Sexual Therapy


I’m coming out of the parking garage into the lobby of my apartment building and I see a good looking girl – well, young woman – standing in front of the elevators. As I come through the door, she turns from the waist up and looks toward me. I guess the sound of the door gets her attention. My immediate thought is, what’s Cameron Diaz doing here? Cameron Diaz, the actress, happens to be the sexiest female on the planet as far as I’m concerned. Slightly tall, slim but with all the curves a woman needs, blue, maybe even green, eyes that always seem almost lit up and excited and a pretty face with a dirty grin. Fuckable. Very, very fuckable.

Just then the elevator doors opened and the girl turns toward them and steps in. I’m only a couple steps away and hurry and she looks out at me, smiling, and uses her hand to hold the door. It isn’t Cameron Diaz. But she’s every bit as fuckable. Same look and smile, same blonde hair cut sort of short, terrific body. But she’s younger, maybe fifteen years younger.

“You must be new here,” I say to her as I’m in and the doors close.

“Yeah, just moved in yesterday. But how do you know?” Great voice. I think I’m falling in love.

“Anyone as gorgeous as you, I’d remember if you had been around longer,” is my reply. She gives a light laugh. “And thanks, for holding the door. I’m Dan, apartment 308.” I’d looked and saw she had the button for 3 pushed. I put my hand out to be shaked.

She smiles again “Cynthia,” she says. “324” and she actually takes my hand.

I hold her hand a moment. The doors open. “You really are gorgeous,” I tell her.

“Well, thanks, I guess,” she says, smiling and looking at our hands. So I let go.

“If you ever need anything. A cup of sugar or something, just come to 308, anything you want. Well, not a cup of sugar now that I think about it, I don’t have any. Splenda, though.”

She gives another small laugh. “Thanks, she says. Maybe I will.” She turns and heads down the hall. I watch her go. Her ass moves from side to side. Maybe the best ass I’ve ever seen. Definitely fuckable. Or at least I hope so.

You see a girl that great, it’s an event. I keep thinking about her. Wondering if I should have said something different. That evening, in the shower, I jerk off thinking about her. It’s not that I’m lacking for sex. Well, I am, actually. Not completely but getting a lot less than I want and with girls that are nowhere near as great as Cynthia.

I’m in sales. Out of college a couple years ago I got a job with two guys that had started up a manufacturers rep firm a couple years before and were growing. It’s great and I’m finally starting to make more than a minimum living, much more actually. So I’m busy. If I have calls in Santa Barbara or the other direction, San Bernardino, I get home a little late. Today, I’m waiting for the elevator in the lobby at around 6:30 pm and when the doors open, there’s Cynthia.

Before I can even say anything, she says, “Hi, Dan,” and steps out, right toward me.

“Hi,Cynthia,” I say, “you may be even more gorgeous today than yesterday.”

She gives a little laugh and grins at me. “Hey,” she says, “I was just going out to eat. I don’t know anything at all about any places near here. Where would be good?”

“Well, L.A. has a thousand good places but right near here, within walking distance, there are only four possibilities. Depends what you prefer. Out the door and to your left you can find a Mexican place and an Italian place. To the right is a fast food burger place and another block down is sort of a family kind of place, a step above a coffee shop.”

“Hum,” she actually says out loud, “well, I’d just as soon have something a little nice, the Italian place sounds best. Thanks.” She’s ready to walk around me.

“Hey,” I blurt out, “I was going to eat in a couple minutes any way. O.k. if I join you?”

She actually smiles at me. Maybe she likes the idea. “Sure, I’d love some company.”

We head to the door, I put my arm on her back as I open the door for her. I want to touch or feel this sexy body as often as possible. We walk the two blocks to the restaurant, talking. I discover she’s from Colorado, graduated from Colorado State in Communications and is now in the second week of her first, full-time, career job. She loves fashion and managed to get a position at the west coast office of a major fashion magazine. Their job is covering Hollywood and it’s people and regional fashions in general and so far her job has been limited to fact checking and going for coffee and sandwiches as needed.

