Thanksgiving Day

Big Tits

Thanksgiving DayAfter getting the sheets changed on my bed, I took a shower got my makeup on and my hair pulled up in a ponytail. In my dresser I pull out a black corset with no bra covering, just the wires to hold me up and my nipples to be erect all day. The corset laced up the front and had a few snaps in the crotch. I then put on my black leather minis skirt and my black sheer button down shirt. I found my black heels by the steps, but not until I found my thigh hi hose with the seam down the back. Brian likes them on me, he says I look totally sexy in them.When I get to the top of the steps, Brian greets me with a big hug and a quick slap on my ass. Daddy turns his head and nods in approval. I get a glass of wine and head to the dining room table to make sure everything is set just so. The door bell rings; I go to answer and see mom with Jackson. I let them in, give mom a big hug as I whisper in her ear that she smells of sex. She smiles and walks towards the kitchen. Jackson gives me a hug and tells me that he enjoyed last night and can’t wait to fuck again.Scotty comes out of his room, straightening his pants. He had that look that he had just got off. I smile at him and turn away. I offer Jackson something to drink and go for his beer. I’m bent over in the refridgerater, when Scotty comes up close to my ass and tells me I need to be more cautious with my pussy hanging out like that. I stand and tell him, it was done on purpose. I told him when dinner is over, I want to be dessert. Jackson and mom are sitting next to each other, daddy at the head of the table, me and Brian on one side and Scotty on the other side of daddy. Conversation at the table was lively and full of istanbul escort laughter. Talk was about football, work and sex. Jackson asked what I liked best about working at the sex shop. I told him I like to see the new products and how they work, the new videos and trying on the new lingerie. Then I told him, it only took a couple of weeks after me being hired, that I became assistant manager.Daddy said it was only because, I took him to the bosses party and he got to fuck her all night. I laughed and said no, that wasn’t it. I work hard to sell the product, even if I had to demonstrate. Mom said she needs a job like that. I told her to go to the other end of town and to stay away from my store. I love my clients that come in to see me and shop.Mom and I start to clear the table for dessert. The guys are doing the dishes and catching up on the football game. I tell mom that I want her pussy for my dessert. She gets on the table, I stoop over to run my hands up her thighs. I can feel the heat coming from deep within. I begin to finger her as I go for the licking. I spread her legs wide for easier access. I’m lapping at her pussy making her moan and pull my head tighter to eat her harder. I’m fingering her pussy and sucking her nub as she begins to cum for me.As I’m sucking up her cum, Jackson comes out to see what all the noise is and sees me in between moms legs. My ass is peeking from my skirt. Jackson reaches in to touch my pussy. I jump at first, but grind my ass into his hand. Brian, Scotty and daddy come out and enjoy the show. Scotty whistles and says he wants his dick sucked by mom. He climbs above her head avcılar escort and puts his newly shaven dick in her mouth. Brian and daddy begin to fondle each other, while Jackson has his face in my pussy.I finish licking mom and she wants some of me now. I get on the table on all fours, letting mom be between my ass cheeks licking from behind, Scotty laying on the table, me sucking him and Jackson is fucking moms ass. Brian comes over by me and lets me jerk him for a bit. Daddy is helping me while I suck on Scotty. Brian sees my ass open for his dick, stands over me and slides his big cock deep in my pussy. Once he’s nice and lubed from my cum, he pulls out and begins to slide deep in my ass.Daddy stands to watch and strokes his cock. Scotty gets on the floor to suck on daddy, before they begin to fuck. Jackson gets off in moms ass and pulls out, leaving mom full of his jizz. Daddy goes to her and begins to suck the cum from moms ass. Jackson disappears to the bathroom and comes out to see Scotty and mom fucking. He was shocked at first, but was liking to see his woman being fucked. I look at Jackson and tell him, I want his enormous dick deep in my pussy.Brian lays on the floor, I slide my ass on his dick, then Jackson comes over and begins to fuck my pussy. I tell mom to bring her drippy pussy over to my face and let me eat daddy’s cum from her. I’m in heaven, the only thing missing is daddy and scotty in each hand. That didn’t last too long until they both thought what i was thinking. Here I was having a gangbang of my own. Jackson pulls out of me, Brian holds my waist and fucks me til he cums in my ass.I lift from his dick and go sit on Jackson’s şirinevler escort dick and ride him to his next cumming. Mom has been working both daddy and scotty til they pass out from cumming so much. Brian has me sucking his dick, til Jackson cums deep in my ass. When I stand up, his cum drips from me. Jackson surprised mom and bent me over clean his cum from me. He told her, he wanted to try it, so next time they fuck,he will do the same to her.The six of us collapse in the living room. All of us naked and just laying on each other. Mom sees how I have Brian, Scotty and daddy laying and touching me. She seems jealous. She said she sees why daddy didn’t want to be with her anymore. Daddy told her, that she became a major whore and fucked everything that made a pass at her. Jackson got up for the bathroom. Mom said she doesn’t like to see us all fucking, especially me and him. I told her, that it’s all out of fun.Mom walked to see if Jackson was ok. He said he had a confession for her. He closed her in the bathroom with him and told her that we had fucked while she was shopping last night. You could hear her screaming from the other end of the house. Mom comes out all pissed at me. She said she didn’t like the thought that I lied to her. I said I wanted to fuck him, I didn’t lie about that, but she didn’t ask if we fucked. So, really its her fault for not asking. I told her he had a nice dick and that we did fuck with a condom on.Daddy looked at me and smiled, said that he likes the thought that I fucked moms friend without her knowing. Mom got madder, got dressed and stormed out of the house. Jackson dressed and found her in the car crying. They left in a rush. Scotty told daddy that he needed to go to his girlfriends house for dessert.Daddy told me and Brian to follow him upstairs to his bed. The three of us got into bed and we made hot sexy love all night long. Each taking turns with each other, until we fell asleep. Waking up the next morning with two hard cocks was every girl’s dream

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