Sev At The Theater With A Stranger


Sev At The Theater With A StrangerThe upper crust live differently as I am discovering!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At 48 I was over-weight, and could barely run the width of a soccer field.  I saw a picture of me and my senior in high school son and was mortified.  I began lifting weight, running, doing plyometrics and eating correctly.  I lost 95 pounds in 18 months and found not only the stamina I had lost but also the sex drive that had been waning!So at 50, single and with a new vocation in a new city I was looking for some things to get involved in.  A co-worker had a couple tickets to a play and he gave them to me and I decided to give culture a try.  Fortuantely, he warned me it was a snobbish affair and that it was a definite suit and tie affair.  I almost handed him back the tickets but decided what the hell.So I arrive 45 minutes before curtain and many of the guys are in tuxes and the ladies are all in slinky evening gowns and wearing thousands of dollars in gem on every hand, ear, wrist and chest!  I had put on my best suit and I looked good, but I was really reaching above my class in this crowd, The doors were not going to open for 15 minutes and the seats were all reserved so I decided to take a stairway off to the left that led to an art gallery.  It was not until I walked into the room that I realized that it was a gallery of nudes!  We are not talking Maplethorpe pictures or Playboy, I mean classy paintings, and sculptures that were simply amazing in their form and beauty. I wandered around the room, sipping champagne from a flute that had been on a tray when near the back the crowd became a little more packed.  I craned my neck to see what all the excitement was about but really could not tell until an older couple in front  of me  suddenly turned around, the woman with a firm grip on the man’s hand leading them away muttered, “Disgusting,” as she pushed her way past me.  I stepped up into the void they had created.There in the midst of the press were two very beautiful  models, the male was a deep brown and the woman a pale brunette, neither with a stitch on!  She was sitting on a dainty chair, he sat on the floor nest to her, his head resting on his arms across her lap as he gazed up into her face.  She was staring down at him.  Both of them glistened with oils.  Then he rose and stood beside her and she rested her hand on his hip and stared up into his face.  From the lower center of his torso hung the largest hunk of flaccid man meat I have ever seen!!The lady in front of me drew a deep breath and backed into me.  Unaware of how things that I had seen had affected me, we both were immediately aware that I was hard as a rock!  She looked over her shoulder at me smiled up at me.  She was maybe 50, with just a touch of gray at the temples.  She was a couple of inches shorter than me, but I was very aware that he ass was higher than natural, indicating she was wearing very high heals.When she looked up and saw my embarrassed canlı bahis smile and I murmured my apologies, she turned a little more toward me and she whispered up to me, “No need to apologize, I rather enjoyed it!”  I was enjoying my view even more, I am certain!  She had brown eyes, high cheek bones, very red lips and her sapphire blue dress that was adorned with rhinestones that trimmed the deep plunging drop that exposed her ample breasts!She turned back to the models and I started to try and shuffle back a little to avoid another incident, when I felt her hand reaching back and upon grasping the fabric near my pocket, she pulled me forward and my cock slid into the cleft of her ass as if they were made for each other!Now, as I said, I was definitely out of my element to begin with but this was incredible!  I began looking around to see if anyone was seeing what was happening and my mouth nearly dropped.  The man in front and to our right was discretely rubbing the sides of the breasts on the woman that stood in front of him.  To my other side, a man was squeezing the woman at his side to him in a gentle embrace… as she stroked his cock through the fabric of his pants!  It looked like we were only minutes away from having a damn orgy at the rate things were progressing!Then the lights dimmed for a moment and came back up and the models both stood and walked primly to a slit in the dark gray backdrop and disappeared from sight.  The people around me had all turned and were beginning to head toward the stairs.  The dark haired beauty in front of me sighed, turned and looked up at me with a wistful smile.  “That was very nice.  I just wish the opening of the show was delayed for a few minutes more.  She winked at me and then started to step past me toward the stairs herself.It was completely out of character for me, but I caught her arm and stopped her.  She looked down at my hand as if it were something that needed cut uff then looked up into my eyes.  The face that had been so playful only moments before was hard as stone and the eyes were just as cold.  Before she could say anything and before I lost my nerve I blurted out, “My date could not make the show tonight, so there is an empty seat beside me in section C row 8.”  I then released her arm and she looked down at her arm and back up at me with an unreadable look before she resumed walking toward the exit.  I walked over to a collection of sculpture of body parts and silently cursed myself for my stupidity.A few minutes later I made my was down and into the theater.  I knew where my seats were and that they were on the aisle so I intentionally waited until the curtain was about to go up before taking my seat.  I was just reading the blub about the corporate sponsorship of my employer when a tap came on my shoulder.  I looked up and smiled as I started to rise.  I figured it was someone who was seated in the center and had left out the other end of the aisle.  