Sis’s Girlfriends Ch. 01


Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.


Tina is 29 years old, 5′ 4″ tall, with shoulder length black hair, and blue eyes. Tina had small, but firm tits and a sexy, petite, round ass. Her long charming legs carried her gracefully.

Tina worked in an office and always wore business clothes that made her look sharp and sexy. As soon as Sis and I saw her, we immediately wanted to see what this seductive, young lady with the winning smile and sparkling brown eyes hid under her white blouse and knee-high skirts.

We first met Tina during ‘Happy Hour’ at a local bar. Tina had just got off work and had come to the bar to relax before going home to her loving cats. Her buoyant personality made her easy to approach. It also gave us hope that she was the kind of Babe, who could get sexually charged – quickly and be comfortable with having sex in public places.

Sure, Tina acted like a good girl at first, but after a few drinks and Sis’s titillating conversation and low key flirting, Tina began to loosen up. After a particularly risqué comment that made Tina laugh, Sis asked Tina to go to the ladies’ room with her. I winked at Sis as she got up.

Sis told me when she entered a stall, Tina offered to wait outside the stall for her, but Sis said it was okay for her to come in. “I wasn’t about to tell her verbally…jus yet…how much her ‘bod’ fascinated me…I wanted to show her…and the gauge her reaction.”

Sis then pantomimed how she slowly raised her sun dress to prepare to squat over the toilet as Tina stood inside the stall, talking to her. I chortled, as Sis described what happened next.

“When Tina saw my bald pussy, her eyes dilated like a deer’s in headlights!” Feigning concern, I quickly dropped my skirt, stepped forward, and grabbed Tina’s hands and apologized. I told Tina I was sorry for making her ‘uncomfortable’. Then I shyly added, ‘I guess my little man in the boat is just very happy to see you.'”

“Not wanting to be a prude, Tina said it was no big deal. She then volunteered that she kept her ‘muffin’ trimmed.”

“I mischievously giggled and said, ‘Fair is fair. I showed you mine…now let me see yours. You aren’t bashful are you? Come ooonnn…let me see it…'”

“When Tina hesitantly stepped forward and raised her skirt. It was my turn to be surprised. Tina was wearing a black laced, garter belt with attached sheer thigh highs, and a sexy black g-string. I immediately complimented Tina on her ‘sexy taste’ in lingerie.”

Sis said that while Tina was absorbing her compliment, she slowly pulled Tina’s g-string down, past her closely trimmed pubes. “I stopped halfway down her closed pussy cleft, leaving it partially exposed. I’d forgotten how beautiful pussy could look!”

“I could smell her arousal. Her little pussy was giving off that musky aroma that always makes my pulse quicken and my mouth water. I looked directly into Tina’s eyes and said, ‘My…aren’t we both horny tonight.'”

“I knew I had caught Tina off guard, again, and I wasn’t sure of what to say next as I looked up at Tina. However, when I saw her innocent girl-next-door smile and since she was still holding her skirt up, I decided to go for it. I simply said, ‘I promise I will make it worth your while.'”

“I reached down and ran my hand down her bare, soft, inner thigh. When I felt goose bumps, I leaned forward, until our lips were almost touching. Our tits were rock hard.”

“Our first kiss was so sensuous…I knew she wanted it. Tina’s lips are very soft and inviting.”

“We took turns French kissing, until our breathing started to get out of control. I pulled away and looked deep into her eyes – they were not wavering.”

“We kissed, again. Even more passionately and maneuvered our bodies to bring our pussies together.

“That’s hot,” I said.

“Tina even grabbed my ass and pulled me right into her. She held me against her as we rubbed our pussies against each other.”

“It got even hotter. I pulled up my dress and we began grinding our cunts together in a slow, erotic rhythm. Our pussies smeared our cunt juices all over us.”


“We ground against each other, until Tina whispered into my ear…it was all I needed to hear. I began kissing…”

“Well…what did she say?”

“Tina whispered, ‘You’re sooo hot,’ and then stuck her tongue in my ear.”

“I started kissing my way down her. I wanted to get to her hot pussy quickly.”

“When I squatted in front of her, Tina spread her legs and lifted her pussy to my mouth like it was a cock. My heart just pounded in my chest as I began to lick her slick cunt lips. She tasted heavenly. Yummy.”

“Initially, Tina began whimpering softly, but the more I licked the less frequently she moaned. I could tell she was trying to let go, but, like me, she was worried someone would come in.”

“Wanting to finish what erotik film izle I started…and quickly, I moved my mouth up, so that I could get the clit.” Sis laughed when she said that. I did, too.

