SLUTWIFE SECRETARY – CHAPTER 6: TUCKERdeletedCHAPTER 6: TUCKEROnce we were on the road from Jerry and Diana’s, I turned in my seat, at least as much as the seatbelt allowed. “Sir, you know I was the only one who didn’t orgasm at the end.”He glanced at me as he drove. There was a smile on his face. “You’re a slut, my dear. How does a slut get her pleasure?”“Any pleasure I might receive will be through giving pleasure to men.” I looked him. “Today, though, it became men and women.” He smiled. I knew it. The guys did see us. “You saw us, sir?”“We saw you. Jerry and I. It was that and your comment to me that led us to push Diana and Jerry was very pleased with what happened. Jerry loves her very much, obviously, and after all these years of happy marriage, he was scared of messing it up.”“Sounds a lot like us, sir.”He caressed the back of his hand over my left nipple. “Very much like us.” He concentrated on a merge onto a main arterial road, then, “And, I have every intention of rectifying your need for an orgasm.” He chuckled, “Tucker might be willing to assist, too, if I am not enough for you.”I reached over the console and placed my hand on his bulging crotch, “You know you are my primary, sir.” He pinched my nipple in response. What I told him was true, but I been wondering … consumed? … about Tucker ever since the photographer. He licked me a number of times and I have sucked him several times since that first time. It has to be an inevitability, doesn’t it? Do I have any question but Bill isn’t thinking the same thing, but patiently waiting for my comfort to catch up?I squeezed his hard cock under his pants u*********sly. He looked at me. He knew me … he knew me like a book he’d read a dozen times. My quiet and that reflexive squeeze. I was thinking about something. But, he waited, patiently. He liked me to express myself, not relying on him to anticipate and pull things out of me. I took a breath. I think he wants this, too. I know he does.“Sir … I … you mentioned Tucker …” He nodded. “Sir … I think … no, I want … would it be okay, sir … may I fuck Tucker?”He only chuckled and slipped a finger along my cunt lips. Then, quietly and calmly, “It’s about time, slut.”I shivered and he felt it just with his finger at my cunt. He looked at me to find my face beaming. I couldn’t believe how excited my body was at the realization it was going to actually happen. He wanted me to do it, too. I’m going to fuck a dog. Damn … what is next?Bill wasted no time when we arrived home. I exited the car in the garage, but didn’t wait for the door to lower. With the overhead light on, I walked around my car completely naked to enter the house. Only then did Bill press the button to lower the double door. Inside, I followed Bill as he shed clothes as he went to the family room and opened the glass sliding door to let the cool night air in through the screen. He indicated he wanted me on my hands and knees facing the screen. He got behind me and rubbed his hard cock over my dripping cunt, then slid the head into my hole. He stopped there, just inside me, and whistled for Tucker who moments later appeared at the screen wagging his tail.Bill thrust into me after I saw Tucker before me only five feet away. Bill told Tucker to sit and he did. Something must have clicked in the dog’s brain with my nudity and Bill behind me thrusting into me. In the light from the room, I could see Tucker’s cock was beginning to come out.“Slut … there is your next fuck.” I moaned. “When I am done with you, he’ll know the smell of my cum in addition to your scent.” I groaned. “You’ll let him lick our juices.” I gasped at the image. “Then, he’ll mount you … fuck you … knot and all.” I cried out. The image seared into my brain even before the act and Bill’s cock driving into me, his hand capturing one of my swinging tits, mashing it, squeezing the nipple. OH … GOD … YESSSSSS.When we came, Bill shortly after me, it was soooo intense. Psychological. The mind working overtime, pulling the body and sensations along to greater heights.Then, Bill pulled out. Shortly after he came, spurted his seed into my cunt, he just pulled out leaving me gasping for his cock. Bill was at the door, his hand on the sliding screen. There was another cock. The cock I have been thinking about, obsessing about even with all the cock I have available.I start to stand up, but Bill stops me. Crawl. I am to crawl on my hands and knees to my next fuck. Oh, God … this is so … debasing … so hedonistic … so carnal. And, his next words drive the feeling home.