Petite Impregnation


Petite ImpregnationDISCLAIMER:The following story is purely fiction and should not be taken any further than being read as erotic literature. As a contribution to the erotic literature community, I offer this story intended for a mature audience only. The views expressed in this story are not my own, and if such sexual topics offend you, please do not read on.Story codes: mf hardcore, preg, intr, f-teen, feet, rom, petiteSynopsis: A petite college girl is heart-broken by her boyfriend and then falls into an act of romantic unprotected love-making with her friend resulting in pregnancy.Petite ImpregnationMy friend Audrey, a 19-year-old, petite, white, red-headed girl, stood before my front door sobbing as I let her come in quickly to see what was wrong. We went straight to my room and I closed the door as to not concern my roommate. Audrey stood 4’8” tall, small-boned, and had just a little bit of baby fat in her arms. She seemed very flat-chested most of the time depending on the tops she wore. Maybe it was the a-cup bras she chose to wear, but I could tell through her shirt sometimes that her nipples needed just as much attention as a woman with a bigger bust.I was about 2 years older than her so she often came to me for advice. The concerned look on my face was not overlooked as she was trying to shake her tears. Audrey was always very observant and aware of the care I showed towards her. She was always so observant of it, because it’s something people never gave her. She truly believed she was destined to be a caregiver and could never seem to fall out of the same old routine of taking care of all her loved ones around her. Most of this was due to her being raised by parents who didn’t believe in birth control in any form. Being the oldest of 12 siblings, she grew up acting like a mother to a handful of young k**s. Her mother, too worn out from creating life over and over again, could no longer keep up, while her father spent his days acting like a c***d himself. This left Audrey and her sister Tara, who was a year younger than her, to pour all their energy and soul into taking care of their siblings. Growing up in such a big, close family, Audrey herself wanted to start her own family soon. After all, her mother had her first c***d when she was 16. Audrey was approaching her twenties and was getting impatient to start to create life and prove her fertility to herself and the rest of her family. Audrey’s boyfriend of 2 year now, Diego, had mistreated her for the last time. Previously after getting drunk with a few of his friends and lady friend from work, Diego had cheated on Audrey. What didn’t bother her was that he had fucked another woman. What bothered her was what happened the following time when Diego was drunk with his friends again. Audrey didn’t enjoy surrounding herself with Diego’s friends, but she wasn’t opposed to him having fun with them on their own. She never really asked questions, because she trusted him. Diego had gotten way too drunk this time and was getting very sick in his friend’s bathroom and would definitely not be able to drive home tonight. He demanded that Audrey come pick him up. She was annoyed, but being the generous caregiver she was, she went to go pick him up. She arrived only to hear him utter the words that he’s in his prime in college and wants to fuck as many women as he feels like, and that he doesn’t even care if Audrey opposes of that or not. Hurt and defeated gaziantep escort she broke up with him. Now her heart-broken body is aching for my comfort. Her emotions spilling out through each tear drains her spirit and is now taking its toll on her hormones. As she calmed down a little she looked at me for about 5 minutes with her tense, spasmodic, eyes glistening with thick salty tears. She pulled at my shirt, and I wrapped my arms around her as tightly as I could to comfort her. She has such a tender heart for such a small physical being. No wonder her heart is overflowing through her eyes. The attraction I felt in this very moment seemed so irrational but very real. I had always fantasized about Audrey, but something felt so realistic about this embrace. Audrey deserved a fullness deep inside her. A fullness that would turn the tense pain her body into pleasure. A fullness that would turn her empty heart into eternal completeness. A fullness that would be the cause of an immense stretch to her tiny flat tummy. A very natural stretch and intimate bulge until it became physical life in this world. A life created by herself and the genetic history that created this very solid and compassionate man before her. I tend to get very wrapped up in emotional experiences when a woman cries in front of me. The natural urge inside me to make her feel all better was eminent in the front of my jeans. Audrey felt something slowly growing in my pants and instinctively stroked the outside of my jeans gently to please any unpleasant feelings I was having down there. Without hesitating and groaning a little from the pain Diego had caused her along with the native desire to fuck me, Audrey pulled off her camisole. Her small cute breasts were indeed tiny but firm A-cup breasts. Her tummy was firm, tight, and pale from not seeing the sun often. I stroked her belly button and she got the chills. She then ripped off my shirt and I frantically unbuttoned my jeans to free my growing sex. We now sit there opposite each other with nothing but underwear on. I could smell a slight hint of the laundry detergent she uses on her clothes mixed with the scent of her hot aching pussy. She scooted up a little towards me on her knees grabbing my face and positioning herself on my lap facing the other way. Her tiny little butt fit snuggly in my lap and her tiny smooth legs dangled off the side of the bed with her tiny cute feet just hanging here like a pure natural girl. The size and shape of her tiny little toes turned me on so much. The fact that I was getting to experience her exposed body as it is naturally and no one else gets to right now was so sexy. I could feel her underwear getting a little wet now. This only made me harder. My 6-inch dick stood straight up hard as a rock longing to be buried deep inside this tiny girl’s pussy. It longed to be warm and taken care of smoothly yet firmly inside her tiny pale body. She raised her left arm up to the left side of my head so that her hand lay on my cheek and her right arm in front of my mouth to kiss. She had started a circular grind against my dick through our underwear as I hesitated about the whole thing. Oh no, I don’t have any protection and I know Audrey doesn’t believe in protection. I’m not ready to be a father yet and am terrified of the idea of taking care of a baby for the rest of my life. I wanted to give her the baby she so-well deserved though. She and Diego had been regularly having unprotected sex which she would sometimes mention to me. She’s