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Sexy Indian Barbie DollSun is too hot in bright afternoon. I am swimming in a sea with my 3 cricket club’s friends. Waves were pushing me towards sea shore, while sea face pulling me inside. “It’s enough! We have to go now” I said to Manish a body builder friend. He replied with funny voice “why are you scared of going in more deep” “no I am not, but I don’t wanna take a risk”. He asked everyone “do you’ll wanna move outside”. They all said in clashing each other’s voice “NO!!!”.. Manish & Gaurav are not so good looking. But are athletic shaped body builders. Their body had always made me jealous. My body is slim & in progress to be builder. I am handsome compare to all those. While Rahul is little fatty type teddy bear. We named him fatty Rahul..I was on black shorts. I moved out of sea thinking of tomorrow’s match. Suddenly sweat voice came on my ears “hi…. Abhi”. I looked aside, she is Ronita my college friend. She is so lucky that she is having a house side of a beach.. She had wore pink bikini. She is fair & gorgeous having teenage body with medium size boobs & buts. Her height is short till my shoulders… I said “you must be coming here every day” “No really I would have been bore otherwise. I come here when I get bore at home”. “So now you are bored”. “Yes” (by giggling) actually no one is at home. What to do alone… so I came here” afterwards we sat on sand & our chit-chat went on. She said in between “hey are you free na…”. “Yeahh”. “So let’s go to my house” (with shinning eyes). I understood her feelings. “Okk, but not like previous time”(in joking mood). “Are you crazy.. If I would have asked this to any other guy.. He would have been mad”. “I have match tomorrow. I need stamina. Even I had not masturbated for five days, next time sure. Please…!!!”. She looked at me with her eyebrows wide up & chin little down. I didn’t guess what she is thinking. She stood up & moved. I feel bad. Wished if match would not have been there tomorrow. Today would have been my great day..After some time she came back with bunch of notes in her hands. I got surprised. She came with smiling naughty face & said while slapping those notes on my chest “what about this”. I said “I think you are gone mad. Usually girls don’t pay for sex”. “But I do. I can’t control my lust”. I thought in mind “ok let’s do it, but make sure, not to cum”. I looked at her smiling. Kept bunch of notes inside her bra, lift her in my hands & moved towards her house. I could feel warmness of her body. She was touching my lips with her finger. We reached at her door. While being in my arms, she opened the door & we moved inside. I moved towards a bathroom without saying a word. I exactly know, where it is. I had been here before for same thing. She removed notes, lifted it down on floor outside bathroom door. I lift her down in bathroom, closed the door & started a shower. She wrapped her hair behind. Which makes her look hotter. I started cleaning her body from sand particles. I started from her neck. While moving my hands over her naked part of body. I could see her expressions in wall size mirror. She was biting her lips with her eyes half closed. I moved my hand down towards her back & started rubbing it softly. I removed her bra from behind. It fell down on wet floor. Then I Directly moved by hands towards her ass. I squeezed it over her panty. It was very soft. Then I sat down on knees & pulled her panty towards her toes to see her nice fair colored ass. Then I started kissing her ass, while rubbing her thighs to clean. bilecik escort She said “c’mon fuck me”. I stood up, Took her in my arms. She opened the bathroom door & I moved towards her bedroom. I lift her down in bedroom. We were still wet. She turn on AC. I said “hey.. Please turn it off”. She said in normal voice “let it be. It will be fun in cold climate”. I said in naughty voice “why are you looking calm, Just smile”.”achaa.. Why should I smile!! For you”(in naughty voice). I went closer to her, while she is naked walking backwards It will be fun in cold climate”. I said in naughty voice “why are you looking calm, Just smile”.”achaa.. Why should I smile!! For you”(in naughty voice). I went closer to her, while she is naked walking backwards towards wall, looking at me in lust. I said “ please…..”