RoommatesI woke up in my boyfriends room, hung over and naked. His load was leaking out of me, but he was nowhere to be seen. I heard his roommates downstairs, so i put on a pair of panties and a t-shirt that was long and went downstairs. When I got down there, I saw that 4 of the 5 were downstairs in shorts, mostly without shirts. Since we were close, i didn’t even bother to hide what i was wearing, and it was obvious that they were happy with what i was wearing. I offered to make breakfast, and they gladly accepted. I looked at the clock and knew i had missed my boyfriend by a few minutes. he was one his way to class. I knew it was his long day, and he wouldn’t be home for a long time. The guys gave me their orders. We smoked bowl and then I started their food.One mentioned something about my night and rubbed his hand on my upper thigh. I looked and there was dried cum on me. I smiled and told them that my boyfriend doesn’t pull out because i like a guy to cum in me. They grabbed onto my openness and asked more and more questions. , more and more leading. I answered them all. Its when they got to fidelity that they got really interested. I mentioned that i had cheated, and fucked other guys with my boyfriend. I also explained that my boyfriend was my third cock of the night, which is why they saw so much cum dried on my leg. I told them about the two guys he had watched me fuck in the parking lot at the bar we were at, then he had brought me home to fuck my cum filled pussy. They looked at me funny as I served them their food. They didn’t believe me. I went and got a hard drive from my boyfriends room and hooked it up to a laptop and opened the files for them, then went back to cooking. canlı bahis They started to click on the folders to see videos he had taken of me with random men. I could tell they were getting hard. I let them know that there were dozens of videos on there. I sat down to eat with them when i saw a few rubbing the hard bulges in their shorts. I lifted my shirt and pushed my panties to the side and took a pic, cum still draining. I sent it to my boyfriend and added a little text letting him know that all other cum was still in me. He replied shortly saying that next time he wanted to find more guys. I showed it to his friends. Their jaws dropped. I then sent him one back asking is his roommates would be better since there were 4 at the house. I showed them his reply when he said yes. I took a pic of them standing in front of me and sent it to him. He replied requesting that no one pull out. I showed it to then and asked if they could share. One picked me up and put me over his shoulder and took me to my boyfriends room. I had them tie me up with the restraints that my boyfriend used on me. i like my arms and legs tied so i have to take a guy. They gladly did after stripping me naked. Within seconds one dick was in me, and another was in my mouth. The other two played with my nipples while I got fucked. I spit the dick out of my mouth and told the guy in me to fuck me harder. He did as he was told and fucked me as hard as he could. He quickly pulled out when one of the guys jacking off was close. he quickly put his dick in me to cum, then his friend went back inside to push the load deeper in me. The guy in my mouth pulled out so the one who just came could get hard again. I licked the head, bahis siteleri tasting my pussy on it and then took it into my mouth. His friend shot his load, and the next guy went in as soon as he pulled out. He didn’t last more than a couple minutes before he came. I was released from my restraints and then flipped over on my stomach. they tied my hands up again and then put some pillows under my waist to prop my ass up in the air.The first entered my pussy from behind. They were all joking about what a slut i was while they pounded me from behind i could see them with their phones out, taking pics and video of me. I knew they were sending them to my boyfriend and many others on campus. I loved being their fuck toy and cum dump. They grabbed my hair and snapped my head back and reminded me that I was their toy. When I moaned, they shoved a cock in my mouth to suck. I heard a knock on the door and one of my boyfriends leave. I heard more voices come into the room. I wasn’t allowed to turn around to see, but it sounded like 3-4 more guys that came into the room. I heard zippers and the sounds of them undressing and then a couple cocks appeared in front of me. They both put the heads of their cocks on my lips, so I opened my mouth and took both heads in my mouth. they stroked their cocks while i licked their heads. After the guy in me came, i felt a new dick in me. Much bigger dick. His thumb went into my asshole as he worked his cock in me. I moaned and cried out a bit, but was just told to shut up. I came again and again on his massive cock. Since my tight cunt clamped down on his cock over and over as I came, he didn’t last long. His cock jerked and he came. He pulled out and another bahis şirketleri massive cock went in. I finally got to see what was in me when a big black cock appeared in front of me. The others moved and went to jack off while they watched me take another man. I was told to suck it, and I did. I came again and again on the second big dick before came. The guys that were in my mouth then took turns on me.I was freed again, this time they didn’t tie me back up. There was a huge wet spot from my pussy and their cum. Apparently the two massive cocks had made me squirt. I was lifted up and put on top of my new black friend. i guided his cock into my pussy and leaned over on top of him. I kissed him while he slowly fucked me. I rolled my hips to keep pace with him for a short while before i felt another cock on the rim of my asshole. He spit on my asshole, but that wasn’t enough to let him in. I kept enjoying the big black dick while my boyfriends roommate ate my ass. when it was nice and wet he tried to get his cock in me again. This time, my ass let him in. He and my black lover fucked in unison. This didn’t last because I came so hard that they couldn’t handle how tight i got. They both came within seconds of each other. I heard the door again, this time i heard my boyfriends voice. He came in and saw me with my second black cock and roommate using both holes.He pulled his dick out and started to jack off. I noticed that his roommates and the other guys that had shown up were doing the same thing. When they came, they came into a glass. I knew what was coming. As the guys that were in me shot their load, i laid there on the bed with my legs open for all the guys to see. when they had all cum in the glass, my boyfriend handed it to me and I did what they wanted. I drank it. They all gave kisses and then left. My boyfriend took his cock out, had me get his hard again, and then fucked my cum filled cunt one more time

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