RevengeThis is another true story told to us by a fuck buddy of mine named Connie. Connie is an average looking woman in her fifties. She has an amazing cunt and is a real joy to fuck. Connis has a PHD and is a college professor. Here is her story.My name is Connie and thought that I was happily married to my husband. We were both professors at the college. We had money and a nice home. We had been married for about twenty years when this happened. My friend Gail had a video of our husbands fucking some girls from the college. As I watched the video I could not believe what I was seeing. My husband was like a mad man, a porn star fucking these girls. They even had close up shots of these guys cumming inside the girls. After watching thye video Gail told me that our husbands have been doing this for many years with alot of women. It was by luck she came across the video. I tried to ignore what I now knew, I tried to put it out of my head and act like nothing happened. But the sight of my husband fucking another woman kept going thru my head. I was not going to say anything to my husband. I decided to go for a run thru the woods to clear my head. I dressed in my running shorts and top and took off. I ran like I had never run before. Thinking of what I had done wrong. My sex life had always been boring. I had only been with two men in my whole life and found sex to be boring. The men would get me all excited and then cum as soon as they got inside me. I kept running trying to think of how I should handle this. Before I knew it I was in an unfamilar area of the woods, somewhere I had not been before. I came upon an old shack and I needed to pee. As I walked up to the shack about to kneel down fethiye escort to pee a couple of black boys came out. The shack was some kind of hang out for them. They invited me in. Once inside the place was nice, one room and clean. There was two more boys for a total of four. They were in their mid teens and very nice. They offered me a drink and a snack. I told them I needed a bathroom and they said for me to go out back which I did and then came back in. The drink they made me was strong. We talked a little and then Inoticed that they had several porno mags. I asked them about those and they told me that they liked looking at naked white women. Then one of the boys said that they would like to see me naked, they would pay me. With everything that had happened to me the past couple of days I thought what the hell and pulled off my top letting my nice “b” cup boobs out for everyone to see. The boys gasped as I paraded around. They gently reached out and rubbed my breast. They said they have never seen a real naked woman up close before. This turned me on so much I was ready to see how far this would go so I dropped my shorts. The boys just sat there watching me as I slowly danced around completely naked. I could not believe what I was doing as this was completely out of character for me. I then noticed the bulge growing in each boys pants and this turned me on even more. I felt like a bad girl and enjoyed the fact that I was getting revenge on my husband. The boys started to reach out and touch my snatch. I decided to lay on the floor so the boys could get a good look at my goodies then thought I would go home. The boys continued to explore my body with their hands. Eight hands escort fethiye on my breast and cunt was getting me very turned on. Fingers brushing across my clit and pushing up into my vagina were making me so wet. I had never been so turned on in my life. then I noticed one of the boys was sitting there stroking his cock as the others were exploring me. I reached over and grasped his hard young cock in my hand. I loved the way it felt in my hand, my pussy began to burn. Next thing I knew there were four young black cocks dancing around my face. I was not sure what to do, I tried to work two with my mouth and two with my hands. this had gone further than I was planing and I was not sure how to stop it. I decided to try to jack off everybody and thought that would take care of it. The boy I started stroking first I stroked even harder and faster. Another few more strokes and I could feel his cock swelling and then it exploded sending several jets of cum across the air some of which landed on my leg near my pussy. The other boy I was stroking in my hand was ready to cum and he moved in close to me and came spraying most of his load onto my hairy pussy. The last two boys then moved in closer to me, placed their cocks right on my bush and blew their seed all over my bush. My pubic hair was coated with sperm. I rubbed it around making myself more horny. I loved the feel of this young cum all over me, the more I rubbed it around the more horny I got. I rubbed it into my slit. The four boys watching me do this had all got hard again. This was not what I wanted, one of the boys moved in close to my pussy. He tried to rub his cock head around my bush. I could not help but grab his cock and rub fethiye escort bayan it up and down my slit. He kept thrusting forward trying to push it inside me. I gave in and placed his cock at my vagina, he made one more thrust and he was inside me. He gasped as his cock sank deep inside me. I asked him about this being his first time and he said no one had had sex before. This so turned me on, I guided this young man on how how I wanted to be fucked. He only made it about a minute before I felt him explode and could feel his cum flowing into me. As soon as he pulled out the next boy slid into me. Within ten minutes all four boys had cum deep inside me. They were all excited to have had their first fuck and to have fucked an older white woman. I was very excited to have given several boys their first taste of pussy. I let the boys fuck me again making sure they filled my cunt with hot young cum. After everyone had finished I went home. I had not been home more than ten minutes when my husband came in. He was wanting to have sex with me before dinner. I told him I was all stinky and sweaty from my long run. He begged me so I allowed him to take me to the bedroom. He striped me down and threw me on the bed. My husband buried his face in my creamy snatch. As he ate me out I thought of all the young cum that had been sprayed into my cunt earlier and now he was eating it. My husband commmented on how wet I was and how good I taste. He then mounted me and banged me hard for several minutes then filled my cunt wit his seed.After that day I have gone back and fucked those young men several more times. But now I will fuck any man and have fucked so many men. I have fucked men from the bar, the country club, anywhere. If a man hits on me I will fuck him. then I go home to my bastard husband and let him lick my pussy that had just been filled with the cum of some stranger. It makes me orgasim so hard. I like getting revenge.

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