The Boss’s Wife


All the characters depicted in this story are 18 years old or older.


Brad looked questioningly at Andrea. This was a big deal, getting asked back to the boss’s for a drink. He looked at his wife with a smile that said…’We should really do this!’

“Well honey, what do you say?…” he asked hopefully.

“It’s so nice of you to ask us! That would be very nice!…” Andrea said.

“Yeah! We’d like that! If you really don’t mind?…” Brad chimed in.


They hadn’t really been there very long. It was an early Christmas cocktail party that the executive VP from Brad’s office had thrown.

This particular VP, Conrad Stevens, was well known as something of a horn dog at the office and it didn’t surprise Brad to notice him chatting up his wife Andrea in a quiet corner of the den. He seemed to be trying to edge her under the mistletoe that was hanging nearby. Andrea was an attractive girl and looked particularly good in the little white wool sheath she was wearing. It clung to her shapely figure like a second skin. With her blonde hair framing her face she looked very much like the athletic young cheer leader she had been when Brad met her at school. They got married right out of college and had just celebrated their third anniversary

Brad knew that Andrea could take care of herself. He noticed that Conrad had casually put one hand on her waist as he smiled and leaned close to her. He started whispering urgently into her ear as his hand slowly slid upwards towards the underside of one of her tempting breasts. Brad was a little surprised at Conrad’s nerve. His wife Nancy was around here somewhere.

It was at that moment that Andrea caught her husband’s eye. She pursed her lips and waggled her eyebrows meaningfully. Brad could see that she was uncomfortable with Conrad’s flirting. But Andrea probably didn’t want to say or do anything in front of the VP that might jeopardize her husband’s position at the office. He had only been with the firm for a year and a half and he was just coming up on his second performance review. There was a good chance that he could be moved into a new position that included a huge bonus if his performance was good. Bur he wasn’t the only one being considered for that job.

And suddenly it struck Brad that he wasn’t in a very good position to confront Conrad either. The executive VP was one of the people who would be deciding on his possible promotion.

And then David Ross was at his elbow. Mr. Ross was the president of the company. At 47 years old he was among the youngest CEO’s in the industry and he was one of the main reasons Brad had joined the company in the first place. He had read a lot about Mr. Ross’s dynamic management style and meteoric success. Brad hoped that he could eventually impress the older man with his own skills and one day become a VP within the corporation himself.

“Hello Mr. McGuire. I thought I might see you here tonight. Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Why yes Mr. Ross. It’s a lovely party. It was very good of Mr. Stevens to ask us. And please call me Brad…” he said, his gaze darting back and forth from his wife to his boss.

“Of course. And you should call me David. Mr. Ross is my father. So… am I likely to meet your wife here tonight?”

“Well yes, she’s …she’s right over there?..” Brad said, smiling kind of crookedly towards Mr. Stevens and Andrea.

“Ahhhh… And that would be the lovely young lady that Conrad is talking so earnestly to. I should have guessed it. Conrad does fancy himself as quite the lady’s man. Well I would think this would be as good a time as any for you to introduce me, don’t you … Brad?…” Mr. Ross said with a smile.

He took Brad by the elbow and walked him smartly over towards the couple in the corner. Mr. Stevens was practically feeling up Brad’s wife at this point and didn’t even notice them coming over.

“Hello Conrad. This is quite the shindig you’ve got going here tonight. This Silver Oak Cab is my favorite. How thoughtful of you to have some on hand”

“Ohhhh!…” Mr. Stevens yelped in alarm, dropping his wandering hand off Brad’s wife like a kid that had just got caught rifling the candy jar.

“Hello David…” Conrad said. “I didn’t see you come in. Glad you’re enjoying yourself. Where’s Holly?”

“She’s in the kitchen with Nan. Nan’s looking for you by the way. Now who is this that has gotten you so thoroughly flustered? ” Mr. Ross asked, extending his hand to Andrea.

“Why this… this.. is … just a minute…it’s…Allison…” Conrad said tentatively.

“David…This in my wife Andrea…Andrea this is Mr. Ross. I’ve told Andrea quite a lot about how you’ve turned the company around sir and how much I’m looking forward to being a part of the next phase of the development.

Andrea took Mr. Ross’s hand. She hadn’t expected him to be as good lucking as he was. She had imagined he would be overweight, steely eyed and probably just plain bossy. Mr. Ross actually looked quite fit, with just canlı bahis a touch of grey at the temples that somehow made him look more youthful than she knew he was. And she did appreciate him coming to her rescue.

