Piercing for National Nude Day Ch. 07


Dear readers: You may be totally confused by this story. If you are please read the sequences leading up to Saturday Evening following Nude Monday.


The idea of barbequing in the nude thrilled, and amused, us all.

After discussions in the kitchen it was agreed that Parlour Girl would have her outer nipple bars replaced by two loops. Her apron would then be tied to her tits through the loops.

She was having nothing of this, and invented a very erotic alternative. Two large, nappy sized, stainless steel safety pins were found. They first passed through the fabric of the apron, then through the completely mature holes in her nipples. She had stretched these hard earlier in the day, so the pins went through with ease. The point then passed back through the material.

Both nipples were pinned up immediately.

She looked immensely sexy with two huge safety pins holding the “bib” of the apron to her nipples. All agreed that we should wear aprons in the new Parlour, and that they should be held in the same way. Of course, they would be printed with the Sunburst Motive, and should be transparent, or semi-transparent!

She continued to be able to wear all her other jewellery, her gold collar, to which her Mistress added a length of looped chain, her butt plug, her cunt plug, and clit cap, were in place, around her neck, in her arse, and her cunt. Her breasts were held in their gold cages. All, except the collar, were held in position by other bars in different piercings.

She had worn her labia stretching weights all day. Both lips were looking divine. They were stretching well. She asked to keep them on.

She had particularly loved the stretching sensation when they went shopping, and visited the Parlour to put up the notices. She was becoming addicted to swaying her hips as she walked nude in public. She worked out how to make the weights swing freely between her legs as she walked.

Other shoppers had gasped as they saw how little she wore.

She described, to her Mistress, my Partner, how she had loved the feeling of the weights dragging along the floor of the workshop as she sat facing her new friend, prior to her bringing to her climax.

Then the entire group turned on me.

It was as though I was the odd man out again, detached from the conversations, and their scheming. I could not wait for the other male guests to arrive to address the balance!

I would also have safety pins through my original horizontal piercings. These would also hold my apron. The apron was fitted, and scissors found to trim the top edge. I was not fully sure why, but there was much giggling.

Then they devised an extra twist.

The scissors cut a hole at the same height as my penis. This was only done after Chestnut had knelt in front of me, and sucked me to the horizontal. My Partner cut a slightly small round hole in the apron. Chestnut pushed my penis through until the material was hard against my hairless pubic area. She wetted my cock again, and pushed the cock ring completely home so that the apron was pinned behind the inner curved shape.

My erection amused all the girls. It was huge, and not helped when Titian’s Mother knelt in front of me, to inspect it all. She took the hood into her mouth, and nibbled it divinely.

I would have to take great care, of my continuously erect member, as I cooked!

I was told to look at myself in the mirror. The girls had chosen to modify one of those aprons that have a nude female body printed on the outer surface. I remembered that we had two in the kitchen. It had been cut so that the nipples exactly coincided with the safety pins through my own nipples, and my penis stuck out just below the printed, very voluptuous, completely naked cunt.

I supposed that it was rather like my penis sticking out between Chestnut’s legs, when the huge Dildo was buried completely in her arse. Then only the tip was visible, now I was fully exposed!

A printed suspender belt and stockings rounded off the whole apron, with the belt straps continuing behind above my arse to clip together as if it was a proper suspender belt.

We had created another fashion item for the new business!

Titian’s Mother suggested that I wore a proper suspender belt and stockings, but I drew the line at cross-dressing!

The first guest to arrive was Titian’s Boyfriend, the one from our first nude dinner outing with Chestnut the night before.

We could hardly believe that so much had happened in the last 24 hours.

He had arrived in a very dapper silk dressing gown, and immediately appeared far more mature than Titian. He was instantly nicknamed “TB”, standing for Titian’s Boyfriend, but stated that he would prefer to be called “TF”.

He had driven in his, beautifully restored, open, MG “TF” sports car from the nineteen fifties!

He was not remotely shy at stripping off, so was immediately at ease completely nude. He had a fine, muscular, tanned body.

