Sam and Eve :: Part 1

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Sam and Eve :: Part 1Collapsing into a pile of flesh, Eve was struggling to recover from the mind blowing orgasm she had just had. Laying there with Sam’s cock still inside her, she could feel his hot cum inside, mixing with her own and slowly oozing out of her pussy and down her leg. Even though it had been several minutes since they had cum, his cock was still hard and pulsating inside of her. Making her eager for another fuck. Sam was laying on top of her, one hand still grasping tightly on Eve’s tit, while the other hand was still wrapped around her waist lingering on her swollen pussy lips. As he kissed her neck and ear, Sam whispered to her “Oh baby, that was an amazingly hot fuck. I have not cum that hard in ages.””Your telling me.” Eve said, reaching behind her and stroking his arm and chest. She started thinking about the next round and could feel her pussy pulsating around his still impaling cock. Soon her hips began to thrust back and forth, begging for his attention.”You are insatiable. Ready to go again?” Sam said, beginning to slide his fingers around, in between her moist lips, brushing gently around her swollen clit. “Do you have it in you to fuck like that again?””What do you mean, you never pulled it out of me, it is still buried deep inside my pussy.” Eve said chuckling. “If you can do it, I can do it.”Peeling himself off canlı bahis of her, Sam slowly pulled his dick out of Eve’s love hole, causing their cum to flow out of Eve’s now parted hole. Bending over, Sam breathed in the sweet aroma of their sex, and began to lick Eve’s pussy. Starting at her love hole, working up to her beautiful pink puckering asshole, and then back down to her pink clit. Stopping to suck on her clit, while he breathed in the scent of their union.”Not so fast there.” Eve said swinging around and pushing Sam down onto the bed. She quickly grabbed a hold his glistening cock and stroked it with her hand. Making him shiver with excitement. “I don’t mind you eating my pussy, but atleast give me the chance to suck your cock at the same time!” She told him, swinging her hips around, so that they where hovering above his head and shoulders.Grabbing a hold of her hips, Sam pulled her dripping wet pussy close to his mouth and began his work once again. Enjoying the taste of their intertwining juices, he quickly went back to sucking on her clit, making her squeel with excitement.Letting out a moan, Eve quickly muffled her own noises, by shoving Sam’s cock into her mouth and down her moist throat. Gently tugging on his nuts, while her head bobbed up and down on his member. She could taste their mixed cum on his dick and that thought made her bahis siteleri even hotter. Stroking his shaft with one hand, the other hand caressing his balls, she continued to the head of his cock with her hot mouth. Ever few strokes, stopping to take his entire member down her throat. She does not mind deep throating, even rather enjoys it, just the though of his large cock fucking her mouth and throat got her hot. She could feel her own orgasm building and getting close with ever lick of her clit.Feeling Eve’s pussy quivering under his artful tongue, Sam knew that she could not hold on much longer. And before he knew it, she had stopped bobbying up and down on his cock, her mouth clinched tightly around the head of his dick, as she began to cum once again. However, this time she had cum so hard, that when her pussy walls contracted, they pushed all of the cum inside of her, out her pulsating love hole. Sam’s face was drenched with cum. Even through the sudden gush of pussy juices, Sam was able to keeps his focus on Eve’s clit, helping her ride out the last waves of her body rocking orgasm.Climbing off of Sam, Eve turned around, and began kissing Sam. Tasting her cum all over his face. She reached down, grasped a hold of his cock, guiding it into her wet pussy. Slowly lowering her hips down to his, till their bodies met. Leaning over him, Eve güvenilir bahis began gyrate her hips, making him moan with extreme pleasure. “Baby, I need you to fuck my ass. You want to fuck my ass? For me? Please baby?” She said to him, while squeezing his thick dick with her pussy.Sam nodded to Eve, giving into her request, trying not to give into his own want of exploding inside her. He felt the sudden release of his cock from the hot moist pussy it had just been in. And then the pressure of his cock head being pushed into her very tight asshole, soon he was entire engulfed in her tight hot ass.Leaning back on Sam’s pelvis, Eve held on to his knees, as she began to bounce up and down on his impaling cock. She knew that Sam could see her moist wet pussy, still pulsating, and his cock buried deep into her backdoor. He was watching and she loved it.Reaching between her legs, Sam began to stroke Eve’s clit once again. Knew that it would not take much for her to cum again and with his cock in her ass, she would scream like a banshee. Soon enough, Eve’s body began to shake and pulsate, as her asshole got suddenly tight around his thick cock. He could not hold on, as she was cumming, so was he. He could feel his hot jizz shooting into her ass, as her asshole was pulsating around his cock.Eve felt Sam’s orgasm in her ass. His cock pulsated, as the cum shot into her backdoor. Making her orgasm stronger and harder. Once the waves of excitement floated away, she collapsed on top of him. His cock still deep in her ass. Her pussy and ass pulsating in rhythm.

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