Single Mom – Black & Gold Ball


Single Mom – Black & Gold BallRochelle placed the order for a champagne-colored jacquard ball gown with a beaded halter neckline. The classy floor-length number was made by Eliza J. She was planning to war it to the Black & Gold Ball where her twin brother, Randy, lived. Randall Stewart, M.D. was the correspondence secretary for his alumni chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. He and his wife, Leah, were on their way to a full reconciliation – so much so that after he completed one more month in sober living, he was going to move back into the home he shared with Leah and daughter, Yasmin. He called his sister asking her to purchase a ticket to support the annual fundraiser. So, his baby sis bought two of them.Rochelle had asked Hugo to be her date to the gala and he immediately said yes. Not long after that conversation, he texted her with the details of the hotel he booked for them to spend the night. He had not been too forward because he booked a one-bedroom with a sofa in the living room of his favorite mid-tier extended stay-style lodging establishment. Rochelle was appreciative even though she had anticipated them staying at the house with her niece and sister-in-law.She left the master bedroom and entered the kitchen where the boys were doing homework, or so she thought. They were huddled around one of the iPads looking at the latest release of Jordans. She heard Coree say, “Them shits is hot, brah!” The the younger one, Jere, added, “Hell yeah! I gotta get a pair in yellow.”“What’s going on guys,” asked their mother.“Hey, ma,” Coree started. “We were just checkin’ out these new Jordans. Here look.”“Nice,” she commented on the suede Air Jordan 18s available in various neon type colors.“I need a pair,” Jere shared.“Need, son?”“Well, I mean…I really want a pair.”“I understand. We can get some this weekend once I see your grades.”“Yes,” rooted Jeramiah.“Thanks, ma,” Coree exclaimed.“Now,” Rochelle thought. “If I walk into your rooms and bathroom, will i be pleased or displeased.”“”Give us a thirty, ma. And, you’ll be pleased,” Coree negotiated.“We’ll see,” she agreed reluctantly. “I’m gonna start dinner.”The boys scurried off to their cleaning. Rochelle pulled out the frozen beef merlot skillet meal she’d ordered from Schwan’s home delivery service. She followed the directions to heat up the dish containing roasted potatoes, carrots, onions, and mushrooms. A little more than twenty minutes later, it was ready to eat.The smell brought the boys back to the table. Coree was dressed in a Rawlston athletics T-shirt and black Adidas training pants. Jere wore Notre Dame T-shirt and army green HEMOON drawstring loose-fit jogging shorts. Rochelle thought about how handsome both of her sons were. Though their bodies resembled that of grown men, they were unmistakably k**s by actions and faces. They ate as a family.After dinner, the boys took care of the dishes. Rochelle checked their rooms and was mostly satisfied. As she headed to her bedroom, she remarked, “Yeah! We’ll get bursa escort those sneaks this weekend.”The brothers high-fived.Rochelle removed her clothes and wanted to turn in early because she was back on duty at 6:00 a.m. She placed a quick phone call to her mother.“Hey, mama! How are you,” she inquired.“I’m good, baby! How about you,” checked Linda Perkins.“I’m well. I was just calling to say hi. Oh, and I ordered the dress for Randy’s Black & Gold ball.”“Alright, baby! Where’d you get it.”“Dillards”“What does it look like?”“It’s kinda like a shimmery gold with a halter neck.”“Long?”“Yes, ma’am. Floor-length.”“Send me a picture,” her mom requested.“I can send you the link,” Ro capitulated.“Do that. I need to find me a dress.”“For what?”“For the ball, crazy!”“Oh I didn’t realize you were going.”“Yeah! Clarence said we should. So, we are.”“That’s great,” Rochelle stammered.“Are you bringing a date,” quizzed the mother of four. “Why yes I am,” she admitted with a facade of strength.“That’s good,” replied Linda. “Can I ask who it is.”“His name is Hugo.”“Where’s he from?”“He grew up in Toronto.”“Toronto?”“Yes. In Canada.”“Oh wow! How did you meet him?”“At the hospital.”“Was he a patient?”“Mama, you know I don’t date my patients. He’s a physician.”“Oh, okay! Does he know about you?”“You mean that I dislike corn or that I have two adopted sons or what?”“You know what I mean?”“Yes, mother. He knows that I’m trans. I have to be at work early so I need to get some sleep.”“Alright then, baby! Good night.”Rochelle tossed her phone onto the bed and huffed. She closed her eyes and said a little prayer.The next day after work, she drove home to get changed so she could check out Jeramiah’s second to last game of the season. The middle school team’s record was 5 to 1. Her younger son had started out playing cornerback, but was now spending time as a tight end. When she walked into the house, she pulled off her scrubs and showered.She put on a long-sleeve lavender fitted blouse and dark wash skinny jeans. She grabbed her laptop and logged into the parents’ portal for the Rawlston School District. She clicked the link to see report cards for the first nine-week term. Coree had four A’s and two B’s. Jeramiah earned two A’s, three B’s, and one C. This meant both boy’s GPA put them on the Principal’s Honor Roll – Coree with a 3.67 and Jere with a 3.17. Rochelle was pleased – especially since it was Jeramiah’s first time achieving this academic milestone. She decided that each could have two pairs of sneakers this weekend although she was only getting them one pair each of the Jordans. She drove to the game and watched her younger son help lead his team to victory.That night, they celebrated by going out to a family steakhouse.Friday night, Coree had a game, but Rochelle couldn’t make it because she was at work until 10:00 p.m. She followed along the best she could on the radio while she worked. She was happy to learn that the Mustangs had been victorious bringing their record to 5 and 2. She explained bursa escort bayan that she wanted to hit the mall when it opened the next