Sarah Jane’s Father

Magic Wand

Sarah Jane’s FatherI stood in Sarah Jane’s driveway, waved goodbye to Dad as he pulled away and went down the street clutching my little knitted clothing bag containing a change of clothes and my nighty. I turned and walked to the lighted doorway and rang the bell. Straightening my skirt and blouse in the reflection, I waited for Sarah Jane to answer the door. After waiting a few minutes and no answer came, I started to ring the bell again, when the door was pulled open a crack and Sarah’s dad peered out the door at me.”Hello Mr. Croswell, how are you tonight?” I asked thru the crack. “Sarah and I are supposed to spend the night together and go shopping tomorrow.””Um, but Sarah Jane and her mom are away for the weekend Frolic, there must be some mistake,” he said again thru the small crack in the doorway. I could see that he had a towel wrapped around his waist with a small puddle of water on the floor where he stood. “They will not be back until Sunday sometime, and it’s just me here.””Oh no,” I quickly looked over my shoulder to see if I could still see Dad’s truck on the street, but he was long gone. He had also made plans to go hunting with his buddies in the nearby Ozark Mountains and would not be home until late Saturday night. “My Dad just dropped me off and he is gone for the weekend as well, and I have no way to get home. We were to shop then they would drop me off at home tomorrow. This is a terrible way to start the weekend.” “Damn, ok, hold on a second,” he grunted and closed the door. I heard the chain sliding and then the door opened slowly and he was standing behind the door. “Come in, pardon me, I just got out of the shower,” he motioned me in and closed the door behind me, latching it again. “Have a seat while I get something to cover up with.”As I sat down, I glimpsed the bathroom door partially open and watched him drop his towel and turn to pull on a bathrobe. Unavoidably, my eyes took in his partially erect manhood as the towel dropped to the floor. He pulled the robe around himself as he stepped back into the living room and came to sit alongside me.”Pardon my appearance, but Sarah Jane and her mom are gone for the weekend, and unfortunately, they have taken our car. So, much as I hate to say it, we are stuck together here. They will be back early Sunday morning…” he managed a crooked smile as he spoke.”Gone for the weekend? But….Sarah Jane sent me a message.” I fumbled in my purse pulling my phone out and searched for the text message. “Oh….I misread the text. It is next weekend that we are supposed to get together.” Tears welled up in my eyes as I looked back at him. “I’m sorry. I know I should have called first,” as I started to cry with my head down.”Frolic, Stop that crying. It’s ok.” He put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me gently to his chest. “It is not the end of the world.”Looking up at his face, I continued to sob feeling as if the situation was impossible. He wrapped me in his arms, holding me tightly, his hands moved imperceptibly along my shoulders and down my spine in a smooth and soothing manner.”There now, calm yourself. Crying will not help the situation at all.” He leaned down and kissed the top of my head as he began rocking me back and forth like one would do with an infant c***d. As he rocked me I began feeling better and realized that my arm had slipped inside his robe halkalı escort and my hand was touching his damp chest.”Feeling better now?” He peered down at my face smiling. “My, you are certainly a very beautiful young woman. Your eyes are like pools of blue water sparkling in the sunshine.” His fingers slid down the side of my face, tracing my cheekbones, wiping away the last remnants of tears from them.”Thank you,” I looked down, smiled shyly and blushed hearing his words, “That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.” My stomach seemed to quiver oddly and I was somehow strangely attracted to Sarah Jane’s father, and his words were having an erotic affect on me. I pulled back, sitting upright again on the couch next to him and tried to gather myself.”Haven’t any of your boyfriends ever told you that before Frolic?” His voice seemed very sexy as he continued speaking in a low tone, “Your hair reminds me of a flaxen gold wheat field one only sees in the finest farming country along the road as you pass by. It makes you want to stop and look at it for hours.” His hand seemed to caress my hair. I closed my eyes dreaming for a moment, when I felt his fingertips