We both went erotik film izle out to inspect his car. It was a rare model, with wire wheels, when the majority had disc wheels. The windscreen was folded flat, and two small aero-screens were mounted in front of the passenger and driver seats. The passenger area was covered by a black tonneaux. The car was bright red, and he was right to be proud of it.

We talked as we looked at the car. It fast became apparent that he had been trying to “bed” Titian for sometime, and that she was holding out against him. This was very intriguing to me, and he had discussed it with Titian’s Mother. She was astonished that her child remained a virgin.

We already knew that he had dared Titian to come bare breasted to the restaurant the night before, but he was completely overcome to see her totally nude for the first time.

He wanted to touch her.

It was forbidden……….for the time being!

Except that he was allowed to run his fingers over her puffy gold bound breasts, and to touch her nipples. He ran his fingers, with expert ease, around the gold wire bindings from the edge of her breasts. He moved to the bare skin that led to her pert erect teat ends.

She wriggled with delight! I stared hard at her tight crack. She was very aroused. It glistened.

His erection was immediately enormous. It would do him good to wait!

We equipped him with another apron like mine. This time it was tied conventionally, with a halter strap around his neck and the belt around his slim waist. He would help me with the cooking.

The front door bell rang again. We realised that it might be Titian’s Mother’s mysterious guest. So I left “TF” preparing the cooking fire, with the front of the apron skirt still tented by his erection.

I opened the door.

There was a chorus of gasps, followed by a shriek, and a peal of laughter. There was more shrieking, then clapping.

Our lawyer, and his rather staid, prim, wife, was standing in front of me. It appeared that he had dragged her out to meet us on Saturday evening. He took the chance that we might want to talk about the new business. He also hoped that we might be continuing our nude experiences.

I had told him, but he had not told her!

I said, “Come in, both of you. You are welcome to share our barbeque, but if you stay, you must be nude.”

An argument immediately started. He began to unbutton his shirt. She was wearing a simple dress that buttoned down the front. It remained completely buttoned. She began to object, so I led them to our Master Bedroom to sort themselves out. I did not introduce them to others in our party. Immediately we three were alone she began to mellow.

She asked to look at my piercings, and was astonished that my apron was held on by safety pins through my nipples. She was fascinated at the gold shields behind the inner bars. She had never seen a cock ring.

I was explaining that it helped to keep me erect when the front door bell rang again.

I went to the front door. A male version of Titian was standing before me. He was a medium height, perfectly formed Adonis. I assumed that he was a twenty something young man, but he looked like a tall fourteen or fifteen years old.

His skin was completely unblemished, he was totally hairless, in that he had no pubic hair, no body, or chest hair, and, as we discovered later, no under arm hair. I doubt that he needed to shave.

He had an enormous penis. It hung down in a gentle curve. It was long, and thick, even when flaccid.

He said, ”I have come to the party.”

I welcomed him in, and he went straight to Titian’s Mother. He let out a small gasp when he say her dress, but kissed her hard, and full, on the mouth. Her hand went out to stroke his huge member. It had an immediate effect. He grew, and grew!

He grew more when Titian’s Mother gently sank to her knees, and took the hood of his member in her delicate mouth. It was almost stretched obscenely, but slowly she began to suck at the ever enlarging end.

He began to stick straight out, then to adopt a slight upward curve. Several inches were disappearing into her mouth when she suddenly stopped, patted his beautiful naked bum, and said, “We will complete that later.”

For the moment he walked around proceeded by his huge, erect cock.

In the meantime our lawyer had persuaded his wife that it all might be fun. He led her from the Master Bedroom. Both were totally naked, she had a gorgeous figure with small, pert, slightly upturned, nipples and breasts. Her bush was neatly tripped, and the same colour as her hair. She was very slim. She looked like an athlete, and was very attractive. I suddenly realised that we might have fun later!

Cooking was going well, it was a fine warm evening, wine was flowing, and the buffet table was covered with salads, and a complete, cold, freshly cooked salmon. We were in for a good meal.

The girls announced that all was ready.

We were just about to film izle sit down when Chestnut said that she would like to wear a butt plug during dinner. My Partner instructed her to fetch one from her supplies, and that she would like to fit it.

