The first time i cheated on my girlfriend


The first time i cheated on my girlfriendYoung and in love both of us 18 and we had been together for 2 years at the time, we had an amazing sex life she was the definition of freaky. Anal creampie, facials, she loved to suck dick and i loved to lick every bit of her body. I began going out of the box in with what we did and every thing. One day i started talking to a friend of mines ex girlfriend and i went over to her house to hang out with her. We caught up for a bit and she began telling me how much she wanted to fuck me while she was with my friend and i couldnt lie i had felt the same. She began askin me questions about my girlfriend and so i showed her a few selfies and surprisingly she responded saying how hot she was and it turned me on so much so i pulled up a video of my gf sucking my cock she tells me how sexy she looks with my dick in her mouth and lots more. We began to tell eachother about how we would masturbate to the idea of eachother when she was with my friend. And she told me how much she wanted to watch me jerk off. I loved the idea of it. I felt so naughty talking about this stuff with someone that wasnt my girlfriend. So turned on by it we decided to make a video and she told me what she wanted. Her recoeding me i took off my shirt then i turn around and pull my pants down showing my tight polo briefs. I take them off with my ass facing the camera i look back then walk to the couch i lay down and spread my legs and stroke my cock. Im watching her bite her lips and record me. Im stroking my cock as i moan her name ” mmm yes diana you like this” i hear her moan and i start cumming all over her legs. She sits the camera down showing us both. She grabs me and bends me iver rubbingg my ass she tells me how sexy it is. She begins eating my ass so perfectly as shes jerking my cock this goes on for awhile and i love it. She gets up and starts getting naked and tells me “im into absolutely everything the dirtier the better” and that was music to my ears i have so much things ive fantasized about. Once she gets naked i lay her down and get on top we make out as i squeze her boobs and slides my cock on her pussy. I began going down her body kissing down to her pussy. As she tells me “Go down and eat me up taste your friends cock” . one of my fantasies is cuckolding so i loved the idea i start eating her pussy i tell her it taste so good. I start to lick her ass as she tells me his dicks filled that ass full of cum so much i start tounging it imagining the taste of his cum in it she tells me “you love eating that ass huh the taste of all the cocks that have been in it. I reply i love it so much. We begin kissing again as she tells me im fulfilling her dreams and i tell her how shes doing exactly the same. She says “imma shame you ok? I know your into it i can tell” i tell her “you know me so well” she gets on her phone and is recording me. “Look at this tiny dick its like it stopped growing along time ago, no surprise u like me telling u how many cocks have been in me as you eat me.” I tell her “keep making fun of my tiny ass cock” “tiny little cocks like u are why i love fucking black guys, there huge cocks and there real men when it comes to fucking me they know how to blow my little pussy out” so turned on i dont know how to explain it she says come here and let me fuck that small ass cock. I start fucking her from behind as she says “come on baby fuck me witj that tiny ass cock” ” you like this tiny little cock fuckin your pussy baby” she replied ” your mine now you and your tiny ass cock” “All yours baby” i fill her pussy full of cum and we lay down. “Ive dreampt of this moment forever daddy” i reply ” me too baby you are so much more perfect then i imagined” as she plays with my cock she says ” i hoped u had a small dick i could tell your as freaky as me and youd like being shamed” “i love it so much honestly” slapping konak escort my cock she says ” Your my little small cocked pussy” i reply “I love you diana, make me your little bitch” she comes back with pink handcuffs and a collar and leash “on your knees slut” she says she hand cuffs me and puts the leash on me “know your really my bitch come on” she walls me outside and starts taking all kinds of pics of me then brings me back in side where she sits me down and un handcuffs me walks me to her room and we lay down. We make out for a super long time as she plays with my cock. We sit there naked cuddled up telling eachother how much we love eachother. I tell her how inlove ive been and still am with her and she says how shes been inlove since she saw me. I tell her “Im so inlove with you baby your personality your face your body your pussy your ass. Im inlove with being naked with you, kissing u and fewling you touch me” she says ” youve got me so deeply inlove with aspects i cant explain” i get her on top of me hug her close and make out with her as shes rubby her wet pussy on my cock with her body pressed to mine ” i wanna show you some stuff” she said she grabs out her phone and goes to an album in her pictures and videos. We start going thru em first one is her with a huge black cock in her mouth and she tells me how its our friend