. She giggled moving her chin down. Now she reached towards wall & can’t move back anymore. I moved towards her. I started kissing her wet cheeks saying in soft naughty voice “smile…smile…smile”. Then I started squeezing her wet boobs while kissing her lips. I could feel her hot breath over my lips. I am feeling myself bright in dreams. She moved me backward placing her hands on my chest. She sat down on floor, pulled my wet pant & underwear down towards my toe, took my black dick in her fair colored hands. My dick is 7 inches long which suits in her hands. She looked at me smiling. I placed my dick over her gorgeous smiling face. She closed her eyes & made voice “ammmm”. Then she starts sucking my dick, taking it inside her mouth as much she can.. Like an experienced slut. She took it till her throat. As she takes my dick in & out of her mouth. Wetness of her tongue makes me horny. Then she stopped & said “stand behind me” and then she gets in doggy style position.. I understood what she wants. I went near her ass, slapped it once & took my dick near her ass. Initially I moved my dick up & down in between her ass gap, slapped my dick twice, thrice on her ass & moved it slowly inside her. Voice came “ahhhh”. Dick was feeling awesome in her ass. Then I hold her ass & started fast…. Fast…. & faster… while her voice “yeahh ……… yeaahh …. Yeh … yeh.,yeh… yeah !……………….yeaahhhhhh (harder voice).!!!! This continued for few minutes.. We stopped. I went on bed. She said “cow girl position”. She order and as I was feeling like I am paid sex worker. Feels awkward. I leans on bed taking both my hands under my head. She comes on bed. Takes dick in her hand, while biting her lower lip & sits on my lap & leaves dick outside. She bends over me and her mobile rings. Which was near my head. She receives call being on my dick. She says “Hello … ha darling”. She listens for a while and then “I will call you back. I am busy” then pause “yes I am busy… bye” she throws her mobile aside & now puts her hand on my chest and orders in soft voice “put your dick inside my pussy” I did holding her ass in one hand. Then she moves her ass up & down to do “in & out sensation”. She moans, while she holds my chest tightly & makes movement of fingers. Till now our whole body had become dry and I was feeling cold. Her hair had become hard. Some of her hair comes over her face. Which she makes aside while riding, which makes her looks more beautiful & hot. Then I took her closer so suck her boobs. I started sucking her nipples, while holding her back. I was making noise while licking. She made voice “yuhh”.. Then I licked her whole skin of boobs… then she holds my face and bolu escort says in horny voice “suck it more”.. I did while she was still holding my face & moaning.. “yessss….ahhhh”. then I continued same holding her ass, Penetrating it fast………faastttt… & faster….! While her voice “aaahhhh……OHHH!!! FUCK!!!!!!!. Then I said in horny voice “I am gonna cummm move….”. she moves, holds my dick & started shaking my dick, placing her head on my thigh.. I said in horny voice “No!! Don’t do that…” but she was not in mood of listening. She continued and finally my first shot was out on her lips. Then she sucks upper part of dick & swallows whole cum. . She looked at me & said “that’s what I want” & smiled. I went in bathroom to wash my penis. While returning I picked of bundle of notes & went in bedroom to wear my pant. When I entered, she had wore her bikini again. She was sitting on bed with sadness, looking down, while her hair were hanging towards front. I asked “what happened.. So tensed” she replied “while you were in bathroom I made a call to my boyfriend back. He was full on angry. Actually, In between our sex when he had a call & after I said “bye”. I didn’t end that call & threw it aside. Even he didn’t end that call. He heard me moaning”. “So now what??” I said with eagerness. “He don’t want to talk to me”. “Never mind you will get any boy” I said this in funny mood to make her calm. “ohh really” she replied looking at me with her eyebrow upward and looked away… I decided not to argue & to move. I took my pant & underwear, wore it, kept bundle in my wet pocket & moved towards door..Bell rang before I could reach at door. I got scared. Who must be there? Whoever must be? He will surely be doubtful, what we did inside. She came from backward & opened door. I feel released. They were Manish, Gaurav and fatty Rahul. Manish had wore blue color Indian team shorts, Gaurav wore neon green shorts & fatty Rahul has wore NBA’s sleeveless and black colored shorts. They were giggling looking at me. I asked “how do you all know I am here”. Gaurav replied fatty Rahul saw you going in Ronita’s house. “Fatty Rahul” she giggled hearing his awkward name. Fatty Rahul feels shy. He just smiled. His cheeks were making his eyes look small. Ronita said “you all go I am coming out”. But they entered. Manish said while looking at her boobs “well we are here for another reason”. While others continued giggling looking at her. She looked at me surprised. I couldn’t speak a word. She looked down & was thinking something. While she was thinking, Manish went behind her, holds her & asked “are you OK with us”. It looks like strong giant holding Barbie doll. Her height his towards his nose. She looked at me & said “they are so good. No need to request them. They are requesting”. Gaurav said to her “what??? You requested him”. He looked at me & said “so lucky dude”. Ronita said “It”s nothing that you know. I even .