The Barfly’s Daughter


The Barfly’s DaughterSo, she was literally holding my cock in her hand when she began to snore. I smiled because I didn’t care. She was just a barfly from the local joint and didn’t realize I was laughing at her, not with her, when she had been flirting with me. When she told me she needed a ride home from the bar, I couldn’t resist finding out what would happen if I did. She was maybe 35 or 40 years old, chubby with a splotchy complexion and chipped teeth, and the snoring just completed her sad state of affairs. I took her wrist and began jacking myself off with her palm. My clothes were s**ttered on the floor; she was fully clothed.I was 22 years old, without a care in the world and after a bit I decided to have fun with her passed out body. I struggled to remove her jeans and panties but once I did, I discovered she had freshly shaved her pussy. An ironic twist to her lack of personal hygiene elsewhere. I licked her pussy flaps up and down, touched her taint once with the tip of my tongue, then entered her vagina, lapping up her sweaty, yet surprisingly sweet juices.I walked around to the head of the bed and unbuttoned her blouse, exposing a gigantic bra. I found a pair of scissors on her dresser and cut the connecting fabric between the cups. Her massive breasts flopped over to their given sides. My dick was soft but I began sucking on her dark, pimply nipples and caressing her boobs and that sparked some movement to my dick. My right hand moved down to her pussy. I used my other hand to grab the back of her head and guided her mouth to my dick. Even with my shaft in her mouth, she inhaled with a snort and then expelled the air with a quick vibration of her lips. I was thrusting my dick deeper into her mouth when I heard a giggle behind me.A young girl wearing a pink sheer night gown stood in the doorway. She had straight brown hair, brilliant crystal blue eyes, and purple colored finger nails. I pulled my dick out from my personal oral cavity and tried to cover it up with my hands. “Oh my god, is she passed out again?” The girl smirked as I tried to stammer out kütahya escort an answer. “I’m so sorry. I’ll leave now.” I was jumping up and down, trying to put my boxers and jeans back on and looked pretty foolish doing it. “Don’t worry, mister man. She takes pills before she drinks. She wants to be fucked and abused when guys drive her home. You think you are the first naked guy I’ve seen in this room? You’re not, but you’re the first one I’ve talked to because you’re fucking hot. So, here’s the deal. You can leave right now, and it’ll be the end of your dirty, little night or you come over to my room and see what I’ve got. It really isn’t fair that I got to see your dick but you haven’t seen my pussy, is it?”My hand was struggling with my zipper. “What? How old are you?”“Old enough to know you were assaulting my mom and if you are willing to do that, I’m sure you are willing to let me suck you then fuck you.” I stood there with my mouth open in amazement. “I’m not saying it’s going to be free. I need a few bucks to eat this week. My mom sure won’t give it to me. Stop fidgeting with your pants. I’m just gonna take them back off any way.”I didn’t know what to say. She had the confidence of a 21 year old, but she looked so much younger.“My name is Sarah by the way. Let me help you to my room.” She took my hand and led me out of her mom’s room, through the living room, down a hall, and into a second dark bedroom, lit only by a reading lamp and a flickering fake candle.An assortment of stuffed teddy bears were piled on the end of her bed and she slid them off to the floor. Sarah grabbed my unbuttoned pants and lowered them to my ankles. She then pushed me down to a sitting position and continued to remove my jeans. My boxer briefs were still on and Sarah struggled to open the hole in my underwear large enough for my cock to pop out. She kept one hand on the seam of the hole while the other hand fished for my dick. She pulled out my throbbing shaft and licked her lips. “Hold on.” She grabbed a travel sized lubricating istanbul escort oil bottle and squeezed out a quarter sized amount of the edible gel. “Take off your shirt and lay back.” I did what she asked and closed my eyes. Her hand pumped softly up and down my cock, which was getting larger and stiffer. Suddenly, I felt her young mouth envelope around my shaft. I felt a warm precum slowly leave the head of my dick. I was combing her hair with my fingers when she suddenly looked up at me with those eyes. I didn’t want to explode so quickly so I grabbed her wrists and pushed her shoulders back. “I’m about to go,” I said and she understood. “Okay, open your eyes and watch me.”Sarah grabbed the bottom of her night gown and slowly lifted the fabric to just above her panty line. She circled her fingers around her belly button then lowered them into her panties, where they moved slowly all around her hidden pussy. She pulled that hand out and put it in my mouth and I tasted her youthful juices. She grabbed my wrist with her other hand and guided my fingers to the yellow panties, moving my hand back and forth between her camel toe and her soft hairless thigh. She guided the tip of my index finger to the elastic on the leg edge of her panties and used it as a hook to expose her young cunt.“Please lick it.”I obeyed by crouching to my knees and cupping my tongue through her slit a few times. Then I found the clit and circled my finger tip around it, before moving my whole mouth in and sucking. “Oh my God, that is so good. Slow down, I don’t want to orgasm too soon either.”I removed Sarah’s gown and she stood there in only her panties. Her cute puffy nipples sat on light colored areolas and she only had enough breast to suck on like a lollipop. I removed her panties, noting just a bit of peach fuzz. I picked her up, pressing one of her tits against my cheek, then laid her down gently on the bed, where we cuddled. For ten minutes, we kissed and our tongues danced between our vacuumed mouths. I touched every part of her 4’10” hatay escort body, making sure to massage her scalp, scratch her back, and knife my hand through her tiny ass cheeks. She crawled on top of me and began gyrating her pussy on my abs. I pushed her chest into my face and I sucked on each perfect nipple. After a bit, she lowered her pussy down to my cock, forcing it backward while she nibbled on my nipples. There was no where for my cock to go and the delightful pain was increasing. I arched my back up and flipped Sarah over. I was now on top and my dick needed to enter her. I opened her legs up and tried to push my cock into her, but it just wouldn’t fit. I went back down on her, licking and sucking and slobbering around her hole. When I felt her pussy was wet enough, I squirted some of the gel onto my cock and this time it slid right in. Sarah dug her nails into my back and I saw a single tear roll down her cheek. I began to thrust back and forth and I felt Sarah’s legs wrap around my waist. Her mouth was alternating between licking and biting my shoulder. My cock had never felt this good, a perfect combination of pressure and softness. I began to grunt with the rhythm of Sarah’s whimpers and we both experienced orgasm at the same time. We did not immediately get up. Instead we breathed hard into each other’s necks, embracing tightly. I remember one of my hands held a clump of her hair and the other one was squeezing her ass.After a while, we got up and I followed Sarah back to her mom’s bedroom. While I retrieved the rest of my clothes, she grabbed the broken bra from her mom’s shoulders and wrapped it in a bag then discarded it in a trash can. We found pajamas in a closet and dressed Sarah’s mother, not leaving until the room was organized and her mom was snoring comfortably under a few blankets. We never spoke until I got to the door. I took my wallet out and handed her a fifty. “I was just k**ding about the money, mister man. I’m no prostitute.”“The way you just tucked in your mom, well, it looks like you’ve helped her out a lot. You deserve something special. Can we do this again some time?”She took the money, another tear slipped down her cheek and onto the floor. “I’m not sure if it would be good, for you or me. I don’t want you to get in trouble. But if you ever bring my mom home again, we’ll see.”I left the trailer, my heart aching for more, and I felt like a different man.

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