Roleplay Starter: Scent of a Woman


Roleplay Starter: Scent of a WomanRoleplay Scene Starter Script. 1 or more Female, 1 Male. “Scent of a Woman” Interior: typical kitchen Nadia and Hank had been neighbors for some time now. At one point after Hank’s divorce, they had been lovers briefly. Winnie, Hank’s ex-wife, and Hank were still on good terms and occasionally got together. Winnie and Nadia were friends socially. Winne had even thrown several not-so-subtle hints to Nadia until Nadia explained that she wasn’t into women the way Winnie was. Hank was in the kitchen filling a large pitcher with ice when Nadia knocked on the outer door lightly and let herself in as usual. “Hi handsome!” Nadia said coyly, touching his hand and smiling. “Wanna … ” she picked up an ice cube and popped it to her mouth “fool around?” “Winnie’s here.” “Oh.” Nadia said, her voice falling. “Oh, okay, I’ll go say hi and leave you two alone then. Where buca escort is she?” “Wait a sec.” Hank says, taking Nadia’s hand to prevent her from going. “I’ve got an idea. How adventurous are you feeling?” “Oh, I don’t know. More lonely than adventurous.” Nadia replied. “You know I’m not into that, so you can just forget any ideas about Winnie and me right now.” “No, no, it’s not that.” Hank lowers his voice. “You know how Winnie’s really into her whole self-denial thing, right? It’s one of the major reasons that we’re not still together. Her self-denial fetish turned into my denial nightmare.” Hank rolls his eyes, remembering details he isn’t sharing. “Anyway,” Hank explains, “She’s in one of her ‘I don’t deserve sex but I want it so badly and don’t you dare give it to me’ moods.” Hank shakes his head, mystified. “She’s blindfolded and tied to the bed. right now.” buca escort bayan Hank explains. “Here’s the adventurous part, if you’re up to it. Let’s use the other half of the bed to fool around. Winnie will cum rivers knowing someone else is getting “her” attention, I’m absolutely sure of it. It’d be a lot more fun than what we had planned, which was me jerking it and telling her how much better it is than what she would do.” Hanks face was completely serious. “But first things first.” he adds quickly. “Are you wearing panties or a thong?” he asks. “Panties.” Nadia answers. “Perfect. May I?” Hank squats in front of Nadia, not waiting for an answer. He reaches under her skirt and slides off her panties. Standing, he inhales deeply. “You always have a wonderful scent.” he says with a smile. Hank takes Nadia’s hand and leads her to the bedroom door. Before opening escort buca it, he says “Don’t let her know you’re here yet. Stay right here for now.” He opens the door. Winnie is secured firmly to one half of the bed, blindfolded. Her ankles bound by large leather cuffs and tied to the foot of the bed. Her hands are similarly bound in large leather cuffs and tied to the headboard. A long purple double ended dildo is part way inside her and taped to her leg. She’s squirming to try to make it move inside her. “Hank? Is that you?” Winnie asks. “No.” Hanks says in a false voice. “Pizza delivery”. Winnie giggles. “None for me, thank you” Winnie says. Hank walks to Winnie and places Nadia’s panties over her face and steps away. “Oh Hank, these aren’t mine!” Winnie inhales deeply. “Oh Hank, she’s wonderful! Bring her in, I have to taste her!” Winnie squeals. “No Winnie, that’s not going to happen. I’m serious.” Hank says firmly. “Who is she?” Winnie whines. “Is she still here? Will you at least bring her in and fuck her hard right next me? Pleeeeease Hank!?!” Hank steps out of the bedroom and closes the door. “What did I tell you?” he asks Nadia in a hushed tone.

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