Dr S gets Blackmailed ch 5

This is a story i wrote for a real doctor in India, this is a real fantasy that was brought about by being seduced by her maid with her maids boyfreind making her do things to humiliate her as a young woman. Parts of this story are real and some is imagination. At all times she is always safe and this is paramount with things that happen for real in India with single ladies.

As i sank into my bed, my thought of the last evening filled my head.

My senses having been shaken up after tasting my first woman, and my second.

This is a revelation to me because i was brought up with a strict upbringing.

Never would this be allowed going against everything i had been brought up to believe.

These women had debased me so much that i was finding a new me.

Enjoying the pleasures of another woman in ways id never imagined.

With women i would never have chosen which caused me several dilemmas being a upper class doctor.

so much that i would never have tried these things had i not been blackmailed into submission by my nurses.

My pussy still wanted more as i toyed with my soft folds and eager clit.

The sensations it had received had opened my eyes to the pleasures that could be had. My fingers slipping into my moist pussy rubbing as i remembered the stark way that those two ladies took me and used me at their whims.

Although i hated to admit that i was enjoying being used and humiliated .

The bus ride making me shudder as i recalled the strange hands caressing my body when everyone could watch.

This sent me over the edge, my pussy gushing over my fingers as the spasms drifted away i fell into a deep satisfying sl**p.

As i walked through the hospital to my ward the next morning feelings of humiliation crept into my head only to be thrown out because i now felt like a woman that was liberated, and in some way stronger not ashamed about hiding in my own shadow when i came to class and my upbringing.

I felt like i had risen to my inner being and in some way i felt more equal to those around me.

Although i still wanted to be treated like a slut in public, the excitement was thrilling, beyond anything i had ever experienced in my life.

The fact that the videos had probably been seen by all my staff, caused an inner blush , and my pussy knew that i had enjoyed being their slut for the night already feeling moist at my inner thoughts knowing me more than myself.

I didnt look at any of the nurses during my shift, avoiding eye contact at all costs with my head held high. Not caring if they saw my shaven arm pits or could smell the different aroma of another expensive perfume that was reserved for special nights out.

I deliberately drank plenty of water during my shift knowing full well that i needed another experience to quench my inner thirst for excitement.

This was taking over my inner self with the desire to be humiliated or so they thought.

But the thought of being seen and watched even tampered with seemed to make me rise to the prospect.

New photos and videos would be circulating my closest staff.

Knowing that i didnt have to look them in the eye would save me.

Keeping me above the realism of what i was doing in my upper class way.

I could use this to keep things stable during my work where i had to concentrate on my patients.

The silence would be kept by the few that knew, and this could turn into a secret game between us.

I wouldnt get reported and my staff thinking they had the upper hand on me.

Which they did, but i was enjoying the game being braver and more daring than any of my nurses would ever dream of being.

This bringing its own level of respect as i was daring enough to play and stay calm. Enduring what ever they had in mind because the thrill was so special to me.

I worked hard all morning feeling my bladder full was looking forward to my changing room break as i walked down the corridor to the changing rooms.

Once in my cubical i heard the door open and slam shut meaning somebody had followed me in.

I sat down awaiting the knock on the door and sure enough it came. The knock sending a jolt to my pussy knowing that something was about to happen.

On opening the door Vahni was stood there. She came in beside me and then shut the door and locked it behind her.

Then to my amazement she drew up her uniform pulled her panties aside then grabbed my hand pushing it between her moist hot thighs finding her wet slit easily with my middle finger as it slipped inside her furnace.

Sit back whilst you pee she whispered i want to watch whilst you play with me.

This game had taken a different turn than i was expecting, but still very exciting.

Our evening of fun had given Vahni a new lease of life exciting her very much it would seem.

She wanted more of this slut and she could have it. This was so exciting peeing a fast stream whilst my fingers are deep inside of her pussy. Feeling how wet her pussy was and how her sex smelt as she stood directly in front of me sat there on the toilet. her musky smell setting me alight inside just as Vahni pushed her fingers into the stream. finding my clit straight away the warmth of my pee signaling that this was really happening to me.

I sighed at the feeling of Vahnis fingers touching my love button. My flow now finished the wetness inside me was becoming a torrent as Vahnis fingers swept through me, as my fingers did for her our orgasms looming as i lay back allowing her to watch her fingers slip in and out of my wetness , her fingers shining with my juices.

As did mine with her juices this was too much as we both started to cum from the clenching of our fingers signaling we were both near.

To my amazement Vahnis pussy started to squirt over my fingers in gushes.

flooding my hand squatting down to fit as much of my fingers into her pussy to quench her urgency.

she moaned into her sleeve so nobody would hear her moans of pleasure.

I managed to stay quiet whilst my pussy gripped Vahnis strumming fingers. gripping her fingers inside my tight pussy as waves of pleasure ripped through me quenching my need that only a good orgasm would relieve.

