Once you go Black Gay


Once you go Black GayThis is the true story of how I lost my anal virginity to Big Black Cock. I wanted to give some backstory and that’s kind of long but I assure you the read is worth it.It starts before I would actually end up losing my virginity. I was dating a female.For the first year of our relationship everything was pretty normal. But when she went to college and I wasn’t yet. She got a job at a mall and was constantly surrounded by older people. Eventually she stopped seeing me as a boyfriend and just a k** even though I was 18. She would later go on to cheat on me with this big black mall security guard. She would never admit it but snooping over twitter I was able to put two and two together and realize she had slept with him. It was devastating. It hurt particularly more because throughout the relationship she would tell me how she was never attracted to black guys at all. So it really felt like a betrayal to find this out.It messed with my head for a while after. Any time I would be looking at porn and saw a thumbnail of an interracial video it would make me angry and almost instantly turn me off. Slowly though, it began to change. Now instead of getting turned off by seeing it, I found myself only masturbating to interracial videos. I would watch them and see how much pleasure these white girls were getting from those thick long black cocks. Seeing girls cream all over those dark shafts. Hearing them say naughty things about how they were sluts for black cock and their white boyfriends just didn’t compare moaning for more. Then instead of focusing on the girls I would focus on the men. How muscular they were, how dark their skin was, how big their cocks were. I soon became jealous that these girls could receive them but I couldn’t. Instead of searching for Male-Female interracial videos I looked up gay interracial videos. I wanted to see what it would be like for a white boy to take a BBC. It didn’t take that long to find hundreds of videos of white boys doing exactly what I was fantasizing about. When I would watch those videos I would cum harder than just watching straight videos. Fast forward a couple yearsand I’ve never acted on a fantasy I had. I found myself in a couple straight relationships so the urge to explore wasn’t there. Every now and then I’d think about it but would never want to cheat on my girlfriend so I said if we were ever to break up I would finally do it. A couple months go by and we finally break up. I was sad for a little bit as I had feelings for the girl but a part of me was a little excited. I would finally get to try something I had wanted for a couple of years. My heart would pound out of chest. My body would be so excited I started to shake and have shivers. At this time I was 22 years old. 5’8 about 145-150 pounds. I was thin but had a nice tone to me. My best feature was by far my ass. It was a nice plump bubble butt that I could jiggle really well. All my female exes would compliment me on my ass and grab it so I knew it would something nice. My skin was pale white covered in freckles. I had short to medium brown hair. It was kinda in the style of Justin Bieber when he was younger. That’s who everyone said I looked like. I wanted to start slow. I had been waiting for this a long time but wanted it to be worth it. So the first thing I did was groom myself. I wanted my nice ass to be baby smooth. I didn’t like the hair look and wanted who ever would fuck me to enjoy the smoothness of me. After that I started feeling pretty sexy. I remembered canlı bahis I had a pair of my exes panties that she left at my house and I put those on. It was a lacy black thong. Girls I had talked to always whined about wearing thongs saying things like “ugh you don’t understand how uncomfortable it is to have a string riding up your butt all day” but when I was wearing it i loved the feeling. Especially since I was freshly shaved the thong riding up felt pleasurable. I started to take pictures of myself in various positions. My cock was leaking precum from this photo shoot I was having. I felt so slutty and hot to be wearing a thong and taking pictures I knew I would eventually be sending to the man who would fuck me. After I had done that I was ready for the next step, to find the right guy. I had taken an old iPhone I wasn’t using anymore and downloaded apps. As anyone who has used those before knows new users get a lot of attention early. I had maybe been on there an hour and my phone was getting blown up with messages from various guys. So many messages, mostly “hey” “hello” or dick pics. Most of them weren’t my type. I was looking for something specific. I wanted a tall, dark, muscular, tattoo’d man with a big black cock. Lol Some profiles peaked my interest but for some reason or another they fell through. So instead of spending my time on the apps I made a Craigslist post. My ad was simple. The head line read “young white boy for Dom BBC”In the ad I spoke of how it would be my first time but I was eager and willing for anything. I could not host but could travel and I was looking for tonight. I gave my stats and added some of the pictures I took to grab some attention.I didn’t have to wait long before my email started getting flooded with messages. One message stood out above all the rest though. The subject read “come get this BBC little boy. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.” In the message he told me where he was located which wasn’t far and that he lived alone. This was perfect, exactly what I had been lookin for. We exchanged numbers and I told him I was on my way. I decided I wanted to wear the panties over to this guys place. So I put them on and then put these jogger type sweat pants over top. They were form fitting and really made my ass look nice. I got in my car, out the address in the gps and started driving. I was so nervous driving. I just kept thinking to myself “Am I really doing this? Am I really about to go get fucked by another guy?”My heart was beating out of my chest. While I was driving he kept texting me saying things like “hurry up lil boi, my dick hard and ready 4 u””I haven’t cum in two weeks so I got a lot 4 u.”His house was only about ten minutes away so it didn’t take long for me to pull up outside his house. My hands were shaking I was so nervous. I almost wanted to leave and chicken out but I said to myself “you have to do this or you will never know.”I texted him I was here and got out of my car. My legs felt so weak walking up to the door. I knocked and it didn’t take long for him to answer. When he opened the door I saw a gorgeous 6’3 210lb dark skinned black man wearing nothing but a pair of basketball shorts. He had tattoos covering his arms and chest and very defined set of six pack abs. He was totally built and exactly what I had been dreaming about.He told to me to come in and I did but I was quiet. I was too scared to speak I just did as he said. He walked me further into the house and it was dimly lit. We made our way into the living room and he had bahis siteleri porn already playing on the tv. It was two black guys fucking this little white twink. “How fitting” I thought to myself.He sat down on the couch with his legs spread apart and said “you know why you are here” I took that as my cue to get to work. I fell to my knees in front of him between his legs and there I was. The closest I had been to a BBC. I could see his dick print through the basketball shorts. I could tell he was pretty thick just from that. I went to take off his shorts and pull them down and he kindly lifted up so I could get them all the way off and there it was. He wasn’t fully hard yet as it was resting on his stomach but it was thick. I grabbed it with one hand and was surprised at how different it felt than I was expecting. I mean I had only ever touched my dick before and this felt different from that. I was pumping it up and down with my hand just looking at it and he said “don’t be afraid lil boy, go ahead and suck on that black cock.”I looked at it one more time then closed my eyes and lowered my mouth onto it. I instantly tasted his precum and was delighted by the taste. I had my hand at the base of his cock and squeezed to make it harder as I was sucking on it. It was growing in my mouth with each passing second until he was fully erect.I took it out of my throat to get a better look at it and it was huge! It had been the first cock I had seen besides my own in real life but it was so much thicker and longer than I was. He noticed me staring in amazement and said “you like this black dick huh?” And for the first time I spoke “I’ve waited so long for this” and dropped back down to continue sucking on it. I had watched so much porn I tried my best to copy what I had seen. I guess me finally realizing what I was doing turned me in even more because i started to really get into it. I was taking him as far as I could down my throat coming up for Air after gagging on it. Spitting on it and stroking it with both hands. Licking all over his shafted and eventually I started sucking on his balls while stroking it. That must have really gotten him close because soon after he let go of the back of my head and asked me if I was ready to take his cock yet.I looked up at him “I’ve never taken dick before. I’m really tight and you are sooo big. You’ll probably break me” in a slutty girly voice. He said “don’t worry, daddy has fucked a bunch of little white boys like you. I know how to open you up and make