spying on my wife and a friend


spying on my wife and a friendWe were having a garage added to our new house. A contractor friend of ours was doing the work. He’d been interested in my wife for some time and wasn’t shy about it. I wrote a couple of stories about the two of them, Wife having fun in the pool and hottub, look them up. I was meeting him at the house when I got off work in the afternoon. When I got home, he and my wife were in the living room trying to act normal. It wasn’t working, my wife had a guilty look on her face. Also, she was pretty flushed and that told me that she was very excited or aroused for some reason. Jeff and I were supposed to do some work in the attic but I couldn’t find a flashlight so I told them that I’d have to go to the house we were staying in, while ours was being finished, and get one. When I got to the car I looked in the back and found a flashlight. I was heading back to the front door when I heard my wife tell Jeff that he had 30 minutes. Hmmm, what’s that mean. When they saw that I was coming back I quickly said bursa escort that I may be a while. I left but drove around the block and parked down the street from the house. There were no other houses on the street so I walked up to the side of the house. There’s no windows on that side so I knew that They wouldn’t be able to see me. As I stood by the house , I was just outside the front bedroom, which has windows facing the front, that were open, and I could hear their voices. Jeff was telling her how much he loved fucking her in the hottub the night of the party. I heard Pam tell him that she loved how his big cock felt inside of her. I heard him tell her that after he makes her cum eating her pussy and asshole he was going to slam his cock as deep as it would go into her tight cunt. She was moaning so loudly that I just knew he was doing licking her sweet pussy. I stepped around the corner to the window and peeked in. We had no furniture yet, so she was laying on the floor with her legs spread as far as they would go and bursa escort bayan his mouth and tongue were buried in her hole. I could also see that he had a couple fingers stabbing into her, too. By the sounds that she was making I knew that he brought to orgasm at least three times. He finally raised up and started rubbing the huge head of his cock between her pussy lips. She said wait, I want to taste and feel your cock in my mouth. He moved up to her head and payed his cock right on her lips. She had both hands on it and couldn’t reach all the way around, it was so fat, and there was still four inches of cock sticking out from her hands. She sucked the big purple head of his cock into her stretched mouth. I knew exactly what he was feeling. She really knows how to suck a dick. He said he was about to cum so she let go of his cock and said put it in me. I want to feel you slam my pussy as hard and as fast as you can. He got in position between her legs and put that big cock up to his balls in one fast move. Pam screamed escort bursa and started jerking her body and he slammed into over and over. His big balls were slapping against her puckered little asshole. She was cumming at almost every thrust. It didn’t take long before I saw him tense up and he unloaded a load of fun deep into my wife. He finally pulled out of her and she went down and licked his cock clean. I saw that they were finished so I went back to the car and waited a few minutes before I drove home and pulled in the drive. When I came in the door they were in the living room talking and acting as if nothing happened. After we had a beer, Jeff and I went to look at the job. About then his phone rang and he said he had to leave. He said he’d be back the next day. After he was gone, I went into the front bedroom and was looking at the floor. There was a huge wet spot right where they had been laying. Pam walked in and saw what I was looking at. I said I wonder where that came from. She said she had no idea. I kneeled down and ran my fingers through it. I rubbed it between my fingers and then smelled it. I looked up atPam and said what ever it is, it smells good. I smiled. Just before she turned to leave she saw me lick my fingers.

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