“I wrapped my lips around her erect clit and began sucking it I fluttered my tongue up and down it. Tina was so turned on, that her clit began bouncing in and out like a pogo stick! Her breathing grew very ragged and choppy. I was afraid she was going to scream her head off when she came! Did you hear her?”


“Well, Miss Tina let out a good howl when she exploded. She just shook and shuddered as her orgasm tore through her. She flooded my boobs. Her juicy pussy gushed like a river.”

“Oh, I had slipped my dress off before I went down on her. That was pure luck. My tits were soaked!”

“When Tina stopped cumming. I heard her sob. I looked up at her and she was crying!

“I asked, ‘What’s wrong?’ and instinctively stood up and held her. Tina mumbled something like that she did not know she was a lesbian. Boy! That was a shocker!”

“I said, ‘This doesn’t make you a lesbian, Honey,’ but Tina was still sniffling. Sooo, I did what I used to do with you.”


“I would say something nonsensical…to distract you.”


“I said, ‘You’re just saying that to get into my panties.’ It worked. She stopped crying, thought for a moment, and started laughing.”

“Sooo…that worked?”

“Yes and that it was Tina basically asked, too. I told her, ‘Every time.’ Now don’t you try it, cuz I’ll know!”

Sis said Tina then smiled and whispered, “Sooo…would you like me to do the same to you…you’re such a pretty woman…”

“I nodded as Tina licked her pussy juice off my face and then off my titties as she worked her way down to my aching pussy. Let me tell you, I couldn’t wait for that cute little face to get between my legs!”

“When Tina had lowered her face to my pussy, I looked down and saw her nostrils flare as she deeply breathed in my pussy scent. It was very sexy to see. I had to ask her, ‘Do I smell good?’ However, before she answered, I edged my pussy closer to her nose.”

“When Tina did not respond I said, ‘Come on Tina, you can admit it.’ She just needed a little coaxing.”

“Tina looked up at me wide-eyed and nodded. I cocked my head at her as if to say ‘WELL?’ but Tina just nodded, again.”

“A little impatient, I said, ‘Now Babe, since I smell so good, would you PLEASE make me cum, too. I’m gonna faint if you leave me like this… Lick my clit Baby. My hard, pink orgasm button…just like it was little cock. You know how. Every woman does. Make me cum, Baby.'”

“Did she?”

“Tina, like a brave, horny, good girl lowered her head and began licking me. Let me tell you… She may have acted like it was her first time, but she sure knew how to use that tongue!”

“She burrowed her hot tongue inside me and immediately went to my g-spot! It felt so good I reached down, cradled her head with my hands, and pulled her face right into my throbbing pussy. Oh yeah, Tina had the technique! I remember saying, ‘Yaaa Baby! Make my toes curl.'”

I busted out laughing – nervously when Sis said that. I was getting hot.

“Encouraged, Tina began sweeping her tongue up and down my pussy lips. She used long broad strokes that made me ache with pleasure.”


“I did not take long either. I could feel myself quickly climbing towards an orgasm that was…gonna be a blowout, too. My clit was so hard and erect…and Tina knew exactly what to do with it. Thank god!”

“Tina put her hot, wet lips over my throbbing clit and sucked – really hard on it. That made my oncoming orgasm really pick-up speed. In fact, I came. My womb was even convulsing.”

“Tina’s little, exquisite mouth sucked and swallowed all my cunt juices. My pussy spasmed over and over. The pleasure was…it made my toes did curl!”

“I am jealous.”

“Don’t be, Baby.”

“As my orgasm started to ebb, Tina pulled her mouth away. Her pretty face was so shiny wet from my climax juice that I had to kiss it. Plus…I had to kiss the sweet mouth that had given me such pleasure.”

“When our lips came together, Tina surprised me by opening her mouth and pushing some of my…tasty…if I may say…own pussy juice into my mouth! Yes, Tina had gotten the message. It wasn’t about labels…just lust, pleasure, and hopefully, friendship.”

Now that Tina gotten a taste of pussy and wanted – a lot more, as well, as doing the forbidden in public, Sis closed the deal. Tina came over the next weekend for more girl-on-girl!

It was awesome to see Sis and Tina passionately loving each other, eating each other out, and fucking each other with dildos.

I distinctly remember the first time I fucked Tina. Sis told her that she had a special treat for her and to get down on all fours. Tina eagerly got on her elbows, stuck her ass up, and spread her knees.

“Time for desert kids,” Sis said as she spread Tina’s soft butt cheeks for me. I licked my lips, blew Sis a kiss, got film izle on my knees, and began running my tongue up and down the length of Tina’s ass crack. Like a dog in heat, I greedily licked up her sweat and pussy juices.