“It’s so nice to meet you at last Mr. Ross. Brad has spoken of you so often.”

“The pleasure is all mine Andrea. I hope you only believe half of what you hear. Brad does tend to exaggerate my role in the company. I’ve got a lot of good people working for me and a wife who has been just as involved in my ventures as I have. As a matter of fact I’d like you to meet her. Conrad you don’t mind if I take Brad and Andrea away for a moment do you? You can catch up with them later. Let’s go look in the big room shall we?”

In fact, Conrad looked like he minded very much that Andrea was being spirited away so suddenly. But what could he say. He barely managed a civil smile, a stammered…”Fine! Of course David! Tell Holly I’m looking forward to talking to her…” and then he drifted off towards another knot of people. Noticeably he didn’t head for the kitchen where his wife might be looking for him.

David Ross was chuckling to himself as he guided Brad and Andrea to the large living room. A few people were standing around chatting in groups of various sizes. Mr. Ross headed towards a couple talking quietly by the fireplace. Brad knew the man. He was a senior analyst who was also in line for the promotion that Brad was hoping for. He was talking to a very attractive woman with a mane of artfully teased red hair who was standing beside him, seeming to hang on his every word. She had to be Mr. Ross’s wife.

David walked right up to them with Brad and Andrea in tow.

“Hello Mr. Daniels. I see you have my wife fascinated with a story. I hope you’re not deep into the history of that lame duck micro chip manufacturer you’ve been working on all week. I doubt that would capture Holly’s attention to such an extent. So what is it. Something a little more risqué perhaps?”

“Oh hello Mr. Ross. Please call me Norman…” Norm Daniels said, flustered at the suggestion that he was telling dirty stories.

“We were just talking about…about…”

“Norman was telling me about the Montessori school he’s enrolled his children in. It’s really quite interesting, the individually designed programs they offer.” Mrs. Ross said, smiling at her husband.

“Perhaps not something that you would find quite so enthralling dear. Now who have we here?” Mrs. Ross enquired, turning her dazzling smile on Brad and Andrea.

“Holly. I’d like you to meet Brad and Andrea McGuire. Brad works in our M&E department. I’m sure I’ve mentioned him to you. He’s one of our rising stars. And this is his lovely wife. I just liberated her from one of Conrad’s full frontal assaults.”

“Oh that man is incorrigible. You have to wear Kevlar underwear when you’re around him. I could have warned you.” Holly quipped as she shook hands with Andrea.

“I think Mr. Stevens was just getting into the Christmas spirit.” Andrea set with a modest blush.

“Oh I’m sure he was trying to get into something dear, but with Conrad it’s usually something more physical than spiritual. However I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt if you are.”

Then Holly turned her attention to Brad. She looked at him for a long moment with an appraising smile. Brad tried to say something but he was actually tongue tied in front of the statuesque beauty . Mrs. Ross was an incredibly attractive woman. In her high heels she was just as tall as he was. Her eyes looked levelly into his. She was wearing a green satin blouse with a plunging neckline. The upper swells of her generous breasts were very much on display. A black leather skirt fit her snugly from her waspishly thin waist to just above her knees. Black nylons and black stiletto heels completed her outfit. She was a striking woman indeed and Brad was having a hard time keeping his eyes on hers.

“I was just trying to remember what it was my husband told me about you Brad. And it’s just come to me. But unfortunately I’ve been sworn to secrecy. I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you. However you could always try and ply me with liquor. I’ve been told I’m a chatty drunk, among other things…” Holly said, keeping her eyes fixed on Brad’s as she took a sip of her red wine.

“Well if you’ve actually signed a binding agreement, then I suppose I shouldn’t pursue it, otherwise… could I freshen up that drink for you?”

Mr. Ross was just taking a sip of wine himself at that moment. He barely caught himself from spewing a mouthful as he burst into laughter at Brad’s remark.

The two couples seemed to get on almost immediately. Norm Daniels soon found himself the odd man out and wandered off to talk to other people.

After a few minutes of very relaxed banter Holly insisted that her husband get Brad one of Conrad’s fancy California Cabs for him to try.

Brad wasn’t much of a wine drinker and was a little nervous about sounding bahis siteleri foolish. Holly and David watched him expectantly as he inexpertly swished the wine around in his mouth.

