The best sensual lesbian sex ever


The best sensual lesbian sex everThe phone rings its my long time love Keisha calling me about the plans we both made going to the club thia weekend.Hey girl just calling to seehow you are doing so we still on for the weekend?Honey yes can’t wait to wear the new dress I’ve have brought you are going to love it and I do look very sexy in it too.Mmmmmmmm can’t wait to see you it sweetie,you always looking good and sexy whatever you wear baby.But if you are looking too sexy now you know it just might get my pussy very wet.Keisha you know I love it when you get so hot and horny wet girl I’ll lick every drop of your sweet juices.Baby just thinking about it now your getting me so fuckin horny now,so what are you up to now Keisha?Right now baby boo I’m taking care of some important business doing some runs here and there really I don’t have much to do today.I can come over if you like for me too,Honey I’ll be very glad to see you today,HmmmmmmmI’ll just might have something for you when you come over.Girl what is it? Keisha girl you know me if I tell you sweetie thats spoiling the fun for the both of us.Thats why I love you so much girl you always full of surprises and you manage to keep me very happy,Keisha girl I love you too baby go ahead and take care of you need to do for today give me and call let me know what time you’ll be over baby boo.Alright sweetie will do that,talk to ya later baby.After talking with Keisha on the phone I’ve began to clean my apartment not too much to do here just mop,clean dishes and wash some clothes.After all that was done I decide to take a shower,oh yes the water feel so nice and warm from head to toe.Washing my hair very good and began to lather up my body with my body wash Mmmmmmm the shower just feeling so wonderful.I’m caressing my body all over very slow and gently my nipples are getting so very hard rubbing my fingers across my nipples OOoooh yes that feel so good.As I’m continue washing my body very slow all over with my eyes close a strong intense feeling of my hornyness has taking me over.I place my foot on the soap dish thats on the shower wall my clit was very hard taking my finger in circle motions massaging my swollen clit.Oh yes thats feel so good rubbing my pussy lips knowing my pussy is so juicy wet,sliding two fingers inside my pussy stroking it very slow and deep my thumb on my clit.Thrush after each thrush and squeezing my nipples I’m about to cum the feeling was so intense I let out and loud moan with such great pleasure.After taking a wonderful shower it was time to get dress waiting to hear from my girlfriend Keisha whenever she gets done with her runs.Shit I’ll just watch some T.V and read a good book about lesbian lovers a very intense book about lesbians taking a vacationon a cruise ship so much sex alot of pussy licking,grinding,strap-ons just very intense reading to make your pussy wet.The phone rings its canlı bahis my girl Keisha,Hey sweetie I’m on my way there went and got us something to eat hope chinese food is ok.Girl you now that is my favorite dish now hurry and get your behind over here,alright Mz.lady on my way now.Keisha pull up and park her car on the side street carry of bag chinese food she enter my apartment building headed up to th esecond floor which I live on.She is knocking at the door I went to open the door HEY!!Mz.lady you can come over giving each other and hug & kiss,waz up with you looking so damn good sexy ass hell in your short skirt,tank top & the sexy shoes.Girl you have to tell me where you got those shoes from too sexy indeed.Keisha said I miss you boo been doing ok? Oh yeah everything ahs been just fine here just busy working as always at times just bored as hell on off days.Honey I feel ya on that one all work and no time for yourself girl you know it,So lets sit down here and enjoy some of this good old chinese food HOT DAMN!! you got my favorite General Tso’s Chicken thank you baby.You are always welcome sweetie I’ll always treat my baby to anything your my girl and I love ya boo.I love ya too,after enjoying our meal together we both sat watching movies,plenty of talking about whatever we just was enjoying each other company.Sitting close to each other on the sofa we both had a wonderful day Keisha had her arm around me she takes her hand and caress my face we look into each other eyes and began to kiss.It was very slow gentle kisses that was getting very passionate we both began to caress each other body’s very slow wanting this passion to last.Keisha grabs my breast and gently squeeze my nipples I’ve gave a slight moan my pussy was getting very wet and my clit is throbbing very hard.I told Keisha I want to make love to you right now,I want you too baby lets make beautiful love together baby boo.Keisha and I walk to my bedroom she laid back on the bed while I got on top of her kissing her very passionately taking my hands caressing her body all over.Keisha gave a sweet moan of pleasure as we both are kissing I’m taking my hand sliding it up her skirt massaging that pussy I can feel her wetness.Her hands rubbing my body while she takes her nails running it up and down my back nice and slow.I raise up to take off my shirt Keisha unhook my bra begans to lick & suck my nipples it felt so damn good I’ve gave a slight moan.Does that feel good baby? yes it does I want to give you more of me baby girl,we both taking each other clothes off now both are naked hugging each other as our breast touch together feeling keisha body close to mine making me even more horny and my pussy getting so very wet.We both are kissing and licking each other with great passion now laying down on the bed Keisha is on top of me kissing and licking my body all over she is fondling and caressing bahis siteleri me very well indeed.She taking my breast gently squeezing and licking each nipple as I’m caressing and