starting out


starting outI love pantyhose, nylons, stockings, and high heels. Men and Women. Doesn’t everyone? I would love to share with others with similar stories. I’m just a regular guy, successful both in work and with women. Never had a problem getting the opposite sex. Not from a disgusting locker room vulgar way, just the type that wanted long term relationships. See I have an oral problem…well not really a problem, I just love to put things in my mouth. My hands are strong and I have given massages to fully dressed woman that made them cum in public. But thats another story. I met the most fantastic woman that changed my life. She was younger , sexier and hornier than anyone I’ve known. She was beautiful and professional, and a real slut in the bedroom. bakırköy escort Nothing was off limits. Our chemistry was 110% , as I was her male counterpart. She had an intereting habit, when she was really turned on -she’d get on top and spread me apart and dry hump me. I was so crazy about her I was totally into it. One Sunday morning, after breakfast we got home and as she talked with her mother on the phone I went down on her, first undressing her and eating her ass, then her pussy. She was so hot I wanted her cock and pussy at the same time. Little did I know it -I was about to. She forced me on my knees and fed me her strap-on and as a virgin to all this, I decided to go for it. I swallowed beşiktaş escort it all and gave her a blow job. She was so excited she threw me down, spread my legs and ass until it hurt and fucked me like she was possessed. It felt so good. I came and came. We were so overcome with unexpected exitement that we just fell into each other. This after a typical night of long slow lovemaking. But this was different..she wanted me and I wanted her. I wanted her in me. Needless to say this lead us down a new exciting path. Cuckolding…was not a term I knew. But thats where we were headed. She was such a horny gal that I got sick of all the other little indescretions. Nows she’s doing it to someone else. That beylikdüzü escort too is a story for a ther****t/ LOL. Anyway it opened my memory bank to my youth, where my first sexual encounter was with a friend 10-12 for both of us. We’d try on pantyhose and lay in bed holding each other and rubbing and touching each other. Thats where the ph/nylon fetish started. Today I think of that and call his name sometimes. Somehow I stayed on the straight guy path for a long time, but realize that I’m bi, and love strong dominant women as much as nylon covered men. I’m too careful to be random about this, but time has come to share my story. I want to find one or both.If you’re a woman that likes to give and take, and enjoys the finer things-contact me. Men this will be a slow careful dance, but I will date you as a cd/ts-if it’s discrete for now. I will accept advice and similar experiences. Howd you know what you really like? How do you share that safely? p.s. If you are the woman of my dreams in Northern California, and you miss it as much as me…pick up the phone.

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