The Cheating Neighbor


The Cheating NeighborSometimes I stay at my Aunts in a very nice Apartment complex, and love to sit by the pool when I visit.I have gotten to know this nice lady who is very pretty, around 27 or so.She was talking to me when i was sun bathing one afternoon about female on female, and it was sorta turning me on since I have never been with another women before, only a few white guys with one being my current boyfriend.I was wondering if she was hinting around for her and I to get together? I know she is married since she talks about how well her husband treats her, but was away quite a bit the past few months training other managers in different states.Well one day i saw her in the parking lot hugging this guy, a very tall and burly African man and the embrace was more than a friendly one, but it kocaeli escort was dusk and not able to see them very well, but i had noticed he dropped her off.The next time I stayed and saw her at the pool I fished around to see if her husband was white, and during our conversation she asked me if I had ever saw her husband? No.. I replied and she showed me a picture of him.I must say he was a very handsome white man but looked to be late 30’s, she must of saw a weird look on my face because she replied yes… he is about 12 years older then she was, but he was very wealthy and treated her well he was also much more mature than those she dated her own age.Later that evening I was staying alone but it was still early and light out, as I looked outside the patio I saw the black man walk up to our complex.She kocaeli escort bayan lived right under us, so I figured she was just going to go to dinner or something with him, but about a hour later I heard music playing and a delivery place had brought them dinner.close to 3 hours later I saw the mans car still outside, and decided to go out on the deck as enjoy the clean air when I heard them talking since she had a window open and she was talking about how lonely she was to him.I went to my back room where and was right above them and could hear them plainly through the floor. she was praising him, from what I gather she was giving him a massage, then I heard her gloat about the size of his penis..I’ts so thick she said, so long and 2-3 times bigger than my husbands.. look at it izmit escort hang so low… it got quite for a minute or two, then I heard her say I want it.. give it to me please!!I couldn’t believe she was cheating on her husband, yet further I was enjoying listening to it. he told her to suck it and make it grow hard as she must of cause she kept claiming it is so big.within the hour I could her them.. that black man was fucking her, and hard, she must of had 6- 7 orgasms within the first 15 minutes yet he was still going at it.I was wet and began to finger myself, thinking of how big I saw the black men on videos and I was cumming on my fingers.he never stopped fucking her, I heard her moaning throughout the night as he may had taken a break, but what stamina I thought and I became even more attracted to black men!I still felt sorry for her husband, but I guess if you want a BBC then you have to take it when you can get it.I have not had a chance to see her yet, but I cannot wait to see her at the pool next time I visit.

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