I didnt look at her, she took her panties off and gave them to me pointing at my stained satin panties.

I took them off handing them to her. She lifted her foot and then the other pulling them up to her moist pussy right in front of me. Signalling to me wanting me to wear hers as part of the game.

Realising this i pulled them up my legs. much to my suprise at how exciting it felt to be wearing Vahnis stained panties against my shaven pussy and for the rest of the day. I could feel my pussy getting moist again just at the thought.

It was a thrill wearing Vahnis cotton panties during the rest of the day.

Her gusset was more absorbent but i still soaked them working in the ward all afternoon.

Not realising until i took them off later to a ripe smell of pussy juices mingling in a pungent aroma that smelt of sex that lit my nerve endings as the flavour hit my senses.

I held them to my face as my other hand found its place rubbing my smooth pubis and swollen labia.

The more i sniffed them the more urgent my hand became, as waves of pleasure grew to an oncoming orgasm at the sheer pleasures of inhaling Vahnis pussy flavour mixed indeed with my own.

I took them to bed with me that night pulling them to my nose for my senses to enjoy tasting our musky juices.

I smothered my face with them in the morning when i woke up, just to make sure it wasnt just a dream.

It wasnt, they smelt just as they did last night which made me quite heady and in a different space on my way to the ward.

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Detention pt1

Adam Jones had just finished screwing the school
secretary over his desk.

Adam was the headmaster at a prestigious boys school in
London He was in his mid fifties, tall, slim and
handsome in a boyish type of way.

Cheryl Smith was in her early forties, also tall and
quite curvaceous. She was married with no c***dren and
had been fucking her boss for over a year.

As they dressed they made polite conversation. ‘Did you
hear about young Johnson?’ she asked the headmaster.
‘No, who is he and what’s it about?’ replied Adam.

‘It’s rumoured that he was f***ed to suck off one of the
senior boys after gym last Monday. The PE teacher made
him do extra training for next week’s cross country
tournament so he was alone in the shower room when the
older lads came in from rugby practice. Apparently he
sobbed the whole time but swallowed the boys cum and had
a hard on all the while!’

‘Is he worth looking at to maybe have some fun with?
asked the headmaster.

‘Oh, he’s very cute. I should think so,’ replied Cheryl
as she was pulling her tight skirt on over her hold up
stockings and thong.

‘He’s also on a bursary and if it is true he would have
to leave the school,’ she added.

‘Do I know his parents?’ the headmaster asked.

‘Parent, he lives with his mother. A one parent f****y.’

‘What’s she like,’ asked Adam a thought twirling through
his mind.

Cheryl could see where this was going and painted a
glowing picture of Ms. Johnston. ‘Slim blonde in her
early thirties. I’ve met her at a couple of school
meetings,’ she said. ‘She certainly gets the older boys
hot under the collar. ‘Is she someone we could play
with?’ he asked. ‘Oh I think so.’ replied Cheryl. ‘Ring
her and ask her to come in to see me after school, say
Thursday could you,’ said the headmaster with a knowing

Susie Johnson was waiting outside of the headmaster’s
study on Thursday when Mrs. Smith beckoned her to enter.

Adam thought she was indeed a rather attractive young
woman who had dressed in a short skirt and wearing a
tight white t-shirt which accentuated her small round
breasts. Her blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail
and she looked a lot younger than she was.

‘Thank you for coming Susie, is it alright if I call you
Susie?’ the headmaster asked as he walked towards her
offering his hand. Ms Johnson just nodded and shook it.
‘You’re probably wondering why we’ve asked you here?’
Adam put his other hand on Susie’s shoulder and paused
until Susie answered in the affirmative.

He then explained the situation to her, and kept his
hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

‘So as you can see we have no choice but to expel your
son,’ he stated.

‘Oh no, please. You can’t do that,’ pleaded Susie

‘Unfortunately we have to, unless…’ he said.

‘What? What can be done?’ asked an anxious Susie.

‘Well that’s down to you!’ the headmaster said as his
hand slid off her shoulder and on to her right breast.
It remained there until Ms Johnson grasped what he was

‘N..no, I..I can’t,’ she said as her hands went to
remove his. She hadn’t realised that Mrs. Smith was
standing right behind her until she felt her hands
grabbed and pulled behind her.

‘Unfortunately you have no choice, my dear,’ said the
headmaster in a devilish tone. Mrs. Smith leaned closer
and whispered, ‘you might even enjoy it!’

‘W..what are you going to do?’ Susie asked nervously.

She had an idea when the headmaster pulled her t-shirt
out of her skirt and Mrs. Smith began to unbutton it
from behind before it slid to the floor.
Adam began to caress her breasts while Mrs. Smith with
one hand still holding Susie’s wrists expertly undid her
bra allowing the headmaster access to Susie’s naked

‘Oh God,’ cried Susie as the headmaster lowered his head
and took one of her large erect nipples in his mouth.
Mrs. Smith used her free hand to stroke the front of
Susie’s shiny white silk panties.

