New older NSA buddy and car fun


New older NSA buddy and car funCredit to gsgwthrowI have been speaking to a guy on squirt for the past week, it turns out he lives really close to me and could generally host. Unfortunately today was not one of those days that he could host but we were both really keen and horny, and decided that car fun would need to suffice.We organised to meet at around 4.30PM in between both of our places, he would be driving and I would just hop in and we would go somewhere discrete. Well as soon as I got in the car something came over me (no pun intended) and i immediately pulled his dick out and bent over the console and started sucking and licking the head of his dick. His dick was beautiful, it had a nice thick head, cut and with a big upwards curve. He was maybe a little longer than average but definitely thicker. He was also approximately 30 years older than me and had a really thick bush (Normally I am against a hairy dick, but the fact it was hairy served as a reminder that he was much older which just made it hotter for me). So I was bent over in the front seat in broad daylight, with light traffic passing by, with this older guys gorgeous cock down my throat, when he decided (with some resistance on my part) to go somewhere a little less obvious.I sat up and put my belt on but never letting his dick go and we drove for maybe 5 minutes. The whole drive he was nevşehir escort talking dirty telling me how he was excited that he now had an eager slut close by that he could use whenever he needed, and that I was going to leave the car full of cum. I was giving him the best handjob I could in the awkward position that we were in and struggling not to play with myself the whole time because of how horny he was making me. We finally found a really good spot were we decided that driving around any longer would actually drive us both insane.As soon as he parked I had his dick in my mouth and was playing with his balls and taint. He suddenly told me to beg for his cum, without hesitating I did exactly that. I begged him; I said “please cum down my throat, I need your sweet fucking cum” I felt his balls twitch and it was like a hose he came so much that it overfilled my mouth and spilled down my mouth and chin. He grabbed my head with one hand and his dick with the other and told me to open my mouth and to not swallow, he then grabbed his dick wiped up the cum dripping down my face and placed his dick back in my waiting mouth and made me swallow.What amazed me was that he had like no refractory period and he stayed hard he told me to get in the back of the car and bend over the console, he soon followed me in the back and ordu escort lubed up my ass hole and and I felt him push his dick to my ass. He didn’t push in just applied light pressure to my hole and told me to relax and that if I relaxed he would fuck me like the whore I desperately wanted to be for him. I wish I could say i did just that, in truth it took about 3 or 4 minutes minutes for him to get balls deep. Once he was began to fuck me slowly and i felt my ass gradually loosening around his cock until i was no longer tightening my ass around his dick u*********sly. He gave me the fuck of a lifetime for what felt like an eternity but was more like 15 minutes he then sat down and made me jiggle my fat ass up and down his dick reverse cowboy style. until he caught his breath slapped my ass and pushed me forward again. I don’t remember many specifics about when he was fucking me I was in this haze and was just enjoying the fucking I was getting, but he made me say some very humiliating things and I loved every second of it.He moaned that he was close to cumming but his condom was making it hard for him to cum and that he wanted to cum deep inside my ass. We had discussed fucking raw and we had both been tested within the month and shown each other proof of being clean, despite that he and I decided it still best to wear a rize escort condom.Whatever we decided flew out the window when he told me that he wanted to breed me, and I went better judgment in a heartbeat I pushed him back a little slid my hand between us pulled off the condom and pushed my ass back until he was balls deep in me raw. It took maybe 3 minutes before he slapped my ass and thrust hard into me and came deep inside my ass, the whole time I was grinding against him milking him for all of that hot fucking cum. He slowly slid out and sat back and I wiggled my ass at him, he gave me one more hard spank and told me he needed to get home.We hopped back in the front seats and it was really awkward and I decided to cut through the awkwardness with one last handjob as he drove me home. It was a little bit hard as we were both a little worn out but it did make him take the long way and there wasn’t anymore awkwardness. I finished him off just as we got into my street, I leant across and tickled the head with my tongue whilst jacking him off. He came again, only a little, then pulled me up and kissed me and whispered my hole was his to use whenever he wanted and that I was his whore if I agreed right then. He gave me one more kiss and if I had been feeling any doubt that kiss would have removed it anyway, but I wasnt (I would have answered yes the moment I saw his cock). I told him I was his slut and that I would love to be his toy. He moaned gave me one last short but cock hardening kiss and I got out and started writing up this story for you guys. I hope you enjoy and if this gets some love ill keep writing about our meetups after today.

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