They also exchanged knowing glances with each other. David had got the signal from his wife that she approved his choice of company for later on. As Holly had passed the two men their glasses, she had slipped a little dose of what she called her ‘party dust’ into their wines. For Brad, it was a mixture of two parts Viagra and one part Valium. Holly knew that a young stud like Brad wouldn’t need the Viagra. She liked her men eager but manageable and that was what the Valium was for. David liked his ‘party dust’ straight… Viagra, no Valium, and that was how she had fixed his. Andrea would just have to take her chances. Holly knew her husband had his own little ‘party dust’ for the attractive blonde, but that was for later.

Besides, if it didn’t work out, the worst that would happen was that the younger couple would go their own way, no hard feelings. Well young Brad would certainly be hard! And Andrea would probably have a mean headache and a sore tushy for a couple of days after Brad got her home and had his way with her, but hey, it was Christmas!

Finally Brad swallowed the red wine and pronounced that he thought it tasted like ‘old boots’.

“But the Wine Spectator gave it a 92!…” said Mr. Ross with a rueful smile.

“I’ll take two cases!…” said Brad.

The two couples laughed uproariously. They talked together for a couple of more minutes with much animation then Mr. Ross said they had to go mingle. His wife pouted prettily and then agreed that she did really have to talk to someone named Isabella. But before they drifted off, Holly took Brad’s arm and whispered in his ear….”Don’t disappear now. I think I might be able to find something for you to taste that you’ll find much more interesting than that musty old cabernet.”

Brad couldn’t help but feel Mrs. Ross’s monumental breasts crushing into his shoulder as she leaned against him. He wondered if she was deliberately teasing him or if he was just imagining it. Regardless, his groin twitched excitedly in response as he assured Holly that he wouldn’t leave without talking to her.

Andrea hadn’t noticed this intimate little exchange as she was saying something to David. But then someone called to Mr. Ross and he shepherded his wife off to talk to a group of people on the other side of the room.

Brad and Andrea made the rounds as well and talked to quite a few people. They weren’t big drinkers but a number of people mentioned that Conrad was serving some really expensive wines so they tried some different ones.

As it got later Brad began to feel quite warm. But it was a bustling party and there was quite a crowd so he figured that was why he was feeling so lethargic. He had also begun to notice that a lot of the wives had really got dolled up for the party. Aside from the big bosses it was a fairly young crowd of upwardly mobile 20 and 30 somethings. Some of these young mommies were pretty hot. A couple of times Andrea caught Brad staring and jabbed him in the ribs good naturedly.

Just as they were beginning to think about leaving Mr. and Mrs. Ross were at their side once more. Holly immediately began chattering excitedly, her eyes flashing…

“Did you see that Chad Montgomery from Legal. He had his hand up the back of Lucy Chandler’s skirt and she was letting him. And her husband was standing right there. And I know Chad’s wife is around here somewhere. Doesn’t he have any shame.”

“I wouldn’t really expect so. After all, he is a lawyer!” said Brad.

All of them broke up at this. Brad couldn’t help himself from staring into Holly’s cleavage as she leaned towards him in her laughter, her pendulous breasts swaying temptingly. When they had caught their breath David looked at Brad and said…

“Say Brad, Holly and I were wondering if you and Andrea would like to come back to the house for a nightcap. We just thought you might like to see the place. Holly’s got everything looking very nice for the season. Are you interested?”

As David was speaking Holly had linked her arm in Brad’s and was hugging herself warmly against him. Brad, surprisingly, felt his cock twitch in response to this casual embrace.

He looked questioningly at Andrea. This was a big deal, getting asked back to the boss’s house for a drink. He looked at his wife with a smile that said…’We should really do this!’

“Well honey, what do you say?…” he asked hopefully.

“It’s so nice of you to ask us! That would be very nice!…” Andrea said.

“Yeah! We’d like that! If you really don’t mind?…” Brad chimed in.

“Good! We hoped you’d come. Now, Conrad’s got some great Icewine that you should really try before we go.”

“Oh no! I shouldn’t. I’ve had plenty already…” said Andrea.

“Nonsense, It’s a very fine dessert wine. You only drink a little bit. I insist!..” David enthused, bahis şirketleri wheeling away towards the bar. He was back in a moment with four delicate flutes, each half full with a shining amber liquid.