Susie moaned as the older couple kissed, sucked and
stroked her body. When Mrs. Smith kissed her neck and
she slid two fingers into her pussy she lost it
completely and came as the headmaster gently bit into
her nipple.

‘There, I told you that you would like it,’ said Cheryl
as she pushed Susie down to her knees by her shoulders.
‘Now it’s our turn,’ she said as the headmaster unzipped
his trousers. Susie gasped as she saw the headmaster’s
thick eight inch hard cock appear from beneath his boxer

He walked over to where Susie was kneeling and ordered
her to suck it. In a trance she took it deep in her
mouth. ‘Get it hard so I can fuck you properly,’ he

While Susie was sucking the headmaster’s cock Cheryl was
slipping off her thong. She slipped a finger over her
shaven pussy and moaned at the thought of Susie’s tongue
licking her to orgasm.

She hopped up onto the headmaster’s desk and as soon as
he was ready he led Susie over and told her to bend
over. Cheryl grabbed her hair and guided Susie’s face
between her open thighs. ‘Lick!’ was all she said. Susie
began to lick and she could feel the headmaster rubbing
his hard cock up and down her pussy lips.

She moaned into Cheryl’s pussy as the headmaster slid
his cock home.

Her groans were muffled by Cheryl’s pussy as the
headmaster pounded her hard from behind. Adam watched
the young lady’s bottom wobble as he fucked her and
decided he had to have it. Cheryl sensed what Adam was
going to do so she wrapped her stocking clad thighs
around Susie’s neck pinning her to her sopping wet

When Adam was sure his cock was well lubricated with
Susie’s juices he pulled out and quickly pushed it up
against her arsehole. Susie guessed what was about to
happen and shook her head trying to get free and shouted
a muffled ‘Nooooo’ which nearly caused Cheryl to cum but
when he slipped his cock deep into Susie’s arse her
scream sent Cheryl over the top and she came all over
the younger woman’s face.

Susie started moaning as the headmaster’s cock slid in
and out of her backside. Cheryl slid off the desk and
knelt down beneath them. She began stroking Susie’s
pussy lips as Adam shagged her arse. ‘Oh God.’ moaned
Susie. She groaned even harder when Cheryl slid two
fingers into her pussy and exploded when the older woman
sucked hard on her clitoris. This caused her hole to
tighten and the headmaster to shoot his load deep into
her bowels.

After they had straightened themselves up the headmaster
explained that they were going to have to speak to Toby,
her son, and get his side of the story. He also went on
to say that her son may need to be punished.

As she was leaving the headmaster told Susie that they
would need to see her again soon. What they didn’t see
was the smile on Susie’s face as she closed the door and

The next day Toby Johnson was summoned to the
headmaster’s office by Cheryl. He was told to enter and
saw them waiting for him.

‘Ah Johnson, so good of you to come,’ said the
headmaster. ‘I hope you don’t mind Mrs. Smith being here
but I felt it wise.’

Adam went on to tell Toby what Cheryl had heard and
asked for his views on the situation. Toby explained
what had happened.

‘Did you enjoy the experience?’ asked the headmaster.
Toby looked aghast and tried to answer. ‘I..I..err..’

‘I heard you had an erection while you swallowed the
senior boy’s jism,’ the headmaster countered. Toby hung
his head in shame.

‘You’re a naughty boy Johnson and you need to be
punished.’ The headmaster nodded at Cheryl who
approached Toby and said, ‘let’s get you ready shall
we?’ as she started to undress the now nervous boy.

‘W..what are you going to do to me?’ he asked ‘Oh you’ll
see,’ replied Cheryl as she stripped him.

Soon Toby was naked and standing with his hands in front
of his crotch.

‘Put your hands on your head Toby,’ asked Mrs. Smith
nicely. ‘Do it!’ barked the headmaster. Toby’s hands
flew up to his head giving the older couple a good view
of his flaccid prick.

‘Come here!’ said the headmaster walking to the center
of the room. Toby did as he was told and when he was
told to kneel he did.

The headmaster took hold of his trouser zip and slowly
lowered it in front of Toby. He took out his cock and
slowly stroked it inches from Toby’s face.

‘You seem to like sucking cock and swallowing cum so
let’s see what you can do with this.’

Toby leaned forward with his hands still on his head and
took the headmaster’s stiff cock deep into his mouth and
started to suck it.

‘Oh, he’s a natural, Mrs. Smith,’ the headmaster stated.
‘Put your hands by your side,’ Toby was told. The
headmaster then took the boy’s head in his hands and
face fucked him hard. Toby could feel the older man’s
cock expand in his mouth and knew what he had to do.
Soon the headmaster’s cum was flowing down his throat as
he fought to swallow it all.

Satisfied the headmaster pulled out and tucked himself
back in his trousers.