“After you fuck him … after he takes you … mates you … he will take you as his …” I turned to look over my shoulder as I approach the dog on all fours. Bill smiled “After he takes you, you won’t just be my slut … you’ll also be his bitch.” I shake noticeably. “If that is what you are, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri give him your cunt.”I looked at Tucker and put my face up to his snout. As has happened before, Tucker swiped his tongue over my mouth and nose. I gasped. This has happened before but never with such significance attached to it in my mind. I turned around and gave him my ass. Immediately, the dog was sniffing my cunt, his nose pressing into it, his tongue quickly shooting out to swipe at it. I spread my knees wide while gasping at the contact. His licks are long, covering my entire cunt, touching my clit and even slipping between my just fucked cunt lips. His licking seemed driven to capture the juices from our fuck, but the intensity of his licking releases more juice from my cunt. He’ll never capture it all.My orgasm shook me but the licking never stopped. To him, it simply released more juice to lick. I cried out as another orgasm came over the first without abating. I collapsed to the ground and curled into a protective fetal position but the dog kept after my cunt.“Present yourself to him, now!” Bill voice broke through. I scrambled back to a kneeling position and to my hands. When Tucker came back to my cunt with his snout, I pushed it way and slapped my ass, “Mount. Mount, Tucker.”I didn’t know what happened except that there were a few moments of inaction from him, then he circled me, licking my face before returning to my ass. He sniffed and I repeated the command with a sharp smack on my ass. I felt him jump onto my back, his furry chest and belly on my bare skin. Almost immediately I felt his hard, bony, cock thrust against my ass cheeks and everywhere but into my cunt. Then, I remembered something I read on a canine-sex site, that the bony cock hurts if left to trying to find its own way into the woman like it would with a bitch. Instead, this woman suggested assisting the dog with her hand. I tried it with my hand moving between my legs, finding the cock hitting my palm and bringing it in the general area of my cunt. Two thrusts later and the dog was inside me with a powerful, penetrating thrust that took my breath away.He thrust into me several times before he paused, repositioned his front legs around my waist, and began fucking like I had never experienced. He was like some kind of fucking machine, the thrusts going in and out faster than I could match with my own body. Unlike the men who I could match their thrust with my own push back at them, all I could do with Tucker was to hold my position rigid and let him pound away.In short order, I felt something I never had before from a man. Actually, the entire experience would prove to be many things I would never experience with a man. The cock inside grew and expanded as he fucked me. Normally, a cock is a cock until it explodes its cum. The dog’s cock got bigger, though I thought it was already erect. It was wild and the precum continued to leak from its tip making my cunt even more lubricated. Everything was so new and amazing, then I felt something banging against my cunt opening, something large that wasn’t passing through. My mind, somewhat befuddled by all this strangeness, took a moment or three before it me like … like a dog-knot slamming at my hole.The knot! The thing that goes inside and locks the male to his bitch. I saw it after sucking him to climax. It seemed huge, like a tennis ball or baseball. That was going to fit inside me? It seemed impossible if I thought about it much, but my mind was going numb as my body rocketed to heights of arousal and stimulation. What your mind might cause anxiety, your body can turn into a stimulus of impossible proportions. The more taboo, the more defiant of social norms and acceptance, the more extreme from acceptance normally, the more your sexual energy can be charged. So, with only that to go on, I pressed back at the dog, making my previous rigid posture even more so by repositioning my hands slight ahead of my shoulders and pressing back against the persistence of the knot at my opening. I pressed. The dog pressed and thrusted. An immoveable object against a determined, aggressive force.I cried out loudly as my cunt opened slowly, stretching, spreading as though I was about to be split open. I continued to press back. I called out in the dark of the backyard, “Do it, Tucker, do it! Fuck … yessssss … do it!” Could the neighbors hear my obscene beseeching? Did I give a fuck? No, I wanted a fuck, this fuck, only this fuck.I felt a hand stroking my violently swinging tits, grasping one, then the other. I looked up at him with glazed eyes. I faintly saw his lips move, but I heard nothing. I heard nothing but my gasping, my heavy panting, the panting of Tucker on my back, feeling his drool falling from his open mouth onto my shoulder güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and into my hair. God … it felt like I was his bitch … a bitch in heat.It felt like I was going to