Reminiscing about my first girlfriend


Reminiscing about my first girlfriendMy first lesbian encounter started with a chance invite to an afterschool party. I’d known the party organiser* Charlotte, mainly as I’d heard about her, or more so, overheard that at a recent party she’d given one of our classmates his first blowjob. *By the way you’ll excuse that most elements of this are true trying to recount it in the manner in which I enjoyed it is a struggle…. You’ll get the gist – ha “party organiser” trying to think what my 15 year old self would have said, that or I should have spent more time listening in English classes to come up with a better expression than trying to befriend Charlotte.Listening to the gossip I recall I was pleased, for a change, that she wasn’t branded an instant slut. In any case Charlotte Anderson, (exhaling smiling) had got my attention. At first I suppose I was keen to exchange our slutty adventures more than anything. ( See: Reminiscing about a boy ).From there I noticed Charlotte a lot more, she was hard working in school so it was more intrigue about her sexual side. She she was more girl next door to me, sensible but bold, confident oh and with pales skin and dark hair. At the time we must have been both around 15, the school was big and I only shared a single class with her, albeit I knew in History we would line up outside different classrooms so I might get a chance to chat.Our friendship started and grew quickly because of a similar taste in music and friends. We often clung onto each other at breaks as if we were the only ones on earth who understood each other. Charlotte invited me over for the party and at the time I dismissed my thoughts for her as one sided. Around twelve of us went and I just looked forward to drinking, dancing and having fun and had never considered much else. ———————————————————————————————————————-Her house was in the nicer part of canlı bahis the town and I remember adoring how homely it was, her parents left for the weekend and I think they assume it was just us girls. About a half hour later the boys turned up with more booze. The evening was filled with smoking, drinking and well just having fun. Later as a number of couples kissed or mutually enjoyed each other under clothes Charlotte seemed be staring at me, walked over smiling and suggested “oh well if you cant beat them”, she leant in and started kissing me playfully, I leant in and felt my legs weakened but had to resist the urge of lust.As this went on for longer than just playing around she confessed an attraction to me…… …I was thrilled but still unsure but as the conversation continued I knew she felt the same, but……I had to return home. ———————————————————————————————————————-I arrived back home constantly thinking of our kiss and the taste of her in my mouth walking back. At home I pleaded so I could return but eventually agreed that I could return in the morning. That must have been the longest two hours, you see as soon as my parents had fallen asleep I wrote a note as if to state I d left early (the next day) and went back. I was so giddy and must have ran most of the way,as I got to the door my stomach formed a knot. I was extremely nervous.One of the boys who had stayed open the front door for me, Charlotte called me upstairs to this large back bedroom covered in soft pillows and this large double bed. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts ready for bed.Before I could say anything, (think my smile was doing most of the talking); she starting kissing me as her tongue entered my mouth as if I hadn’t left her. Eventually she asked just how aroused was I?I didn’t pause, “Very”Her breath warmly on my face, I felt electric currents running up my spine. And when bahis siteleri her lips touched my lips, I felt an ache in between my legs. I let out a shaky breath; my body trembled. She felt it too and said, “Angela, are you okay? I don’t want to do anything to upset you. We can stop if you want.””I’m okay, I’m just very excited,” I said, “I don’t want to stop. I’ve envisioned this for a long time.”“I Know” Charlotte knowingly smiling at me I groaned softly and moved in close, my right arm pulling her in. This made me tremble even more. I was excited, yet fearful that this experience would not live up to the fantasies I dreamed. But mostly, I felt weak with wanting her and with what would happen.We continued kissing and explored each other’s open mouths as her free hand roamed my body. I ran my fingers through her hairline and tucked her hair back behind her ear and received her caresses with a kind of frozen ecstasy. When her hand reached over my breast, the breath I took was as loud as the music playing downstairs still. My hands were on her breasts—so soft; so beautiful; so full compared to mine. She pulled up her T shirt as I pushed my face in between them. Her hand reached between my legs, touching me on top of my layer of clothing. She sighed and said, “I want to taste you.” Those choice of words still resonant now. No woman, even man had ever spoken these words to me. I whispered that we should go lie on the bed and hoped to resume this in a softer, more comfortable space. Then, the most erotic thing happened. Sweet words emerged from her lips saying how beautiful my body was, how gorgeous my breasts were, and she’d always liked my freckled covered skin. She pulled down my skirt and delighted that I had nothing else on. I was still slightly nervous as she pulled down my skirt but Charlotte revelled in delight over my beautiful red-haired pussy, I could feel her lust taking over as she pushed me to lie down and pulled my bahis şirketleri bra over my head.I was relieved when she started slowly teasing me with her finger, I was in heaven as she slid it in and out of me as I moaned softly waiting for my first orgasm. I didn’t have to wait long as her pace quickened and another finger slipped in. As the speed and intensity of the thrusts increased she pushed them all the way inside me and it felt wonderful. My pussy was totally fulfilled and I welcomed every thrust. I looked down as she quite confidently fucked my pussy. She knew right where to place her fingers “I love you Charlotte” as the erotic feelings I had for her took over as wave after wave of pleasure travelled through my body. The intensity of her fucking me was exhausting and soon my whole body collapsed back onto the bed.Charlotte had already decided to be the dominant person in our relationship. She was now fully aroused she got fully naked revealing her naked body. This was something I often imagine now, her just standing there pale just with her dark hair now flowing down half coverng her breasts and that dark haired pussy presenting itself so boldly, ready, as she lent back down gave me a deep passionate kiss and whispered in my ear “I love you and every inch of your beautiful body”. We swtiched places and I slowly began moving downwards, but slowly wasn’t cutting it, so she pushed me to her final destination. I reached her wet pussy and began using my whole tongue to slowly and lovingly taste her, I gazed up as she squeezed and pulled at both nipples, she felt me ferociously playing with her clit obviously enjoying it with her hips rotating. I obliged trying to find her sweet spot – it didn’t take long as she let out an audible orgasm as her pussy convulsed.We lay together naked for a while occasionally kissing. I was excited what this relationship would bring.She held me close and soon she was sleeping quietly in my arms. , I was wide-awake, experiencing the moment over and over again. Something that felt so natural and so right had just changed the way I viewed my sexual identity and of course my new best friend, Charlotte. My girlfriend.

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