One Night in Paradise


A beautiful sunset dances across the horizon as she stands in the door fame, the wind softly blowing through her hair. The sound of waves can be heard in the distance softly lapping against the white beaches of Honolulu’s shore. Her lover enters into the room to see her standing there, framed in the fading light, a prism of color sinking into the crashing surf. She looks like his every fantasy standing there as the breeze plays with her colorful sarong and molds the white halter-top against her beautiful bronzed skin.

She is a petite woman in her early twenties with an easy elegance about her. Her graceful curves could make a man forget the strength and firmness that lies beneath that silken skin. Her hair falls loose to her waist in rich chestnut curls and her eyes are deep and almond shaped. Eyes a man could lose himself in, watching them change from green to gold. He loved watching those eyes flash a deep golden brown…their color when she lost herself in her desires. She feels his gaze upon her and turns to find him watching her.

Their eyes lock and the unspoken words of love and passion hang in the air between them. She runs her eyes down her lover’s shorts clad body. His shorts hang low, stopping just above the point of decency. He still sparks something inside of her with his smooth, firm muscles and easy charm. He’s dark and handsome and virile and her body quivers slightly as he purposefully crosses the room to her.

He can smell the perfume of the lilies as he nears the open doors, but as he reaches her side, her fragrance surrounds him. The soft scent she wears with its notes of spice and musk fills his senses as he reaches his arms around her bakırköy escort and draws the French doors shut, trapping her in his embrace.

“Now that you have me here, what are you going to do with me?” she whispers provocatively. A wicked grin is his only response as he leans into the now closed doors, pushing her back against them.

He leans in and nibbles on her ear, then plants gentle kisses along her jaw line. His mouth is a breath away from her soft lips when he looks into her eyes. Contrary to his gentle advances, his eyes are dark with passion, showing an urgent need in them that registers in her mind a second before he crushes his mouth against hers.

The slow simmering of her blood rises to incredible heat as he presses the length of his hard body against her, trapping her arms against his chest. She can feel the rhythmic beat of his heart under her hands and his hard dick firm against her stomach. He draws back to look in her eyes as he grabs her wrists and raises her arms above her head.

With both of her wrists captured in one of his large, strong hands, he presses his body hard against her and reaches for the halter tie of her shirt. He slowly undoes the tie as he watches her eyes turn a molten honey brown. He lets the thin piece of material fall and watches as the weight of her full breasts causes them to free themselves from the restraint of the shirt.

He uses his free hand to lift a lush breast to his mouth and runs his tongue across her pert nipple. Her breath catches as he lightly takes it between his teeth. He brings his mouth back to hers and kisses her passionately, pressing the proof of his beşiktaş escort desire firmly against her. She moans softly, fisting her hands within his firm grip. He runs his free hand over her breast, down the curve of her waist and across her hip. He reaches beneath her skirt and drags the bikini bottoms she wears over her hips and down her smooth thighs.

As they pool at her feet he undoes the tie of her skirt, leaving her bare except for the shirt pooled at her waist, and undoes his own shorts, letting them fall to join her clothing at their feet. He dives two fingers into her velvet cunt to find her wet and ready for him.

She moans sharply on the contact and he releases her wrists to grab her hips. She brings a leg up to rest on the table beside them and he drives himself inside her in one quick thrust.

Her back crashes up against the closed doors as he slams his throbbing cock into her faster and faster. In and out, in and out in rapid succession as their breathing speeds up and their hearts race. Faster and harder he drives himself into her tight wet cunt. She can feel his cock throb inside her as she moans out his name.

Her arms wrap around him to hold him closer as he unleashes his desire on her. He reaches between their pulsing bodies to rub his thumb over her swollen clit, taking her higher and higher until she screams out her climax.

He kisses her softly then picks her up and her legs wrap around him, burying him even further inside her. He sits her on top of the dresser and runs his hands down her smooth legs as she pulls the scrunched up shirt off over her head. He pulls out of her and kneels before beylikdüzü escort her to taste her sweet juices.

She moans as he licks her clean and grasps his shoulder, unable to keep her hands from touching him. He rises and kisses her sweet mouth, gently exploring it with his skilled tongue. He moves to re-enter her, but she rises from the dresser and after giving him a wicked glance, starts kissing her way down his taught body.

She starts with his neck and ears alternating between licking and biting softly. She slowly moves across to his chest and takes one of his nipples between her teeth as he moans softly. She lowers herself to her knees as she licks and kisses her way down his chest…his abs…then licks the inside of his powerful thighs.

Finally she is kneeling before him, his throbbing cock dancing excitedly before her soft lips. She looks up at him as she takes the head of his cock into her mouth, running her tongue over it and sucking gently. He moans as she begins to work farther down his swollen shaft…taking more and more of him between her lips.

With her hands she massages his balls and grips the base of his big dick. She licks up the back of his engorged member as a drop of cum oozes from the head. She licks the drop off with the tip of her tongue and savors the taste of him.

Her slow seduction is more than his patience can stand and he grabs her wrist and pulls her up, kissing her hard on the mouth. Then he turns her roughly and bends her over the dresser. She looks up and in the mirror’s reflection she can see him drive himself into her while gripping her firm ass. She moans as he enters her and her hands grip harder on the dresser as he slams himself into her over and over.

He reaches up to grab her full breasts in his hands and he drives himself deeper into her hot wet pussy. They watch each other in the mirror, eyes glazed with desire. As the sun sinks beneath the waves, they both reach their trembling peak.

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