day, because she had to go to work at 2:00 on Saturday.The Stewarts loaded into the BMW and headed off to the mall. Rochelle informed her sons that they could get two pair. Coree selected the suede Air Jordan 18s in blue and Jere got them in yellow. Coree’s second sneaker was the navy Nike LeBron Soldier II. Jeramiah’s number two pick was the red-on-black Nike Vandal High Supreme. They grabbed lunch from various spots in the food court before returning home.The next weekend arrived. Hugo showed up that Saturday morning with bagels. He and Rochelle munched on couple while the boys were still in bed. Before they left, the mother walked in their rooms to kiss them goodbye. She reminded them to call if they needed anything and to not have any guests over while she was away. They gave groggy promises.Hugo carried Rochelle’s luggage to his meteor gray 2014 Mazda CX-5.Along the way, the had a few interesting conversations. One in particular was about meeting her family.“So, no one you’ve ever dated has met your family,” the cardiology fellow wanted to confirm.“Not exactly,” Rochelle clarified. “None of them have ever met my mom and stepdad. One or two met Randy when we lived together. Though, it was never by design if you will,” she laughed.“How do you feel about me meeting them?”“Honestly,” she sighed. “I didn’t know they were coming until last week. I’m cool with it. She knows we’re friends and that’s that. I don’t view this as her opportunity to provide approval for a fiance.”“But isn’t that what it always is for mothers?”“Oh god, Hugo! Don’t make me uninvite you now.”“I’m teasing, Ro. Give me a kiss on the cheek.”They checked in at the hotel and lazed around for a couple of hours. When they left for the ball, Rochelle had on her evening gown along with a pair a strappy nude three-inch high heels. She accessorized with a pearl bracelet on her right wrist and pearl earrings. Dr. Alazar donned a black tuxedo with a silver shawl collar on the one-button jacket and a pair of Stacy Adams cap-toe Oxfords. Before leaving the room, Hugo pulled Rochelle close saying, “You look amazing!” He pecked her on the lips.Rochelle texted Randy letting him know they were driving to the venue, He told her to give her name and they’d show her to their table.Two of the fraternity’s collegiate chapter members were handling registration. They both stared at the immaculate looking statuesque woman before them. Ro said, “Rochelle Stewart and Hugo Alazar.” One of them went to work looking for them on list. Hugo cleared his throat and said “Frat!” They then noticed the ‘A-Phi-A’ lapel pin on his collar. They guys stood and greeted him with the grip.Rochelle turned a few heads with her runway walk and ode to the official colors in her champagne dress. Hugo was side tracked a few times to meet other brothers. At their table, Rochelle said, “Hey, mama! Hi, Mr. Clarence!” escort bursa They smiled and said hello. Then Ro said, “Hey, Leah! Looking good, Randy!”All of the gentlemen at the table stood. Before sitting, the good doctor hugged her mother. Then she said, “Everyone, this is Hugo.”When the salads were served, Linda asked Hugo, “So you’re Canadian?”“Yes, ma’am, I am,” he replied.“What made you come to America?”“Oh, I did my residency in New York.”“Oh okay. Are you parents from Canada originally.”“No. My dad is from Ethiopia. My mom is from France.”“That’s interesting. Is Rochelle treating you good?”“Well…”“Mother,” interjected Ro.Clarence spoke up, “Come on, Linda. Let the young man enjoy his meal in peace.”Randall and Leah smiled at one another.“It’s alright,” Hugo assured them. “She treats me very well indeed. She’s a spectacular woman.”The entrees arrived. Clarence and Randy had the beef. The rest of the party had the chicken.On the dancefloor, Rochelle wowed. She danced mostly with Hugo, but a couple of Randall’s friends took turns on the floor with her.Her brother chuckled to himself because none of his buddies had any idea that his twin sister was really born his twin brother. The party began to wind down around midnight. Hugo escorted his date to the vehicle and opened the passenger door for her. He stopped at Jack in the Box for a sack of tacos. Inside the hotel there was a large bottle of Chardonnay chilling in the refrigerator. He uncorked it and poured two glasses. A couple of servings later, Rochelle went into the bedroom. She returned wearing a black lace babydoll with a double-tiered chiffon skirt and plunging neckline.Hugo’s eyes bugged. “Damn, girl! You’re beautiful!”“Thank you, Dr. Alazar,” Ro smiled.He kissed her and led her to the couch. There, they made out tenderly for the next few minutes until he announced, “I wanna make love to you, baby!”“I’m yours,” confessed the lingerie-clad woman. She led him to the bed. Hugo pulled off the rest of his tuxedo and hopped onto the bed. He wrapped his arms back around Rochelle. He slid the straps off her shoulder and suckled her soft, delicate nipples. He felt his lady quiver. He fondled her juicy ass cheeks. He massaged her back and ran his tongue down to her crack. He spent a while eating her out.Rochelle decided it was her to turn to pleasure him. She pulled Hugo’s nine-inch dick from his briefs. Her lips felt heavenly on his stiff rod.The moment finally came when he entered her. He experienced the warmth and tightness that was Rochelle.“Oh, baby,” he groaned.“Oh, yes,” cried Ro. “Give it to me!”Hugo heaved in and out of her methodically. Rochelle encouraged him as she gripped his body tightly. She held onto to his firm buttocks pulling him into her. He increased the pace of his rhythm. Their bodies were dancing in a harmonious tango worthy of the international latin dancing circuit.“Fuck me, Hugo! Fuck my pussy,” she wailed.“Yeah, girl! This is your dick! That’s my pussy! Take it, baby,” he coached her.“I love it! Yessssss!”“Ahhhhhh, Ro-chelle! Ahhhhhh! Unnnnnh! Yeah!”She held on to him dearly as he collapsed on top of her. He was spent and motionless – his manhood still nestled inside of the woman he was growing to love more each day.

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