Sex Studio Secrets #24: Michelle-1


Sex Studio Secrets #24: Michelle-1Michelle is a slender sexy brunette beauty in her early twenties who loves to be taken well.Michelle prefers experienced elder men with stamina and interesting ideas for fornication.She hotly hopes her visit to the sex studio of Professor Peter will yield 69 and penetration.She has only a vague idea of his further plans for her, both a bit scary and a great turn-on!Michelle and I had another sexy chat recently. We imaginined how hot foxy fun we would have at 69. Michelle likes to be taken in her mouth. Best with me on top. We both do love the tast of pre-cum.Michelle follows my advise. She accepts my invitation for a private sexy session at my sex studio.Michelle has a few favourite positions I will treat her to. I will teach her as well a few of me.She shows up at the first nice sunny day of early Spring dressed only in a skimpy short summer dress.She accepts my condition for our sexy show. She knows she has to do well in her proper presentation.She is curious for his intimate inspection and special request bahis siteleri for masturbation he demands of her.She is even more curious for the satisfying special rewards he promises if she performs really well.Michelle doesn’t see any cameras. She is sure he has some of them hidden in some smart way probably.Michelle likes the warmth of the red velvet studio with all those mirrors at all walls and ceiling.Michelle loves the soft soul ballad he plays. Starts to move to the music, while Peter watches her.Michelle slowly strips for him. He whistles when he sees her firm little titties and her brown bush.She dances ever closer to him showing off her beautiful bums as she bends over with legs spread wide.She caresses her bottom by both hands. She teases Peter spreading next her love lips for a good view.She looks at his eyes from underneath her pussy. His eyes are eagerly fixed at her hot hairy snatch.She starts to play with her self. The sexy situation turns her on tremendously and soon she orgasms!Michelle you are excellent and very sexy canlı bahis talented! My reward for you will last long my lovely love.Michelle make my member stand to attention please. Kneel down now and munch my meat, sexy sweetheart.Michelle you do well. I want to taste you as well! Peter lifts her by her hips, turns her around.Michelle still sucks his mighty manhood. Her thighs are at his shoulders. He licks her pussy juices.She feels how he lifts her again, while she still sucks him. He lays her down at a low wooden table.She comes fast once more from his expert eating her out. He shifts her a bit so her head dangles down.She feels how he fucks her full length down to her throat. Let my cat kiss your cunt my hottie!She suddenly feels flashes of pain at her twat at every hit from his cat-o-nine-tails of leather.Michelle’s love lips start to swell as well as her clit, it sticks her head out to look who’s there.Michelle hardly knows what is happening to her as most of her view is blocked by his body and balls.Michelle gets glimpses during güvenilir bahis the dance of his balls before her eyes in two mirrors how he hits her!Michelle closes her eyes as the pain turns to pleasure and has another orgasm at a new level of love.She feels how he pulls her up to turn her around and pushes her shoulders down so her ass sticks out.She longs to be taken now, hard and fast for her fourth sexy explosion which makes her squirt a bit.She feels how he finally penetrates her pussy with his big brown banana. Pokes her just as she hopes.She comes indeed for the fourth time at the moment he enters a finger into her tasty tight sphincter.Michelle now it is my turn to teach you my favourite position and type of foxy foreplay for more!Michelle I invite you to a special sexy session on my chaise longue. I long to try this trick on you.Michelle you will experience something new and very exciting you never knew you could like this treat.Michelle this is really something different from fine foxy fornication for sexy satisaction for two!She wonders what Peter will do with her now?She is a bit afraid by something in his voice.She gets blindfolded and handcuffed at her back.She feels suddenly very vulnerable at his hands.To be continued soon …Copyright by Poet PETER

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