Night Dream


I dreamed about you last night. It was after we’d gotten off the phone; after you made my legs shake and my heart pound and my body go slick and tight with only your voice, your words. Even though I had been embarrassed at first, blushing and stammering, you were patient and drew me into arousal, coaxing me closer and closer until I reached a shattered. I moaned and gasped into the phone, soaking up your sexy voice and words of encouragement and praise like a desert flower drinks in the rain.

I had crawled into bed, sated and drowsy. My only intent was to sleep. I had no trouble falling asleep; closing my eyes was all of the effort it took on my part. I awoke with your hot breath on the back of my neck and your voice in my ear.

I didn’t question it. How could I when your voice, low and hot and dark, instantly brought my body’s memories to the surface, beading my nipples into hard peaks and making my breath come short. I felt your hand slip up my side, over my bare skin, still fragrant with the dark chocolate scented soap I had used to bathe after our earlier conversation. I felt you inhale, your cheek against my neck, scenting me. You say my name on a whisper.

I jolt, hard, as teeth close on the back of my neck, your tongue laving my skin, your hand roaming my body. I feel you brush the side of my breast, then cupping it in your hand. I shiver, head to toe. Lightly, your thumb brushes the very tip of my nipple and it is an electric current through me. When your fingers close over my nipple and tug, I cry out, biting my lower lip, pushing my ass back against your hardness. I love it that you keep your mouth on me, furiously nipping, licking, sucking, and kissing my neck. You don’t neglect my ears, the line of my jaw, the top of my shoulder, or the corner of my mouth.

You keep me pinned on my side, despite my wriggling and protesting. Suddenly you are speaking, telling me low and dirty what you are going to do to me, what I am going to do to you. I whimper as your clever fingers slide down my stomach, between my legs. I buck against your hand as you slip one long finger into my folds, finding me slick and swollen and greedy for your touch. I can feel your cock, long and hard and thick, snugged into the cleft of my ass, pulsing and hot. I want you so badly.

Your teeth fasten onto my earlobe as you delve into me with your fingers. My clit is puffy with lust, tender istanbul escort and eager for every touch. You brush it teasingly as you rock your hips in the barest of motions, scarcely moving, creating the hint of friction between our bodies. I want to sob. I want to come. I want to be fucked. I tried thrusting my own hips and in response you stilled; I would not get anything from you if I didn’t remain motionless. I can feel how slick your fingers are inside of me, wet with my juices. Finally, when I am frantic, you urge me to part my legs; just enough to give you complete access to my pussy. I moan loudly as you sink two fingers into my wet heat.

It’s almost what I need. It feels so good that I am pacified for the moment, letting my need for your cock slip back, concentrating on the rhythm of your fingers fucking me. I reach behind me with one hand, just enough to slip between our bodies and graze your cock with my fingertips. You growl into my ear, thrusting against my ass with renewed force. I rub my thumb over the very tip, delighting in the moisture I find, knowing that I caused it to be there.

In a flash, I am rolled onto my stomach, pinned flat against the mattress. Your big hands stroke my body, down my sides, cupping my ass cheeks in your palms, squeezing. I feel a teasing wetness at the top of my ass crack and realize that it’s your tongue. My body tightens, anticipation and want making my muscles clench. You kiss up my spine, pressing your body to mine as you reach my neck, nestling your cock against my ass, the hot skin of your chest against my back.

You hold me there, just for a moment, then your weight is gone and your hands are at my hips, pulling me up onto my knees. I feel the fat head of your cock against my pussy and then you drive into me, sinking balls-deep, ripping a strangled scream from me, smothered into the bedding. You fuck me with long, hard strokes, gripping my hips in your hands, pulling me back to meet your every thrust. I am lost in rough pleasure. I start to whimper and you speed up, driving and pushing me.

I cum and it takes me high and blind; I am unaware of anything but dark delight, your hands at my hips, and the sheets beneath my cheek. You slow, drawing out the waves of heady pleasure, murmuring words of encouragement as my inner walls squeeze your cock. avcılar escort I tremble as your hands caress my ass, grazing up my sides. I arch like a cat in your hands, reveling in my own response to your touch.

