Thank you for Paradise


Thank you for ParadiseThank you for ParadiseThis hot shemale story was sent to me by our forum member Leeya and i’m anxious to share it here with everybody. It’s a classy story about a guy who went to an Asian country on a business trip and met a very beautiful womain in a very romantic atmosphere… Little did he know that this young voluptuous lady was a ladyboy.Thanks for this story Leeya. As a reminder to all others, if you have a story suitable for this section, by all means post it either here as a comment or at our forum, and i will publish it for thousands of other readers to enjoy.Disclaimer: all the characters and events are made up, similarities are coincidentail. No intent to offend anyone.You were still eyeing your new Swiss wrist watch which you just purchased from one of the duty-free shops at your local airport. You glanced outside of the window, where the blanket of clouds was covering beautiful lands. Staring at the clouds, thoughts about upcoming presentation and potential questions that could arise were targeting your mind. It’s been only 6 hours after you saw your wife and you were already missing her. Her beautiful eyes, body: Oh how your heart was always up beating when she was smiling at you.A slim stewardess interrupted the thought process with a question of what would you prefer today, chicken or beef. Slowly chewing pieces of chicken, you could not help but thinking how important securing a major contract with investors from Asia was essential for your company’s future, but you are a professional, you knew you would do the job. Success- and you are the new CEO, failure- well, you’ll be stuck with your job for few more years.Upon arrival to the airport, getting the luggage and catching a cab to 5star hotel, your head was pumping with all the thoughts and a terrible headache. The moment you put your head on the pillow it was all gone away, and your mind went into its own world of dreams.The next couple of days were hard, but at the end of the second day the mission was completed. Stakeholders agreed to raise $65mil instead of $58mil; you and your team were in heaven of happiness and joy. Things like that should be celebrated, so you and three of your co-workers who in the last 7 years of working hand to hand became your good buddies decided to hit the bar. After a few drinks, and an embarrassing game of pool (billiard), two of your friends were absolutely gone (wasted) and the other one was hitting on some lady who would send shivers down his spine of how awful she looked, if he was sober. You were just resting at the bar, thinking of what to do in the next 3 spare days that you have before the flight back. Minute after minute, the setting was getting boring, until you felt that someone is looking at you. Look over the shoulder confirmed the feeling; a young Asian woman (probably around 25 years old) looked away, trying to hide the fact that you were the subject of her studies for quiet some time now. You turned back to your drink and canlı bahis smiled. When the scenario repeated itself, you decided to approach her. She was pretty, with black hair tied into a bun, wearing formal suit and a badge with a name Monica on it. She was a corporate business person just like you.- I thought you would never join me.- Heh:Awkward silence.- So you are here on a business trip? (she asked)- Yeah, needed to make sure that someone would be interested in investing into our new projects:After few words about this and that, she said:- I have 3 more days before my flight back to Houston, and I don’t know what to do. Someone recommended me to visit an old temple, but I want something more fun.- I am thinking about going to that hiking trip. You start at the base of the mountain, then you walk uphill, then ride an ATM (quad bike) and then some wild a****ls, elephant rides of some sorts, some walks, stuff like that. I think Ill do that tomorrow.- Ohh, I would love to do that: Would you mind if I will join you, because all my friends are so keen to see that temple, and:- Sure, why not!Deciding on when and where to meet in order to catch the bus to the destination was not long. After exchanging your numbers, you with the words “Ill see you tomorrow then” headed back to your hotel.It was a sunny morning and after packing your backpack (oh, how awesome it was to be able to wear shorts and not those trousers and suits, with a tie that would strangle you any second), you met with your yesterday’s new acquaintance. She was wearing short denim shorts (uhh, they were tight: damn, she’s got a nice ass), and a top. Her skin was sun-kissed and she was giving an impression of a pretty seductive lady.The conversation wasn’t as smooth as the drunken one you two had last time, so you were even having some second thoughts on whether it was right to invite her. What’s the harm anyway?.. Walk, atm, elephants were alright, but not as good as you have imagined. At yet another viewing point, you were fed up with the process and looking at the jungle that lies below, you saw a white sandy beach. It looked so beautiful, with lazy waves with clear water hitting untouched shores you were charmed by the scenery and decided to go there.Without telling anyone, you sneaked away. That’s what you thought, Monica was following. You could really feel that she is certainly attracted to you. She does look beautiful, but you have a beloved one at home so no way you will break a vow you gave at the day of the wedding.The jungle trip was much harder than you thought. It was getting dark, and you were still far from the beach. Better hurry, or some snake will bite you or you will loose your way completely. When you finally hit the beach, the trip was worth it. It was probably the most beautiful thing that you have ever seen. The sunset at the horizon, the sound of the waves hitting the pure white sand that no one has ever set foot on, the water so clear that you could see everything. To the bahis siteleri far left of the sunset, you could see the lights of another island preparing