Andrew i scroll and see a pic of her sucking him i begin telling her how sexy it is and she scrolls theu lots of pics ranging from sucking to fucking and she gets to a video and it starts and its my friend jerking his cock she goes up and starts sucking it. I tell her how sexy this is im loving watching her suck my best friends huge cock. Im watching this videos and stroking my cock. She starts videoing me on my phone and im stroking my cock as i moan fuck yea gabe give her that huge cock Mmm stick that big cock in her ass. She stops recording me and is talking to me “you like seeing that huh baby” “i fuckin love it” i reply she scrolls over to another video and its gabe in the shower. He starts off showing his face then down to his huge cock then shows his back i say “that last little shot was so hot” she telks me oh its not over he sets his phone showing his whole body he faces the camera then turns around showing his ass. “Thats fuckin ass his muscular body and that bubble butt” she replies with “its hot as fuck huh” agreeing i slide to the next and its a video of him busting a huge load on her face then a pic of her with the cum all over her. She tells me how she wants one with me so she starts sucking my cock twist grip sucking the soul out of me she edged me for over a hour so id cum as muxh as possible i pull out and start cumming all over her face got a lot of goodpics and she wanted one of my cock next to her face covered in cum. I begin making out with her getting a mouth full of cum i begin licking it off of her. She looks at me and says “Fuck me in my ass and use this for my pussy” handing me a big black dildo. I bend her over and lick and slobber on her ass. I rub my tip then slide it in as she grabs the dildo and puts it in her pussy she let off the sexiest moan. I grab her by her hips and put my cock all the way in and start thrusting her shes moaning so sexy and so loud i pull it out and look at her stretched ass then put it back in and do it a couple times “you like that stretched ass baby” she moaned “i love it baby girl i love fuckin your slutty ass” i replied we went for a long time till i came in her after laying naked next to eachother we cuddle up and make out inbetween kisses i tell her “i love you baby girl” she replies “i love u too baby” after a bit she tells me “its my turn for some fun” i reply “whatever u want baby girl” she told me she wants me too bend over so i do she spits on my ass a little and slides her strap on in me. I moan out “oooh fuck konak escort bayan yess diana” she slides her thick long strap on all the way in my ass and spanks me. She flips me on my back and starts fucking me missionary staring her in the eyes as she fucks my ass i moan “yes diana fuck my ass just like that. Im your little bitch diana is my daddy” shes fucking me so hard she says u like that huh slut” aggreeing as i moan. After shes done she tells me to get up walking messed up i walk to the bed and lay down she gets on me and says “your perfect, your all mine now baby” i reply “anything for you baby girl” we cuddle up and makeout as we touch eachother i tell her ” im getting you pregnant baby” she bites her lip and gets on top and slides my dick un her pussy riding my cock im admiring my cock sliding in and out the sexy face she makes and her titties bouncing “your mine forever” she moans i keep watching the most sexiest women wait for my cum. We go and i tell her im gonna cum she slams down and i fill her full of cum. “Give me your k**s baby” she moans. Her pussies full of my cum as she kisses me and tells me she loves me. We begin takin lots of pics of eachother and together. Mirror pic of her sucking me selfie of us where im sucking her titty us making out our naked bodies together then i begin taking pics of her then she takes ones of me. Made quite few vids of us naked making out touching on eachother. Then we video chatted her ex while she was eating my ass and he started jerking so she kept eating my ass then we started making out right after still on video chat hes moaning and we started to like it so we kept going. She started eating my ass again as i moan and she plays with my ass cheeks tounging my ass then coming up and making out with me back and forth. Spitting in my mouth. We decide to hang up and go to the shower. She slams me against the wall and says ” with this little bitch dick we gotta treat you like a bitch dont we? Get on ur knees.” She lifts up her left leg and starts covering me in piss i lay my head back and open my mouth getting piss in my mouth and all over me “i love it” i say she sits on the toilet and starts taking a shit. Another fantasy of mine i sit in between her legs watching her take a shit telling her how sexy it is. Watching it come out and hearing it turned me on so much once she was done she had me wipe for her witch i loved wiping her dirty whole for her then washing it in the shower. Turning off the water She tells me “like i said i love it all now piss on me” loving the idea shes on her knees with her mouth open i begin pissing filling her mouth covering her hair and body shes swallowing mouthfuls of my piss. She gets up grabs me and starts making out with me grabbing my ass touching my asshole