‘I think it’s correct what they say Mrs. Smith,’ said
the headmaster as he saw that Johnson was sporting an
erection. ‘Maybe you can do something with that?’

Toby was told to lay on his back on the carpet while
Cheryl hoisted up her tight skirt and removed her soaked
black thong. She straddled the prone boy, took his five
inch cock in her hand and guided it into her pussy as
she sank down on it. He wasn’t as big as the headmaster
but it fit nicely as it had a bit of girth. It didn’t
take long for Toby to shoot off inside her but Mrs.
Smith kept riding him until she had at least two orgasms
and Toby came again.

Toby was told to dress and expect another summons.

A week later Susie Johnson walked into the headmasters
office. She was wearing a little black dress, stockings
and high heels. Since she’d had the call from Mrs. Smith
to attend another meeting regarding her son she had been
looking forward to seeing the headmaster and Cheryl

‘Why, Ms Johnson, you look delightful,’ commented the
headmaster. Susie blushed and said thank you. Behind
her, naked, tied to a chair and gagged was her son.

‘Maybe you’d like to take your dress off so it doesn’t
get stained,’ said the headmaster. ‘Mrs. Smith why don’t
you help Susie get ready for today’s punishment?’

It was only when Susie turned towards Mrs. Smith did she
see the mature school secretary kneeling down and
stroking her restrained son’s hard cock.

‘Oh, my God, what is he doing here?’ screamed Susie.

‘All part of your punishment my dear, do hurry and
undress so we can start,’ said the headmaster. Mrs.
Smith went up to Susie and started to unzip her dress.
‘Oh please no. Not in front of Toby,’ she pleaded. Mrs.
Smith continued to ease the dress from her shoulders
until she was standing in her black half cup bra, tiny
black silk panties and black stockings held up by a
black satin suspender belt. In her high heels she looked
like a porn star and Toby couldn’t take his eyes off his
mother. He was sure his cock got even harder.

Cheryl took hold of Susie’s arms so she couldn’t cover
herself up and turned her to face her son. They heard
the sound of the headmaster’s zip being lowered as he
walked towards Toby. With his half hard cock in one hand
he pulled down the young boy’s gag with the other. ‘Show
your mother what you are good at boy and suck me hard so
I can fuck her.’

‘Nooo,’ moaned his mother as Cheryl plunged her hand
into Susie’s panties and found that her pussy was
dripping wet. Cheryl continued to stroke her pussy as
Susie watched her son fellate the headmaster. Cheryl
pushed her to her knees and spread her own legs. She
pulled her thong to one side and pulled Susie’s face
hard between her thighs.

Toby watched as his mother licked Mrs. Smith, the school
secretary, to orgasm as he sucked on the headmaster’s
now hard cock. As soon as Cheryl let out a long groan of
satisfaction the headmaster pulled his cock out of
Toby’s mouth and both he and Mrs. Smith marched Susie
over to the headmasters desk where they pushed her
gently over it so she was lying on her back.

Cheryl grabbed hold of her black silk panties and drew
then down her thighs and off. She couldn’t help but push
her face into Susie’s freshly shaved pussy and lick her
clitoris until she was moaning with pleasure. ‘I think
she’s ready for you now headmaster,’ she said as she
stood up and walked over to Toby.

The headmaster was as hard as he’d ever been after
watching that and without a pause slid his cock deep
into Susie who groaned and wrapped her stocking clad
thighs around the headmasters back.

Mrs. Smith slowly stroked Toby’s cock as he watched the
headmaster fuck his mother. She took the black silk
panties and rubbed the crotch under his nose. ‘Oh Toby,
I think your cock just got harder. Do you like the smell
of your mother’s pussy?’ she asked. Toby could only
groan as Mrs. Smith masturbated him. He watched as the
headmaster fucked his mother hard and when she squealed
as she had a huge orgasm Toby came all over Mrs. Smith’s

By now the headmaster was pounding Susie through another
orgasm when he felt his balls tighten and twenty seconds
later he unleashed his cum deep into Susie whose pussy
walls milked him dry.

Mrs. Smith untied Toby releasing his gag and walked him
over to where his mother was lying. ‘You like cum so
much why don’t you clean your mother up?’ she said
pushing Toby’s face into his mothers pussy.
Toby began to lick his mother as Mrs. Smith held his
face in place. He could taste the headmaster’s cum as it
seeped out of her pussy.

‘Noooo,’ groaned his mother as she realised what was
happening. ‘Oh God.’ she exclaimed as another orgasm
started to build.

‘Aaarrgghh.’ she cried as her orgasm hit and she clamped
her legs tight around her son’s head.

Cheryl pushed Toby down on the carpeted floor, his
erection sticking up. ‘Oh I think you liked that didn’t
you Toby?’ asked Mrs. Smith.

Susie looked down to see her son on his back on the
floor with his hard cock bobbing up and down.