you moan for this black cock.”He stood me up and put me on the couch so my chest was up against the back rest and my ass was towards him. He gave me a quick spank which sent a jolt of pleasure toward my aching cock and then peeled off my joggers to find I was wearing that lacy thong. He really liked I was wearing a thong.”Damn baby, that slutty lil ass looks so good in that thong. You really was ready to get fucked.”He was playing with my ass a lot. Rubbing his cock all over my cheeks. Spanking me with his hard cock and his hands. He even put his cock through the string of the thong and took a picture. After he was done playing with my cheeks he finally peeled off the thong slowly while kissing my cheeks. My smooth asshole was exposed to him begging to be taken. He spat on my hole which startled me a little but that instantly went away when I felt his tongue start licking all over. I was getting my ass eaten for the first time and I had no idea it would feel this amazing!! Hearing him moan while he was eating bahis şirketleri it was hot but out of nowhere I felt his fingers enter me. I gasped and tried to relax. He must have put some lube on them because after awhile it started to feel good. He was tellin to relax and open up my ass so I could be ready for his cock.He fingered my ass for about 10 minutes and then said “looks like you are ready for this cock lil boy.” He lubed up my ass really well, put a magnum condom on and slapped his cock on my hole. “You ready for daddy’s cock?””Yes please!!” “You know what they say right? Once you go black you never go back. After you take this black cock you never gonna want anything else!””Give it to me!!”And with that I felt the head of his cock thrust into me. It hurt and felt like it didn’t belong there. He held my hips in place and slowly started inching it in further. I could feel him driving deeper inside of me. I couldn’t help but moan. The pain was slowly fading and he was slowly starting to go back and forth with his cock. He kept going and after a little bit I asked him”How much have I taken?””You taking the whole thang baby!”It made me feel strangely proud to be taking that much.There I was, my ass up in the Air taking black cock in my ass. It was magical. I could see why so many girls loved taking black cock. The full feeling. My ass getting stretched wide open. Him pounding my prostate. I was getting fucked like a little whore and I loved it.He pulled out of me and said come here. He took me into his bedroom. I remember walking in front of him and turning around and seeing his massive cock still hard waging as he walked wrapped up in that condom. He looked at me and said “you’re clean right?”I shook my head yes. He ripped off the condom and said “Good, I’m gonna breed that white ass. Get on your back.”I laid down on the bed and this huge black man crawled on top of me and had me wrap my legs around him as I felt him enter me raw. Him fucking me with the condom was good. But to felt that raw black cock fill up my asshole was something else entirely. I could tell he enjoyed it more too because he wasn’t holding back any more. My legs and arms were wrapped around his huge frame just holding on for dear life as he pounded my tiny white ass.”Take that black cock you little slut. Daddy is going to breed your white hole so good. You finna take all daddy’s cum tonight”I was moaning so load at this point!”Fuck me fuck me fuck me! Fill my up with your cum!”He pulled out again and flipped me over and put me on all fours. He instantly shoved himself back in like he couldn’t get enough. Neither could I so I don’t blame him. He was smacking my ass as I was going back and forth on his cock. I couldn’t believe myself. I had gotten so into it that I wasn’t merely taking the cock. I was throwing my ass back it. “That’s it whore, throw your ass back at daddy! Make it bounce on my dick!””Mmmm keep going baby. Daddy’s about to fill you up with nut!””Don’t stop slut daddy’s going to cum!””Fuuuuuuuck!! Ahhhhh, I’m cummin!!”I felt his warm cum shoot into my ass! For about 30 seconds straight he was just shooting his load into thrusting as hard as he could to put it as deep as he could. Then he finally relaxed and pulled his bbc out of me and i could feel it leak out of my ass. I felt like such a slut being filled up like that. “Damn baby that was good. Can’t believe you could take that much for your first time.””Neither can I””We might have to keep this going. I could teach you a lot.”I didn’t say anything after that. I went to the bathroom. Cleaned the cum from my ass, washed my face off and then got dressed and told him thanks as I left.He was right though. Once you go black you never go back. And I never want to.

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