On the road…..3

On the road…..3I took a nap and when I woke up I heard some voices in the other room. I knew Lee said his friends would be by, so I just headed in to take a shower and change my clothes. I felt refreshed and went to meet whomever was there. I recognized Ron and Lou,and Lee was still there. Lee introduced us all and took off for work. Ron was grilling some burgers outside, so Lou and I headed outside also. We made small talk, about where everyone was from, what we did, etc. We had a couple beers, the burgers were done, and after eating we got naked and climbed in the hot tub. Ron was in his 50s and Lou Lou said he was in his 70s . Lou was a out 6 ft tall, and very thin, while Ron was about my size, 5’10’ but about 260 or so. Ron asked how I liked their movie, and I told them I thought they were pretty hot. They took that moment to let me know that Lee had told them we had a really hot time together, and that maybe we could all have some more fun. Lou smiled, and said he’d back back in a bit, and got out of the hot tub and went inside. Ron moved close to me and started slowly stroking my cock. I reached for his, and as I did I realized I hadnt noticed before how thick Amsterdam Escort Shemale it was. He was about 7-8 inches, but very fat around. I leaned over and kissed him, and we played with each other a bit more while making out. Ron broke away, a d said to slow down, that he and Lou had a surprise for me. After a few minutes Ron said that we should go inside and find Lou.We dried off, and put our shorts back on and went inside. I followed Ron to the living room, and I saw the surprise. There was Lou,all 6ft of him, wearing a black lace teddy, with breast forms, silk stockings, 4 inch red spike heels, a long blonde wig, eyelashes, makeup, and blood red lipstick. He looked fucking hot, and very sexy. Ron laughed, and said this is Louise, what do you think. It didnt take long for Louise to notice my erection, and told Ron that it looked like I approved. We all laughed a bit,and Louise came over a gave be a big, wet, sloppy kiss. She had to lean down some since she was probably pushing 6’5. I felt her cock through her panties pushing against me and reached inside to feel her. She was as hard as me, and already leaking precum. Louise looked at me, then rotterdam Escort Shemale told me to get on my knees. I didnt hesitate at all. I said yes, ma’am right away. She told me to lick her cock, and to put it in my mouth. As I did saw Ron come around and stand next to Louise. His long, fat cock in front of me as well. Louise told me that they’d give me a ride tomorrow, but I was gonna be riding tonight also. They told me to get up, and to come to the sofa. Ron sat on the sofa, and Louise told me to take his cock my mouth and suck it while she watched. She sat next to Ron and they were kissing while I sucked his cock. Louise moved down to me, pulled Ron’s cock out and kissed me. She was hot, and a great kisser. I was ready to cum and no one had touched me since the hot tub. Then Louisegot up and I felt her behind me. She put first 1, then 2, then a third finger in my hole.. My mouth was full of Ron’s cock, I could barely get his thick cock in my mouth, but there it was.Then I felt Louise grab my hips a d her cock pushing against my hole. As I slowly opened a d welcomed her inside me, Ron was commenting and telling me they were gonna fuck me silly, Amsterdam Escort and fill me with cum.I was thinking, YES, PLEASE, FUCK ME, FILL ME WITH YOUR COCKS.Finally Louise had her whole cockinside my man pussy, and Ron had his all the way in my mouth. Then they started slowly moving in me, gently at first,but it wasnt long before they started quickening their pace. At this point I was feeling an unbelievable amount of pleasure. I couldnt speak, just grunting, and moaning. Louise was holding me tight to her, and was fucking me hard. Ron grabbed my head, and as he arched his back and held me there, his groin lifting up and he yelled as he came. If felt like a gallon of cum, and since his cock was so thick, I couldnt contain it in my mouth and it started pouring out of my mouth.ztjis was all Louise needed to see and hear, as she grabbed me,held me tight,and I felt her cockpulsing and shooting stream after stream inside me. Ron held my head up, and moved down to kiss me, His tongue, seeking his cum, and licking my face and kissing me. I didnt want Louise to pull out, I just wanted that cock to stay inside me forever. Soon as she got soft, her cock slipped out with a sucking sound, and I felt my hole quivering. At first it was a little, but then I could feel her cum start to pour out. Then she moved down, licked up some of her cum, and kissed me and Ron.The three of us sharing their cum. We all fell asleep together, one great big sticky mess.

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