pulling me close. She grabs my chin and spits in my mouth and i swallow it. “Come on my love i wanna dress you” she says. Bringing me in her room she pics out a pair of white lace panties and has me put em on “your ass looks so sexy in panties baby” she says as shes grabbing my ass kissing my neck. We sit down as she rubs me. She says “Look at this small ass dick, your girlfriend is fucking a black guy gauranteed based on what she tells everybody. She wants a big black cock not your puny white cock” “she probably is huh” i replied “hell yeah she is all women love black guys and big cocks, why do u think even ur mom fucked ur friend to get some black dick. I heard she was a huge slut for it begging for it as he fucked her stsring him in the eyes as she sucked him dry and then got covered in his cum. And your mom has no shame in it one black dick and shes hooked” “i know i know i heard” i said she replied with, i even have some of her nudes she sent em out to all yo friends and even us girls 😉 she sure as hell was happy about the bbc she took” not replying just horny escort konak she comes up and starts touching my cock and says “im so deeply in love with u and ur tiny cock” i told her how inlove i was with her aswell. “Lets do something really freaky baby” i said. We decided public would be fun so we get in the car and drive to the park theres couples around sitting in the grass and she gets naked and i begin fucking her on the bench after a while everyone began to notice and that made it better. We start driving around and look up some bath houses we find one mear amd go check it out. Lots of guys jerking off a few really hot girls and a few bbw girls sittin around playing with themselves we put our bags down and start stripping eachother we notice the old guy and a 20 somethin your old guy watchin us jerking. We get completely naked and Diana goes up to the girls and asks them to shame me with her and they loved too im laying there naked with a group of females making fun of my cock after wards we decided to fuck. I see a early 20s built black gut with a huge cock and i wave him over. Me and this guy begin fuckin her me in pussy him in mouth i got so turned on watching her suck his huge cock as we were watched by now a big crowd we both were ready to cum so we got her on her knees and came on her face then i started licking it off. Laying there naked kissing we had lots of people approach us tellin us how we made em cum. Diana being the slut she is loved the attention and when the guys would come over shed kiss there dicks and rub on em. In this bathouse with lots of horny people watching us we let it out we brought out the strap on and i bent over against the wall i see all these people in this group shower watching she spits on my ass and shoved it in. Shes pounding me against the wall as i moan out super loud she fucks me until i started cumming i sit down and see on the ground puddles of cum infront of most the guys in there i grab some of it and rub it on my body from my chest down. We go to the locker room spot me in front her behind me with the strap on still on. All the people just showing up were starringg getting hard. She sits me down and starts face fucking me with it while lots of people watch. We sat in there for a little bit till she decided she wants to suck my cock. We go back to the showers and she starts sucking me im moaning as she does. She squezes and smacks my ass while she does it i moan and moan then fill her mouth with cum she gets up and we makeout swapping it around. As people watch us she begins starring at guys and we end up with3 big guys walkin up to us they begin touching her as they talk to her and she reached down and started grabbing cocks the biggest one started making out w her they grab her and walk her to the front as she slides one cock in her ass and has the other in her pussy she calls for the other one for her mouth. Im sitting watching in pure excitement they fuck her like a slut cumming in her they call me over to clean it up and i loved it. We got dressed and headed home on the ride home she explained how good they were. We get home and decide we want more so we started hitting people up for her to sext with. While I took her nudes to send to em watching all the responses and all the big cocks. Laying with her naked cuddled up as she tells dudes she wants to fuck em. As i tell her how much i love the slutiness. We took a super sexy pic of her naked and posted it on her instagram to get the slutty attention. My girlfriend called morning time as she was sucking me i awnsered and she said she kept hearing slurping but thought she was trippin and gave up. We walk to the shower morning time and she tells me “time for your golden shower on ur knees bitch” i sit there on my knees being covered in her warm piss getting mouth fulls loving it then its her turn i start pissing all over her then put my cock in her mouth as i was pissing filling her full of piss. We makeout and shower as she touches on me. Telling me “i love your little cock its so cute and tiny” “thank you mami its all yours” she starts saying “you better come back tonight baby imma need my bitch ;)”

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