Ricky’s Christmas to Remember


Ricky’s Christmas to RememberIn the months after my night of passion with Maggie, my relationship with my girlfriend got serious, and shortly after Maggie left for Manchester, I popped the question and we got engaged. Despite being engaged I still had two lives – the London life and the village life. London of the 80’s was exciting and I continued to flirt with colleagues and other girls in the pubs/clubs, but none of those resulted in sex, and after 18 months of engagement I had been faithful to my intended. We got married in the August of ‘88, but things changed soon after we got back from honeymoon. We moved in to our new house, and got used to married life, but whereas before living together we had sex at every opportunity, now we were together every night, the sex soon became a once or twice a week affair, and after only 2 months, she started talking about coming off the pill and having k**s. We’d talked about this before getting married as I didn’t want k**s until my late 20’s – we needed to live a bit first. Anyway, by December I was getting a bit pissed off with it all, and looked forward to having a bit of “fun” at the Christmas Party. To this end, I arranged to stay at my step-brothers place in Islington, so I could join the after-party clubbing that would go on into the early hours.The branch party was to be held at a local pub which had a large function room. Unfortunately for me it was on the week when I was on keys – that meant I had to stay at the branch (with a senior staff member) until everyone had left to check everything (ledgers etc.) was locked up, switch on answer phones and then lock up the branch itself. As it turned out, this was to be rather a lucky turn of events.As is usual for such events, the female staff all made an effort for the party, putting on their party dresses, make-up etc. The guys just went in their business suits. This fact meant that the guys cleared out to the pub at 5.00, whilst a number of the girls were still getting ready. In fact by 5.30, myself and Tony (the senior staff on keys with me) were sitting waiting for the final two girls to finish getting ready, but boy…..it was worth it. Sam, an 18 year old, tall blonde with a body to die for, and Jackie, a 24 year old brunette with long legs and a very nice pair of tits came into the office in short dresses, high heels, stockings (so I found out later) and fully made up for a night out. “Ricky, will you escort us to the party?” Sam asked, “It would be my pleasure” I responded. The girls waited outside whilst Tony and I did the final lock-up routine, and then Tony said farewell (a 40-something, overweight bachelor – he didn’t do parties). I walked over to the ladies, and with one on each arm, off we went to the pub. As we walked along I could see the glances I was getting from other workers heading home or off to their own parties, and there were a few comments “Lucky Bastard”, “Have a good night mate” and the like. It felt good.We passed a pub on the way, and Jackie suggested we have a quick drink in there before going to the party. Who was I too disagree? Of course I paid! We got chatting, the girls both wanting to know more about me. I’d worked with Jackie for about 18 months, but never that closely, and she wasn’t one of the normal group I drank with. Sam had joined from School in the August, just before I got married. I knew nothing about her, so in response to the questions about my life, I fired a few back and found out that neither had a boyfriend, Sam having left her boyfriend in October, and Jackie not having had a boyfriend for over a year. Having got to know each other a bit better we set off for the party, being welcomed by various lewd comments asking why we were so late! I just smiled and said nothing.After a few beers we all went to the function room for a sit down meal of the usual Xmas fare. I was sat opposite Jackie, and we chatted about all sorts of things, but she kept bringing the subject back to marriage, challenging me to explain why I had got married. Although I didn’t say as much, I think I certainly gave the impression that I wished I hadn’t. After a while I felt something brushing my leg. I looked down and there was a stocking clad foot. I looked up to receive a nice smile and a blown kiss. I hope my colleagues sitting either side didn’t notice. I just smiled back then tried to continue the conversation that was going on amongst the group. I started to wonder if I was in with a chance with Jackie.Nothing else happened over dinner, and afterwards we popped back to the bar whilst the room was cleared for our “disco”. Whilst drinking with a few colleagues I noticed Sam and Jackie talking in the corner, smiling and giggling to each other. They looked good, definitely the best in the room in my opinion, and I wondered what they were talking about. I was going to go over and chat to them, when my boss cornered me. Despite this being a Christmas party sakarya escort he wanted