Solo Vacation – part 2

Solo Vacation – part 2I knew what Island House was going to be, sort of a clothing optional resort with a little bathhouse element to it. For my first vacation by myself I thought I would give it a shot and see if I would be brave enough to participate in the possible goings on. I arrived on Saturday December 13th and got a quick tour and went to my room. I spent a few days wanting to get naked and wander around to see what would happen, especially in the “video room” with 24-hour porn and a sling table! I hoped that I could cut loose and have a little fun I do not have in Dallas. I am 44, 5’8”, 210lbs; a pretty average white guy but I have very nice muscular legs and butt, though it seems a toss up which men recall more, my muscled lower body or my long hair.This happened four days into my eight-day trip on a Wednesday night.Innocently enough, I had chatted with a fifty-something ginger-bear man named Brian (from San Diego) at the bar earlier in the day and that evening he introduced türkçe bahis me to a few men he knew casually. Sean (a fireplug of a guy from New York) and Mike (from Rhode Island I think). I was wearing only a towel, folded in half to show off my legs of course. I stand out with my long hair but the three of them were very friendly. Alcohol had obviously been on the menu! At one point Mike felt I needed to lose the towel and off it came and I had hands all over me. They all had to feel and look at my piercing as well. It was decided that everyone was going to get naked in the pool but Sean said he was tired and went off to his room… so we thought.Mike and I got in the pool and I got on a floatie face down so I can show off my ass. I was horny to get fucked and was hoping some men might see it and get interested. Brian got in the pool and while Mike was finger-fucking me, Brian was doing the same to him. Eventually I got off the floatie so while Mike and I (both bottoms unfortunately) poker oyna were kissing and fingering we could touch on Brian as well. Mike could get maybe two fingers in his hole but I was definitely more pliable. Out of nowhere, Sean shows up with some hot Australian or English sounding man named Julian. The five of us were in the pool, in plain site of all that came by and the bartenders and were sucking and groping, kissing and fingering… This went on for well over an hour but many were getting tired so everyone went to their rooms.I did not. I wandered around a while and eventually ended up in the video room with the padded benches and porn. Only one man was in there… Julian! We chatted for less than a minute and I went to work sucking his cock. He was getting sweaty and I LOVE that. He would finger my ass while I sucked him and call me a slut and a cocksucker. It only egged me on. Eventually he told me to get on the fuck bench and I put my legs up. He put his cock bets10 in me with nothing but spit pounded my hole for about an hour only stopping occasionally to finger it as well. His Aussie (or British?) accent made his dirty talk even hotter as he fucked me. I wish I had the foresight to bring poppers, He had four fingers and a thumb in me but I could just get the whole fist, he tried many times and as horny as I was I could not loosen up enough. We fucked (very loudly, I am quite vocal when I am in heat) until we were drenched in sweat.Then the lights all came on… cleaning time.We grabbed our towels and went downstairs into the steam room. I got on my knees and started slurping that cock again and running my hands all over his sweaty, naked, body. I sat on it and rode him hard a few times as well. All that hard work paid off with a night big load down my throat. We went to the showers and talked a little as we cleaned up. Of course, he has a partner (who was staying and playing at the resort with him) and he is from Dallas! I go all the way to Key West and have the hottest time with someone that lives near me. I wish I knew more than his name, I want more of that… and hopefully his fist too!

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