Soon, Tina had a toy in her lovely, pink butthole. It eventually made her so horny that she was begging for my hard cock. She said, “Take my ass!”

Sis added more lube and I penetrated Tina’s anus without a hitch. Sis even took a pic of my fat cock in Tina’s ass with her cell!


It was 11:00 PM, when Sis and I decided to stop in at a hotel bar for a drink. We were in Atlanta and had just come from a strip club. We had seen dozens of beautiful women and most had not been wearing a stitch of clothing. After many drinks and a couple of lap dances, neither one of us was ready to go to sleep.

The bar was nearly empty except for four guys at one table and a woman at the bar. The guys were loud and having a good time. They didn’t seem to notice the pretty woman, but Sis and I did.

Em was much older than us – in her thirty’s and, also in great shape. Em was wearing a black mini dress, that clung to her just enough to show-off her shapely body.

When Em caught me looking at her, she just stared back. It was a non-committal stare. I held her gaze for a second, pretended to looked away, and then quickly looked back. Em was still looking at me!

I turned to Sis and said, “I just got caught.” I then explained to Sis what just had happened. Sis laughed and said, “Play it out…lover boy.”

When I looked back at Em, she was scooping a lump of ice from her drink. She ran the cube around her lips and then put it on the tip of her tongue, closed her mouth, and then brazenly sucked it. Yes, she knew I was watching.

At some point, Em leaned down and reached down into her bag for something. Curious, I let my eyes follow her.

With her head down, Em paused for a second and then deliberately raised her head a couple of inches. Em knew that if I was worried about being caught staring, again, I would look away. I wasn’t and Em’s eyes locked onto mine. She gave me a small, almost unnoticeable, nod towards the restrooms and then got up.

As Em walked by us, we could see she wasn’t wearing a bra; she didn’t have to. Em’s top was off both of her shoulders and exposed the gentle slopes of small, firm breasts.

Sis bumped my arm and said I’d better follow her. I got up, winked at Sis, and followed the curvy, tight ass in the black mini.

When I rounded a corner, Em had disappeared, but I kept going. About thirty seconds later, I came to a stairwell.

Em was standing at the bottom, in a little restroom lobby area, waiting for me. I smiled at her and padded softly down the stairs. Em nodded at me, opened the door to the ladies’ room, and stepped inside, leaving the door ajar.

When I entered, I closed the door, and turned around. Em was leaning against the wall, looking at me.

Moments later, Em turned around and bravely pulled her dress off. The first thing I noticed, were her legs. They were so straight, that they accentuated the bubble curve of her ass. I also noticed her thighs were very firm. She must be a jogger I thought.

When her dress was completely off, Em dropped it on the floor, and turned around. Her titties were indeed firm. Although small, her conical, pink nipples more than made up for her lack of breast size – if you were breast man. I couldn’t wait to see Em’s pussy.

All of a sudden, someone knocked on the door. I jumped, but Em just smiled and said her first words to me. “Open it.”

Although I hesitated, I opened the door. To my surprise, Tony walked in. Without saying anything, he unzipped, and took out his meaty, semi-hard cock. It wasn’t overly long, I noted, but to be honest, it still had a little way to go for maximum hardness.

Not knowing what was going on, I felt a little awkward, and said, “I guess that leaves me the odd man out. Later.”

As I turned to go, Em said, “Stay. I want both of you.”

That was all the coaxing I needed. I unzipped, pulled my cock out, and began gently stroking it.

Tony began stroking, too, when Em put both her thumbs into her bikini bottom. However, Em did not immediately pull them down. She began a little erotic dance as she teasingly inched them down.

Impatient, Tony approached her. I did, too, but walked behind her. I placed my hardening cock against her smooth butt cheeks, and started kissing her sensual neck.

As my cock hardened against Em’s naked ass, I peaked over her shoulder. Tony was licking those pink magnets and caressing her breasts, while Em stroked his cock.

I have to admit I found myself fixated on Tony’s engorged manhood. It was much larger than the average sized cock. It must have been at least nine inches long.

When Em wiggled her butt against my cock, I pressed my cockhead inside her pussy. Em was so hot and moist, I almost came when I started fucking her.

Em bent completely over and went to town and on Tony’s cock. I was amazed as I watched Em’s seks filmi izle lips go almost to his balls on each down stroke. I wondered if I could do the same thing without gagging.

Tony came before I did. He unabashedly blew his load deep down Em’s cock-sucking mouth. He bucked and grunted as his cock spasmed in her mouth.