to ask me about work and my career. After 10 minutes, thankfully, he moved on – doing the rounds like a good boss should. But the girls had also moved on, and were now in a group of 7 or 8 with other women from the branch. I got another beer, and continued chatting to some of the guys.The disco started up shortly thereafter, and as is the case at most parties I’ve been too, the girls danced whilst the guys drank! As the night passed, the older members of staff drifted off home, and by 11 pm, there was only about 10 of us left, and all ready to continue the party “up west”. So off we headed to Leicester Square. Being in a bigger group, the girls didn’t take my arm this time, but there was certainly something going on as they both kept looking and smiling at me.We got into a club pretty quickly for the time of year, and got ourselves drinks. Soon we were all jumping around on the dance floor, and I was lucky enough to have both girls really close to me. After a couple of hours of drinking and dancing, we were down to just 5 of us, me, Jackie, Sam, and Helen and Dave who were a couple (although that was supposed to be a secret as the bank didn’t like couples working together – a security risk I suppose). Helen and Dave had left the dance floor and were busy sucking each other’s tongues in the corner of the club, meanwhile I was still dancing with the girls, who were getting a lot of attention from other guys in the club, but thankfully kept turning backto me. I excused myself to pop to the loo, and when I came back, the girls were waiting by the exit.“You two going?” I shouted over the music, somewhat disappointed. They both nodded. “I’ll walk you to the station” I offered, “Where are you staying tonight?” Sam asked, “At my step-brothers in Chelsea” I told them. “Can’t we stay with you tonight?” said Jackie. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that – did this mean what I hoped it meant? Hell, I wouldn’t know until I agreed, so I enthusiastically said “Of course – he’s away for the weekend so no problem”.I glanced over at Helen and Dave, they were still snogging so I decided to just get these two beauties back to Chelsea. Outside the club, I hailed a taxi, and off we headed. In the taxi, I had one beautiful woman sitting each side of me, and they both snuggled up to me whilst we travelled the short journey, me explaining what my step brother did, why he wasn’t there etc.We arrived, I paid the driver, who gave me a wink and wished me a good night. In we went, and it didn’t take long for Jackie to notice “There’s only one bedroom!” What do I say? “Good” said Sam. For a moment I thought I must be dreaming, but when Sam grabbed my hand and, following Jackie, pulled me into the bedroom, I realised this was going to be my first ever threesome.Thankfully my step-brother had invested in a super king size bed, so when I was pushed onto the bed, there was room for these beauties to lay each side of me. Shoes were kicked off, and quickly my shirt was undone and off. I had my arms wrapped around the girls, and in turn they leaned in and kissed me, their tongues teasing mine. Their hands caressed my torso, until I felt a hand working away at my trousers. By now I was as hard a rock, and whilst one hand worked my belt, another rubbed my cock through the material “I’ve wanted this all night” Jackie said – it was her hand on my cock, “So have I” agreed Sam. “I’ve wanted this all my life” I said, smiling as my cock was released.My trousers were pulled off, along with my boxers and socks, and there I lay – naked. “Hey” I said “you two looke overdressed. Come on get those clothes off”. This is when I learned that both had stockings on. Sam had really small black panties on and no bra (how had I missed that earlier on?), whilst Jackie had white, silky French knickers and matching white lacy bra. I asked them to keep their lingerie on for now as they looked so fucking sexy. They both crawled back onto the bed, and as I watched, Sam took my cock into her young mouth. It felt so good. Jackie kissed me, then unhooked her bra, revealing large nipples that were hard and begging to be sucked – who was I to deny them. As I rolled one nipple between my fingers, and greedily sucked and nibbled the other, Jackie moaned so I knew I was doing a good job. I swapped nipples and with my free hand, I found my way along her inner thigh and into her knickers. Her pussy lips were warm, and already wet, and I slowly teased them with my fingertips.I looked down to see Sam sucking more of my cock into her warm mouth – this girl certainly knew how to give a blow-job. “Sam, can I have some of that”, said Jackie, and Sam lifted her head, my cock popping out from between her lips, glistening with her saliva. “He tastes good, I’m going to enjoy fucking this cock”. Sam stood and took her knickers off. “You suck his cock, I want him to eat adapazarı escort my pussy”. I slid down so I was lying flat, and as Jackie starting kissing my knob, Sam straddled my face and lowered her young pussy onto my mouth. She smelt lovely, and as my tongue parted her lips, she wriggled her bum, smearing her love juices over my mouth, chin and nose. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her down onto me as my tongue fucked her hole. What a fantastic feeling, my cock was being sucked and I had this beautiful tasting pussy on my tongue. I’d totally forgotten that I was married!I lost all sense of time, this may have gone on for 20 minutes or 2 minutes, I really don’t know, but as I licked Sam’s pussy, flicking her clit with my tongue, she was getting wetter by the second and suddenly she clamped her thighs to my head and shuddered as her first orgasm rippled through her body. As this happened I felt a change on my cock, as Jackie stopped sucking, and straddled me, sliding her tight, wet pussy down on to my cock. She sat there for a few seconds, then started to slide up and down slowly.Sam got off, and lay down beside me, kissing me passionately, tasting herself on my lips, before looking up at Jackie, telling her that she looked fucking sexy. She then moved to Jackie and started sucking those wonderful nipples I’d enjoyed a little earlier. Oh fuck, not only a threesome, but some girl on girl action. I started thrusting up to meet Jackie’s movements, knowing that watching Sam suck on Jackie’s tits was going to send me over the edge pretty quickly. I watched as Sam’s hand went to Jackie’s pussy, her fingers working on her clit as I fucked her hard and fast. As she did this, I slipped two fingers into Sam from behind, and whilst fucking Jackie with my cock, I fucked Sam with my fingers. I could feel my cum building, as Jackie’s pussy tightened on my cock as she too orgasmed. I pumped a load into her, more than I’d cum with my wife in a long time.Jackie slumped forward, my cock slipping out of her pussy for a brief moment before being engulfed by Sam, who sucked all of our combined juices from my cock as it slowly softened. Once clean, she turned her attention to Jackie’s pussy, going down on her and licking our juices out of her noisily. “I love it when you do that” Jackie said, and at that moment I realised these two were already lovers.Watching Sam lick Jackie’s pussy soon got me hard again, which Sam was not slow in noticing. “My turn now”, she said “fuck me doggy style!” It wasn’t a request, it was an order. I didn’t need to be told twice. I knelt behind her, and spread her bum cheeks with my hands, opening her glistening pussy ready to accept my cock. She lifted her head “Stick your fucking cock in my cunt now!” I did as told, hard, making her gasp. I held her hips tightly, and started to thrust in to her, almost pulling right out before slamming back in to her. “Fuck yeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” she shouted, I hoped my step-brothers walls were thick, otherwise he might get some complaints from his neighbours.As I fucked Sam, Jackie swivelled around on the bed, so her head was below Sam’s pussy and my cock. I felt her tongue on my balls, then it disappeared, onto Sam’s clit I assumed. “This looks fucking sexy” I heard from beneath me, followed by the return of the tongue to my balls. Thankfully, having cum earlier, I lasted a while fucking Sam, meaning that, together with Jackie’s tongue, I helped Sam orgasm at least twice before I again felt my balls tightening. “I’m going to cum” I gasped “In my mouth” Sam ordered, and I pulled out and moved around to her head. Jackie followed me. As the first jet of cum shot out into Sam’s mouth, Jackie grabbed my cock and directed the second jet onto Sam’s face, laughing as she did so. A third followed, again onto Sam’s pretty face. As I slumped back, Jackie kissed Sam, and set about licking my cum from her face. I just lay there, watching these two sexy girls kissing and touching each other, not quite believing what had just happened.Having cleaned each other up, the girls returned to either side of me, settling their heads on my shoulders. I asked “Did you two plan this earlier tonight?” Jackie smiled “No we planned it a couple of weeks ago. Sam told me she would like to fuck you, and I’ve wanted to for a long time…..ever since Maggie told me what a great fuck you were”. I was lost for words, I didn’t think Maggie had ever mentioned it to anyone. “Maggie and I were friends, if you know what I mean, before I came to the branch” Jackie explained, “She told me everything. Anyway, we had planned to take you back to mine, but when you told us where you were staying, I thought why wait”.