The Challenge

The ChallengeThe time struck 8:00pm local time and the the lights turned off completely inin the flight cabin. The light from the individual seat entertainment illuminatedthe cabin just slightly that you could see the face of your seat partner to the right and left. They had a entertaining conversation of their travels and it didn’t take long for the two to feel comfortable in each other company. Before reclining into a restfulposition she asked if she could bother him a moment and allow her to use the facilities. He immediately acknowledged and began taking off his seat belt to move out of her way as he sat the aisle and shethe window. Before he could remove the belt she apologized and as to say no need and slid across him as he was raising out of the seat pressing her back side across his crotch area. She had a nice figure. Her plump ass felt nicely on his pelvis. Enjoying it so much he forgot to relax and sit but she obliging giggled. Realizing it he quickly moved back into his seat but she quickly told him it was no bother and slowed her place allowing him to enjoy her touchlonger with her trailing hand she continued the enjoyment by pressing it against his hardeningcock. She gazed back at him as she continued her journey to the rest room. Obviously both had been tremendously aroused by the situation.She was wearing a very flattering pair of jeans and she now wished she had worn something that could improve the chances of feeling his warm cock enter her aroused pussy. There was a slight line at the rest room so she waited her turn to attend to her wet pussy in private imagining his cock entering her. Unnoticed by him she gazed back at him in his seat observing hiswell sculpted physique and his charming face and delicate hands. Quickly the lined moved ahead and she entered the rest room.He was incredibly aroused by what had transpired and sat back into his in admiration of her body as she walked off. He relished the feeling of her hand working its way the length of is his aroused cock as she passed. He had never been in a situation like thisbut wanted to make the most of it now that the two had established the lust for each other. She entered the rest room smiling, securing kaçak iddaa the door and quickly rushing to attend to her wet pussy. She too wanted to make the most of the situation. Before the trip she had a humorous conversation with a girlfriend regarding sex on the plane. Both had come to the conclusion it was impossible to get away with it. But her attitude changed and see immediately began to wonder how she could make it a reality. She knew she was going to play with his cock when she returned but she wanted more. She wanted to kiss it and have it penetrate her pussy as much as possible.She also wanted to offer him the opportunity of cumming. She examined her attire in the mirror and wondered how things would begin. He remained calm in his seat also wondering the same. He quickly moved over to the window aisle without hesitation allowing her to take the passenger side when she returned. After she played with her self for a moment she began adjusting her attire for what would happen next. She unbuttoned her shirt slightly to better reveal her nice cleavage and she removed her panties. She applied some lip stick, refreshed her face and applied a lovely scented lotion to her hands. She quickly returned to her seat and without hesitation sat in her newly assigned spot smiling as she sat. Smiling up at her he instantly noticed her adjustments admiring her nice breast and cleavage. She sat pulling her lipstick from her purse applying a fresh new coat of the sexist color to her hungry lips all while maintaining eye contact with him. Pressing her lips in the most sexist mannerfurther helping to strengthen his already aroused cock. He imagined her soft hands wrapped around his cock, gently stroking it and pulling his foreskin back to expose his blood red tip before devouringit. She imagined the same making sure to get his cock extra wet so when the time came it would easily slip into her pussy. It was time to make both their dreams come true. Under the covers the party had already begun. He had managed to lower his pants and free his aroused cock. There was no need to stroke it because it was already close to maximum hardness. She had adjusted herself to sit in a reclined canlı casino siteleri and curled fashion facing him with her head on his soft shoulder. They never lost eye contact nor had need to speak. She worked her hand into his crotch immediately wrapping his tool. She pulled on it upwards and downwards. Luckily it was only the two in the row and they had nothing to look out for as the stewards were not active. She allowed the covers to lower so she couldpeer down and admire his cock and observe her work from above. His warm wet cock mixed with her sent emitted an arousing smell. She would pull upwards so his foreskin would enclose the gland and then unwrap it as she pulled downwards. with each tug his cock grew harder making it more difficult for his foreskin to pull through his blood red gland. Their positioning allowed for only a foot maybe two separating her from blowing it. She looked at him and he gave her the nod tostart blowing him which she immediately did. The excitement rushed through both of them. Her touch was amazing and so delicate. She continued to pull on hiscock and also work her lips around the tip lubricating his cock as much as possible. He only need lay back and enjoy and keep an eye out. The group of teenson vacation adjacent them had long worked their way to their friends further up the plane. As she kissed he removed her hand from grasping is cockand forced her to engulfhis cock to the base and hold. He grasped her head and hair and pulled her head back. She gasped for air and fell back on this cock wanting to suckit more as he also forced her down. After a few strokes he bounced her head on his pelvis the sensation electrifying for both. He pulled her from his cock now drenched and kissed his amazing mouth. They kissed for what felt like hours and his cock remained hard and throbbing. It now needed to find a new home. As they kissed he played with her breast and kissed her neck, her chest, her ears, little by little making adjustments to her jeans to free herShe helped. The jeans were tight but he managed to drop them around just a little above the knees. She was now turned with her back to him. Essentially sitting on his lap. He casino şirketleri played with her breast with one hand and with the other he wrapped around her and played with her wet lips. The more wet she became the easier for him to slip a finger inside her. She enjoyed having her breast kissed or played with along with her clip. He wished he could lay her down and open up her long legs and wrap his tongue around her wet pussy. She loved the sensation of his hardened cock pressed firmly on her back. He could feel her pussy contracting around his finger. He had done a good job of giving her first orgasm. He pushed her forward putting her in a doggy position making sure to arch her back side and continued driving his finger, now two, into her pussy as she bounced on his pleasant hands to make sure to get every inch and intensify her orgasm. He remained standing firm behind her exposed. She reachedback to grasp his cock and guide it into a hole but the sensation she was having was so strong her efforts went unanswered. When he felt the contractions end he eased his fingers out and the two remained seating against the window pressed into each other. It took some finagling and some looking out but she managed to remove her pants. They were lucky the arm rest between them could be removed out of the way. They wanted to execute a position that would allow them to keep and eye out but also maximize enjoyment. He sat in the middle of the two seats and she climbed him reverse cowgirl. She lowered her pelvis into his crotch.He hardness of his cock haddiminished slightly but she helped him enter angling his cock into her vagina. She bounced on it slowly and it quickly regained its hardness.He supported her in the position allowinghis cock to enter her little by little. Her vagina felt amazing around his hard cock. She made sure to support it so it would not fall out of her wet hole pushing on the shaft with her free hand. After a few gentle strokes she was taking the full length of his cock while also massaging her clit. He freed one of his supporting hands, licked it and stimulated her clitoris while also maintaining a hard steady drive of his cock. She totally forgot to keep an eye out and just pull her head back and enjoyed the ride. He road her in this position for what felt like hours. Occasionally he would pull his cock out and drive it back into to again feel that sensation of the tight fit she offered his hardened cock.

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