One Big Kiss


Paula sat down with her glass of white wine, worn out from the row she’d just had with her now ex-boyfriend. The operative syllables being “ex” and “boy”. Tony was sweet enough, but at 22, he was not the brightest bulb on the tree. Or maybe he really was smart and just painfully socially retarded. Either way, she was glad to be done with him. Besides, she now had her eye on another guy, a much older and sharper man who turned her on and could be of great help in her budding career. Nothing had actually happened between them yet, but she would do her best in the next few days to change that.


Tony and his friend Leo commiserated at the local bar over Tony’s latest female troubles. Leo had a cure for every ill, especially woman troubles, even though he had, if anything, less experience with women than Tony. As with most young men, the two of them liked to talk big and tough over a beer to cover their immaturity.

“She just kept talking at me, badgering me about ‘failure to launch’ and how I needed to get my life together and shit. She wouldn’t leave me alone. I was walking all over the apartment trying to get away from her so I could think. I couldn’t get a word in. She just wouldn’t be quiet. Finally, I just told her to fuckin’ shut up and walked out,” said Tony.

“Man, you’re better off without that bitch. Plenty of fish in the sea, dude. There’s bitches all over town that you can go after. You don’t need her,” replied Leo.

“Leo, man, you know she picked ME up,” Tony confided. “I’m shit when it comes to talkin’ to girls. Hell, I’ve only had two girlfriends in my life, and the other one drove me bat-shit crazy with her cats and baby-talk. And when one of ’em starts in with that nagging, I just lose it. How can a guy think when some bitch is running her mouth?”

“Hell, I got the cure for that. I saw it in a movie one time. Girl keeps raggin’ on you, you just grab her and lay a big ol’ smooch on her. She’ll struggle a minute, go limp, and the next thing you know, boom, you’re strokin’ it to her in a king-size bed,” his friend replied.

“Yeah? You think that would work?”

“Every time, dude. Women can’t resist a caveman kiss. Shuts ’em right up.”

Yeah, maybe.


Today, Marie was involved in one of her favorite pastimes: worrying about her son Tony. At 22 he was still living at home, working odd jobs for pocket money and showing no sign of becoming a man. He just hung out all the time with that loudmouthed creep, Leo. Recently, she had suspected he had a girlfriend, which was a move in the right direction. Boys like Tony needed a woman to straighten them out.

Marie had been the classic helicopter mom, hovering over Tony since he was born, praising him for the least little thing, and basically giving him the idea that not much was expected of him. Now, she was seeing the results of her careful upbringing. No doubt that her little boy had grown up to be a big boy, not a big man. She worried that it was partly her fault.

“When Tony comes home today, I’m going to find out about this girlfriend and see if she sounds like someone who can do him some good,” she thought.

Early that afternoon, Marie found Tony in his room and began her questioning.

“So, you’re going out with a new girl, aren’t you?”


“But I haven’t seen you with Leo much lately, and I think I smelled perfume on your shirt when I did the wash on Monday. You’re not trying to hide her from your old mom, are you?” Marie teased.

“No. There’s no girl. We broke up.”

“Oh, Tony, no. What happened?”

“Don’t wanna talk about it.”

“But, Son, you need to get moving with your life. You’re just wasting your precious youth. I think a nice young woman might be just what you need to get you settled down…” Marie chided.

After that, everything she said sounded like “blah, blah, blah” to her son, and he walked out of the room, down the hall, into the kitchen, and then into the living room, all the while with his mother tagging along behind, running a constant stream of “blah, blah, blah”. Tony began to think his head would explode. This was just what Paula had done to him, but Tony didn’t want to tell his mother to “fuckin’ shut up”. He was nearing his wit’s end. Then in a flash, Leo’s words of advice came back to him.

Tony turned, grabbed Marie, and forcefully kissed her full on the mouth. Leo was right. It did shut her up. It also freaked her out, and when Tony let her go, she sank to the couch with a look on her face that he’d never seen there before.

“Oh, my god!” she muttered.

“Oh, fuck, what did I just do?” he thought.

Tony left the house, post-haste.

Later, in a nearby park, he had time to think.

“Crap! Now Mom thinks I’m a pervert as well as an idiot. Why would I ever follow advice that Leo gave me? That little shit hasn’t had a date since high school. He knows zero about women.”


