Part 2 Francine


Part 2 FrancineIt was late that evening after Francine and I finished up eating out each other. I was still hot for her. Her bronzed legs were wrapped around mine and I could feel the heat rising up my spine.I wanted to please her more and more. My tongue was hungry again for her cunt.I wanted to devour every orgasm; every juice that flowed sweet from her lips.I began to gently press my hands on her cunt. Her lips were hot again and her nipples were as hard as diamonds.I began to suckle on her inviting hard nips,My tongue was raging hot for her cunt. She was moaning sweetly in her sleep and her legs began to spread, as if to invite me in.I began to lick every layer of her beautiful skin and her legs were spreading even more.I rushed my fingers gently on her clit and lips and savored the wetness all over my fingers.Her red hot kaynarca escort cunt was on fire; it was calling out for my tongue.I pulled the sheets down to Francine’s lovely feet and I began to suck wildly on her beautifully polished toes. She awoke in a such a sexual hunger and begged me to fuck and suck her.I placed her long silky legs over my shoulders and I moved down on her hardened clit. I began to stroke and kiss it before I penetrated her beautiful pink cunt with my tongue.She was ready for the immense pleasures.Her moans and screams were wild and i was dripping wet all the way down my inner thighs.My cunt was pulsating with joy and pleasure.Francine begged for more and more and my tongue was so hot and obliging.I was in a fiery rage of heat and wanted Francine to sooth and drink the juices from cunt.She orhanlı escort wanted to eat and tongue fuck me too.My heart was racing with desire for her and her mouth felt like a perfect petal on my cunt. She brushed her lips and tongue gently on my clit and began to tongue fuck me with intermittent moans.Her legs were high in the air and so I could penetrate her cunt even more,She began to squirt and cum all over my face and I drank the cunt libations until, drunk with a heavy passion.The day was about to break and the sunrise sun was peeping through the only window in her studio apartment. The weekend had just begun and there will still two days left to love Francine.After the heated tongue fucking; we both fell asleep in each other’s caresses.After a long and rested sleep I awoke to Francine gone.She had to tepeören escort be somewhere else that evening, but promised she would return that night and asked me to stay the weekend in a note by my bedside. I was happy and sad that she was not there, but elated for the weekend bliss that was to come.I showered and got myself something to eat. Francine was a gourmand and knew how to prepare some of the most sumptuous dishes.I lied on the sofa bed all silky and full of the lovemaking the night before.I was horny for Francine. I wanted her there with me.Her perfume had filled the room.I proceeded to undress and rub my clit with a gentle crescendo.I wanted to suckle my lover’s breasts and tease her clit to an orgasm.My legs had spread for me to finger myself gently and all my thoughts were once again on Francine’s red hot cunt.The time was passing slowly and the mood was right for love.I had spent the time caressing my breasts and gently kissing them.My cunt was ready for Francine’s mouth and her beautifully shaped lips and tongue.The weekend to come… next installment

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