten strongly around me, pushing me over the edge. The feeling of me spilling inside you seems to drive you even higher as your body buckles from everything. You finally start coming down and I slow before fully stopping and holding your body, basically a dead weight. I gently pick you up and carry you.

I’m really happy… You like my new dress. Im getting more dresses now.

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