Pearls of Desire Ch. 02


You stand before me, filling the doorway, drinking in your fill of me as I take in all of you. My heart skips a beat. The pictures you’d sent me don’t do you justice. You are dressed all in black. Black polished shoes, black pants, black button-down shirt, black suit jacket. You smirk as my eyes travel the length of your body and I blush at being caught, but I can’t help myself. You are here. You are real. And you are smiling at me, oozing confidence and sexuality. The promise in your eyes leaves me feeling breathless and nervous.

I swallow at the unspoken desire that lies between us and step back. Any thoughts of not feeling that connection, that spark, upon meeting in the flesh fled the second I opened the door and your eyes locked with mine. It was all right there, waiting for me, just as you assured me it would be.

“Dinner?” you ask.

Dinner. The word swirls around in my mind. Yes, dinner, of course. That was to be our signal. If I was feeling uncomfortable or needed more time, all I had to do was suggest eating first. But food is the last thing on my mind. I look up at you. You are waiting for my answer. It occurs to me that your stance hasn’t changed. Your legs are braced shoulder length apart, your hands at your side. The only indication of your impatience for my answer, my approval, is in your hands. I watch them flex and release, as if you are trying not istanbul escort to reach for me.

I shake my head ever so slightly. “Dinner can wait,” I say.

The light in your eyes changes to one that does funny things to my stomach. I’ve invited you down this path, and there’s no turning back now. Suddenly, I feel like a caged animal with no place to run. That, in itself, is more exciting that I would have ever imagined. This is real. No more black pixels flashing innuendos against a white screen. No more sitting on edge, waiting for the next words to appear. No more placing my hands on myself, imagining that they are actually yours.

Time spins to a halt as you reach for me. I stand frozen, holding my breath in anticipation. You brush your knuckles across my check.

“You are even more beautiful than I imagined,” you say, your voice rich and deep, your words overlaid with sensuality. I am thinking the same thing about you, but am too stunned by the way your touch makes me feel to form the words. I fleetingly realize that you are the first man to leave me speechless, but then you are leaning towards me, and nothing much matters anymore other than the feel of your mouth against mine.

Our lips touch only briefly before you pull back, your eyes burning into mine.

“Let me take a look at you,” you avcılar escort say, your hands on my shoulders, holding me in place for your perusal. I feel your eyes travel over me like a caress. And, like a caress, I feel my body responding. My heart beat increases and my nipples pebble against the black satin of my bra. I wonder if you’ve noticed, but one look at where you eyes are tells me that you have.

“Nice,” you say before raising your eyes back to mine, pure male satisfaction written across your face.

I feel the urge to look down, to see if you’ve responded to me as quickly and as easily as I have to you. As if reading my thoughts, you say, “Do you want to touch him and find out?”

I look at you, startled by your forwardness. You laugh and before I can respond, you lower your lips to mine once again and kiss me. This time for real. I close my eyes and melt against you. Good lord you feel good. Better than I could have ever imagined. I had worried about things being awkward, moving too fast, moving beyond my control, but now, none of that matters. Now, I just want you, all of you. I want the promise of carnal ecstasy that I see in your eyes. I want you to make me sing. And, I want to do the same for you. I want to be all the woman you ever dreamed of and more.

I’ve imagined this so many times, but nothing comes even close to the şirinevler escort feel of your body against mine. I can feel the heat radiating from you and I snuggle closer, my breasts pressing against your chest. Your hands slide down my back to cup my behind. You pull me into you, into him. Oh. Well. No question there. I feel him hard against my stomach and I smile against your mouth, a smile of pure female satisfaction.

Before I know it, you are backing me up towards the bed. I think fleetingly about slowing things down, but for what? We’ve waited so long for this, done things over the computer that I’d never dreamed of doing before. My mind makes one last feeble protest while my body shudders with eagerness, warm moisture marking my readiness. I press harder against you, trying to relieve the pressure building in my loins. The feel of your arousal elicits waves of desire to course through me. I moan against your mouth, a sound of pure pleasure, and in that instant, I feel you grow harder, larger, your lips more frantic on mine, your tongue, searching, seeking, mimicking the movements the rest of your body is seeking; in, out, swirling around. You rock your hips into me and I nearly give in, but there’s something I want to do first, something I’ve been dreaming about doing since that very first time you took me down this erotic, sensual road. I may have been a cybersex virgin, but I know that when I take you into my mouth, you will be the one feeling like a virgin. I shudder in anticipation and, putting my hands on your shoulders, I step back. This time it’s my eyes conveying the promise of carnal ecstasy, and my lips tingling at the thought of what awaits you, what awaits us both.

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