‘Come on,’ said the headmaster as he lifted Susie of his
desk, ‘We’re not finished with you yet!’

Both he and Cheryl dragged her over to where Toby lay
and f***ed her to straddle her son. ‘Nooo, please. This
isn’t right. Oh my God,’ she cried as she was f***ed
down on to her son’s cock. Automatically she began to
move her hips.

‘That’s right, go on, fuck him.’ ordered the headmaster
as he held on to her.

Soon she was riding her own son without the headmasters
help. ‘Oh God, fuck me darling, fuck mummy. Oh no, I’m
cuuuuummminngg!’ she shouted as she picked up pace.
‘M..M..Mum, I..I..’ stammered Toby as he shot his spunk
into his mother’s pussy. Susie rode him to one more
orgasm until she collapsed on top of her son, smothering
him with kisses.

After they had dressed and left the headmasters office
hand in hand Cheryl turned to the headmaster and said,
‘look at what we may have started!’

‘Yes.’ said the headmaster. ‘I’m sure they will be a lot
closer in future. You know, watching that has made me
quite horny.’

‘Me too,’ answered Cheryl as she slipped off her thong
and the headmaster removed his trousers. ‘Lie down. I
want to ride you,’ she said.

As she was fucking the him she said, ‘I’m thinking of
buying a strap on,’ ‘Dear god,’ said the headmaster.
‘What on earth for?’

‘Well Toby has got such a cute little bottom I could
bugger him senseless with it,’ she said.

Just then both of them came imagining it!

Cinsel Hayat-18 (Lise)

Önceki hikayeler için ; http://xhamster.com/user/amanbea/blog/1.html

Çok ?ükür b?çak kullanmas?n? biliyordum. Gayet güzel ??k bir masa haz?rlam?? çay? koymu?tum. Tam o s?rada aybüke indi a?a??ya. O mini ?ortu gö?üs uçlar?n? belli eden ince bodysi ile. Masay? görünce çok ho?una giderek ?a??rd??. Yan?ma gelerek dudaklar?mdan bir öpücük ald?. Kahvalt?y? senin dudaklar?n? yiyerek yapmay? tercih ederim dedi. Güldük beraber. Biraz da bana yard?m ettikten sonra fidan ablay? ça??rmas?n? istedim.

Yukar?dan beraber indiler. Fidan ablan?n gözleri ?i?mi? çok belli oluyordu. So?uk bir sesle günayd?n dedi bana yüzüme bile bakm?yordu. Annesine oranla aybüke çok ne?eliydi. Masa haz?rlamama bile tepki vermemi?ti. Aybünin wcye gitti?i bir anda neyi oldu?unu sordum. Yok bir ?eyim desede ?srar ettim. Gece aybüke ile konu?tuk dedi. Kalbim h?zla çarpmaya ba?lad?. Ne konu?tunuz diyerek merakla sordum.

Aybüke sana a??k oldu?unu anlatt? dedi. Bir ?ey demedim o devam etti. Gece de gelip sana sar?larak uyudu?unu biliyorum dedi. Kovuldun git burdan diyecek diye dü?ünmeye ba?lam??t?m. Sen çok iyi birisin , bu durum her ne kadar aram?zdakileri bitirmek zorunda b?raksa da, beni çok üzdüyse de k?z?m?n seninle olmas? çok ho?uma gitti dedi. ?a??rm?? bir ?ekilde bakt?m surat?na. Benim ya??m belli aram?zdakilerin ya?anmamas? gerekiyordu sana çok kapt?rm???m kendimi diyerek devam etti. Sizi mutlu görmek beni de mutlu eder. Onu üzme dedi. Gözleri dolu doluydu.

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Suyun içinde bile ta? gibi olmu?tum. Benimde elim aybükenin kalçalar?nda bikinisinin içine sokmu? onun bana sürtmesine yard?mc? oluyor hemde kalçalar?n? m?nc?kl?yordum. Aybüke bacaklar?n? çözerek kuca??mdan indi bir anda. Elini ?ortuma atarak ?ortun ipini çözdü. Ve bacaklar?ma kadar indirdi. Aletimi eline alarak oynamaya ba?lad?. Tekrar kuca??ma atlayarak hadi gir içime dedi. Elimle bikinisini yana do?ru çektim. Aletimi hala tek elindeydi. Tek eliylede bana tutunuyordu.

Zorda olsa am?n? buldurtarak yava?ça içine ald?. So?uk suyun içindeki o s?cakl?k a??r? zevk veriyordu bana. ?ki elini de boynuma att?. Bende alttan hem kalças?n? hem de bikinisini tutuyor ve tempo yakalamam?z için indirip kald?r?yordum aybükeyi. Kimselerin olmay???yla birlikte aybüke zevk ç??l?klar?n? istedi?i gibi at?yordu hemde vücutlar?m?z çarpt?kça ç?kan su sesleri insan?n sex i?tah?n? daha da kabart?yordu.

