She agrees to anal


She agrees to analTrue story Its been at least 2 years since we last were able to find ourselves somewhere that we could do it. She came to my house and we were all over each other in a matter of seconds. I love to lick and tongue her pussy while she’s holding my head just where she likes my tongue. I’m pushing my tongue as deep as i can and sucking her lips while i push my finger into her. I can feel her starting to tense and i know from experience she wont be last long now. She cums hard and begs me to fuck her so i move up her and slide my cock in her warm married pussy she has some trouble accommodating my size and im no porn star so the cock shes getting at home must be pretty insignificant. We change positions and she rides me for a little but where to old for acrobatic fucking and she slides off and takes me in her mouth. I love it when she cleans herself kocaeli escort off me (see pic in gallery). I lay her back and start sucking her pussy lips into my mouth there fucking huge and puffy i love it hes clits beeing assulted by my tongue and i start playing around her tight bud with my wet fingers and tongue. She smiles and says its been awhile go easy so i do pushing just one finger in and slowly letting her get used to the feeling. I twist it and start stretching her a little getting some lube from the bedside. She isnt confident I’ll be able to get my cock in her but thats not going to stop me from trying.I kneel up and try but its fucking to tight. Fuck i think thats it but then she says let me try so i lay on my back and she lowers herself onto my cock. We still cant get the head in so i get some more lube izmit escort and finger her more this time using 2 fingers and running my thumb up and down her clit. I cant djscribe the feeling for her but i reckon she liked it because she started to moan and push her pussy towards me.Im so fucking horny for this women i cant believe the cockhead shes married to cant get her off like this she loves sex and really anything i like she wants to at least try. Im one lucky sister in law fucker.She is getting looser now so i kneel again and this time i can get in she is fucking tight and i take it steady so she can stretch to my size. We slowly fuck for a bit and she tells me it feels different and she likes it. She wants me to go faster and i speed up pushing more cock in and she is pushing back to me now and telling bodrum escort me to fuck her hard. Im not one to dissapoint so i do as I’mtold and push it all in and fuck her arse as hard as i can. I’msure that you can imagine I’m not going to be able to last very long and way to soon I’m emptying a massive amount of cum into my s*s in laws arse she groans and i think she cums fuck that was intense. I pull out and her arse is gapping and looking well and truly fucked.We go in and shower together and its time for her to go. I fucking llve this women and how she makes me want her more every time I’m with her. My cocks aching now just thinking about what else we can do she wants me to find another guy for a 3sum she also wants another girl to join in as well. Fuck she is a horny women. She called me about a hour later and said she was in town doing the shopping and could feel my cum leaking out of her arse and running down her legs. She had to go clean up in the toilets at the supermarket so she could finish her shopping. I guess i must have left her with a little to much cum i keep te,ling her she should swallow. Hope you like my story Please leave a comment

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