on my chin and his lips touched mine. Unwittingly, I responded to the kiss, savoring his lips on mine.”Would you like something to eat or drink?” He stood up without waiting for my response and went to the kitchen. I heard plates rattling and glasses tingling and within minutes he returned carrying a tray of hors d’œuvres accompanied by two small wine glasses. Placing the tray on the coffee table, he once again sat beside me smiling. “Help yourself,” he said laying a cloth napkin over my lap. I watched him pour small portions of wine into each glass with a steady hand while he closely looked at my reaction to it all.I was hungry having only eaten at lunchtime and it was now approaching mid-evening, so I looked and sampled several of the delectable creations on the tray. A few morsels fell down onto the napkin and I blushed at my clumsiness. He laughed, reaching out with his own napkin and daubed at the corner of my mouth wiping a few tiny crumbs. He picked up the wine glasses and handed me one, raising it into the air to toast.”To our unexpected predicament,” touching our glasses together, he sipped the contents, rolling his tongue tasting the vintage. “May it be a pleasant encounter.” I hesitated as I had very little experience at drinking and he used his hand to coax my glass to my lips. The slightly chilled liquid washed the hors d’œuvres down my throat. The taste reminded me of Kool-aid from my younger years.”Sarah Jane has told me that the two of you are almost inseparable at school. I hope she has not gotten you into any trouble, she has a habit of being a bit out of line,” he started chatting somewhat aimlessly about Sarah Jane. Before long, we were both laughing and recounting stories about Sarah Jane and her exploits. I had not paid attention, but he had kept my glass full of the amber wine as we ate the hors d’œuvres, and each time I had sipped, it was refilled. My problems seemed far away, as we continued talking.It seemed I was standing alongside the couch, watching us conversing and laughing. I nibbled another hors d’œuvre and watched a goodly part of it break off and tumble down into the nişantaşı escort cleavage of my blouse. He chuckled and his hand reached between my breasts and deftly pulled it out. I felt his fingertips warmly touching my soft fleshy mounds as I looked down and watched his hands. I reached with my hands and pulled my blouse open more allowing his hand to capture the errant crumbs more easily.He paused slightly then began tracing my breasts outline with his fingertips and I felt my heartbeat increase and my breath become slightly ragged. He leaned forward again and kissed my lips as his hands danced along the very edges of my bra until I felt his fingers slip under it. With my eyes closed tightly, I could still see his hands caressing my breasts. His fingers unclasped my front loading bra and released my breasts from their captivity. His hands cupped the fullness and the warmth of his palms washed over my body in waves.I lay back slightly resting against the arm of the couch and felt him begin slowly undoing the buttons of my blouse one by one. He started kissing my neck and shoulders as he pulled the blouse open and off of me. His hands began tracing my figure starting at my armpits and traversing down the sides to my hips with gentle soft strokes. His hands slipped inside the waistband of my skirt and panties. I raised my hips slightly and he tugged my garments down below my buttocks then pushed them further until they were in a bunch around my ankles. I kicked my legs and they fell in a pile at my feet.He kissed my lips again and I felt as if I had melted against him feeling the soft robe he wore against my now naked body. My hands seemed to have a mind of their own and they opened his robe wide and pulled it off of him as well. It was incredible to feel his skin against mine. Like teenagers, we made-out for several minutes, hands exploring each other’s bodies as if making a map by touch. When he broke the kiss, he started kissing my shoulder blades and upper arms working his way to my wrists and hands with his lips. Raising my arm, he started upward kissing the undersides as I squirmed at the ticklish touches. He cupped my breasts, holding them tightly, and lowered his lips, kissing the fleshy mounds, licking my nipples before sucking them into his mouth, using his tongue to lap at the tips. I shuddered slightly feeling his teeth sc**** the sensuous areolas. My chest was heaving up and down causing my breasts to rise up and down with each