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Kafas?n? kald?r?p tekrar öpü?meye ba?lad???m?zda alk?? sesi duyduk ard?ndan bravo gençler sesi geldi. Tedirgin bir ?ekilde sahile do?ru bakt???m?zda bi erkek bi kad?n bizim e?yalar?n hemen yak?n?na kurulmu?lar ve oturmu?lar bizi izliyorlard?. Hemen suyun içinde toparlanarak utangaç bir ?ekilde ç?kt?k sudan.

Kad?n?n bana adam?n aybükeye bak??lar? aras?nda yanlar?ndaki e?yalar?m?z?n oraya geldik. Toparlan?p hemen gitmek istiyorduk ikimizde. Adam bize do?ru dönerek rahats?z m? ettik dedi. Adama do?ru bakarak yani dedim. Kar?s?yla beraber gülmeye ba?lad?lar. Kar?s? lafa girerek lütfen rahats?z olmay?n oturun yan?m?za dediler. Tedirgin bir ?ekilde aybükeye bakt?m o da bana bak?yordu. Lütfen korkmay?n kötü insanlar de?iliz dedi kad?n.

Aybüke tedirginde olsa yanlar?na oturduk. Adam kendini tan?tt? ismi Emreymi? kar?s? Nur ile ayn? ya?ta 34 ya??ndalarm?? ve 14 y?ld?r beraber,8 y?ld?r da evlilermi?. Almanyada ya??yolarm??.Tatil için gelmi?ler buraya. Bizde sizin ya?lar?n?zda sizin gibiydik sizi görünce o y?llar geldi akl?m?za dediler. ?yi insanlara benziyorlard?.

Havadan sudan konu?maya devam ettikten sonra kad?n buras?n? 10 15 gün önce ke?fettik. Buraya ç?plak denize girmek için geliyoruz dedi. Bizim mekan?m?z? ke?fetmi?siniz dedi kocas? ona ek olarak. Aybükede ne?eli bir ?ekilde bizimde ne için burada oldu?umuzu gördünüz zaten dedi. Hepimiz baya gülmü?tük.

Kad?n kocas?na dönerek hadi geç olmadan girelim dedi aya?a kalkarak üstündeki uzun elbiseyi ç?kard?.Çok güzel bir kad?nd? surat olarak. Sar? toplu saçlar?n? k?pk?rm?z? bikini ile birle?tirmi?ti. Bikisinin içine zor s??an gö?üslerine tak?ld? gözüm a??r? dolgun ve büyüktü. çok güzel görünüyordu. As?l ?oku arkas?n? dönünce ya?ad?m. K?rm?z? tanga bikinisinin yanlar?ndan f??k?ran kalçalar? göz al?c?yd?. Gözlerimi alam?yordum resmen kitlendi?im anda aybüke kolumu m?nc?klad?. K?zg?n bir ?ekilde bak?yordu.

Kad?n beklemedi?imiz anda bikinisin üstünüde çözerek dolgun gö?üslerini ortaya ç?kard?.Resmen memelere özgürlük dercesine sallanarak ortaya ç?kt?. Doya doya bakmak istiyordum ama aybüke engel oluyordu sürekli. Kocas? da tshirtünü ve ?ortunu h?zl?ca ç?kard?. Göbekli bir adamd? kalkmam?? siki sik de?il bildi?in pipi ?eklindeydi. Aybükeye bak?nca ince ince gülüyordu. Adama güldü?ü belliydi.

Kar?s? ile birlikte denize girdiklerinde aybüke kad?ndan gözünü alamad?n çok mu ho?una gitti dedi. Cevap vermedim tabi. Ben cevap vermeyince aybüke önüme do?ru geçerek kuca??ma oturdu. Benim vücudum daha güzel diyerek gö?üslerini açarak gözüme sokmaya ba?lad?. Arkas? onlara dönük oldu?u için rahatt?. Tabiki bebe?im diyerek iki elimin içine al?p emmeye ba?lad???mda aybüke de bana sar?l?p kendine bast?r?yordu.

Bir süre gö?üslerini emdim. Bana bask? yaparak geriye do?ru yatmam? sa?lad?. Benle beraber üstüme do?ru yat?nca bir süre o ?ekilde hem öpü?üp hemde sürtünüyorduk. ?ort çok s?km??t?. Ç?kartmak istedim. Aybükeyi biraz kald?rarak ?ortumu dizime kadar indirdim. ?imdi daha rahat bir ?ekilde sürtünüyorduk. Aybükenin bikinisini yana do?ru çekip içine girmek istedim ama o adamla kad?n? göstererek olmaz dedi.