Chestnut arrived carrying the same tub of lubricant that she had used when she asked me to force ten inches of dildo into her arse. She was carrying a beautiful butt plug; it widened fast at the start, but narrowed for a distance before forming a small flat head.

She said that it was the one she often wore all day at work. She stood upright, bent forward at the waist, her wonderful breasts dangling, and swaying, gently. She placed her hands on her knees.

My Partner asked Titian’s Mother was told to unscrew the top, then hold the tub. The tip of the plug was dipped into the lubricant. It was aligned with Chestnut’s gorgeous hole, and thrust in without ceremony. Chestnut did not flinch, and the lawyer’s wife gasped.

Only the small, round, pink, flat head could be seen. It was all that stopped the whole plug vanishing into that wonderful hole. It would also allow her to press down, and move her insides.

It looked beautiful, and Chestnut wriggled her appreciation, turning to thank my Partner with a kiss.

We thought that all was ready, but Titian’s Mother had other ideas. She had noticed that my Partner was not wearing her nipple pins. She asked if she might try them. Parlour Girl fetched them from the Master Bedroom, and all the girls gathered around. This was to be a girl only thing.

Her teats were sucked to their full, erect length, then both teats, and pins, were cleaned with disinfectant. Both nipples hardened more as the antiseptic evaporated off the ends.

Titian’s Mother took a diamond in one hand, she held her nipple tight in the other, rolled it between her first finger and thumb, and simply plunged the fine point fully home. The gold buttercup end fitted beautifully.

She plunged the next tip into her other nipple, and all the girls clapped.

Adonis was the first to be shown. He was amazed! She looked spectacular, and told everybody that once the pins had been fully driven home she could not feel anything.

She loved the sensation of the initial piercing, then she loved the look even more!


This was duly done, so we sat down to Gazpacho, with a great Bay Area Semillon.

Chestnut sat on my right, as she had at my desk during the afternoon. A totally naked, and still very shy Lawyer’s Wife sat on my left. I pulled out her chair for her to sit down, her arm brushed my ever erect penis, and she turned to look. It was only a few inches from her mouth. She blushed divinely, and very deeply.

My view, over her shoulder, of bare breasts, and pert erect nipples, kept my erect with desire, and possible thoughts of things to come.

Her husband sat on my Partner’s left, at the other end of the long table. A very demure Parlour Girl was sitting beside him. Adonis sat on her right, with Titian’s Mother beside him. I thought, wickedly, that TF should get to know Chestnut, so I placed him alongside her, with Titian opposite. He could lust to his heart’s content over her bound breasts, but he had also seen Chestnut plugged, and that would keep him thinking!

It was a warm still evening so we ate by candlelight. After the soup people simply went to the buffet, and the barbeque hot plate to help themselves. A fine Napa Valley red went down by the bottle. Everybody began to loosen up.

We ate in our large back yard, under our huge Pergola, to which we had done two things. Firstly shade from the sun came from two grape less vines that spread a canopy over the whole area. Grape bearing vines will always attract stinging insects. This was particularly relevant to us, now that we were all nude! The natural canopy also kept the heat in the evening.

More importantly we had built the cross supports with parallel wood bars. Thermostatically controlled heaters came on as the evening temperature changed. The whole area would remain at the same temperature as long as we wanted, through the night if needs be.

Conversation flowed, and, as I helped my self to “seconds” my glorious tousle haired partner arrived at my side. She whispered that lust was gaining the upper hand that our Lawyer had taken a shine to Parlour Girl, and several other movements had begun.

I mentioned that I had noticed Chestnut actually pull herself hard down onto her seat, so driving her plug deeper, and that she held herself there for several seconds, wriggling with delight.

I was sure that TF had noticed!

My Partner then made a wonderful suggestion. We were all to go “Hands Free” for the pudding course.

We had first eaten “Hands Free” in Bangkok. Thailand. Many Europeans, and Americans, go to these restaurants on the tourist’s route.

Our introduction had been a great treat. We were taken out by an old friend, a Thai Chinese, Kun Charlie, who was very seks filmi izle well known, and we suspect was a shareholder in the restaurant to which we went. We were the only non Thai in the whole place.