grabbing her ass while she is between my legs.Taking turns licking each other nipples with lots of moaning going on while she is still on top began to grind our pussy together,OH BABY!! you are so wet I want you to feel my hard clit rub against your clit baby girl.Keisha grind her pussy on me so hard the stimulation of each deep hard stroke of her pussy and clit on me was so intense both our pussies is so creamy wet I beg her not to stop I want to cum so bad.She was fucking me so hard she said to me you feel my pussy and clit on that pussy baby? “Oh yes baby I feel you keep grinding that pussy hard girl MMmmmmm”We both moaning with great pleasure.I told Keisha let me lick her from behind I want to taste your sweet nectar,she in a doggie position I’m caressing and slapping that ass taking my hand rubbing her pussy lips.MMmmmmmmm girl you are so nice and wet for this good lickin indeed,before I lick that pussy I’m sliding two fingers inside her warm juicy pussy Mmmmmmm finger lickin good taste so good and sweet indeed.Taking my tongue gently and slowly rubbing it on her pussy lips Keisha moans you like that baby? Oh yeah baby lick it,lick it until I cum girl.Spreading her pussy lips open my tongue is licking that clit and pussy very well I’am sliding my tongue inside her juicy creamy pussy you taste so wonderful Mz.lady.Keisha is moaning with great pleasure “Oh baby don’t stop it feel so good I want to cum in your mouth I want you to taste all of me”.After hearing her say don’t stop I was licking the hell out of that pussy deep stroke after deep stroke my tongue going in and out while my fingers is massaging her clit.Keisha was moving her hips hard ass hell she was breathing so hard & moaning very loud,her moaning just made me get even harder with the deep stroking of my tongue inside her pussy.Come on baby cum in my mouth I want to taste your sweet juice pounding so hard and rubbing that clit Keisha is about to cum.”I’M ABOUT TO CUM BABY I’M CUMMING BABY,I’M CUMMING OOOOOOOOOOOOOH SHIT,AWWWWWWWWWWW SHIT BABY I’M CUMMING!!!.MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm you taste so damn good I’m licking and french kissing that pussy very well indeed I’m licking every drop of her sweetness.We are now kissing each other very passionately it was like mad wild thats how deep in love we are with each other.Kissing and licking each other all over with great passion our love making our love making lasted for hours,Keisha began to kiss my body all over until she reach between my legs.She spread open my pussy lips began to lick my clit,I want you to cum in my mouth its my turn to taste your sweet pussy juice baby girl.Keisha glide her tongue up and down my clit and pussy too,Oh yeah!!that feel so good everytime güvenilir bahis she lick me that way I just love how she does it.Keisha began to slowly slide her tongue inside my very wet pussy I’ve gave a slight moan it felt so wonderful all I can say was OH SHIT!! baby that feel so good stroke me hard let me cum in your mouth baby.Keisha deep stroke my pussy very hard with her tongue deep thrush after deep thrush she had me moaning and moving my hips OH BABY!! don’t stop my eyes are close and I’m squeezing my nipples oh yeah.You like that baby? “yes” please don’t stop,Keisha is licking,stroking and fucking the hell out of my pussy so very well the feeling was so intense I’m about to cum “OMG I’M ABOUT TO CUM BABY,I’M CUMMING” come on baby cum in my mouth OH SHIT!!! I’ve squirted in my lover mouth she enjoy every minute of it.Keisha deep stroking my pussy with her tongue so very hard I can feel her tongue moving around inside my juicy pussy while massaging my clit with her finger nothing but pure pleasure Mmmmmmmmm.We both lay in each other arms holding,caressing and kissing but when it comes to sex we can go for hours just laying there looking into each other eyes saying “I LOVE YOU”.I reach for some lube and the double dong,it wasn’t over yet each end of the dong was lube up very well Keisha and I slide the dong inside our pussy still laying on our side we both slowly grinding on the double dong while we both kissing very passionately and fondling each other breast and licking nipples with great passion.We both fucking one other very hard and well indeed,deep stroke and thrush of the dong has us both moaning very loud with pleasure “I LOVE YOU BABY,I LOVE YOU TOO KEISHA”.Now we both change position she on top riding the hell out of the double dong “OH SHIT,FUCK ME BABY,FUCK ME” lets cum together baby we both grinding the shit out of the dong deep stroking our pussies so hard the dong went in so deep we both was able to rub clits together “OH HOW SWEET” ride that dick baby girl ride it.It was the feeling of pain and pleasure because that how deep the dong was inside us both but the pleasure of both clits rubbing agaisnt each other what made it even better.Keisha kiss me very passionately she lick and suck my nipples and went back to grinding the hell out of me with the double dong inside us both.OH KEISHA baby I’m about to cum she was cumming too.”OH YES FUCK ME BABY,FUCK ME,DON’T STOP PLEASE DON’T IT FEEL SO GOOD” Keisha pounded me so hard her eyes was close.It was the best fucking ever”I’M CUMMING BABY,OMG I’M CUMMING TOO,I’M CUMMING SHIT OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YEAH,OH DAMN!!! said Keisha she fell over we both was breathing so hard.We look at each other and smile you are the best baby girl so are you Keisha,she kiss me very passionately as we lay next to each other fondling and caressing that was the end for now of our heated passion. Keisha knows how to please me very well and keep me very haapy she is the best lover that anyone could have and thats why I love her so much.Until our next round of sensual sexual plesure it will be very wild and so damn and KINKY AS EVER BEFORE!!!

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