Old men like sex too…


Old men like sex too…It had been almost a month since Clarence had ravage my butt in the janitors closet on the fourth floor. I had been avoiding after school activities and being out at night or all alone in public.Our track coach came to me and asked ‘would you like to make up some credits this month’. Our school has a policy of awarding quarter credits to any one that did after school activities, out side of the usual requirements. It could be from polishing the gym floor to removing cob webs from the corner of the facility.Coach explained to me that I would be ‘required to clean, paint and catalog all track equipment for our annual cross town meet’. I thought what a great time for me to get a leg up on my credits for this school year.I had been at it for nearly two hours, I laid all equipment out on the gym floor and separated what needed to be painted and what needed to be renumbered. I was replacing the items back in the storage area when I heard faint whistling. Thinking that it was one of the coaches I continued with my duties.i had just replaced the last of the items and was headed for the door when one of the janitors came into the gym. I recognized him as Mr. Bobby, he was the youngest of the two janitors and the last to have forcibly have sexual contact with me thanks to Clarence. Mr. Bobby looked at me and broke into a very big toothy smile saying ‘look what we have here. That sweet little tight ass pussy I fucked last month’. I stopped in my tracks and started to move away from him. Mr. Bobby said ‘don’t make me have to run after you boy. I get all tired and out of breath it ain’t gonna be good for you’!Mr. Bobby came towards me moving at an angle , cutting off any avenue of escape. I kept looking him in the face as he approached me still talking ‘yeah, I told Clarence that I would get some more of the ass pussy. He laughed at me and said go ahead if you can. Now look at this, no one here but you me and you sweet young ass’.I kept backing away from him and noticed that I had gotten trapped between the bleachers and the door way down to the shower and weight room. Mr. Bobby was just an arms reach away when he suddenly reached out and grabbed my pants by the waist just at my belt level. He pulled me to him and twisted me around so that my back was to his front, he had me by the belt buckle and reached his left arm around to twist my nipples through my shirts.I struggled with him as he tried to kiss my neck and stick his nasty tongue in my ear. I tried to fight off his fingers as they went from one of my nipples to the other, twisting and pinching them between his finger and thumb.Mr Bobby was grinding his midsection against my buttocks and was lifting me off the floor. My toes were barely touching as he forced me to the door that led to the shower and weight room. As we reached the door I spread out my arms and legs blocking us from going into the stair well.Mr. Bobby, pulled back and turned side ways, pulling me through the door way. I protested saying ‘you better stop, the coach will be back any minute to check on me’. Mr. Bobby snickered and said ‘yeah, coach told me to make sure that you were gone bursa escort before I locked up. I made sure that the building was empty before I came to check on you’.My heart sank as I heard him say that. ‘Now I tell you what you are going to do!’ said Mr. Bobby. ‘When we get down stairs you gonna take off all these clothes and get as naked as you came into this world. Cause you don’t want to make me mad, do you?’We was through the door way and at the top of the stairs, there was maybe thirteen steps tell we would reached the bottom. Mr. Bobby released me and said “I don’t want to fall down the steps struggling with you’. I started slowly down the steps thinking as to how I could escape.Just as we reached the next landing, Mr. Bobby grabbed hold of my shirt by the collar and yanked me back to him. He pushed me against the rail and started again to grind on my buttocks. I could feel his old cock getting hard and pressing between my butt crack.Mr. Bobby said ‘I can’t wait to gt this, last time I got it, it was like getting sloppy seconds. That damn Clarence had nutted so much in your ass I didn’t enjoy it that much. But