O s?rada adamla kad?n denizden ç?k?p yan taraf?m?za oturdular. Onlara do?ru bakt???mda kad?n kocas?n?n aletini eline alm?? oynuyor bizi izliyorlard?. Daha sonra kocas?n?n kuca??na e?ilerek a?z?na almaya ba?lad???nda kad?n?n aç?lan bacaklar? aras?ndaki am?na do?ru bakt?m. Am?n?n üstünde üçgen ?eklinde kesilmi? az k?l vard? geri kalan yerler tertemiz harika görünüyordu. Aybükeye onlar? göstererek bak onlar ba?lad? bile hadi dedim tekrar. Bu sefer beni k?rmad?. Bikinisini kendi aralayarak içine ald?. Dudaklar?m?z tekrar birle?ti?inde bende alttan vurdurmaya ba?lam??t?m.

Kad?n havlusunu ald? kocas?n?n da elinden tutarak hemen dibimize serdi havlusunu. Kendi yere çökerek ayaktaki kocas?n?n aletini a?z?na ald?. ?kimizde ?a?k?nl?k içerisinde dönerek onlar? izliyorduk.Adam?n aleti kalkm??t?. Kalk?k hali bile benimkinden hem k?sa hem de inceydi.

Adam kar?s?n? kald?rarak havlunun üzerine yatt?.Kad?n benimle kocas? aras?na girerek kocas?n? yalamaya devam etti. Kad?n?n o mükemmel poposu bacaklar?ma de?iyordu. Kad?n a?z?ndan ç?kart?p kocas?n?n aletini sol eline ald?. Ard?ndan di?er elini de aybükenin poposuna koyarak ok?amaya ba?lad?. Yava?ça ok?ayarak a?a??lara do?ru kayd?rd? elini. Ta?aklar?ma do?ru getirdi elini. Aybükeye girip ç?karken ta?aklar?mla oynuyordu.

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Bu da buraya kadar olsun. Bir sonraki hikayede görü?mek üzere..

How I became a dirty anal cumslut

Looking back it’s pretty obvious how I became such a good dirty cum slut.

Ever since that day at school when the principal called me into his office I have obsessed over cock. It was late in the year, close to graduation, and it already felt like summer. It gets so hot here. That day I had worn a short dress to school. It was an older one of mine, but a favorite, so I didn’t mind that it was getting a bit small on me. And it was so hot that the short length felt good on my legs and ass, letting the air flow freely against my skin.

Now, I have to be honest. I was a naive young lady at 18. I was confident in my body and not concerned about any implications of how I dressed. I liked to feel good, and my skin against the air was my favorite. I didn’t think about how the boys might react and I had been taught that that was their problem, not mine…whatever that meant.

And I never really thought about sex, again being young and naive I just saw it everywhere – women in little to nothing on TV and movies and everywhere – but never made the connection about how people actually go about fucking each other. Oh how much I’ve learned…. thankfully so 😀

So when I went shopping for my clothes I just never thought much about the kind of stores I was in. Some had “old lady” panties and others had the pretty ones I wanted. So when I put on a lace g-string…really just a lace garter with pearl beads running between my legs, sex wasn’t at all on my mind. It was hot, this was thin, lacy, and the pearl beads were nice and cool and comfortable. I hate sweaty wet cotton panties; I’d rather wear nothing.

So, this was how I went to school this one hot day in June. I was used to getting looks and stares, I usually dressed pretty slutty now that I think back. This one was just enough over the top. The teachers in the hall were staring at me as I walked in. Some boys were following me to my locker. I passed the principals office and he saw the gang following me down the hall and came out of his office. “Back to class!” I hear him shout as I feel his large hand on my shoulder. “Come with me young lady, we need to discuss something in my office.”

We walk back to his office together, his hand still firmly on my shoulder. We go past his secretary. She looks up and bites her lip, smiles quickly then shoots her head back down to her desk. We go into his office; he shuts the door.

I’m not exactly sure why he needed to talk to me at this point, so when he tells me to spin around once for him I’m not sure what he’s getting at. I turn, and I hear his breathing very heavy. “Isn’t that schoolgirl uniform a bit small for you?” he asks.

“I guess a little, but it’s from my last school and I have such good memories, I love wearing this outfit. And it’s sooooo hot out I just wanted to wear something comfortable.” I said.

“Ah”, he replied, “you’re not embarrassed? Or worried about someone taking advantage of you?”

“Taking advantage? I don’t understand, I like my body and this feels good.”

The principal smiled and sat down at his desk and leaned back in his chair. “what about the boys following you this morning? you weren’t worried they would grab you? 18 and 19 year old boys are going through a lot of hormonal changes and have intense urges.”

I remember looking back at him puzzled – “intense urges? Isn’t that their problem? I mean they can control themselves, right? Plus I’m here at school where it’s safe, I was never walking alone – you even came out to help just in case, right?”

“I did come out to help. And now we’re back here in my office. You’re a bright student, doing well in class and learning a lot. You’re about to graduate, would you like to learn another good lesson today?”