(I stopped her in between & spoke) “let’s not waste time & fuck” Gaurav went towards her, while manish started squeezing her boobs over her bra from behind. Gaurav asked Manish “can I get one b*o”. Manish “sure”. Manish released her one boob & came at her one side. Gaurav removed her bra. Now both were squeezing & sucking nipple of each boobs, ronita was holding each of them’s head. They both were fingering her pussy inside her panty at a same time. I sat on sofa & was enjoying like I am watching live porn video. I like the way she moans… “ah ah ah ah ah ah” in soft voice. Then aydın escort fatty Rahul came. After so long. He joined them. He sat down on knees in front of ronita. Removes her panty, starts licking her pussy. He was handling pussy department very well. While others on boobs. She had gone mad in orgasm. As she was making weird sounds. Then Gaurav went at her back, removes his shorts & started penetrating her ass fast with his black dick by holding her in arms. Like another giant penetrating Barbie doll. At a same time Manish was licking her boobs all over, while fatty Rahul was licking her lips while she was screaming. After some time Manish disturbed Gaurav by holding her hands to take her on sofa. She asked with eagerness “which position”. Manish said “cowgirl double penetration”.”ohh.. I am feeling scared. Sometimes I can’t even bear single dick in my ass”. Everyone laughed. Gaurav said said ”don’t worry”. Ronita “what don’t worry.. Take little slow” Manish said in horny angry mode “over acting ha…”. He holds her hair & pushed her on sofa. She fell on sofa, looked behind, says in load voice “hey..” Gaurav leans on sofa and was ready. Gaurav’s dick was normal size, while Manish has extra-large may be 9 inches black one. We Indians have black dicks. She was moving toward Gaurav. Manish immediately lifts her up & placed on Gaurav’s lap. She sits correctly on his lap & bends forward. Gaurav puts his dick inside her pussy & Manish immediately comes behind & starts penetrating in his full speed & power.. While Gaurav can hardly move his dick … her voice was AAAAAAHHHH OH MY GOD…….aaahh.. aahhh.. This continued in hard voice. I like this moment. I like strong men double penetrating beautiful thin girl. While they were in action, fatty Rahul comes forwards after some time & puts his dick inside her mouth holding her head. That made her mouth shut & then he continued giving her rough throat fuck. My dick had become erect again. I want to join them. I was looking for my chance. Fatty Rahul said “let me try”. Manish stopped & Gaurav made ronita aside & said “I wanna be on top. Fatty Rahul leans on bed, Ronita took sits on his lap & took his dick in her pussy. She bends forward. Fatty Rahul was smiling. She squeezed his soft cheeks in funny mood & says “ghochu..”. Manish says “ohhh new name ghochu”. I wanted to go & penetrate her from behind. I stood up. But before I could reach Gaurav penetrates from behind & they continued. I removed my pant & became ready. Manish looked at me & punched lightly on my shoulder. Fatty Rahul holds her boobs during action. She giggles & slapped him lightly. Gaurav stopped & demanded another position. They all stood up from sofa. I leaned on sofa immediately. Ronita says “what again”. I kept silence. She sits on my lap in reverse cowgirl position & put my dick in her ass. While Manish came with his big dick & put his dick in her pussy & starts. I lift her ass little upward to get a roam & starts penetrating too. Manish accelerates, became faster. I also too became more horny & became penetrating rapidly… her moaning became harder.. “AAAAAAHHHH stop, stop, stop it’s paining… but who cares.. We continued & her this voice was motivating us more… in between her voice came “let me cum, let me cumm, let me cummm.”. Manish continues for a while & removes his dick. She squirts while my dick was still inside her. making harder voice “yaa.. yaaa, yaa…”.. she made manish’s lower body wet. After some time she was sitting on sofa & we all were standing shaking our black dicks near her face.. she was looking at me with her gorgeous smile & lips closed.. Fatty Rahul cum first over her chicks. She remained still. Then after a half minute we all cum together over her lips.. Making her juicy lips covered with cum. Then she licks her lips & eats cum from her face….

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