She learns about my job and background. By this time we’re in the restaurant, seated and have ordered. We have a bottle of Chianti to split between us. I end up telling her about me by saying that I really like what I’m doing and it’s turning out even better than I had hoped and I thought I had a very good future. Sipping wine and then taking the first bites of our meal, she starts complaining about her job. escort kartal She’s not getting to do what she expected she would be doing, she’s treated like someone who knows nothing, her boss is a real bitch and impossible to get along with and she wonders if she should just quit and hunt for something else.

I try to tell her that as the new kid in the office, it’s no surprise that they don’t give her serious work right away. She has to work her way into their confidence and slowly get a little more responsibility handed to her. She agrees that she’s thought of all that but is still very down hearted about things.

I tell her, “I think you need a fuck buddy.”

That gets her attention. She just looks at me for a moment and then her eyes sort of shine and she grins. “What did you just say? A fuck buddy?”

“Yeah, I think you’re frustrated with more than your work. You’re in a new place, don’t have a lot of friends, it’s all a huge adjustment. You need someone that will give you orgasms, make you happy, relieve your stress.”

She just looks at me again, a grin growing on her face. “And I guess you think you’re the one that could do that for me?”

“Well, yeah. You are the sexiest girl I’ve ever known. The greatest body possible. I’d love to do everything possible to your body. I bet you’re delicious. You should be given a couple orgasms before we even get around to actually fucking.”

She actually laughs a little. “You’re so full of it. Has that line ever got you anywhere with anyone?”

“Well, I’m only a couple years older than you. I haven’t had that much sex with that many people, so I’ve never really developed a line, as such. The fuck-buddy idea just came to me because I really think that’s what you need. As for the other, I actually did once have a girl decide immediately that she was ready when I mentioned my giving her oral sex.”

“So you’re suggesting therapy sex. No romance, no loving, no great emotion. Sex sort of like working out a sore leg or something.”

“No, I don’t think it’s possible to have sex without some feeling. I would hope that it would include a lot of emotion, a lot of romance. And you know, I sort of bet that it wouldn’t be all that new to you.”

“What? You’re saying I’ve done something like this before?”

“Well, as gorgeous as you are, I bet you went steady in college for awhile. There are a lot of reasons for going steady, I did it, too, in college. I mean you’re all of a sudden in this big impersonal place and you need to have something central to hold on to, to be part of. But, the sex is also important. At least for me, I think the sex was the most important point of it all. And if it was for you, too, then here you are now in a strange place again and you’re just not gettin’ any.”

By the time I finished my little diatribe she’s grinning at me again. “You’re full of it, Dan, but you’re right. I was a freshman, the first time away from home and this junior seduced me. With my complete cooperation. He was my first. And it was all just the greatest thing ever. Somewhere along the line I did think momentarily about something long term but, honestly, neither of us really expected it to last beyond college. And it didn’t. He graduated and we’ve talked on the phone a couple times, but not for a year or more now.”

“I bet I know but, I’ll ask anyway. What did you do for sex once he was gone?”

“I found another guy and we lasted until I graduated. And I haven’t talked to him since I left there. You’re right. it was just sex. Very, very good sex.”

The waiter brought our bill. “We’re going Dutch aren’t we?” Cynthia asks and pulls out a wallet with some money. I really meant to pay but her money was already there so I took the bill, figured out how much more was owed plus a decent tip and put it down. We both get up and leave. As we walk out the door she says, “You’re a terrific salesman. Are you as good at therapy?”

I actually grabbed her, pulled her around, got my arms around her and kissed her. I could feel that perfect body tight up against me. I slid a hand down onto her ass and she did the same to me, pulling me even tighter against her. Her mouth opened and we traded tongues. The best kiss of my whole life. When she finally pulled her head back a little she says, “Not out here. We should move into a bedroom.”

We start back. I have my arm around her and she has hers around my waist. This is all unbelievable, like a dream come true. “Cynthia,” I tell her, “I really wasn’t trying to talk you into anything you don’t want to do. It’s just that I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you.”

“Dan, yesterday I was standing staring at the elevator doors, tired and pissed off and thinking to myself that I really, really needed to get laid. Needed a lovely, erect cock. Then I turned and saw you. You’re tall and slim and nice looking and I was ready to attack you. Then you said if I needed anything to come to 308 and back in my room I thought about maltepe escort knocking on your door and asking to borrow the use of your cock but I wasn’t quite willing to be that much of a slut. So when I met you again and we went to eat, you had me almost no matter what you said. But I loved what you were saying. It made it so easy for me.”

