New security system


New security systemThis all began without a thought as much of life does. We had decided to install a security system and after evaluating went with the system offered by the local cable provider. It is pretty cool, lots of options but who cares about that here. One of the options is being able to log onto your home from anywhere and see what is going on in your home. It had been a few months and the newness had worn off. My sister-in-law had been asking my wife about it and told her to log on sometime and check it out.That would have been nice to share with me! I had the day to myself and thought I’d take advantage of the free time and enjoy some xhamster. I grab the laptop, rid myself of clothing and stretch out on the couch. Let the surfing begin. I had been reading and surfing videos for about 15 minutes when my phone rings. My SIL making small talk, we talk frequently and it was nothing out of the ordinary. A few minutes into the conversation she paused and her tone changed, I asked if she was Ok and she replied Uhh Yehh sorry. Right back in the conversation we went, me all the time surfing and starting to sport some wood.She left her house (I could tell she was in the car) and she had me on speaker. She began talking about her new phone, she was really impressed with its ability to talk and surf at the same time. I began thinking about the conversation, I was really needing a good j/o session. Now the subject of that session was obvious. kadıköy escort She is HOT. Petite, dark hair, small breast all the things I love. She has been the subject of many a j/o sessions. There has never been anything between us, not that I hadn’t thought about it. I could tell she was out of her car, she said she was paying the water bill. By now I found a video that resembled her, lubed up kept the volume down as to not blow my actions to her and began stroking my cock. She was talking more and more and I began thinking she is rambling a little. I asked if she was ok, that she seemed a little off. Was there something wrong? She was quick to let me know she was fine, really! I noticed she had taken me off speaker and became a little quieter. She said hey, I had asked Tammy (not my wifes name) about the security stuff we installed and asked me what I thought about it. I told her I was impressed with it and it was reasonable with the package deal. It was then she responded about the “package” comment but, I realized the voice was not just on the phone but behind me. Ohh, crap. She was standing there holding her phone so that I could see she was streaming the video from our house. I scrambled some and she said chill out. I’ve loved the show so far don’t stop now. I was taken aback and many things flew through my mind good and bad. She walked around üsküdar escort the couch and asked how to turn the video feed off. I popped up and immediately turned the feed off, just in case my wife logged on for some reason. She had spun my laptop around and said I like the video. She saw the girl in a chair teasing her clit with her vibrator. I resumed my position with a little less erection. She asked me to please continue. I did, and couldn’t believe this was happening. She was dressed as she is most of the time. Running shorts, t-shirt, running shoes. I was in my world concentrating on the video and stroking away. I looked her way after a few minutes and realized she was fingering herself. I couldn’t have asked for more. She stood peeled her t-shirt, bra and shorts. No panties Hmm. She came to the couch and asked if I wanted to watch a little closer. I couldn’t respond at this point. She stretched her right leg and placed it on the back of the couch. He smooth snatch hovering just inches above me. She was really wet and her clit was swollen. I slowed my action down, I did not want to blow a load yet. She changed positions, placing her left leg up on the couch in a standing reverse cowgirl stance. She moaned and said yehh I can watch better now.She was really getting into herself and her legs were shaking some. I asked if she wanted a hand so she didn’t fall and she just shook her head yes. I placed tuzla escort my left hand on her thigh and supported some of her weight. My right hand was still in action. I began letting some pressure off and she was getting closer and closer to my face. I couldn’t resist anymore and raised my head and licked he wet pussy. She was startled a bit and looked down towards my face and grinned. She said don’t stop now and she lowered her sloppy wet pussy onto my mouth. Never would I have dreamed this would happen. I kept licking and sucking on her and she was rubbing her cunt back and forth and began cumming. She moved her hand and rest both her hands on my knees as she bucked back and forth on my face. Her orgasm subsided and she was literally setting on my chin. She began to recover and I let my tongue roam over her ass and she gasped, and began to pull away. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her back. She said nobody has ever done that OMG. She was really enjoying it now. This went on for about 3 minutes when she pulled away moved down and pile drove herself onto my cock. She went right back into her bucking action, grinding on my cock. She was cumming again in no time. As she picked up her pace and pressure that’s all it took. I dumped my load into her and she screamed out and shuttered. I was in blissville, not believing what happened or caring at that point. She sat on my cock until it relaxed and she slid off turned and kissed me hard. Grabbed her clothes and went to the bathroom. As she walked back through she tossed a warm wash cloth to me and said I should clean up, winked and left. I quickly cleaned up and covered my tracks as always and started my chores. She called and said thank you and reminded me to reset the security cameras, she may want to watch again.I am hoping…………

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