oh no… BBC made me cum


oh no… BBC made me cumat the shower stall (club) nude and still wet from showering i went straight down to the theater.i went up front where the light of the movie is better, leaned over the first seat facing back and waited.a couple of guys came by the first few minutes and slapped my ass. i tried to suck one of their cocks but they were looking for something else i guess. i stayed there head down swaying my ass legs spread for whoever wanted to fuck.it was a good 10 minutes before one brave cock came up to get sucked off. he stood in the second row and pulled my hair to lift my head then stuffed his cock in my face.i tried to do my regular thing sucking and jerking but he kept knocking my hands down, so i just used my mouth.my back was tired from learning the way i had been and i let my middle slump downward sticking my ass higher in the air.some of the guys watching, i don’t know how many… got behind me and someone finger istanbul escort my hole with 2, then 3 then 2 more from his other hand. my bottle of lube was there on the floor beside me. he spread some of it all over my ass and into my hole with his fingers. still trying to make the guy in the second row cum i felt some of the lube dribble down my balls.it was probably lube guy who started fucking me first. he didn’t have a huge cock but he fucked me hard like he did. he pulled out before he came then slapped his cock on my hole a few times.a different guy rubbed the head of his cock on my partly gaped hole to get hard. then he pushed it in slow. he was a little bigger but couldn’t stay hard enough to fuck.from further away i heard a distinctly black voice say something like “let me in there”. when he got up to me he was already hard. his cock was big, but avcılar escort not giant. he slide into me and it just kept going. i think he was about 9-10 inches long. he fucked me for at least 10 minutes before he came deep inside me. second row guy came in my mouth just before the long black guy got done.some weirdo stuck a finger in my ass and was circling it around. i let him do his thing. he was jerking his weird little cock and stuffed it in to cum inside me too. most of that just fell out of me into a puddle on the floor. i looked between my legs at it for a few moments. was maybe a 2 day load, but some of that could have been from the first black guy.i sucked another cock while i waited to get fucked again. he let me use my hand so it didn’t take but a few minutes. :Panother black guy walked in and came right up to me and asked “you suckin’ dick?” i just nodded.he pulled out a şirinevler escort thick monster about 7-8 useable inches long. this thing was 2 1/2 inches or more thick. i got the head in my mouth but he was just too thick for me to suck off. he pulled away from my grasp, i thought he was leaving. but he went around in back of me and grabbed my balls and pulled down on them. then he slipped 2 fingers in my ass. he started tugging at all my junk. his hands were a little rough but it felt good enough to get me about half hard before he stopped. someone else with really cold fingers took over and started jacking my cock hard.i raised my head when his b**st of a cock went in. i didn’t make a sound but gasped at the stretch.i thought “this is what prison sex feels like.” he had hold of my hips and pressed all he had inside. at first it didn’t go all the way in. but then there i felt a little ‘pop’ and intense pain. i hadn’t even realised i came on the seat i was leaning over because of that.this guy fucked me hard but not too fast. he was fucking strong too! my legs shook the whole time he pounded me. when he finally came i felt it pulse in. it was actually pretty amazing.i’m still not into black guys. but i’d let another big black cock wreck my ass like that again if he wanted.

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