“No wonder you didn’t get mad at me but kept grinning about almost everything I said.” Then we stop and hug each other and we kiss some more and feel each other and then turn and hurry into the apartment building.

Into the elevator and before the doors actually close, she’s unzipping my fly and reaching in. Her hand searches around to get through my underwear and then she has her hand around my cock. My very erect cock. She looks at me and gives me a dirty grin. She reaches up to pull my head down to kiss me, still holding my cock, squeezing it. The doors open and she pulls me along, using my cock as her grasp on me, down the hall to her apartment. She murmurs a “shit” as she has to let go of me to get her keys out, then we go in and she pushes the door shut behind us. There is no furniture in her living room. Not one chair or table. As I look around, she kneels on the floor and starts unfastening my belt, then my pants. She grasps the waist band and pulls both my pants and boxers down . As they drop onto my feet, still in my socks and shoes, She has hold of my cock again. “Oh, Dan,” she says, “this is so good.” She starts licking along the sides and then gets her mouth over the head and starts sucking me in. She keeps one hand holding the base for a moment and starts playing with my testicles with the other. As she gets most of me in her mouth, she lets go and reaches around to hold my ass and pulls it towards her. I can feel her moaning or humming or something as she licks and sucks.

I look around. This is one sexy time. The girl of my dreams is sucking my cock and playing with my balls. But it’s also surreal. I’m standing in a completely empty room, my pants around my ankles so I can hardly move. The only thing to do is enjoy it because I know I’m not going to last long. And I don’t. I doubt if she sucks more than three minutes and I’m shooting into her mouth. She pulls her head back some, keeping just the head in her mouth. I give her enough that I know she has to be swallowing because her mouth can’t be big enough to hold it all. I finally squirt out a last little dribble and she pulls her mouth off and sort of stares at my cock, then takes it back into her mouth and slowly milks it with her lips, sucking out anything that’s left.

“You have a great cock, Dan,” she says. “I hope I get to do that a lot.” She stands up, holding my bare butt. “Your turn now,” she says and turns and heads into what I know is the bedroom. Her apartment is a duplicate of mine as far as layout goes. I have to sit down or else I’ll fall. I untie my shoes, get them off, pull my socks off, then manage to step out of my pants and underwear that I just leave there in a pile and follow her as quick as I can.

In the bedroom she has a double bed. Not Queen or King. And a small, Ikea modern chest of drawers. That’s it. Still moving in. But the real sight was her. Naked. Leaning over the bed, pulling the comforter and top sheet down. I’ve never seen anything sexier, maybe never will. “You’re even more gorgeous naked,” I say to her and get my arms around her and pull her against me to kiss her. She turns her head slightly.

“Kiss me, now?” she asks.

“Definitely, you’re just so beautiful and desirable, I can hardly stand it.”

“But my mouth still has some of you in it.”

I take my hand and turn her head and kiss her, push my tongue into her. She puts her arms around me and we kiss and kiss and lick each other and hold on tight. “Sucking me just makes you even sexier,” I say to her and back us up until she’s against the bed. I push her to sit on the bed and kneel in front of her, pushing her knees apart to get up against her. I kiss her again and it may be the best kiss yet. I’ve never felt so turned on before in my life. I start kissing her shoulders, move my hands to her breasts and then slump down a little to get my mouth to her breasts. I kiss and lick and suck her nipples and fondle those amazing breasts. I could spen a lot of time on them, they’re perfect. But, I kiss down over her stomach and she lays back some and spreads her legs. This has happened to me before. Girls can spread their legs a lot more than guys can. It almost seems a physical impossibility.

There’s her pussy. Blonde hair. Really blonde, light yellow. All above her pussy, not down the lips. The hair on her head is real, I bet Cameron Diaz’s isn’t. And her pussy. Pink, puffy, really beautiful. I kiss it. I turn my head and kiss her upper thighs. Firm, meaty, no fat. Most girls thighs are flabbier from my experience. I use my fingers to pull her open slightly and get my tongue into her and lick up and down. I can’t describe pendik escort bayan the taste. Sex. It’s what sex must taste like. Better than the best steak.

