The Builders shed


The Builders shedI’d walk past the small building site every day on the way home from school. Had it not been for what I could see through the little site shed window, Id never have given it a second glanceLinda Lusardy ( I think thats how she spells her name) Naked on a calendar on the scruffy wall. I’d noticed several times that the door had a padlock but they must have lost the key because every night it would be wedged shut with something heavy and the door wasn’t properly locked.I decided to raid the shed and steel the calendar. That night after dark I slipped into the shed and moved to the wall to take my prise. I could see though, that the box on the bench was full of mags. OMG, pay dirt. I grabbed as many as I could carry and slipped away. I took them to our family garage, I had never been taught how to masturbate conventionally, kadıköy escort so I laid out a piece of carpet and dropped my shorts and proceeded to lie face down and rub my cock against the carpet with the weight of my body until I came.I wanted more, after a couple of days I went back, and I took the lot. Left the calendar. , but the box was weak and fell apart with the weight of the mags, so once again I took , a less hurried selection. I’d never seen a gay mag before, I didn’t really know anything about gayness, back then we said ‘queer’. I just took the one gay mag, wouldn’t hurt to have a look I guess. That night I came so quick I’d barely turned the first page, I got cum all over my uniform and had to go inside to clean up. I didn’t stop thinking about the cocks I’d seen in the magazine, men actually üsküdar escort kissing. Wow! even touching each other. The next night armed with two carrier bags I prepared to go back. I had a clean sheet from the airing cupboard for me to rub off against later and a stuffy at just the thought of seeing more bottoms and cocks. I crept into the shed and went over to the box was, it was dark and I noticed somebody had put a cloth over the window, Thats not going to stop me I thought. A blinding light shone in my face and a frightening voice was shouting at me, followed by , I guess, a punch in the face.When I came to I was still there. I couldn’t move my arms. He had used the sheet to tie me up, he waved a large ripped piece of the sheet in my face and threatened to force it in my mouth if I made a sound. tuzla escort He poured something from a bottle, whiskey, I think ,onto the rag and said ”right then lets clean you up, your going to jail. I started crying the whiskey stung the cut on my cheek and hurt my eyes. He told me to keep quiet until he had finished cleaning me up then he said we will discuss the break in and theft.I was in a daze, it didn’t really register when he pulled down my shorts, I let him, even when he pulled down my pants I remained silent. I started to try and formulate a sentence but he pushed me down, gently really, and held the rag on my face. He was sucking my cock, he told me he could taste come on the end, He had undone his belt and was rubbing his erection, I couldn’t see but the movement said it all. When he pulled the rag away I took a deep breath and his hard cock went straight into my mouth, he was coming and I was choking on his come he told me to swallow and I did, but I gagged and gagged until I puked . I didn’t get out of that shed for another 2 hours, but I new how to masturbate properly by then and I’d seen a fully grown man naked

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