Em swallow several times. Her little belly must be filled with sperm, I thought.

As Tony’s orgasm subsided, I decided to unload, too. I just pushed really really hard into Em and let go. Flooding a strange pussy with my cum felt great!

Right after I came, Emily raised up, and turned to me. She had a trickle of Tony’s semen dripping down her chin.

Em smiled the kind of smile someone would have if they had a mouthful of something. I was right. When Em leaned up to kiss me, she forced her tongue deep in my mouth. Following her tongue was a gob of creamy, salty cum.

“Does it taste good?” Em asked after she made her deposit and pulled away.

“Creamy,” I acknowledged as I licked Tony’s sperm off my lips.

Next, it was Emily’s turn. Tony was certainly not repelled by men’s cum, either. He squatted down in front of Em, pulled her legs apart, and began felching her pussy without any hesitation. He was certainly no stranger to men’s sperm.

“That’s right, suck me out,” Em told him. “Suck his cum out of my pussy. Rub your face all over my pussy!”

As I fondled Em’s titties, she began moaning so loud, that I knew anyone in the next room would hear her. Em got even louder, when Tony moved his mouth over her clit.

Seconds later, Em grabbed Tony’s head and rode his face through her orgasm – to its very end. She hollered all the way through it.

After Em came, both she and Tony gasped for O2. As Tony’s chest heaved, I couldn’t help but notice his cock was semi-hard again. Em did, too. She took my hand and placed it on it.

I hesitated at first, but the look on the Tony’s face told me he was okay with that. Em was not waiting; she started moving my hand up and down Tony’s stiffening cock.

About a minute later, Em had recovered enough to reach up and gently push my head down to Tony’s full-blown erection. When my face was two inches away from the throbbing cock head, I balked.

Not being fooled, Em chided me. “You know what to do.”

I smiled and opened my mouth as Em pushed my head down, until I had half of Tony’s cock in my mouth. “Suck it now. I want to watch you suck his cock. Make me jealous.”

I started licking Tony’s shaft from top to bottom, gently washing his balls with my tongue. I knew I was doing it right because Tony was moaning and starting to gyrate his hips.

“You’re pretty good. Plenty of practice I see,” Em said.

Not really paying attention to Em, I put my lips over Tony’s cockhead and took him as deep as I could into my mouth, while I continued to milk his balls. Having his cock in my mouth was so arousing, I felt like I would cum immediately.

Em must have been reading my mind because she started licking my own semi-hard cock. When I groaned, Em laughed and said, “Let’s have a cock-sucking contest. See who can make the suckee cum first!”

I groaned as Em started sucking me as if she was starving for even more cum. Seeing Em’s pretty, bobbing face at the end of my stiff cock, with her cherry lips wrapped around my cockhead, was too much to handle, especially, when her tongue began sweeping the underside of my cock. I just gave up. I came deep in her throat, too.

As I groaned euphorically, Tony pushed down on the back of my head, hollering, “Suck it! Suck it! Don’t stop! “Aaahhh! Aaahh!”

Tony continued to groan in synch with each spurt. Even when he stopped shooting, his warm sperm still spilled into my mouth.

When Em put her beautiful dress back on, she turned to Tony. “Tony, I’m gonna put my panties in my handbag…I’m gonna just gonna let your slobber and his cum dribble out of me, down my legs. It’ll make us both sooo horny…”

“Sure Em,” Tony replied.

Em then turned to me. “We’re gonna use your cum to lube my ass…Tony’s gonna fuck me in the ass…with that big cock you just swallowed…in the cab ride home… We won’t have to pay…”

I just looked at Em as she laughed and picked up her panties, opened the door, and turned to blow me a kiss. Tony was at her side, smiling at me.

A split second later, Sis walked right past them into the women’s room. She immediately looked at my limp cock and exclaimed, “You just fucked that bitch…didn’t you!”

Em smirked and said, “Your boyfriend can really suck a mean cock, too. If you like pussy, Honey…and you look like a real hottie… Here’s my card. Call us. I’d love to eat you out. They can fuck us or each other…”


Let me tell you about Kim. She is about 5′ 10″ and athletic. She has really strong, curvy legs and a voluptuous ass that just loves cock. Her tits are right at a D cup with no sagging whatsoever.

Sis and I already knew that the big, tatted, stunning Kim was a cock worshiper. When we’d initially taken her to the block of public toilets on the beach – the ones I had visited earlier, Kim had learned that the public toilets were not there just for folks to relieve themselves. Well, not the kind of relief you would naturally imagine.

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