She’s making little noises. I look up at her and she’s leaning back on her arms looking down at me. “You’re so beautiful. The sexiest, tastiest, most beautiful pussy in the world.” I get my tongue back in her and start doing everything I can think of. I do the alphabet thing. I push my tongue into her vagina. I lick up a little and flick my tongue on her clit, little more than a bump. Her insides are getting a little juicier, her hips bounce a little as I touch her clit with my tongue. She makes slightly louder noises. Not words or moans, just some primeval, guttural, involuntary sounds of pleasure.

I’m going to eat her forever. I’ve never felt as strongly about this before. I would like to almost crawl in and live there. I want to keep tasting her and tasting her and driving her nuts. She keeps getting juicier, she’s shoving her hips more at me, wants me there. Her one hand is holding my head, mussing my hair and then pushing me into her more, then letting up a little. I slide a finger into her and get my lips around her clit. More than a bump now, it’s sticking it’s head up a little. I suck on it some and pull my finger out and put another next to it and push both back into her. I suck on her clit, flick it with my tongue, slide my fingers in and out, and she starts yelling, Her hips jump even more, She lets go of my head but her legs close around me and hold me tight and I can feel her orgasming, emitting fluid. I slide my face down as much as I can, trapped in there, and try and lick up everything I can.

Her legs release me, she lays back as if exhausted. I start licking up and down inside her again. “Oh my god, more?” she asks. “I’m not sure I can.” I keep on licking, softly, just enjoying her shape and taste. I shove my tongue into her vagina. I don’t even need to hold her open, her pussy is engorged, spread, all available. I lick her lips and then back inside her. She’s making small noises again. I’ve never done this before. Keep on licking after she’s cum. I realize, I just want to. It’s no great plan or anything, I just love licking her, eating her. I start through the alphabet again with my tongue, tasting her, feeling the shape and the softness/firmness/juiciness of her. She just lays back and makes her small noises. Sounds that seems to me means she’s enjoying this. I have no idea of time. It’s comfortable, kneeling here; she seems comfortable, even though her legs are almost into a split. And we both seem to like it. More, really. Love it. I don’t know her well enough to know how we’ll get along but I know I love her pussy. I love her body.

I get my tongue back up to her clit and start working on it. It’s actually sort of a little penis now, easy to grab with my lips, hit with my tongue. I slide a couple fingers into her again. Her noises start getting louder,. Her very juicy, tasty pussy gets even juicier. Her hand comes back down onto my head. Her body moves slightly, her hips sort of jump. I just keep finger fucking her and sucking her clit and she starts howling. Her hand pushes me in tight, her legs come up around me again, and I can feel fluid on my fingers. Again, I pull them out and move my head down as much as I can to try and suck her whole pussy into my mouth and taste what she’s emitting. Sexy. Sexy. Sexy.

She essentially collapses again and I push up on my knees and get my very, very erect cock aimed at her and start pushing into her. “God yes.” she says loudly, “Fuck me. fuck me.” She’s so tight it almoast hurts Then I’m fully into her and start pushing her further onto the bed so that I can get a knee up and then the other and get over her. I want to kiss her with my cock in her. And we do. Her arms come up around me, her legs come up and her heels dig into my butt and I pull out and push in over and over. Since I’d already cum when she sucked me, I knew I would last a little. I started working harder, moving faster and pounding into her. She’s making those same guttural noises. Not exactly ughs and not exactly just heavy breathing, almost like the grunts some women make playing top level tennis.

Her eyes are scrunched shut, her face almost in a grimace. She’s concentrating everything on the feel of our fucking. Her feet come off me and she gets them on the bed and starts pushing her hips back up at me, fucking me almost as much as I’m fucking her. Then she screams, her body stiffens, I can feel fluid around my cock. and she collapses again. Her eyes look up at me and she gets this smile on her face. “Dan, you’re a miracle.” She puts her hand on my head and pulls it down and we kiss. It’s not a soft, friendly kiss, it’s hot and urgent. I move my head to the side and kiss her neck. “You haven’t cum,” she says.

“No,” I reply, and move my hips to move my cock inside her.

“Let me on top. I’ll make you cum,” she says, then grins at me. I pull out completely, lift up some and move to the side and lay down, scrunching around until I’m on my back. She climbs up over me, her hands on my chest, gets above my cock and reaches with one hand to hold me up and she starts sliding her pussy down over me.

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