Scott and Sara Chapter One


Scott and Sara Chapter OneChapter One: Feelings realizedIt was a friday and there was Sara sitting Alone in her living room watching Television. As she landed on something finally interesting the power clicked off.”No!” she shouted”Sara!?” Her roommate Scott said emerging from his room. Sara met Scott six months earlier, he was new in town and was looking for a place to stay and Sara was between jobs and desperately needed half of the rent so she agreed.”The whole block’s out!” Scott said looking out the window. “So what do you want to do?” she asked.”Umm…. how’s work?” he asked.”It’s pretty hectic actually. The firm is trying to schmooze this new client and every time he’s on the way into the office they ask us Secretaries to… can I say slut up, without it sounding bad?””Yeah there’s no way that’s even possible.” Scott said.”How about you?””I’m trying to research this article on the practical applications of Carbon Fiber Nanotubes for body armor but the science is way above my head.””Yeah why are you wrighting something like that?””The Science Editor is in the Hospital for bypass surgery, I drew the short straw.””So what are you going to do?” “Erin’s brother works for DARPA, I’ll probably have to ask for the number.””How did you meet Aaron?” Sara asked.”We were introduced by a mutual friend. We had a lot in common and it was like I was dating myself…..with boobs.””With what?” Sara asked.”Boobs.””How can a guy have boobs?””What guy?””Aaron?””Erin was a girl…””What….I thought you were Gay!””What would make you think I was Gay?””When we met you just went on and on about Aaron I just assumed…””Really….well just for the record I’m straight.” Scott said”Well how come you never tried to hit on me?” “We’re friends Sara, I didn’t want to risk loosing the friendship.””Well pretend that we’re not friends, just a couple strangers at a bar.”Sara stood up and walked over to the counter and sat on a stool. Scott followed and sat silently next to her.”Hi I’m Scott……This is dumb Sara, canlı bahis I’m no good at this!””No just go with it!!!””Hi I’m Scott, can I umm buy you a Drink?””Sure.” Sara said overly twirling her hair and chewing on no existent gum.”Excuse me!” Scott said to the nonexistent Bar tender”Whatever’s on tap and a Strawberry Daiquiri for the lady.””That’s my favorite drink how did you…..oh right!” Sara said momentarily forgetting the play acting.”I was sitting over there with my friends and Bryce noticed you and how much you look like my High School girlfriend Cindy.””Oh really?””Well from the back at least.””Tell me about Cindy.””I’d rather not.””Oh come on!””Cindy was….she was a very outgoing girl. We met in Elementary school as k**s and from the moment I met her was like no other girl I’ve ever met. One minute she’d be eating her lunch then she’d be stomping through puddles getting soaked. We stayed friends up into Junior High when she moved. Four years later I was a freshman in High School and my first day of classes walked into home room and sat down. As the teacher started reading names he got to one, a very pretty blonde a couple seats away and read Cindy Lymon.””Oh wow!” Sara said”Cindy! I whispered to her and she turned and looked as if to say “Why are you talking to me!” The teacher got to me and announced “Scott Meyer” and I answered “Here!” Cindy turned to me wide eyed with a smile.After home room I waited in the hall and Cindy exited and without speaking wrapped her arms around me. “When did you move back?” I asked her. “This past Summer, I went to your House but you moved.” “Yeah to the other side of town.””As of that day it was like no time passed. We started hanging out every day and as out circle of friends grew we always kept in touch.””When did you fall in love?””It was the Day of the Sophomore Social, Cindy had a date with a guy named Dean a real creep and I was stag. Dean soon ditched Cindy soon after they arrived and I found her sitting at a table with her head bahis siteleri on it. “You need to Dance!” I said holding out my hand. “I don’t wanna” “That’s an order Lymon!” I saidShe put her hand in mine and we went out on the floor and I began to flail around to the raucous tune. Then the song changed to a slow one. I pulled her close and we began to dance like civil people. She buried her face in my chest and putting my hand on her cheek saw she was crying.””What did you do?” Sara asked”I leaned in like this.” Scott said leaning in to Sara”And gently kissed her like this.” Scott said kissing Sara.”How was that?” Scott said”Hum…what?””The flirting how was that?” “Oh it was good, good but what happened next?””With what?””Cindy, what happened with Cindy.””There was no Cindy.””What you made all that up?” Sara asked”Yeah! Sara I’m a writer, I weave a narrative for a living.””So there never was a Cindy?””Nope, just a complete fabrication.”As the power flicked back on the pair breathed a sigh of relief.”Speaking of writing I better give Erin a call and ask If I could get her brother’s number for the story, good night!””Yeah good night.”The next day Sara sat at her desk staring into nothing when….”Sara!””What….what?”She looked up and saw her friend Aubrey.”I said we’re going to Cabuto’s for lunch are you in, where were you?””Remember my Roommate Scott?””Yeah.””Last night the power went out and we were talking about his girlfriend Erin…””I thought he was Gay?””Yeah me too but he’s not. So i asked why he never hit on me and he told me that he didn’t want to ruin the friendship.””Eww!” Aubrey said”Yeah so I set up a little Role Play scenario of two strangers at a bar.””How’d that go?””He stumbled a bit at first then recovered. He weaved a tail about a friendship that blossomed into romance and…..””And what?””Uggg what’s wrong with me!” Sara said”What?” “I think I’m falling for him!””What?” Aubrey asked”The story was so sincere and full of emotion and I…I don’t know felt something.””Wow…what güvenilir bahis are you going to do?””Nothing…””Nothing! If you feel something you have to act on those feelings or they are gonna fester inside your brain.””What do I do?”LaterSara stood at Scott’s door and hesitation set in, she however powered through and knocked.”Come in.” Scott saidSara turned the knob and entered. She found Scott lying in Bed with his laptop on his chest typing out a story.”Is that the article on the Carbon dioxide……whatever’s?””Carbon Fibre Nanotubes, and yes. Erin brother came through….off the Record.””Can we talk for a minute?” Sara asked.”Sure just let me save.” Scott said closing the laptop. Sara sat down next to him and breathed in slowly.”Last night during our little Role Play I umm….felt something.” She said.”What?””Feelings…I don’t know. It stirred up something Scott, it was probably always there but I thought that I’d never work because of the Gay thing.””Sara I love you, you know that. But our friendship means so much to me that I wouldn’t want to risk it.””Shouldn’t that be a joint decision?” Sara asked “If you obsess over what might be you’ll miss out on something incredible!””You…’re right!” Scott said pulling her close and kissing her.Sara untied her bathrobe and slid under the sheets with him. As they kissed Sara with one hand unbuckled his belt and pulled it from his waist. The obstruction gone he unzipped the jeans and tossed them aside followed by his boxers. Sara switched her attention to his manhood and grabbed it in her hand and began to slowly tug on it. As the member became harder she began to lick it getting it nice and slippery. Once it was thoroughly moist Sara climbed on and slowly sank down taking each satisfying inch. Simon placed his hands on Sara’s hips and kept a steady pace as she slid forward and back on him. They kept this pace for a while until she fell onto him. With his hands now on her ass Scott began to pump up into her as she gently kissed his lips and neck. This continued for a bit until they couldn’t hold back any more, Scott said Sara locked eyes as they both came together.They spent the rest of the night in silence, holding one another in quiet embrace.

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