Tony spent the night at another buddy’s house. He couldn’t bear to go home, or see Leo. He couldn’t tell anyone what had happened because he felt like such a fool.

Marie was in shock. But then pop psychology ataşehir escort stepped in to save the day, even though it was way off the mark. She began to feel that this was possibly a breakthrough for her son. How long had he wanted to do that? How long had her son been in love with her and unable to express it? How could she not have seen it? She knew that many boys grow up desiring their mothers. But that desire usually goes away. Maybe her son was stuck at the level of desiring her, and that was contributing to his inertia.

Marie knew she would do anything to help her only child. What mother wouldn’t? But what could she do to help him? Psychological counseling? Group therapy? Or, could she do something more directly, on her own? She so wanted to help her poor, love-sick son. Here decision was soon made. She began to make a plan for Tony’s recovery.


By the next day, both parties knew what they had to do. Tony determined to go home and apologize to his mom. He would make a clean breast of it. He would throw some of the blame on Leo, of course, and he would swear that he was NOT a pervert. Really. Not perverted at all. His central message was going to be, “Mom, please don’t kick me out of the house. And don’t tell Dad.”

Marie texted her son, asking him to please meet her at the house at 1PM. “We need to talk,” she wrote. All morning, Marie fretted while she bathed and prepared her clothes for the day. A full skirt, she thought. And a wrap around blouse. Heels. Guys always liked heels. Her black hair done up in a bun. Light make-up, with lips a medium shade of red.

This would be a major decision for her, but it really was no decision at all. Yes, she would technically be violating her marriage vows, but it was to help her son, not for lustful reasons. Her husband would never know, but surely he couldn’t ultimately complain, because Tony was his son, too. She felt what she was doing was right, and so it must be right.

Tony came in the front door, but before he could launch into his apology, Marie took his arm and led him into the den, seating him in a wing-back chair across from her place on the sofa.

“Mom, I’m so sorry…” he began. She cut him off with a wave of her hand and a stern look.

“You don’t need to say anything. I’m your mom, and I understand my boy, now. I just don’t know why it took me this long to understand. How long have you wanted to kiss me like that, Tony?”

He sat in shocked silence. This was not a question or an attitude that he’d expected. He had no answer for her.

“Baby, you know Mommy would do anything for you, and she understands that young men often have a little thing for their mothers.”

“WTF?” he thought.

Her legs, which had been crossed at the ankles, now separated a few inches. Her full skirt fell between her legs. She leaned back against the sofa. Her left hand lifted and began to fool with the bun and the comb holding it in place.

Tony slumped back. He was getting numb. He was confused by the short conversation and especially by her body language. His attention was focusing on those black high heels and the way they raised and spread her knees.

Marie pulled the comb out of her bun and shook her head, her black hair falling down around her shoulders.

“I know you have special feelings for me, but I’m just a woman like any other woman, Tony. I know in time you’ll come to understand that. You haven’t had much experience with women yet, and so you’re a bit fixated on the woman you love and the one who’s always loved and taken care of you.”

Tony stared, all thoughts of apology vanishing. What the hell was happening? He had never thought of his mother, pretty as she was, as a sexual being. Until right now. Or, if he had, he’d quickly put those thoughts out of his mind. But she was clearly going in a direction that took them out of the realm of any reality he’d ever known. Was this a test? He could only wait it out and see for himself.

“Honey, can you remember when you were a little boy? We used to have so much fun together. I would bathe you, and sometimes we would take a bath together. I loved those times, our wet skin touching, me kissing you all over. And I do mean ‘all over’. All mothers do that, but most would never admit it.” Her palms were now pressed between her widening thighs, her upper arms squeezing in and accenting her cleavage.

Tony felt his cock twitch. “Holy shit, I can’t get a hard on in front of my mother!” he thought.

“And I used to love feeding you. You know, feeding you from my breasts.” Marie’s hands traced the area under each breast, and Tony noted how her blouse made them stand out and separate. Was she wearing a bra? It certainly appeared that those jugs were swinging freely.

The fingers of Marie’s left hand toyed with the string that tied her wrap around blouse. He thought maybe it was a nervous action. But then as she looked down at her lap, Tony almost gasped to see her gently pulling the string. When the knot was untied, the blouse sagged open a little more, pushed by the weight of her tits.