We were treated to a spectacular banquet, at which we were not allowed to feed ourselves. At least one beautiful young Thai girl attended each of Kun Charlie’s guests. All the girls were stark naked, and without body hair!

They fed us. We both found it totally erotic, and most of the food was eaten off a nipple or another part of the body. Kun Charlie assured us that all the girls were over eighteen years old, and that they were completely “clean”. We believed him, especially when he started to take food from the mouths of different girls, and from their intimate parts.

My Partner was completely bowled over when puddings arrived with lashings of whipped cream. She was offered two wild strawberries, one on each nipple of a tiny Thai girl. I watched in awe as these two took each other to shattering orgasms as their eating progressed.

The party went on through the night, as we expected ours would, especially if we went hands free!

We were finishing the barbeque. Everybody helped clear everything away for a mountain of puddings, and deserts, that the girls had concocted. Then my Partner returned to the table and made a simple announcement.

Nobody would be allowed to use their hands, or implements, spoons forks, knives, etc., to feed themselves from now on.

The rules were that anybody could feed another person, with food placed by the person offering it on any part of their body. The food offered had to be taken. It was that simple!

The game started a buzz of conversation, with the general opinion that it would be fun, especially if everybody went together to help themselves at the buffet table.

There was much giggling and laughter as we did just that. Amazingly our Lawyer’s wife led the way. She placed a dollop of whipped cream on a very erect, pert, right nipple. She placed a small strawberry on the end. She turned, with a coquettish grin, and offered it to me, holding her breast in both hands.

It was irresistible; I sucked the fruit off the teat. Then I gave it a small nibble and a good suck. She gasped with surprise, and began to giggle like a twelve year old schoolgirl.

Her right nipple was considerably harder than her left, and her breasts wobbled seductively.

Chestnut looked absolutely ravishing. She took another strawberry, dipped it in cream, and placed it on the upper curve of her left breast. It stayed there, so she took a raspberry, dipped it in cream, and placed it in a similar position on her right breast. She turned to offer both breasts to TF, pulling the end of each nipple with her first fingers and thumbs.

TF had to move quickly. The fruits began to slide towards her nipples. There were peals of laughter, even from Titian, as he caught both morsels, and licked the upper curve of her breasts clean.

His erection grew considerably.

Titian and Parlour girl began to completely clear the table. The Parlour Girl asked her Mistress. She wanted to give us a display of “Hands Free” eating with Titian. Permission was given, so long as Parlour Girl did not have an orgasm.

These two beautiful creatures selected a large bowl of fruits, and another of whipped cream. It was as though they had rehearsed every movement. They took a bowl each, and placed them side by side in the middle of the table. Then Titian climbed onto one end, and Parlour Girl onto the other. They spread their legs; Parlour girl lifted a weight and stretched her labia as she hung them over her delectable thighs. Both girls then wriggled forwards until the soles of each of their bare feet were hard against each other.

Parlour Girl announced that she would start.

She took the weight and chain from her right labia, and pulled it straight out towards Titian. She took a dollop of cream, when she was greatly stretched, and sexily set the weight, on a bed of cream, so that it continued to pull her.

She did the same with the other weight, so both were parallel, lifted off the table, and stretching her to the full.

She turned to her Mistress, and asked permission to unscrew the jewelled cap on her clit.

Permission was given on condition that this did not lead to orgasm. She was warned. If it did, she would be punished!

She leant forwards, the dangling weights in her nipples looking divine. She took a dainty spread of cream on one finger, then a cherry in her other. She stuck the cherry to the top of the weight, and continued a run of cream up to the grip on her lip. She stopped.

She repeated all the sensual actions on the other chain. It was an invitation to Titian to arrive at her sex.

She took a raspberry, and gently squashed it into the open end of her clit cap. She pressed hole another, then screwed the cap right home.

Do not forget, Dear Reader, that this is a “Hands Free Meal”.

She leant forward again, she took a large dollop of cream on the first finger of both hands, and applied most of it to each erect, and stretched, nipple. The rest became her lipstick. Then the sensual creature simply lay back on the table.

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