ravenhawk12 gets it up again and again and again..


ravenhawk12 gets it up again and again and again..ravenhawk12I feel as if I may have lost a few years off my life, let alone be able to get it up again…..yes…she’s THAT amazing!!Yet, as we look at each other, that scalding gaze she’s giving me as she casually fingers herself very slowly, I knew I had to do something….or i may temp fate…and death….and attack her once pendik escort more!Then, i grin…..an idea.I stand, her smile growing and her fingers speeding up their self-assault, as she watches me walk around the bed. At the side i stop, reaching down and grabbing hold of that playful hand, pulling it away from its target and lifting it up kartal escort and over her head. She wears a puzzled look, and I just smile, grabbing her other hand and lifting it to join the other. Clutching her wrist in one big hand, i use the other to fetch a bit of the torn sheets, which i use to lash those hands to the headboard.She groans…..she maltepe escort likes this game!Her arms secure…I look into her eyes, lowering for a kiss……but lift away just as her lips reach for mine.She whimpers….then moans as my lips land upon her neck, suckling and kissing her skin. From there I leave a trail of saliva down her chest, between those succulent breasts, watching them quiver in anticipation. Yet, I continue down….over her tight tummy, pausing to tickle her bellybutton with the tip of my tongue.Down further i go…..kissing my way to the crest of her venus mons….the burning heat of her still hungering pussy on my neck….

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