She looked up at him and smiled. “Oh, my poor kadıköy escort baby. You don’t remember all those wonderful times we had together, do you? You don’t remember suckling my breasts. These breasts. They’re really yours, you know. You’re my only baby, and the only one who ever got nourishment from them. I remember those times so fondly.”

Marie gestured toward her bosom, the back of her hand trailing across the blouse, moving it ever so slightly. He could see that her nipples were hard. No question now that she was braless. Tony hoped his mom didn’t hear him gulp. He’d lost the battle with his erection by now. Luckily, it wasn’t jammed in some uncomfortable position.

“You saw my breasts many times as a child. I never hid them from you until you were older. It’s been many years now since you’ve seen them. Would you…like to…see them again?”

Staring at her blouse, not her face, Tony nodded meekly.

“Then, you shall see them,” said Marie, proudly. She uncovered first one, then the other, and Tony, breathing heavily, was treated to the sight of his mom’s lovely, womanly breasts cupped heavily in her hands. They were his breasts, too, she had said.

“Baby, come over here to Mommy. Be my baby again for awhile.”

Still focusing only on her erect nipples, Tony slid off his chair and crawled the 6 feet to the sofa, up between his mother’s open legs, and gently took a nipple in his dry, hungry mouth. He was now beyond questioning anything. He was operating on 22 year old hormones only, and he fondled and licked Mommy’s titties as if in a dream. All the time she was talking and talking, telling him how much she loved him, how she would do anything for him, that she wanted to make his dreams come true, that he was her baby. Marie managed to shuck off the blouse and scoot down further on the sofa. As she did, her skirt rode up onto her thighs. She pulled Tony’s t-shirt over his head and lifted her bare thighs to get skin contact with her son’s torso.

Marie was very into it by now. She was a woman who had always had a rich fantasy life, and many times she’d played little games with Mike, her husband. Sometimes those scenarios included incest. Usually, she made him pretend she was his daughter. But now, she was into a real situation that was more erotic than any of her sex-play.

Marie took Tony’s hand and guided it inside her skirt, along the outside of her thighs. He followed her soft skin all the way to her warm ass, and discovered another secret. No panties! His mom must have planned this whole thing. She really wasn’t kidding. Tony was a bit too dull to have ever considered bedding his mom, but the signals were unmistakable now, and he was going with it. Through it all, Marie kept up the talk, turning nastier as the seconds rolled by.

“Baby, I love the feel of your skin on mine. I love the way your hands squeeze my ass. Squeeze it, Sugar. You make Mommy feel so good!”

Even though his mom was babbling again, somehow it didn’t bother or confuse Tony like it had the day before. He was not about to tell her to shut up, and the kisses today were for more than her mouth.

Tony pulled his mom’s hips to the edge of the sofa, raised her skirt to her waist, and stared down at a most beautiful sight. Her pussy was topped by black, closely trimmed pubes. It almost resembled a beard, he thought. But the pink lips flowering open, the sweet, hot aroma, and the glistening liquid there were all woman and made him insane to dive in.

God, she tasted good!

Marie had to urge him to go slowly. With gentle words and hands she guided his tongue and fingers to the right spots and the right pressure.

“Baby, you were inside me for all those months. I need you inside me again. Now. It’s okay, Baby. Take off your pants and put yourself inside me.”

She didn’t have to ask twice. The jeans only made it to his knees because he feared he would come in the air if he took a second too long. They were both so ready at this point that he went to the hilt on the first push. Marie pulled her legs back to get the maximum amount of son-cock inside her hot spot.

He came first, but his coming didn’t put an end to his thrusts, and Marie was able to come before he began to really sag. As he pulled away and knelt on the floor before her, she jammed her skirt into her pussy to keep the sofa as dry as possible. Maybe she would have to use the hair drier on it later. No matter. She could always explain it as a little food spill to Mike.

Their labored breathing began to fade, and Marie smiled sweetly at her son, her new lover. This was the most exciting thing she’d ever done, and she’d done it for her son’s sake. That’s what she told herself, anyway.

Tony sat dumbly, as usual.

“We’ve got three hours or so until your dad gets home. Let’s go to your room and play,” she smiled.

The rest of the afternoon was the fuck-fest you might imagine. Generally, Marie was pleased with her son sexually, but he was a raw talent that needed molding. This was going to take some time, but she was sure that when he’d gotten used to her body, he would begin to lose his obsession bostancı escort with her and could be guided toward someone more appropriate.