tear. My cunt stung with stretching. Then … the dog lunged forward inches and the stretching was gone. The knot was inside me and that feeling overwhelmed me. His cock inches further inside, the ball … the baseball size of flesh … filling my cunt. The dog pulled back to thrust but couldn’t, the knot stopping it inside. He tried again and again as I felt his cock and knot swell inside me, then begin to pulse and throb. Each time he pulled, though, the knot jammed against my g-spot deliciously, electrically, joltingly. I felt his first spurt of warm, watery cum splash into my cunt and I exploded. My cunt clamped tightly around the spurting cock and knot. He whimpered as he tried to thrust deeper and harder to fill his bitch but my cunt held him, performing my own form of locking us together. The dog grunted and low, guttural growl sounds escaped him, mixing with my grunts, gasps, cries, groans, and moans.The cock had stopped spurting but continued to leak cum for another minute or so as Tucker relaxed on my back. I extended my hand back and stroked his rear and leg. Such a good dog. Such a good fucker. The first time and I was already in love with his cock and knot and primal way of fucking.I let myself go and fell to the ground onto my face and tits. Then, something happened, Tucker moved. He lifted his leg somehow and turned. Somehow, we were ass-to-ass, his ass against mine, but we were still tied by the knot in my cunt. I raised up to my arms and looked back. How did he do that? Then, he pulled on the knot. We were stuck but it jammed my g-spot, again. He tried again with the same result.I would learn later, of course, the curious bitch I was, that ass-to-ass was an instinctive defensive position in nature while being tied. I would also learn that pulling on the knot was testing the tie for separation because both dogs are vulnerable to attack while tied. Now, of course, all I considered was that wonderful feeling I got by pulling on the knot. I reached under my body to my cunt. I fingered the base of the cock and felt the distended opening of my cunt as I pulled on the knot. With another jolt of pure pleasure coursing through me from my g-spot, I strummed my clit. Knowing the two are connected, I pressed on the clit as I pulled on the knot, the dual sensations skyrocketing me higher and higher each time.I came, again. And, though the orgasm caused a moment of spasming around the knot, it had a larger effect of loosening my cunt post-orgasm and he managed to pull his cock and knot out. I looked underneath and saw in the faint light what seemed to be a steady trickle of cum escaping. I smiled and fell to the ground completely. But, not for long.“Carol, my lovely slut …” I opened my eyes and looked up at him. “What does a slut do for the cock that pleasured her?”I smiled weakly and regained my hands and knees to crawl, again, to where Tucker lay licking his cock. I pushed his head away from his groin and mumbled, “Me … let me.” He didn’t understand, but maybe he’d learn. I cleaned him … like I cleaned Bill and Jerry and Ethan and … all of them. My tongue licked the length of his cock and the knot, then I sucked his cock. Different feeling. Different taste. Same satisfaction.I next crawled back to where Bill stood, still naked. Without using my hands, I raised up with my mouth open and gobbled up his flaccid cock into my mouth. I sucked and licked until I felt growth returning to it. When it was hard, again, I let it slip from my mouth and looked up at him.“May I suck your cum into my stomach, sir? Or, would you prefer one of my other holes?”He stroked my hair. “I think I would like your ass.” He looked to the house. “Let me get some lube …”I stopped him. “Use my cunt, sir.” He nodded and I turned on my hands and knees so my ass was to him. He slammed his cock into my gaping cunt for a minute or so, then pulled out and positioned his cock at my asshole. He rubbed his cock head against it, then pressed. It passed in and we both groaned at the feeling. I craned my head to look over my shoulder, “Did I do well, sir? Do you think I was a good bitch to Tucker? Did I please you, sir?”He stroked his hands up my back, then moved them to my swaying tits and grasped them as he used long, even strokes into my ass. “Do you really question? Are you not aware that any cock that fucks you is a fortunate cock? Yes, my lovely wife, you did very well. I am always pleased and proud of you, you must always know that. And, just look at Tucker … is he not a satisfied looking dog?” I giggled. Indeed, he did.Sunday morning. Nobody had anywhere to be. We could sleep güvenilir bahis şirketleri in as late as we wanted. But, not me. I couldn’t. My mind and body were a jumble of thoughts and feelings and … realizations, understandings. The sun was barely rising. The birds the only thing outside or inside making any noise. I turned to my