breath I took.I felt his hand stealing downward across my stomach, passing thru my pubic hairs, his fingertips met the moist lips of my vagina. I felt a single finger running from top to bottom of my labia, tracing the moisture trail, parting them with ease. My hips thrust upward and my knees opened wider allowing him full access to my innermost private place.As I enjoyed his kissing and fondling of my body, I became aware of something pressing against my upper thigh. I looked down and saw his manhood, hard and stiff, rubbing against me. I reached my hand out, lay it on his fleshy cock, and clutched it with my fingers. I heard a sharp intake of breath and felt the cock jump at my touch. Holding it tightly, I pulled it away from thigh and began stroking it. He had stopped kissing my breasts and slumped back on the couch even as his şişli escort hands continued their gently foray into my pussy.Leaning down, I kissed the tip of his cock, letting my tongue lick it slightly as I did, while still stroking it up and down in my hands. I looked up at him and smiled as I continued to kiss his cock. I started kissing the shaft, top to bottom, one side after another and his breath became very heavy and exaggerated. He watched intently as my tongue licked his cock’s tender underside and upon reaching the top, I swirled my tongue around the fleshy mushroom head.”Do you like this,” I whispered softly to him knowing full well that he was enjoying it. “I like doing it very much.” I kept kissing his shaft gently, using my lips to nibble on it as I worked up and down. He moaned loudly and nodded his head ‘Yes’. I opened my mouth and slowly let the tip of his cock disappear between my lips using my tongue to lavish his cockhead with my saliva, then pulling back and off him, as if to stop. His hand went to the back of my head, and he gently pulled my head back toward his cock.”Oh, you do like it,” as I opened my mouth again, and let the cock slide deeper inside my mouth. I kept my lips sealed around his cock and began sucking him, letting him feel the insides of my cheeks close around his cock as I did. Working my head up and down, almost letting his cock out and then back down on him deeper each time, I continued to suck and lick. My other hand gently cupped his balls, feeling their weight and firmness, as I let my mouth manipulate his manhood. His fingers were rapidly rubbing my pussy, my wetness was bathing his hand as he fingered deeper and deeper inside me. My hips were humping in time to his fingers, thrusting against him pushing them into me. The combination of my mouth being filled with his manhood and my pussy being finger-fucked had brought about my first orgasm at his hands. My mouth thrust deep down on his cock, and I felt his cock’s tip touch the very back of my throat. I knew he too was about to come as his hips stiffened slightly with his cock shoved deep in my throat.”Pretend I am your Daughter Sarah Jane sucking your cock and give me your seed. Cum in my mouth now,” I cooed into his ear. My head was pulled so hard, his cock slipped beyond the depths of my mouth and went deep down my throat the second he heard my words, and he began shooting streams of cum down my throat. I gagged but continued to take him deep in my throat trying to swallow as much as I could. He was grunting and I heard him say ‘Sarah Jane, please baby, swallow it’ as he unloaded.I am not sure how much time passed, probably only a few seconds, before I felt his cock slip from my mouth, semi-rigid and soft. He lay there alongside me breathing heavily until he was able to speak.”My God Frolic…,” he spoke looking at me. “What you said to me, I mean….about pretending you were Sarah Jane, my daughter, sucking my cock. That spurred the most erotic feelings I have ever had before. I fantasize about Sarah Jane suck my cock all the time but have never told anyone.” “Well…,” I started slowly, “since I know Sarah Jane pretty well….She has told me it is her fantasy to have her father fuck her mouth and blow his load in her mouth. So, I just figured it was probably a two-way street.””OMG….OMG,” he kept repeating to himself. I laughed and saw that his semi-rigid cock was again a full-blown monster. Reaching out I grabbed it with my hands and pulled him towards me.”Let’s not waste this, I want to be fucked now,” as I put my legs around his body and spread them widely. “Put your cock in my pussy and fuck me like you want to fuck your daughter. She may like that as well.”

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