THE DAY I HAD SEX WITH 7 GUYS IN ONE AFTERNOON…HELLOMy name is Jane and I am an eurasian girl : I am half asian and half european.You can see my pics and videos on my profile if you want to know what I look like. As you can see, sex is really important in my life.It was not always like that. I was married before, serious and bored in my life. When I get divorced, I wanted to try new things, because I realized that I lost 3 years of my life with just boring and normal sex. I met many guys before I met my hubby. It was him who first proposed me to try group sex. I first thought that he just wanted to fuck other girls, that I was not enough for him. But that was not his point. Actually what he really enjoy seeing is me with other guys. I thought he does not love me. But on the contrary, he explained me that see me fucking with others and enjoy, test his own jealousy make him feel more in love, more excited. Yes, my hubby loves to be a cuckold….. And to be honest, I love to make him jealous. I love not only to fuck other guys in front of him, but also kiss them deep, suck them cock, do almost everything I do with him. See him looking at me when I am in doggy style with a stranger behind me banging me hard make me so wet. I love tongue games, intimate situation. He made me discover a whole new world of sexual fantasy.That day, we planed to meet another couple for do some swing together. My husband was at work when they called to cancel. My hubby was disappointed and me as well. So I decided to make hi a surprise. I prepared myself, dressed up very short and sexy, make up and waited for him. When he comes back from work, I told him that instead of meet the couple because they cancelled, I decide to go swing club and to make him jealous like I never did before…. He was tired from work, and told me that it was already late for go to the swing club, time to go and it will close in 3 hours max… “Well, I will be very efficient and I will not loose any time…” it was just enough for make him change his mind and after 30 minutes of driving we was there. He parked the car in a public parking and asked me if I wanted to change my clothes: from the parking to the club we still have may be 500 meters to walk in the city and my dress was really very sexy and so short that everybody could see my black stocking… I told him that I did not care, I could walk like that!!! So I did. I felt and see couple of guys and some girls staring at me. That just made me in the right mood when I arrived!To access to the swing club itself, you have to go down the stairs. I love that part: every step makes the erotic noise of high heels on the floor, I announce myself by this way, by this specific sound, all the guys know that a girl will arrive in the bar, and I know that all the eyes will go right on me like every time some new comer get inside. I love to feel many eyes on me, and this day, I had a really very hot black dress, with many holes, revealing my boobs, my back, and my ataşehir escort pussy because I did not put any panties… I love to feel the guys looking me, I almost feel them thinking about what they want to do to me and desire me…Normally we always take a drink before go to the backroom for feel the atmosphere of the club and look around. But this time, I was so horny, and as my hubby said, we did not had lot of time, so I took his hand and we go directly to the back room. As we go few guys followed us. We saw a couple fucking with 2 others guys, but the circle was close, we cannot get in and join them. I looked them for a while and I start feel many hands around my body…the guys who followed us started to touch me. But there was no space for me here. So my hubby took my hand and takes me to another room. This one was empty. And 4 guys followed us. As my hubby took off my clothes, the others guys circled around us. I was nude in no time and start fucking. The 4 guys take out the dicks from pants. One of them was really cute and I started to suck his dick, ignored the 3 others who continue masturbating. Then, after a while, I asked to my hubby to give his place to the cute guy. He was cute but finally did not fuck very well! So after 5 minutes I dressed and we go to the bar for a drink.After a while, I decided to go for a look again to the back room. And once again a bunch of guys followed us. I start to kiss my hubby and masturbate him and blow him. The guys started to masturbate and some to touch me. One was behind me and kissed me in the neck make me feel very warm and hot. I never saw his face and don’t know what he looked like. I just felt his hands on my breast and his lips all around me. This is the kind of things I really enjoy in the swing club: to be able to kiss, touch, masturbate, fuck some guys without knowing anything about them, not even the name, and sometime, not even the face! I lie down and my hubby goes on top and stared to fuck me again.A couple joined us. They looked at us fucking. Some of the others guys started to be interest in the girl and touched her too, but she kept her dress all the time. She kneeled and started blow her hubby. So I decided to join her and do a double head. I change position, and crouch. I was doggy and blowing. Then some guys grabbed my back and stick his dick inside my pussy. He fucked me very long time, and the other guys were touching me or the other girl… I was so dedicated to pleasure, I don’t know what was doing my own guy at that moment… when the men behind me came, he pulled out his dick, but in a second, another one took his place and started fuck me again. I was tired a little after that because the 2 guys fucked me very wild and strong. I had many hands on my body and sucked may be 3 or 4 different dick… so we go to the bar for rest a little.It was now 7 pm. The club will close soon. I felt good but my hubby still did not come yet. The kartal escort club was almost empty. Still one couple and 4 guys at the bar. The couple was the one we saw before in the back room. I sucked the guy’s dick before