My heartbeat echoes where our bodies join, throbbing and pulsing, making me ache. I am acutely aware of your cock, still so hard, filling me. As coherent thought returns, I realize that I want to give it back to you; the pleasure of being taken. Before you have a chance to protest, I slip away from you, biting my lip in regret when our bodies part. I rise up onto my knees and turn to face you, looking my fill, seeing how you wait, almost suspiciously, on your knees, slightly spread, hands at your side. Your cock is stiff and proud, jutting forward, shiny and wet with my own juices. I feel my mouth go dry.

I knee-walk forward until your cock brushes my belly and the tips of my nipples kiss your chest. I raise my hands, running them over your chest, the tops of your shoulders, then, I frame your face with them and lean forward. I nip your bottom lip between my teeth, tracing the outline of it with my tongue. Stroking your shoulders with my hands, I nuzzle your neck, sucking and kissing, angling up to scrape your jaw line with my teeth, rubbing the soft skin of my belly against the hot hardness of your cock.

I dip my hands down, brushing your belly, delighting in the way it clenches under my fingers, the way you remain mostly still even though I can feel your heart racing against my lips at your neck. I kiss down, tracing one nipple and then the other, flicking and licking, teasing them with my tongue, stroking your stomach, going lower with every touch. Finally, my fingertips brush against your cock, and the way you suck in your breath makes me smile. I feel so very female, so sexy, teasing and pleasing you this way. It makes me wet all over again.

Suddenly I wrap my hand around your shaft firmly. You thrust into my palm, unable to check that reflexive response. I rub my thumb over the tip, smearing the sticky fluid there, rubbing it all over the broad head. I flatten my hand and caress the underside of your cock, root to tip, rubbing it, flicking my fingertips over your balls. Your head drops forward to watch as I circle you again and start to stroke, rubbing the head of your cock against my stomach as you get harder şirinevler escort with every pull of my hand.

After a minute I push back on your chest. You cock an eyebrow at me, but obediently lie down on your back. I want to taste you. I want to taste myself on your cock. I sit on my knees between your spread legs and bend down, my hair falling in a curtain of riotous curls. I blow softly across the tip of you and then use my tongue to lick, butterfly soft, just there. Your hands clench in the sheets. I lick all around the tip, tasting and learning every bit of you. Finally, I close my mouth over you, sucking you in, taking as much of your cock into my mouth as I can, thrilled at the thrust of your hips and your hands clutching at my hair.

You lift up my hair and watch me slide my mouth up and down your shaft. I stroke the underside with my tongue and use one hand to caress and cup your balls, rubbing a thumb just behind your sac. I suck and lick, fucking you with my mouth until I feel your balls tighten and I know that you’re about to cum. I pull back slowly, licking my way away from you. I rise and straddle your hips, reaching between us with one hand, guiding your rod into my wet tightness, mounting you so slowly, watching your face as I sink down onto you, my muscles stretching to take you in. When I am fully impaled on your hard cock, I lean forward nipping at your chest, dipping my back to brush my nipples against your hot skin. Your hands grab my ass, squeezing my cheeks as I start to move, grinding against you, circling and rocking my hips.

The pressure is building. It turns me on so much to fuck you, to give you pleasure. I sit up more, watching as your eyes go to my tits, lightly bouncing in time rhythm with my hips. My pussy aches as you sit up too, catching first one, then the other, nipple in your mouth, sucking deep. My head falls back and I gasp, my motions becoming faster, more frantic. This was all to be for you and now I am close to losing control.

You grasp my hips and start thrusting upwards as I rock back and forth. I can feel the tingles starting deep in my stomach; I am going to cum. Now it is my turn to talk. Please, yes, fuck me, ohgod, yes.

I cum with a ferocity that shocks me, my nails sinking into your shoulders, my pussy clutched tight around your driving cock. You thrust once, twice more and erupt, spurting deep inside, bathing my battered pussy in hot cum. I can’t stop moaning and clenching around you.

Eventually the tremors subside, leaving us both limp and drained. You slowly sink back, drawing me to lie on your chest. And everything fades.

When I awake next it is with need and unfulfilled hunger, and I know that the first time I woke had been a dream.

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