today, I’m gonna be the first and last in this sweet ass pussy.I was already sobbing as he pressed me against the rail, my tears and mucus from my nose was making a mess on my face. As we went down the steps and reached the floor Mr. Bobby started to undo my belt and said ‘come on get out those pants’. He stepped on the backs of my tennis shoes and ordered me to ‘step out of these shoes and kick them out the way’.It was almost impossible not to follow his instructions, my belt was loose and my pants undone. Mr. Bobby said ‘push them pants down and step out of them’, I did as he said. I tried to go into the area where the weights were, Mr. Bobby said ‘not there, go over to the shower room’.We moved to the shower room, there across the dressing tables were the mats that was used for the wrestling team. Mr. Bobby said ‘good they still here. Last time I bruised my legs on that damn desk. We gonna be comfortable here today’.Mr. Bobby released me and pushed me over to the tables, he quickly got out of his clothes and was standing there naked with his old cock standing out like a limb. I started to wipe my nose when he called out ‘no, don’t do that, I can use that shit’.Mr Bobby came to me again and turned me around, my back to him. He reached up and wiped the snot and mucus from my nose and then smeared the substance into my bung hole. Inserting two of his huge fingers into my anus and wiggling them around. I was crying openly at that point and blubbered ‘OOHHNNNOOOO Mr. Bobby don’t do that , please don’t do that to me’. Mr. Bobby paid my pleading no mind and smeared some more of my snot on his cock.His huge head was now trying to work it’s way into my anal opening as i tipped toed as high as I could trying to keep him out of my butt. His cock was much bigger than Clarence, and his cock head was fatter also. My butt hole was still tender and sore from the previous sex session we had.As his cock head entered my snot lubed anus I cried out in pain ‘OOOHHHHSSSSHHHIIITT, Mr. Bobby ,it’s too big, it’s too big’. Mr Bobby bursa escort bayan said to me ‘it ain’t that big, you took it once you’ll take it again so shut up an let me fuck you’. I cried out again ‘NNNNOOOO, please let me gooooo’, Mr. Bobby lunged up and half his cock shaft slipped up into my aching anal canal.’UUUUNNNNNHHHHHHHAAAAAIIIIEEEEE’, I cried. Mr. Bobby said to me ‘that’s right baby, I like for my bitches to cry out when I fuck them. Cry some more for me’. ‘No, NO, please don’t do this, I can’t take it, you’re too bigggg’.Mr. Bobby pushed me on to the table and rutting along he managed to get me up on the table and his knees between my knees. His cock lodged up in my butt, he pushed my knees apart, The farther he pushed them the higher my butt raised. I tried to raise up on my hands and knees, Mr. Bobby slammed his opened hand down between my shoulders and pushed my shoulders and head back down to the mat. His left hand was pushing against the small of my back keeping my stomach pressed to the mat.Mr. Bobby started to pull his cock out of my butt just leaving the head of his cock lodged in my anus. I cried out again ‘OOOOHHHHHSSSSSHHHHIIITTT, you’re too big, please take it out’. Mr. Bobby said ‘you want me to take it out’, ‘Yes, please take it out, please take it out’. Mr. Bobby said ‘since you say it like that I will’.Mr. Bobby pulled his cock out of my rectum and than slammed it right back in. AAAAIIIIIEEEEEEUNGH, UNGH, UNGH’, I cried as he rammed back and forth. ‘You said take it out so I took it out. You liked it didn’t you?’ ‘UUUNNNNHHHUUHHH, no don’t do it like that’, I cried. Mr. Bobby said ‘so you don’t like that’. ‘No I don’;t like that’ I said.Mr Bobby said ‘that’s the way I like my bitches to do, tell me how you want daddy to fuck your pussy, tell me’. ‘UUNNNNNHHHUUUHH, UUUUNNNNHHHHHUUUUHHH’, I groaned as he grind deep into my anus ‘Please don’t do me like that’. ‘Don’t do you like what’ Mr. Bobby said. “tell me what you don’t want me to do?’ ‘Please take it out, please take it out’, I cried. Mr. Bobby said ‘damn, I wish you make up your mind’ and again he pulled out of my anus and slammed back in again and again.I was howling out in intense pain each time his big old cock head exited and entered my tender aching bung hole. Mr. Bobby took both his hands and gripped my buttocks pulling them apart with his fingers and thumbs. Mr. Bobby said ‘yeah, look at this tight ass pussy grip my dick. Yeah, you really like my dick up your ass don’t you’.All I could do was to weep and cry as Mr. Bobby worked my butt hole like he wanted to. I felt him as he rammed his cock deep into my anal canal and squirt a massive load of his baby making juices into my rectum. With each squirt of his cock it felt like a stream of water striking my rectum walls.I thought that, that, would be it, but Mr. Bobby just collapse down on my butt and let his old cock throb in my rectum as he emptied his reservoir of cum. He laid on my back for such a long time I thought he was finished. I said to him ‘Mr. Bobby, please let me up, I have to go home’.Mr Bobby started to rotate his hips and I felt his cock start to firm up again as escort bursa he began to grind deep into my bowels again. ‘OH NO’, I cried, Mr. Bobby said ‘you didn’t think I’ll let you go after just one nutt do you’.Again Mr. Bobby started to work his cock around my anus again, holding my hips firmly in his hands he worked my hips in unison with his.Please, Mr. Bobby don’t do this to me’. Mr. Bobby said ‘don’t do what, tell me what you don’t want me to do’. I said again ‘please don’t do me like this’. Mr. Bobby said ‘beg me not to fuck you like this than’.I whimpered again ‘please, don’t do this to me, please’, Mr. Bobby said ‘don’t do what, tell me what you don’t want me to do’. In desperation I whimpered ‘please, Mr. Bobby don’t, don’t fuck me like this’. It seemed to set Mr.Bobby off and he went wild ramming his cock deep into my bowels like a jack hammer. And once more I felt his cock erupt and a thick stream of cum juices shoot in to my rectum.Whimpering from the agony of the savage sex session, my body convulsed and trembled uncontrollably and tears flowed from my eyes freely as Mr. Bobby once again collapsed onto my butt and back. This time he was licking and kissing my shoulders and neck while his cock throbbed deep in my rectum. Outer and inner anal sphincter muscle rings reciprocated and milked his fat old cock as he squirted his substance into my anal cavity. Mr. Bobby commented ‘you can’t lie to me boy, your ass cunt show likes my dick up your butt. It’s milking my rod like a bay sucking a pacifier’.After about another fifteen minutes I inquired again ‘Mr. Bobby, please let me up’, I whimpered. Mr. Bobby again started to grind his cock around in my butt and again he started to harden. ‘OOOOHHH please Mr. Bobby, I can’t take it any more. You’re gonna rip me open if you do it again’. ‘Tell me what you don’t want me to do’. Whimpering I gave up and said to him ‘Mr. Bobby, please don’t fuck me again, please don’t’.Mr. Bobby’s cock sprung to life again, and I swear that each time his cock got harder and harder. Mr. Bobby started to work my butt hole again in such a fashion, ramming and grinding deep into my butt hole that I could do nothing more but cry out ‘PLEASE, PLEASE, STOP FUCKING MEEEEE’.Mr. Bobby laid on my back lunging deep into my rectum whispering into my ear ‘tell me, fuck me daddy, fuck me daddy, say for me now so I can finish’. In desperation I whined ‘fuck me daddy, fuck me daddy’. Mr. Bobby slowed his hunching and did more grinding his cock deep into my bowels telling me ‘keep saying that till I come again, come on David say it just like that till I come again.Whimpering with each phrase I whined ‘fuck me daddy, please fuck me’, I kept saying that till he pushed deep up in me and I felt his cock erupt once again. And again Mr. Bobby laid down on my back and kissed/sucking my neck he said ‘damn this is some good tight ass pussy. I’m gonna let you go, you are so good we gonna have to do this again, you hear me. We gonna do this again, next time I’ll get a motel room so we can spend the week end together’.Finally Mr. Bobby raised up and let his flaccid cock slide from my aching anal opening. The air rushed in and out of my gaping butt hole in such a fashion that it made obscene sounds. Mr. Bobby came around to my head and lifted it and kissed me gently on the lips saying ‘you’re one good fuck, yeah one good fuck’.

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