It was not.As bahis siteleri I stood and stepped out into the aisle to let the familiar form of the woman pass, she gave me a coy smile, let her hand graze the underside of my cock as she stepped into the row and then sat down in the empty seat beside me.  I think I only stood there dumb-founded for a second before I sat down next to her!“Nice of you to join me.” I said to her.“You have better seats.” She said.  I looked over at her and saw her smiling as she leaned up and whispered in my ear, “and you have a hard cock!”The lights dimmed and the music came up and she put her hand in mine.  Slowly she led my hand over to her thigh.  The side of the dress had a slit that went all the way up to her hip and she guided my fingers inside the clit, then transferred her program to that hand hid from view the movements of my hand as I explored.There was not much to explore.  There were no stockings, no garters not even any underwear to impede my exploreation.  Only the warm smooth flesh of a woman that was hoping I was adventurous enough to  find her treasure.  Five minutes into the drama on stage, I was lightly tapping then pressing the higher regions of her slit with my finger tips.  She was clutching my arm and by the intensity of her squeezes telling me exactly how she wished for me to procede.  Her top had loosened and I could just see the puckered hard flesh of her nipple poking out like a thimble begging for attention as it wat there fixed to the front of her full breasts!  My fingers were finding more and more moisture and what they found, they worked into the creases and folds of the feminine flesh that remained hidden just out of sight of my prying eyes!Half way through the first act, I felt her grab my arm and I looked over and saw her biting her lower lip as I quickened the figure eight motion with my finger right over her clit!  She stiffened every muscle and I wondered what the woman on the other side of her thought, but I did not care enough. I danced her little nub to a couple orgasms that she suffered through in silence before she finally begged me to stop.  I complied with a smug smile as she cuddled up on my arm.At Intermission, she stood on somewhat shaky legs and asked me to escort her out to the parlor.  When we reached a somewhat vacant hallway, she took my hand and quickly led me around another corner and then into a conference room.  The green glow from the speaker phone and the light reflecting in through the windows from the parking lot was all the light the room had and all we needed.She pushed me down into one of the upholstered charis as she said, “My God you have me so fucking horny I could hump a fence post!”  She went straight down on her knees in front of me and had my fly undone and cock pulled out in mere seconds.  There was  no preamble to it, she just stuffed my cock into her hungrey mouth and went down all the way on it, smashing my cock head into the güvenilir bahis soft flesh at the back of her throat! I am here to tell you, this woman need no encouragement!  She was blowing me like a hurricane in the the Caribbean in October and I was just hanging on for dear life.  I do not know for certain, maybe my hands did it, maybe it just came undone, but her halter style top to her dress came loose and fell down exposing two full, round breasts that swayed and slapped and hypnotized me as she faint light of the near darkness.It only took me a couple of minutes after the build-up of the preceding hour to be damn close to blowing my load.  She had her hand on my nuts and suddenly she squeezed around the base of my scrotum and then pulled my testicles the opposite way from which they (and I) wanted them to go!!!  It was an electric sensation and I was glad that after a few second s of holding me like that, she released my family jewels.  To my amazement, my cock had wilted, and if anything it was pointing at her in an even more obscene fashion!I was about to ask her what the hell she was doing, when she rocked back onto her feet, turned her back on me, stepped backward over one thigh and then the other as she gathered the back of her dress up and then in reverse cowgirl position dutifully lowered herself onto my ridged member!!She was soooo very wet.  It was incredible to feel my thick cock stretch her lips and then start to fill the voice of her vagina as her weight impaled her up on me!  It did not even take ten seconds before I was nuts deep in her and she shuddered and she hit rock bottom and felt me twitching deep behind her navel!  My hands went around to her heavy firm breasts and immediately encountered the hard thimble shaped and sized nipples that popped out from the dark, defined areola of her magnificent breasts.  I was twisting and pulling on the flesh and she was moaning and grinding her hips and ass onto me. It did not take long, though I can say with a certain amount of pride, that the orgasms began in her body and echoed through my body before bouncing back and forth between one another for what seemed like forever!  I know it was the biggest load I have shot in years and I am not certain but that I quite possibly may have lost consciousness for a brief time!  When we had each shuddered our last, I handed her my handkerchief which she gratefully accepted to stop the flood of our union from spilling out of her.She walked over to a door and listened then said, she had to go “freshen up” and that she would meet me back at the seats.  She then ducked out of the door and I stood up and did my best to make myself presentable before heading to the restroom and back to our seats.  I got seated just as the lights dimmed for the start of the second act.She never joined me.She never told me her name.I was so confused and frustrated at the end of the show that I almost tossed the play program book in the trash.  That was when I saw her face, on the back of the last page.  Underneath it gave her name and the title of Theater Owner and CFO!!Guess who went to the ticket window and signed up to be a season ticket holder for the rest of the year!!!

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