but now on the light, I saw his face and I was not attracted by him. The couple kept smiling at us, hoping to do further… But I ignored them : I did not want to do anything no more with them, and my hubby was not attracted by the wife as well, so we played the cold card… after a while they go away… Still less than one hour before the club close. I proposed to my husband to look around for a last time. As we get up and start walk around, and like they was waiting all the time for that, the four guys get up as well and started following us… There was no more people in the back room, meaning that I was the only women now, in a dark room, with 4 horny guys and my husband ( he still did not cum yet…). I started to be afraid a little: I was sometime surrounded by more guys looking but there were always other couples or girls. I never had 5 guys for me only and I did not know how to handle that, and if I even could or want to do this…. I explain my fear o my husband but I could not finish: soon I felt hands all over my body. My husband told me after what he saw: my eyes, my look changed. First I was scared, but when I felt the hands on my breast, my hip, my belly, my ass, the kiss all over my body, my eyes blur, like if there was a shadow passing, like is I was no more here, like in some trance… He asked to the 4 guys to stop and wait a little, he brings me apart, and asked me what I really wanted. “Here is the situation, he said. We are 5 guys, we are horny, and you are the only girls. If it’s too much for you, we can go back home and have a nice evening and fuck only you and me. You already had sex with 2 guys this afternoon. You made me already happy and so excited. We can come back if you want. But if you want to continue, you have to know that you will have to make the 4 guys cum, because I can feel and see how excited they are. So now, the decision is all yours…”I hesitated. The idea to have a nice romantic evening with him was so nice after all this excitement, and I already made him mad and crazy jealous, my pussy was tired a little too, no need to do more I though. But, despite my husband request, the guys so horny, they started to some over again, getting more close from me. I felt the breathes already, and soon the hands again. And my eyes blur one more time, giving without a word the answer to my husband. I felt the excitement coming up in my stomach, tingling inside my pussy. Ohhh the hands all over me again, on my boobs, inside legs, and going up, the kiss on my neck…. I forgot all about our romantic night… I wanted the dicks again, and I wanted them all, and I wanted them now.As if my husband was in my head, he took my hands and brings me to the bed. He say to the pendik escort guys: “the club will close in around 45mn; this is the time you have for cum inside her and make her cum too. So don’t be selfish and share your time together”.I get doggy, the head between the legs of my husband, sucking his dick. One guy put his dick inside me, another one was on my right side, touching me, the third one was on the other side doing the same, I don’t remember where was the fourth one at that moment. The guy who was fucking me first did it a very long time. He was so horny and may be and waited for me for so long time, he did not wanted to finish. After a while, may be 10 or 15 minutes, the others guys started to complain and asked him to hurry, but he cannot stop fuck me, just going more deep, doing more hard, he was like a machine. His excitement was contagious and he almost made me cum again too. It was really hot to feel all those guys wanting me, almost ready to fight and argue for have some part of me. Finally he ejaculates inside me. Even with the condom, I felt the sperm somehow. As soon as he get out, I felt the guy on my right side taking his place. He waited for so long, he did not left me anytime for rest a little or even say anything. Before I even realized it, I had another cock inside me, banging me again. This one was quicker, and he finished with me: we came at the same time.Now I was a little tired. The third guy wanted to take his turn but I stopped him and asked to wait. I did not move, stayed in the doggy position, just relaxing and resting from the 2 fuck in a row. Was it my position? May be he cannot wait? Anyway even I asked him a few minutes for resting, he just gave me one! I felt him garb me softly and put slowly his dick inside. I turned my head back and looked at him: his face was confused and apologizing, but he looked nice and his dick was small so I think in myself: well, whatever, it’s only one more… from all the guys, he was the quicker. In just two minute he came and vanished like a little c***d. I lay down on the bed, resting my back. There was still 3 mans: my hubby, the first guy who fucked me so long time, and the last one who still did not cum. This one was waiting obviously for his turn, but he was respectful and waited for an invitation from me… I spread my legs, and he place himself between in the missionary position. But after may be two or three minutes, the owner of the club came in the room and informed us that he will close soon. My husband then claimed me! He took the place of the guy and fucked me missionary. I had the two guys on my left and right side, one dick in each hand, masturbating as my husband fucked me, looking him deep in the eyes, sometime sucking one dick, and then the other one. The last guy who did not came just ejaculate on my boobs. Seeing the long white flow on my chest make my man so excited that he came very quickly but he managed to make me climax one more time. I loved so much the last one, one dick in each hand, the sperm of the stranger on my body, my husband looking and coming inside me. It was so delightful….And this is how in one afternoon, I had sex with seven different guys!Everything in this story is true. If you look my pics and videos on my profile, you can see I am not lie when I talk about sex.

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