I thought about it for a second, fiddling with the material of my dress at my fingertips which must have looked hot because I remember seeing him smile and stare. I wasn’t sure what kind of lesson he was talking about and I had no idea how crazy things were about to get. I’m so glad I said “yes sir, please teach me a lesson today.”

“Turn back around!” He snapped.

“What?” I asked, a bit puzzled by the intensity of his tone.

“TURN AROUND, PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE WALL, AND CALL ME SIR!” His voice was stern, and it startled me.

I jumped and followed his instruction. “Yes sir. Sorry sir I’ll pay attention.”

Facing the wall I couldn’t see what he was doing but I heard him walk over to me. With my hands on the wall my back was arched slightly, pushing my ass out towards him. He started to explain that this lesson was about what can happen when you’re all alone with a man who is feeling strong urges in response to the short dress I was wearing. As he explained this I felt his fingertips on my shoulder again. It felt different than earlier when he was leading me back to the office. This time his hand started moving down, over the sports bra I was wearing as a top, down the skin on my back and to the waist of my schoolgirl skirt. He paused there and held my waist. I was starting to tremble a bit, I could sense something powerful and new was going to happen. I was scared, but excited. “Are you ok? Do you want me to stop?” He asked. “No” was all I could whisper. “Teach me.”

“What?!” he asked.

“Sorry. Teach me sir.”

“That’s better.” His hand started moving again and was instantly on my bare ass cheek. It started to occur to me just how accessible I was making my body, but I still wasn’t sure why it was a problem, his hand actually felt nice there.

His fingertips began to circle slowly on my ass, very light, very gentle until it was so light I wasn’t sure if he was touching me anymore…and then SMACK. I jumped. I let out a squeak. What happened? Did he just spank me?! SMACK. There was a second. Harder. And then the fingertips again.

“Bend over” he said.

“ummm…I’m not sure this is appropriate..I mean aren’t you supposed to stop people from touching like that?” I asked starting to get confused about this lesson.

“Yes. Yes I am. But this is a learning experience. I am not going to protect you. I’m going to show you some things, and you’re going to follow my instructions. Now, BEND OVER.”

I looked at his door. He saw and walked over and locked it. “No. You will learn today.”

I was a little scared now, but I was curious about this lesson and really wanted to learn. I started to bend over and show him my ass. He saw the beaded panties I was wearing then and just said “Oh fuck you’re just a dirty little slut, this will be easy”. I was bent over, hands on the wall, ass out. Shaking a little. And then I felt something hard but smooth and a little wet pressing against my asshole. He told me to push my body back. I looked back at him with a concerned expression on my face. He told me it was just his cock and not to worry. I pushed a bit and felt the tip go into my asshole. It stretched me and felt strange…like it was going to hurt but didn’t. He told me again to push back as he stood his ground firmly behind me. I pushed. I felt it go in deeper. “that’s it, keep pushing, like a good little slut, take it all” he encouraged. The sensation was incredible, I wasn’t thinking, I was just pushing. And it was inside me. All of it. He grabbed my hips and pushed me forward again slowly. It felt huge and he stopped before the tip popped out. Then, as he told me to push again he pulled hard on my hips. My ass came down on his cock hard. “Again” he said as he slowly pushed it back out. After several deliberate thrusts shoving his cock deep in my ass he began to fuck. Hard. His balls slamming against my pussy.

It went on for 20 minutes like that, slamming his cock deep in my ass. I had these intense waves of pleasure come over me, afterwards he explained I was cumming. His cock was so hard, I was loving it. Then he started to grunt and slow, I felt something warm and wet oozing out of my ass. He pulled out and said he came too. His cum was running down my leg and was all over his cock.

“Suck it clean” he said, and pulled me by my hair down to his cock, pushing it deep into my mouth. I gagged. He kept pushing and I felt it enter my throat. He didn’t stop pushing until my lips were around his balls and then let go. My head came off his cock with a stream of cum and spit everywhere and on my face.

He got dressed, I was in a bit of shock and still being as dressed as I was when I started the day just stood there in aw of what had just happened. He put his hand on my shoulder again, unlocked the door, and guided me back out of the office – still covered in cum and ass gaping – passed his secretary who smiled again winking at the principal. “Me next?” she said. He laughed…of course they’ve been fucking for years.

As we get to the hall he turns and starts walking towards the gym. It’s still early in the day, 1st period isn’t over yet. We enter the boys locker room and one of the gym teachers is there at his desk. “you know what to do”, the principal says and the gym teacher smiles. He takes me, ties me to a bench near the first row of lockers, ass up in the air, and turns back to the principal.

“Ok” the gym teacher says. “I’ll make sure the boys all get a turn after class. We’ll check back in at lunchtime and untie her at the end of the day to catch the bus, sound good?”

“Perfect” said the principal. “I’ll probably be ready for another round by then too.”

…..Perfect. I remember thinking. I’ve been a dirty anal cum slut ever since.