“Here…” he said passing around the festive drinks.

He had added a tiny dose of Xstacy to Andrea’s. This wasn’t some cheap street drug that would knock her out. Like Holly’s ‘party dust’, David’s exotic concoction, formulated with great care in one of his own labs, would simply reduce her inhibitions while enhancing her sexual responsiveness. David was looking forward to seeing her reaction.

“To new friends, and new adventures! Merry Christmas everyone!…” David toasted, gazing into Andrea’s eyes with a seductive smile as they all clinked glasses. Then everyone took a sip.

“Mmmm!… That’s delicious!…” Andrea murmured.

“Wow! That’s got a little kick to it!…” Brad enthused, his face now quite flushed.

“Yes it does! I warned you what happens to me when I’ve been drinking. You may discover my secrets yet young man…” Holly said, bumping Brad’s hip with hers and squeezing his arm against her resilient breasts.

“And do you have so many secrets?…” Brad asked, disengaging his arm from Holly’s and casually sliding it around her waist.

“Well I am from Michigan and you know what our state motto is?…”

“Nooo…” said Brad and Andrea together.

Holly’s eyes burned into Brad’s as she replied…”If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.”

Andrea looked at the obvious sparks flying between her husband and his boss’s wife for a moment and then she burst into giggles.

“What is it? What’s so funny?…” David asked with a smile, putting his hand on Andrea’s back to steady her.

Andrea leaned back a little unsteadily against David’s shoulder then turned her face towards his ear. Without taking her eyes off her husband she said to David…

“Brad’s from New York. Ask him what their state motto is.”

“Well. What is it?”

Brad suddenly turned a brilliant crimson and then stammered…

“Ever upward!”

And then all four of them were laughing and toasting each other with loud cries of … “Ever upward!…Ever Upward!”


Soon after that they were making their thanks to their hosts, putting on their coats and heading out the door. Holly and David pulled their Mercedes out onto the street and waited for Brad and Andrea to fall in behind them in their Toyota.

David turned to Holly and with a lewd wink he said to his wife…”This should be interesting!”

Holly leaned towards her husband put her hand in his lap and gave his cock an amorous squeeze.

“Gentlemen…Start your engines!…” she said in a throaty murmur as her husband’s cock lurched upright under her pressing palm.

“Mmmmm!…” David responded, his hips hunching up reflexively against his wife’s encouraging hand.

In the McGuire car, Brad happened to look over at his wife as he pulled in behind the big Mercedes. She was sitting there with her coat wide open and her face flushed. She was breathing heavily and her chest was heaving like she had just finished a race. He was surprised to find Andrea staring into his groin with feral intensity. She was looking at his crotch so hungrily that his cock began to stiffen up in response to her avid gaze.

“What? Honey, what is it?…”

“Nothing baby…I just thought…” Andrea said hesitantly, sliding over on the seat closer to her husband.

“Maybe we won’t stay at the Ross’s too long…” she said, letting her little hand idly slip up her husband’s thigh until it was resting over his cock. She started rubbing him there as she continued…”if that’s O.K.?…”

Brad looked at his wife in amazement. She was usually pretty introverted about sex and had never fondled him in the car before. This was a side of her he had never seen and he couldn’t believe his luck. His cock felt like it was going to tear through his pants at his wife’s bold caress.

“You keep doing that and we can head for home right now…” Brad replied enthusiastically.

“I think we better be polite to your boss and his wife for a little while. But after, I want this…” she said, moving closer to him and squeezing his tool hotly…” your big cock…” she said, moving her mouth to his ear and jerking him with tiny, incendiary hand strokes… ‘fucking me…until you empty these…” she purred, grabbing his balls with her free hand and squeezing them …”deep inside my pussy!…” she finished, darting her tongue in his ear and turning it around wetly.

In truth Andrea had never felt Brad’s cock so hard. The way he eagerly hunched up into her groping hands made a little trickle of juice seep out of her and moisten the gusset of her panties.

“Oh God baby!…Let’s go home right now! I’ll call Mr. Ross in the morning….” Brad groaned, slowing the car.

Andrea released her husband’s throbbing genitals and slid back over to her side of the front seat.

“Now you be a good boy! We’ll go drop in at your boss’s for a quick drink and then after we can go home and you can have your fun with this…” Andrea murmured, lifting the hem of her skirt to expose her panty covered crotch to her husband.

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