“You’ve probably worked out that Sam and I are lovers – we have been for about a month now, but we both like cock too. I hope you enjoyed it”“It was fucking great, and watching you two together is so sexy”. I’d cum twice sakarya escort bayan in an hour, but these two seemed to want more. As they explained how they’d got together, their hands caressed my body, hands rubbing my cock and balls gently, encouraging me back to life. They kissed me, nibbled my neck and ears, sucking on my nipples, and it had the desired effect – I was hard again.Sam went down on me again, deep-throating my cock. I could feel my knob rubbing against the back of her throat as she gagged and came up for air. Jackie was still lying next to me, her fingers deep in her pussy. She took them out and put them in my mouth – they tasted lovely. “I can’t do that” she said, nodding towards Sam as she again took my cock deep in her mouth “Does it feel good?” Her fingers were still in my mouth so I just nodded. As Sam continued giving me a delightful blowjob, Jackie moved down and started licking her out. I watched as she buried her face into Sam’s soft blond mound. I could tell Sam was enjoying it, as each time Jackie licked Sam’s clit she sucked a little bit harder on my cock. She lifted up off my cock, and told Jackie what a “Sexy little sucker” she was, then looked back at me, and flashed me a beautiful relaxed smile as she wanked my cock slowly. “Will you please fuck me again Ricky” she asked so politely – was this the same girl that only a while earlier had ordered me to fuck her? “I’d love to Sam”.She lay next to me and I climbed on top. Jackie lay next to us, and guided my cock into Sam’s hot, wet pussy. Whilst I’d been hard and rough the first time, this time I took it slowly and gently, whilst Jackie kissed and sucked on Sam’s lovely tits, occasionally rising up to kiss me. After a while, Jackie put her hand on my arse, and each time I pulled out she’d push me back in, a little harder each time. Then I felt a finger on my arsehole – only a slight pressure, but it felt great “You like that?” Jackie said, “Maybe”, I answered, with a smile. Each time she pushed me back into Sam, she applied the pressure to my hole until her fingertip went inside. This felt great, and I started thrusting forever harder into Sam. “I’m going to cum” I told Sam, “Do it inside me” she answered, and that is exactly what I did, and then collapsed on top of her. I rolled off, and Jackie set about licking mu cum out of Sam, and soon Sam was gasping as her orgasm hit. After a while the girls snuggled down each side of me and pretty quickly, both were asleep. I lay there, not quite believing what had happened, and then I too fell asleep. When I awoke I was alone, but I could hear giggles coming from the kitchen. I got up and put my boxers on, quickly popped to the bathroom for a pee, and then went out to say good morning. What a sight, two beautiful young women, stark naked making breakfast. “Morning sexy”, said Sam, seeing me standing in the doorway, “Want some coffee and toast?” “Yes please” I answered as I walked in. “you two look happy this morning, I take it you enjoyed last night”, “I did” said Sam, “but Jackie only got fucked once, so she wants to equal things up this morning before we head off home”. “Fair enough” I said, and went over to Jackie, kissing her passionately, then lifted her on to the kitchen work top. “It’s cold” she protested, but I ignored her and knelt between her legs, and started to lick her pussy. Her protest soon became moans as I teased her clit with my tongue, whilst holding her pussy flaps open with my thumbs. I felt soft flesh against my arm, and noticed that Sam had joined us, and was kissing those fantastic nipples that Jackie had, which were as hard as my cock was by the look of things. I continued to lick and suck on her sweet pussy, and before long her thighs clamped around my head and she came. Before she calmed down, I stood up and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy, teasing her clit with my knob which caused a stream of obscenities to be uttered. She then leaned forward, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and causing my cock to slide inside her. Her legs wrapped around me as I started to thrust in and out. She kissed me hard, before telling me to fuck her harder, which I duly did. Sam was standing next to us, one foot up on the worktop, leaning against the wall, her fingers busy working her own pussy and clit. The sight of Sam, and the feeling of Jackie’s lovely tight snatch on my cock was too much, and I again told the girls that I was about to cum. “In my mouth” Jackie ordered, so I stepped back and Jackie jumped down and took my cock in her mouth, wanking me hard and receiving a good amount of cum for her efforts. She stood up, opening her mouth to show she had my cum still there, and then kissed Sam, clearly sharing it with Sam before both swallowed what they had. “How about that Coffee and Toast now?” said Sam, licking her lips and laughing.About an hour later, we had showered and prepared to leave for home. Of course, the girls were still in their party gear, and as we walked to the tube station we got some funny looks. But I didn’t care, I had just had the most amazing night of my life with these two beautiful women. Would it happen again? Maybe that’s a story for next time.

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