Pit Stup


Pit StupValerie Stup of Home shopping network is the latest celebrity MILF I’ve been daydreaming about having sex with, I see her segments and I’m just in awe of this lovely blonde’s figure, I swear if I were her husband I would bend her over and nail her into next week Wednesday and the month after that! I bet Mr.Stup doesn’t approve of me daydreaming about getting it on his wife.I wish I could put my fantasies about her on DVD so i can watch myself fucking her.I walked into the studio where she was hosting a segment on designer jeans for women.she was showing off the back of her jeans for the cameras.”how do I look?” she asked me.I just said what was on my mind.”you look great Val, could you walk once for me?” i asked her. she strolls a few feet from me”checkin out my booty? she asks”damn it girl the hell with wake up beautiful you’ve always been beautiful Valerie.”you’re thinking about sex aren’t you? she asked”how can i not have those kind of thoughts I’m a guy i often think about things i can’t do” I told her.She walked up to me.”thoughts lead to action,I love action” she said. she wraps her arms around my neck and pressed her lips against mine her phone rang and she reached over and pushed it off the table near the couch i tried to push her away but she wouldn’t stop kissing me her lips seemed super glued bursa escort to mine i just wrapped my arms around her waist and we kissed passionately for 10 minutes her phone rang again she didn’t look to see who it was she kept kissing and she wasn’t going to stop,man if I get this married blonde’s panties off I’m going to nail her into next week Wednesday we kissed for a few minutes more and i reached underneath her dress and pulled her panties over her open toed heels and i took off my shirt and shorts and underwear she lay on her back she took her fingers and spread her pussy lips wide for me i got on top of her and plunged my dick deep into her married home shopping network pussy.”urghhhh valerie stup urgmmm fuckin you up with this dick!” i grunted”yes oooh yes ooh yes!”she gasped.she smiled at me. I kissed her on the hand she scooted over closer to me i turned toward her and she reached over grabbed me by my shirt collar and pressed her lips against mine.I wrapped my arms around her waist and the camera cut to me on top of her as we’re kissingShe grabbed me and i took off my clothes and threw them on the floor she slid her panties down and kicked them aside. then the camera cuts to her bra and panties laying on the floor. i sat down took my dick held it up she rubbed her pussy and came over and sat down escort bursa on my dick”ohhh ooh oooh ooh yes give it to me ooh ooh right here wow ooh!” she winced. i sat there gripping her soft ass cheeks as she threw her head back and began rocking back and forth on my dick.”ooh yes mmmmmm there’s the spot oooh sss-ooh!”she exclaimed. i picked her up and started power lifting her on my dick.”ooh now you’re holdin me up yes honey don’t stop deeper ooh ooh i like this ooh!” she exclaimed.i put her back down and smacked her on the butt a few times.”gonna do me doggy style sweetie?”she asked she bent over in front of me and i pressed my dick against her slippery pussy lips and her pussy queefed.”ohh wow ooh that felt good” she stammered.i gripped her waist and started driving myself into her from behind her lovely plump ass began slapping against my legs”oh my god ssss ooh ooh ohh yes please harder ooh” she pleaded as she looked back at me”pull my hair sweetie pull my fucking hair ooh just like ooh my god just just..mmmm ooh!”I pulled out and she lay down on the bed on her back”back up in me!” she ordered i put her long legs up on my shoulders and plunged my dick into her again”mmm sss…ooh!”she gasped i got on top of her and fastened her to the bed she had her legs spread just gettin that pussy plunged by my hard bursa escort bayan dick. she lets out a long drawn out “ooooooh!” she’s looking up at me as I’m fucking her slowly I’m grunting heavily I’m on top of her holding her sexy long legs up occupying her pussy she runs her long fingernails across my backside and shoulders several times.”oh oooh mmm ooh yes fuck me just like that yes!” she exclaims.”mmm ooh ooh yes ooh right there give it to me oh my god!” she exclaimed. she raked my backside with her long fingernails i had her pinned on the bed her sexy legs wrapped around my waist getting dicked down.”jesus ooh yes ummm fuck me fuck the hell out of me!” she demanded,pleaded. I looked into her eyes as i pumped away into her.”I’m about to spurt my load baby.” i exclaimed. she licked her lips.”give it to me gimme gimme that warm white creamy load of yours please”she pleaded. i jerked out of her and she grabbed my dick and began stroking it.”urghhh valerie stup urghhh i’m gonna blow my load urghhhh!”i mumbled then i jerked forward and as she tugged on my dick, my dick erupted spewing hot creamy goo val flicked her wet tongue across my dick tip several times as i stood there eyes closed i looked down and she was sitting there licking her cum smothered lips. “mmmm she exclaimed as cum dribbled down her chin, she rubbed some onto her tits.”wow that was definitely unexpected, my husband doesn’t even cum on my face” she revealed.”well there’s a first time for everything” i told her.”wow thank you for givin me your warm load!”she says.

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