For Tony’s part, this was great. His pussy needs would be satisfied at home, and he didn’t have to worry about dates and all the things a regular chick would demand. He would keep his mouth shut when it came to her misunderstanding of that first kiss. Let her have her fantasies. And none of his friends could ever know about it. And neither could his dad.

Dad was the subject of a little heart-to-heart talk Tony and his mom had at the end of that first marathon session. Both agreed that they must be scrupulous in hiding their activities from him, most of all. He could never know, because he wouldn’t understand. (Tony also secretly believed his dad would literally kill him if he knew.)

Poor Dad. Tony felt a little bad about screwing his mom, because of his dad. But surely she could keep both men satisfied. What Dad didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.


Mike Blake was a diligent manager and much appreciated at his company. He had a keen eye for talent and a head for business. Earlier in the week, he had spied some new talent in the form of a young woman making a presentation from a supplier. She impressed him with her mature understanding of all facets of his business, as well as her charm and beauty. Frankly, he would like to hire her for something much more personal than just being a part of his team. He had been thinking about her for days.

Mike came in at the usual time for dinner that evening. Sitting at the table with his wife of 23 years and his indolent son, something seemed a little off. He noticed a lot of apparent non-verbal communication going on between the two of them. He keenly sensed that something was up. He ran through his mental calendar: no birthdays or special occasions coming up. Tony’s car he’d seen in the driveway, so he knew he hadn’t wrecked it. What could it be?

He remembered his wife’s distracted and quiet demeanor from the previous evening, when Tony had not been home. So, something had been up at least since yesterday.

Mike was at the point of asking what they were up to when Marie brought the coffee pot over to refill his cup. As she passed Tony’s chair, Mike saw her right hand trail across his shoulder and neck, and he spotted goose bumps on his forearm. That was a very strange gesture, and an equally strange response. A mother might lay a firm hand on a son’s shoulder, but rarely did one lightly trace a line with fingernails along the back of a son’s neck. Tony had sat there with goose bumps, staring into his plate as if trying not to flinch. The sight set off a tickle in the back of Mike’s brain, and it kept him from saying anything.

Another odd thing was his son’s conversation. Normally, you couldn’t get three words out of the young man. Tonight, he was full of questions, alternating with rather lengthy speeches about the small jobs he’d been doing to keep himself in pocket money. Marie had given Tony meaningful looks, as if to say, “Cool it”.

Later, Mike sat in his study, thinking about the new young woman who had caught his attention, and also the very strange behavior of his wife and son. “Those two are cooking something up.” It was more than just planning a party or the like. If felt as if they were hiding something significant. He decided then and there that he would find out on his own. That meant one thing: surveillance. That night he planted a voice-activated recorder in the den. Each day, he planned to move it to a different area until he caught some indication of what was afoot.


Mike didn’t score on his first 3 attempts at surveillance. In the den, he caught snippets of phone conversations between Marie and her friends, but nothing out of the ordinary. There were a lot of cooking noises on the recording done in the kitchen, and the living room yielded vacuum cleaner sounds for 5 minutes.

On the forth try, Mike left the recorder on the top of Tony’s wardrobe. The first thing he heard was low talking between a man and a woman. His son’s voice was easy to discern, but he couldn’t catch the drift of the conversation or make out the female voice. But later sounds were unmistakably those of two people engaging in sex. And the “Oh, Tony!” he heard at one point was definitely his wife’s voice.

Mike went through a rapid series of emotions. Shock, denial, anger, the desire to strangle his son and wife and get revenge, and finally, amazement. He had retrieved the recording after coming home early, knowing Tony would likely be gone until dinner time and Marie would be grocery shopping. He left the house with the recorder and drove to a park to think.

When he began to relax a bit and apply his usual critical thinking skills, Mike knew a couple of things for sure. One, the damage was already done. He couldn’t turn back the clock and prevent the affair. Two, the affair was consensual and on-going, making both parties guilty. Three, if word of this got out, it could end his career and social life, and it could send his wife and son to prison, in theory. And four, he had some leverage with this knowledge. Maybe the best use he could make of it was to get a free pass to begin an affair of his own. He was surely a tougher negotiator than Marie, and he was not planning on dealing with Tony. But first, he needed better evidence.

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