never been pregnant though. I have dark hair and somewhat dark skin like Diego. I could easily get away with this claiming it wasn’t my c***d. That’s it, I was clear. My dick sprang to full hardness and I couldn’t take it any longer. I stood up and quickly pulled my boxers down and pushed Audrey onto her back on my bed. I kissed her upper chest down to her breasts as I smoothly unsnapped her bra and slid it off. I gave very gently but passionately focused attention to her nipples with my soft sucking lips. She spasmed as sparks of pleasure came over her whole body. I then kissed her working my way down to her belly button which I teased with my tongue while slowly sliding my fingers along her smooth petite white thighs up to her womanhood. I then kissed down to her heavenly vagina, hovering over her clit through her underwear. She was now aching desperately to have me inside her, but I wanted to enjoy kissing her tiny little delicate feet first. I imagined how sexy it would be when she was sitting back in this position 9 months from now delivering our c***d through her birth canal and how a baby with dark hair would slowly be pushed into this world through the same tiny opening I was about to enter. I slowly pulled her panties down her smooth legs and up over her knees down to her ankles. I very gently lifted them over her feet as she curled her toes upward. What sexy control she had over the ends of her body. I stared at her tiny legs that came from her lovely little torso. God I couldn’t wait to be inside her. I then firmly came up on top of her and positioned my rock hard member over the opening of her burning pussy slightly covered in fine redish-orange hair. I could feel the heat even as I was inches away from her warm wet pussy. He pussy lips were soft and clit erect. As I slowly felt the tip of my head touch the warm moisture between her sexy legs, I knew this felt so right. I positioned my dick over her little tummy with my balls against her clit so I could picture how deep in it would be when I was in all the way. It was so incredibly sexy knowing how far into her tiny little body I would be. It wouldn’t take much to shoot thick powerful spurts all the way inside her womb overflowing with life. I hope it wouldn’t hurt her. I wanted nothing more than for her to be in any pain during this experience. She couldn’t take it anymore. I felt a warm trace connect the tip of my head to her warm wet opening. We thrusted together at the same time meeting as close to each other’s bodies as we could. I slammed balls deep into her as her clit rest on top of my hard rock. She gasped with new-found pleasure. I could tell she had never had a guy this deep inside her. Her mouth turned into a wide O and her eyes opened wide. I sat there for a minute all the way inside her feeling her tight slick walls wrapped around my penis. This was the fullness she deserved. To fit perfectly with living flesh that would give her the gift of procreation. It was my body’s desire to impregnate her and her body’s desire to receive warm thick cum all the way inside her tiny womb. Her body had been seeking something big enough like this inside her. I was shocked at how tight she was and had never felt anything so inviting. I began to move a little inside her feeling everything inside her little body. The opening of her cervix felt so ready to willingly accept and devour all of my sperm. My balls tensed up a little and that turned her on so much. I knew because she gripped my penis even harder not letting go. She wrapped her little legs around me with her ankles barely locking around my lower back. That was it. The fact that she wanted to be locked together with me like this set me off. Picturing her cute little feet and toes curled put me over the edge. I felt my balls rise firmly up against her as my dick stiffened harder and harder. She felt the extra rise and gasped. All of a sudden her pussy spasmed around my dick and pulsed even tighter as it sucked a giant thick stream of cum from the tip of my dick. I shot so hard and we alternated spasms as I shot deep into her. Her young fertile womb was sucking thousands of sperm into her welcoming womanhood. I was filling her birth canal with hot fertile semen. I turned my head to the side to get a view of her feet. They went up into the air as far up as they would go as she firmly and tightly kept me inside her. After a few more pulses from each of us I collapsed onto her remaining inside her covered in my sperm and her love juices. Our hormones were perfectly in sync. I wanted to give her life just as much as she wanted to receive it. Her tears of pain turned into tears of joy and fulfillment as she was sure she would get pregnant from this natural act. I smiled gently back at her and kissed her forehead. This kiss meant she was very special to me and that she was the only woman special enough to receive this much sperm so firmly planted inside her young womb. Within hours her egg would welcomingly suck one of my sperm into itself and settle inside her warm semen-coated womb. I couldn’t believe how sexy this was. Creating life with such a cute tiny girl was a fantasy come true. Soon her belly would be stretching to the point where it made her panties stretch. Everyone who saw her on campus would begin to know that this tiny girl had fucked a bare penis while it shot loads of cum into her unprotected. That’s the kind of girl she would be known as. About 3 months later I began to notice her tummy bulging week by week. We had a class together in a hall on the quiet edge of campus where not many people hung out. Before class we would stand outside with our backs against the stone wall while I gently rubbed her swelling belly. I would kneel down in front of her to kiss her belly button tenderly and softly. Everytime this turned her on completely as she thought of how the life-force inside her was created. She would always give me such a warm tight hug afterward and would pull her shirt down to cover up her stretching tummy. It was so sexy that I had done this to her tiny little body and that she would be growing much bigger until finally pushing out my c***d. She blamed Diego for knocking her up and told his parents that it was Diego’s c***d inside her nurturing womb. Diego’s parents were thrilled to have a grandc***d and as a result Diego got dragged into being the father. All while I sit back a free man who gets to slyly grin at Audrey during class now. On the day the baby was born, Audrey screamed and pushed a baby girl between her legs and indeed it had a beautiful black head of hair. A sexy contrast to the red curls around Audrey’s vagina. She had mixed her genes with a man of superior race and fertility. Her breasts were meant to be sucked on by this baby with dark hair. If I remember correctly, Audrey’s sister Tara was dating a guy with dark hair and dark skin also…

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