side. Bill was sleeping the deep sleep he always could. Nothing got in the way of his sleep. I suppose it was the long hours behind the wheel of his rig, the bad food, and bad motels or the confines of his rig’s sleeper. When he could, he slept.I raised the sheet that covered us. Morning wood … hmmmmm … what was he dreaming about? Could it be Diana? Me? The dog on top of me? My slut secretary job? His friends he sent to keep me well and truly fucked while he was away on his long-hauls? All of that jumbled together in a crazed fuck-compilation?I slithered under the sheet, turning sideways as I approached his groin. Softly, gently, I took his cock in my fingers and quickly into my mouth. Let this add to his dreaming …“Ohhhhh … yessssss … oh, you sweet slut …” I giggled under the sheet, his hand fumbling to find me. I raised my head from his cock for a moment, “Good morning, sir.”“And, you, Carol. What a wonderful way to wake up.”I continued to suck him vigorously. I was intent on taking his first cum before he was out of bed. But, “Sir? Should I finish, sir? Or, would you like breakfast?”He reached over and swatted my ass, “You’d better finish me.” I giggled and took him deep into my mouth. Soon, I was swallowing cum.I threw the sheet off and leapt up, licking my lips, my tits bouncing in every direction. I turned and wiggled my butt as I left the bedroom naked for the kitchen.I hadn’t heard him, but I caught the sight of Tucker looking excitedly behind me but played along with his intended surprise. I shrieked as he grabbed me around the waist, luckily avoiding knocking the frying pan from the stove. I turned in his arms and he smothered me in kisses. I pulled back, “Well, good morning, sir.”He chuckled. “It is a good morning, dear.” I told him to sit. He was wearing a pair of boxers and I grabbed them at the waist as he stepped away. He playfully swatted my hand away and took a chair at the kitchen table. As I placed a mug of coffee in front of him, he stroked my bare hip, “You’re certainly in a good mood, this morning.”I looked at him, considered that, and smiled. “I am. I feel wonderful. I’m not sure I can explain it.”I went back to the stove, filled two plates with scrambled eggs, bacon, and sliced fruit. After finishing, I refilled his mug and settled to gaze at him. It seemed to unsettle him, “Okay, what’s up with you?”I shrugged, got up and walked to the door. I gazed out into the backyard through the screen. Tucker was outside playing catch with his rope, tossing it into the air and catching it. How does a dog learn stuff like that?“I don’t know, sir. I feel different … somehow.” I watched Tucker as he lost the rope. He tore around the yard and grabbed it as he shot over it. I laughed. Tucker. I turned to Bill and returned to the table. “Sir, would it be a bad thing if it had something to do with Tucker?”He considered me, “How could that be bad?” I shrugged. “Okay … you’re happy being my slut, right?” I nodded emphatically. “You’re happy being the office slut?” I nodded, again. “You’re happy being a slut for my friends?” Of course. “You’ve enjoyed being exhibited, embarrassed, and displayed?” Duh. “But somehow you feel different. Suppose it is you feel more secure in your sluttiness? You feel more defined, established in being a slut?” He peered at me, “Last night … it took you a while to get to the point of WANTING Tucker. Then, you did it. You crawled to him like a bitch. After, you crawled to me, remember? You crawled to me and took my soft cock in your mouth and suck me. You crawled to me …”Our eyes fixed on each other’s, “… like a bitch going to her other dominant …” He nodded. Was that it? Tucker fucked the remaining constraint from me? He took me as his bitch and I reveled in that and that released another part of me as a woman in control, freeing me more as the slut both Bill and I desired.I smiled at him and I think he saw that, too. Then, I had one thing to clear up. I looked at Tucker who had settled under the tree in the corner while gnawing on the rope. Without turning back to Bill, “Sir, where does this leave me with Tucker?”I hadn’t heard him rise when I felt his hands encourage me out of the chair and guide me to the screen. He opened it and gently pushed me outside. “Where does that leave you with Tucker? You’re his bitch now. My submissive slut, the office slut, and Tucker’s bitch. Your responsibilities just increased last night.” He patted my bare ass. “Are you a happy cunt, slut?”I smiled with my eyes fixed on Tucker. “Yes, sir, very happy, indeed.”He nudged me between the shoulder blades, “Then go see if he wants your cunt.”I started walking without thought, hesitation, or concern. Halfway into the backyard, I turned and blew Bill a kiss.* * CHAPTER 7: A CUNT WITH BALLS will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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