for another crazy lustful night. It was magic. Monica was enjoying it as much as you, splashing in the water and playing with waves. At the moment she stopped and looked at you. You were looking at her: There was something about this place, something so supernatural: You were feeling this sensation so different to others and yet so powerful. The fire in Monica’s eyes, the lust: You were getting closer to each other: She was so stunning: Her tanned slim body: Her long black hair, hungry eyes and amazingly sexy figure at this marvellous beach made her look so wild and irresistible:At the very last moment, you pulled of:- No, I can’t do it!.. I have a wife, family: This is wrong:- Relax: This happens only once in a lifetime: This would be an unforgettable experience: No one will know: We live different lives back home: Just let it go: Let this paradise be yours, let me guide you there:With those words, you first time tasted her lips: They were sweeter than honey: When you slid your hands through her body it felt like you are touching silk: And then, you felt something hardening and growing, and it was not yours. You jumped away that same second:- What is that?! Who are you?!- Pleeeease, don’t freak out: I am still a girl:Then she took her swimwear down, and there under a nicely trimmed patch was semi-hard cock!- Come on: Does it make me look ugly now?.. Are you not attracted to me anymore?..You were speechless. You were shocked. You could not come up with any words: Absolutely stunned:- I see: Sorry if: oh whatever:With disappointment and a bit of anger, she put her clothes on. So did you. On the way back to the hotel you did not talk. That night, when you were lying lonely on your bed in the hotel, you could not sleep. The thought of that perfect place, a real paradise and beautiful and sexy lady with:cock. You stayed up till 5am, thinking about what would have happened, sometimes thinking that you did the right thing, other times regretting that you did not loose yourself in that paradise with your mysterious girl.The next day, you just stayed in hotel, drinking and thinking. You were close to the idea of going to her place and apologising for your behaviour, but were not brave enough. When you got drunk, you decided to call her hotel and talk to Monica, but she stayed in one of those exotic ones where there are no phones or TV- very peaceful. Her mobile phone was ringing but she was obviously not picking up.On the last day of your stay, loaded with all the thoughts you decided to go to her hotel. When asked at the reception where she stayed you were given the direction to go to one of the deluxe villas. The door to the yard was open. You went in, after knocking at the door and not getting any response you decided to inspect the territory. When walked into the backyard, you saw a swimming pool and Monica güvenilir bahis lying on the edge of the pool, sunbathing. She was absolutely naked; you could see her beautiful cock. She did not hear how you approached her, and when she saw you:- Hey!. What are you:?!!- Please! Just relax:You do not know what was happening in your mind that time, but you went to her cock. You started licking her cleanly shaved balls with your tongue. Getting aroused by that, your tongue went down to her ass, and while you were playing there you grabbed her cock and started moving it up and down. She got hard very fast, whispering- Yesssss:. Yess: Now suck it! Now!!!You did just that, playing with your fingers with her asshole, your lips were around her hard cock: You were sucking this Asian beauty’s cock, and you loved it! She was moaning louder and louder, and was holding your head and moving it with you in motion. Shortly, when she started screaming you felt how strong hot streams of her cum were flowing down your throat. It was so tasty and so good. You did no want to stop, but chocked (it was your first time) at the very end:Then silence:- I will see you in my room at 7pm, tonight:You agreed, before washing your face and walking away. The next few hours before the visit, you had mixed up feeling about what just happened. You were guilty for doing it, and embarrassed by the fact that you just sucked cock. But gosh, did you love it! The thought of what might happen in the evening was getting you horny with every moment of it.When clock struck 7pm the door of the villa was opened by Monica, wearing a white robe. It was a good choice as we straight away got into the bed and it was easy to take of. When you reached for her cock again, she said that it’s her turn. It was the best blowjob you have ever had, she knew the spots and stuff, and after all she was a guy herself. After taking a little break, playing with each other, she said if you wanted to try something new. Your anal penetration was agreed with no hesitation as there was no way back and the forbidden fruit looked so yummy. She put some lube on your ass: Then she tried to get in: It was hard and painful: but inch by inch her lovely cock was getting inside of you. You were feeling it pulsing; you were feeling its warmth. Then she started moving slowly, rocking the bed and your world. Surprisingly for you, your cock went hard very fast! You wanted to masturbate yourself, but she stopped you. She was going faster and faster, harder and harder, you were moaning from pain and unbelievable pleasure at the same time. The urge to cum was so hard, but she was not letting you. You were almost passing out with all the near-orgasmic experience and anal sex. When she was about to finish, she was pounding you so very very hard. When you reached to masturbate, your cock exploded with loads of cum and moments later she joined as well, erupting all that cum in your ass: It was the most unforgettable and longest orgasm you have or will ever have:The next morning you woke up in a room, alone. When you stood up to put your clothes on, you saw a note.”:Thank you for paradise:xoxo Monica”Well, guess you better hurry, its time for you to catch your plane home.

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